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Hopalong Cassidy starring William Boyd
Hopalaong Cassidy (Original 66 Theatricals) (1935-48)
Hopalaong Cassidy (Theatricals Edited for TV) (NBC) (1949-52)
Hopalaong Cassidy (Made-for-TV Episodes) (season 1) (Syndicated) (Fall 1952)
Hopalaong Cassidy (Made-for-TV Episodes) (season 2) (Syndicated) (1953-54)

The Lone Ranger (1949-57)  Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels / John Hart


The Gabby Hayes Show (1950-54 NBC)
The Gabby Hayes Show
(1956 ABC)

Marshal of Gunsight Pass (ABC "live")(1950) starring Russell Hayden, Eddie Dean

The Cisco Kid (1951-54) starring Duncan Renaldo

The Gene Autry Show (Flying "A"/CBS)(1950-55) starring Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Gail Davis

The Range Rider (Flying "A"/Synd)(1951-53) starring Jock Mahoney & Dick Jones

The Adventures of Kit Carson (Revue/Synd)(1951-55) starring Bill Williams, Don Diamond

The Roy Rogers Show (UPA/NBC)(1951-57) starring Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Wild Bill Hickok (Screen Gems/Synd)(1951-58) starring Guy Madison, Andy Devine

Cowboy G-Men (1952-53) starring Russell Hayden & Jackie Coogan

Death Valley Days (1952-70) Western Anthology series

Lash of the West (1953) Lash La Rue with clips from his old films

Action in the Afternoon (CBS) (1953-54)("Live" Western Weekday Afternoons)

Annie Oakley (Flying "A")(1953-57) starring Gail Davis

Stories of the Century (Studio City/HTS)(1954-55) starring Jim Davis, Mary Castle, Kristine Miller

Davy Crockett (Disney)(1954-55) starring Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (Screen Gems)(1954-59) starring Lee Aaker

Homer Bell (syndicated)(1955) starring Gene Lockhart (Comedy Western series)

Red Ryder (Flying "A")(1955) starring Alan "Rocky"Lane

Buffalo Bill Jr (Flying "A")(1955-56) starring Dick Jones

The Adventures of Champion (Flying "A")(1955-56) starring Barry Curtis & Jim Bannon

Brave Eagle (1955-56) starring Keith Larsen

Frontier (California National/NBC)(1955-56) (Western Anthology series)

The Adventures of Judge Roy Bean (Russell Hayden/Synd)(1955-56) starring Edgar Buchanan

Steve Donovan, Western Marshal (J.Chertok/Synd)(1955-56) starring Douglas Kennedy, Eddy Waller

Sergeant Preston of The Yukon (CBS)(1955-58) starring Richard Simmons

Tales of the Texas Rangers (Screen Gems/CBS)(1955-58) starring Willard Parker & Harry Lauter

Fury (TPA/ITC/NBC)(1955-60) starring Peter Graves & Bobby Diamond

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (Edelman/ABC) (1955-61) starring Hugh O'Brian

Cheyenne (WB/Wm T.Orr/ABC)(1955-62) starring Clint Walker

Disney presents Corky and White Shadow (1956)

Gunsmoke (1955-75) starring James Arness - 636 episodes
"Gunsmoke" (1955-61) (seasons 1-6) 233 half hour black & white episodes
"Gunsmoke" (1961-66) (seasons 7-11) 176 hour-long black & white episodes
"Gunsmoke" (1966-75) (seasons 12-20)  226 hour-long color episodes

My Friend Flicka (TCF/CBS)(1956-57) starring Gene Evans, Anita Louise, Johnny Washbrook

Broken Arrow (TCF/ABC)(1956-58) starring John Lupton & Michael Ansara

Circus Boy (1956-58)starring Mickey Braddock, Noah Beery Jr, Robert Bowery

The Adventures of Jim Bowie (ABC)(1956-58) starring Scott Forbes

Zane Grey Theatre (4 Star/CBS) (1956-61) hosted by Dick Powell (Western Anthology)

 Sheriff of Cochise (1956-58) / U.S. Marshal (1958-60)
starring John Bromfield (Crime Drama/ Modern-day Western series)

Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans (1957-58)
starring John Hart & Lon Chaney Jr (Canadian Western Series)

Radisson (UK title: Tomahawk)(1957-58)(Canadian Western series)

Boots and Saddles (1957-58) starring Jack Pickard, Pat McVey, Gardner McKay

Casey Jones (Screen Gems/Synd)(1957-58) starring Alan Hale, Jr.

