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Ziv Television Programs, Inc.
First-Run syndication
Produced by Elliot Lewis and Lou Breslow
based on
'The MacKenzie Raid'
by Russell Potter Reeder and Russell Potter Reeder Jr.

US Western series 1958-59 39 episodes x 30 min bw
Richard Carlson
as Col. Ranald S. MacKenzie
 Recurring cast:
Rand Brooks
as Cpl. Brown (recurring) #16 #19
Jim Bridges
as Pvt. Lewis (recurring ?) #19
Charles Boaz
as Cpl. Dixon (recurring ?) #19
Louis Jean Heydt as ?
Morris Ankrum as ?
Brett King as ?
Kenneth Alton as ?

Colonel Mackenzie, the commander of the 4th Cavalry Regiment at Fort
Clark, Texas in 1873, receives a secret order from President U.S. Grant
and General Phil Sheridan to stop Mexican bandits from crossing the
Rio Grande River into the U.S. or from returning to Mexico.

Other Credits:
Directors Include: Eddie Davis, Abner Biberman, Leon Benson
Assistant Director: Bert Glaler
Writers Include:
Barney Slater, Teddi Sherman, Irwin Winehouse, Don Brinkley,
Milton Gelman, Steve Fisher, A. Stanford Wolf

Directors of Photography: Robert Hoffman and Charles Van Enger
Film Editors: Stanford Tischler and Charles Freeman
Production Manager: Joe Wonder
Bill Catching, Troy Melton, Lennie Geer, Fred Carson

############ Mackenzie's Raiders #############
############# season 1958-59 ###############
Syndicated Program

[01] MACKENZIE'S RAIDERS (pilot episode)
Commanding the famous "Fighting Fourth" Cavalry at Fort Clark,
Texas, in 1873. Col. Mackenzie receives secret unwritten orders
from the President. "Bring law and order back to Texas", he is
told. "Make this a fit place for Americans to live!" Mackenzie's
mission: cross the forbidden Mexian border, destroy renegade
hide-outs, elude capture and return. Mackenzie risks his career,
his life and the lives of his men in the first of a series of
raids across the border.

[02] Mackenzie's Raiders:
Col. Mackenzie baits a trap to capture Indian Chief Monitu. But
before Mackenzie can his captive to Fort Clark, they are attacked
by a gang of gunslining outlaws. Mackenzie and Monitu abandon
their own hostilities to fight side by side agains the common enemy.

1.03 [--] Mackenzie's Raiders: GATLING GUN (unofficial title) (verified -SC)
ZIV prod.
Directed By Drwin Abbe
Written By Henry Sharp
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Charles Davis........as Duke Farrell
Gregg Martell.......as The Outlaw Leader
Jack Edwards........as Sgt.Armbrewster
Jack Haddrock........as Cpl. Crawley
Larry Thor........as The Army Clerk
Bill Catching........as Trooper Krome
Frosty Royce........as Trooper Howard (uncredited)
Carl Mathews........as The Bandit Raider(uncredited)
Ruthless outlaws ambush one Cavalry convoy after another, annihilating them
with the Gatling Gun - the dreaded forerunner of the modern machine gun. Short
on ammunition, but long on courage, battle wise Mackenzie and his seasoned
trooper make a heroic stand against the marauders and their murderous weapon.

[04] Mackenzie's Raiders:
YOUNG WARRIORS (unofficial title)
A crooked Indian Agent encourages some young braves to leave their
reservation and go on a rampage of robbing and killing. Mackenzie
baits an ingenious trap to catch the warriors.

[05] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE SIGNAL (unofficial title)
Twice within a week renegades ambush convoys carrying arms and
ammunition from US arsenals to the Mexican Government. Mackenzie
uses a heliograph - an ingenious method of signalling with
reflected sunlight - to ambush the ambushers.

[06] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER (unofficial title)
A bandit leader, imprisoned at Fort Clark, escapes with a general's
daughter as hostage. Col. Mackenzie leads scouts across the border
with the intent to infiltrate the outlaw's hideout and release
the girl.

[07] Mackenzie's Raiders:
REVENGE (unofficial title)
After a long, hard battle, Col. Mackenzie captures Jed Pierce,
an infamous outlaw and sentences him to death. Enraged, Pierce's
brother kidnaps an important Mexican official and demands an
exchange for prisoners. Mackenzie plans and carries out a
strategem to free the official without relinqishing his prisoner.