The Gray Ghost (Lindsley Parsons/ Synd)(1957-58) starring Tod Andrews, Phil Chambers

26 Men (Russell Hayden/Synd)(1957-59) starring Tris Coffin

Man Without A Gun (TCF/Synd)(1957-59) starring Rex Reason

The Californians (1957-59) Adam Kennedy, Sean McLory, Richard Coogan

The Restless Gun (Revue/NBC)(1957-59) starring John Payne

Trackdown (Four Star/CBS)(1957-59) starring Robert Culp

Colt 45 (WB/ABC)(1957-60) starring Wayde Preston & Donald May

Tombstone Territory (ZIV/Synd)(1957-60) starring Pat Conway & Richard Eastham

Sugarfoot (WB/Wm T.Orr/ABC)(1957-61) starring Will Hutchins

Disney presents Zorro (1957-59)(1960-61) starring Guy Williams

Maverick (WB/ABC)(1957-62) starring James Garner, Jack Kelly

Tales of Wells Fargo (Revue/NBC)(1957-62) starring Dale Robertson

Have Gun - Will Travel (CBS)(1957-63) starring Richard Boone

Wagon Train (Revue/NBC/ABC)(1957-65)
starring Ward Bond, Robert Horton, John McIntire, Robert Fuller

Jefferson Drum (Screen Gems/Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1958) Jeff Richards

Buckskin (Revue)(1958-59) starring Tommy Nolan, Sally Brophy

Cimarron City (Revue/NBC)(1958-59)starring George Montgomery

Frontier Doctor (Studio City/HTS)(1958-59) starring Rex Allen

Frontier Justice (Four Star/CBS)(1958-61) Western Anthology - reruns from Zane Grey Theatre

Mackenzie's Raiders (ZIV/Synd)(1958-59) starring Richard Carlson

Northwest Passage (MGM/NBC)1958-59) starring Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen

The Rough Riders (ZIV/ABC)(1958-59) starring Kent Taylor, Jan Merlin, Peter Whitney

Union Pacific (CNP/Synd)(1958-59) starring Jeff Morrow & Judd Pratt

Yancy Derringer (Sharpe-Lewis/CBS)(1958-59) starring Jock Mahoney

The Texan (Desilu/CBS)(1958-60) starring Rory Calhoun

Bat Masterson (ZIV/NBC)(1958-61) starring Gene Barry

Disney presents Texas John Slaughter (1958-61)

Wanted: Dead or Alive (Four Star/CBS)(1958-61) starring Steve McQueen

Bronco (WB/Wm. T. Orr)(1958-62) starring Ty Hardin

Lawman (WB/Wm T. Orr)(1958-62) starring John Russell, Peter Brown, Peggie Castle

The Rifleman (Four Star/ABC)(1958-63) starring Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford

Colgate Western Theater (Summer 1959)(rerun Anthology)

Black Saddle (Four Star)(1959-60) starring Peter Breck

Hotel de Paree (Bill Self/CBS)(1959-60) starring Earl Holliman as The Sundance Kid

Johnny Ringo (Four Star/CBS)(1959-60) Don Durant, Karen Sharpe

Law of the Plainsman (Four Star/NBC)(1959-60) starring Michael Ansara

Pony Express (CNP/Synd)(1959-60) starring Grant Sullivan

The Alaskans (WB)(1959-60) Roger Moore, Dorothy Provine, Jeff York, Ray Danton

Man From Blackhawk (Screen Gems/ABC)(1959-60) starring Robert Rockwell

Wichita Town (Mirisch-Four Star/NBC)(1959-60) starring Joel McCrea

Hudson's Bay (1959-60) starring Barry Nelson, George Tobias (Canadian Western series)

Riverboat (Revue/NBC)(1959-61) Darren McGavin, Burt Reynolds, Noah Beery, Jr.

Shotgun Slade (Revue/Synd)(1959-61) starring Scott Brady

The Deputy (Revue/NBC)(1959-61) starring Henry Fonda, Allen Case

The Rebel (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1959-61) starring Nick Adams

Disney presents The Swamp Fox (1959-61)

Laramie (Revue/NBC)(1959-63) starring John Smith & Robert Fuller

Rawhide (MGM/CBS)(1959-65) Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Paul Brinegar, Sheb Wooley

Bonanza (1959-73) Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon


Disney presents Daniel Boone (1960-61)

Whiplash (1960-61) starring Peter Graves (Australian Western series)

Overland Trail (Revue/NBC)(1960) starring William Bendix and Doug McClure

Tate (Roncom/NBC)(Summer 1960)(Western)starring David McClean, Patricia Breslin

The Westerner (Four Star/NBC)(fall 1960) starring Brian Keith

Wrangler (Wolper/NBC)(Summer 1960) starring Jason Evers

Klondike (ZIV-AU/NBC)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger, James Coburn

Stagecoach West (Four Star/ABC) (1960-61) starring Wayne Rogers, Robert Bray

Two Faces West (Screen Gems/Synd)(1960-61) starring Charles Bateman

 Outlaws (NBC)(1960-62) Barton MacLane, Don Collier, Jock Gaynor, Bruce Yarnell, Slim Pickens

The Tall Man (Revue/NBC)(1960-62) starring Clu Gullager & Barry Sullivan

Gunslinger (Charles Marquis Warren/CBS)(spring 1961) starring Tony Young, Preston Foster

The Americans (The Blue & the Grey)(NBC) (early 1961) starring Daryl Hickman, Dick Davalos

Whispering Smith (Revue/NBC)(Summer 1961) starring Audie Murphy, Guy Mitchell

Frontier Circus (Revue/CBS)(1961-62) starring Chill Wills, John Derek, Richard Jaeckel

Stoney Burke (UA/ABC)(1962-63) starring Jack Lord (Modern-day Western series)

Wide Country (Revue/NBC)(1962-63) Earl Holliman, Andrew Prine (Modern-day Western series)

The Virginian (Revue/Universal/NBC)(1962-71) starring James Drury

The Dakotas (WB/ABC)(early 1963) Larry Ward, Jack Elam, Chad Everett, Mike Greene

Temple Houston (WB/Jack Webb/NBC)(1963-64) Jeffrey Hunter, Jack Elam

The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (MGM/ABC)(1963-64) Dan O'Herlihy, Kurt Russel

Destry (Revue/ABC) (spring 1964) starring John Gavin

Daniel Boone (TCF/NBC) (1964-70) starring Fess Parker

A Man Called Shenandoah (MGM/ABC) (1965-66) starring Robert Horton

Branded (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1965-66) starring Chuck Connors

F Troop (WB/ABC) (1965-67) starring Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch,
Melody Patterson, Frank deKova (Comedy Western series)

The Legend of Jesse James (TCF/ABC)1965-66) Christopher Jones, Allen Case

The Loner (TCF/CBS)1965-66) starring Lloyd Bridges

Laredo (1965-67)(Univ/NBC) starring Philip Carey, Neville Brand, William Smith, Peter Brown

The Big Valley (1965-69) Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Long, Peter Breck, Lee Majors, Linda Evans

The Wild Wild West (CBS)(1965-69) starring Robert Conrad & Ross Martin

Shane (Paramount/ABC)(fall 1966) starring David Carradine, Jill Ireland

The Monroes (TCF/ABC)(1966-67) starring Michael Anderson Jr, Barbara Hershey

The Road West (Universal/NBC)(1966-67) Barry Sullivan, Andrew Prine

The Rounders (MGM/ABC)(1966-67) Ron Hayes, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills (Comedy Western series)

Pistols 'n' Petticoats (Universal/CBS)(1966-67) starring Ann Sheridan (Comedy Western series)

Iron Horse (Screen Gems/ABC)(1966-68) starring Dale Robertson, Gary Collins

Rango (Spelling-Thomas/ABC)(early 1967) Tim Conway (Comedy Western series)

Dundee and The Culhane (Filmways/CBS)(fall 1967) John Mills, Sean Garrison

Hondo (MGM/ABC)(fall 1967) starring Ralph Taeger, Kathie Browne

The Legend of Custer (TCF/ABC)(fall 1967) starring Wayne Maunder, Slim Pickens

Cimarron Strip (CBS)(1967-68) starring Stuart Whitman

The Guns of Will Sonnett (Thomas-Spelling/ABC)(1967-69) starring Walter Brennan, Dack Rambo

The High Chaparral (David Dortort/NBC)(1967-71)
starring Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell, Mark Slade, Linda Cristal, Henry Darrow

The Outcasts (Screen Gems)(1968-69) starring Don Murray & Otis Young

Here Come The Brides (Screen Gems/ABC)(1968-70) starring Robert Brown, David Soul

Lancer (TCF/CBS)(1968-70) James Stacy, Wayne Maunder, Andrew Duggan


Nichols (WB/NBC)(1971-72) Western series starring James Garner

Alias Smith and Jones (Roy Huggins-Glen Larson/Universal/ABC)(1971-73)
starring  Pete Duel, Ben Murphy, Roger Davis

Hec Ramsey (Univ/NBC Mystery Movie)(1972-74) Richard Boone

Kung Fu (WB/ABC) (1972-75) starring David Carradine

Dusty's Trail (1973-74) starring Bob Denver, Forrest Tucker (Comedy Western series)

Dirty Sally (John Mantley/TCF/CBS)(early 1974) Jeanette Nolan, Dack Rambo (Comedy Western series)

The New Land (WB/ABC)(1974) starring Bonnie Bedelia, Scott Thomas, Kurt Russell

The Cowboys (WB/ABC)(1974) starring Moses Gunn, Diana Diuglas, Jim Davis

Little House On The Prairie (NBC)(1974-82) starring Michael Landon & Karen Grassle

Barbary Coast (Paramount/ABC)(1975-76) starring William Shatner, Doug McClure

Sara (Universal/CBS)(1976) Western series starring Brenda Vaccaro

The Quest ( David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(fall 1976) Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson

The Oregon Trail  (Universal/NBC)(pilot 1976 series fall 1977) Rod Taylor, Darleen Carr, Andrew Stevens

Young Dan'l Boone (TCF/CBS)(fall 1977) starring Rick Moses

How The West Was Won: The Macahans (MGM/ABC) (1977-79) starring James Arness

The Sacketts (NBC)(1979) Sam Elliott, Tom Selleck, Jeff Osterhage (2 pt Western mini-series)

 The Chisholms (Landsburg/CBS)(1979-80) starring Robert Preston (mini-series)

Young Maverick (WB/CBS)(1979) starring Charles Frank


 Wild Times (Metromedia)(1980) starring Sam Eliott, Ben Johnson, Bruce Boxleitner (2pt. mini series)

Bret Maverick (WB/NBC)(1981-82) starring James Garner

Best of the West (1981-82) starring Joel Higgins, Carlene Watkins, Tom Ewell (Comedy Western series)

 Father Murphy (M.Landon)(NBC)(1981-83) starring Merlin Olsen

Zorro and Son (Disney)(1983) starring Henry Darrow (Comedy Western series)

Gun Shy (Disney/CBS)(1983) starring Barry Van Dyke (Comedy Western series)

Five Mile Creek (Disney)(1983-85) starring Louise Caire Clark (Australian Western series)

Wildside (Disney/ABC)(early 1985) starring Howard E. Rollins, Jr, William Smith

Desperado (1987-89)(5 tv movies) starring Alex McArthur as Duell McCall
Desperado (1987) (tv movie 1)

Return of Desperado (1988)(tv movie 2)

Desperado: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge (1988) tv movie 3
Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989) tv movie 4)
Desperado: Badlands Justice (1989) (tv movie 5)

She's The Sheriff (Lorimar/NBC)(1987-89) Suzanne Somers (Comedy Western series)

Paradise (aka Guns of Paradise)(Lorimar/CBS)(1988-91) staring Lee Horsley

Bordertown (Family Ch/CTV)(1989-91) Richard Comar (Canadian Western series)

The Young Riders (MGM/ABC)(1989-92) Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin
Lonesome Dove (1989)(Western mini series)


Zorro (New World Ent/Family Channel)(1990-93) starring Duncan Regehr

Return to Lonesome Dove (1993)(Western mini series)

The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr. (WB/Fox)(1993-94) starring Bruce Campbell

Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman (CBS) (1993-98) starring Jane Seymour

 Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1994-95) (Australian Western series)

Hawkeye (Stephen J. Cannell)(1994-95) starring Lee Horsley (Canadian Western series)

Lonesome Dove: The Series (1994-95)(Western mini series)

Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (1995-96 )(Western min series)

The Lazarus Man (TNT)(1996) starring Robert Urich

The Magnificent Seven (MGM Mirisch/ABC) 1998-2000) starring Michael Biehn

 Disney TV Western mini-series

Disney presents Advs of Davy Crockett (1954-55) starring Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen

 Disney presents Corky and White Shadow (1956)

Disney presents The Saga of Andy Burnett (1957-58)

Disney presents Texas John Slaughter (1958-61)

Disney presents Zorro (1957-59)(1960-61)

Disney presents The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca (1958-60)

Disney presents The Swamp Fox (1959-61)

 Disney presents Daniel Boone (1960-61)

TV Comedy Western series

Homer Bell (syndicated)(1955) starring Gene Lockhart (Comedy Western series)

F Troop (WB/ABC) (1965-67) starring Ken Berry, Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch,
Melody Patterson, Frank deKova (Comedy Western series)

Pistols 'n' Petticoats (Universal/CBS)(1966-67) starring Ann Sheridan (Comedy Western series)

The Rounders (MGM/ABC)(1966-67) Ron Hayes, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills (Comedy Western series)

Rango (Spelling-Thomas/ABC)(early 1967) Tim Conway (Comedy Western series)

Here Come The Brides (Screen Gems/ABC)(1968-70) starring Robert Brown, David Soul

Dusty's Trail (1973-74) starring Bob Denver & Forrest Tucker (Comedy Western series)

Dirty Sally (John Mantley/TCF/CBS)(early 1974) Jeanette Nolan, Dack Rambo (Comedy Western series)

Best of the West (1981-82) starring Joel Higgins, Carlene Watkins, Tom Ewell (Comedy Western series)

Gun Shy (Disney/CBS)(1983) starring Barry Van Dyke (Comedy Western series)

Zorro and Son (Disney)(1983) starring Henry Darrow (Comedy Western series)

She's The Sheriff (Lorimar/NBC)(1987-89) Suzanne Somers (Comedy Western series)

TV Westerns: Production Companies:

Flying "A" Productions (Gene Autry)
Walt Disney Productions
Screen Gems Productions
Desilu Productions
California National Productions
ZIV-United Artists Productions
Four Star Productions
Warner Brothers Television Productions (1955-65) (Wm T.Orr)
MCA/Revue Productions

 Theatrical Westerns

"Universal Pictures" Western Cliffhanger Serials  (1916-46)

"Mascot/ Republic Pictures" Western Cliffhanger Serials (1926-55)

"Columbia Pictures" Western Cliffhanger Serials (1939-56)

Western Movies (feature length theatrical)

TV's Western Heroes (documentary) (12pt) 

When The West Was Fun (documentary) (5pt)

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