[08] Mackenzie's Raiders:
COURT MARTIAL (unofficial title)
Acting on orders from the President, Col. Mackenzie pursues a band
of marauders across the Rio Grande into Mexico. By chance, a
member of the General Staff sees Mackenzie returning across the
border. He arrests the cavalry hero and holds him for court
martial on a charge of violating an international boundary. Col.
Mackenzie risks national disrace rather than reveal his President's

[09] Mackenzie's Raiders:
DOUBLE CROSS (unofficial title)
Col. Mackenzie arrests Andy Wheeler for robbing a farmhouse.
Wheeler insists he's innocent. Col. Mackenzie forces Wheeler to
expose himself and an entire gang of marauders by double-crossing
the notorious leader.

[10] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE ADVENTURERS (unofficial title)
Revolution and unrest sweep the Republic of Mexico after the
fall of Maximilian. Across the border in Texas, an army of
adventurers try to break through Col. Mackenzie's border guard
with the intention of invading and conquering Mexico. Col. Mackenzie
pits his military genius and his regiment against this lawless

[11] Mackenzie's Raiders:
CHOLERA (unofficial title)
5Nov58 syndication airdate
Gunmen hold Col. Mackenzie hostage while they seize a wagon-load
of medical supplies en route to Fort Clark. They plan to sell
the precious medicine to cholora-stricken settlers at exorbitant
prices. Col. Mackenzie makes his captors believe they themselves
had the disease, makes his escape and recaptures the medicine.

[12] Mackenzie's Raiders:  QUANAN PARKER (unofficial title)
 10Dec58 syndication airdate
ZIV prod.
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Victor Lundin .... Chief Quanan Parker
Col. Mackenzie saves the life of an Indian left to die in the
desert. Unknowingly, Mackenzie has offended sacred tribal law
This threatens to end his friendship with the powerful Yamparika
Commanches and start a bloody war. Col. Mackenzie goes into action
to avert war and open peace talks with Commanche Chief Quanan Parker.

1.13 [--] Mackenzie's Raiders:  THE IMPOSTER / FALSE CAVALRYMEN (unofficial title) (verified -SC)
 ZIV prod.
Directed by Abner Biberman
Teleplay by Milton Gelman / Story by Barney Slater
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Alan Wells
Brett Halsey
Leonard Nimoy
Carol Leveque
Richard Hill
Edmund Cobb
Lee Golon
Matt Murphy
Bill Catching (uncredited)
Lennie Geer (uncredited)
Synopsis 1:
Disguised as an army scout, Col. Mackenzie allows himself to be
lured into the gang of renegades who are posing as soldiers in
order to learn the identities of the culprits. But he finds himself
taking part in a raid on one his own supply wagons before he
finally springs the trap and captures the imposters. Mackenzie
manages to carry out his dual role on both sides of the law, and
on both sides of the border at the risk of international
Synopsis 2:

[14] Mackenzie's Raiders:
APACHE INDIAN BOY (unofficial title)
guest star
Glenn Strange
When Mackenzie learns that an Apache chief's son whom he has
captured is really a white boy kidnapped by the Indians many years
before, he finds himself in a very delicate situation. Though the
boy's parents are dead, Col. Mackenzie hears that an aunt and
uncle of the 'brave' are living in the territory. Knowing it
might mean war with the Apaches to return the chief's adopted son
to his own people, Col. Mackenzie nevertheless takes the risk.
Mackenzie stages a mock Indian raid on his own in order to return
the boy to the Apaches, when everyone involved discovers that the
Indian-reared lad is unhappy in his new life.

[15] Mackenzie's Raiders:
BORDER PLUNDER (unofficial title)
A hurricane shift the course of the Rio Grande River and puts
Col. Mackenzie in the middle of a border dispute. The storm puts
part of an American-owned ranch on the south, or Mexican side of
the river. The ranch owner ignores Col. Mackenzie's advice to
vacate the property pending an official border decision from
Washington, and outlaws seize the opportunity to raid the ranch.
Col. Mackenzie, in order to save the besieged rancher, risks his
career by crossing onto soil that is technically across the border.

1.16 [--] Mackenzie's Raiders: DAKOTA SMITH  (unofficial title) (verified -SC)
ZIV prod.
Directed By Derwin Abbe
Written By William Driskill
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Robert Karnes........as Dakota Smith
Jeanne Bates........as Julia Smith
Thomas B. Henry........as Macabee
Rand Brooks........as Cpl. Brown  (recurring)
Hal Gerard........as Jackson
Charles Seel.......as The Clerk
Jim Hayward........as Pete
Lee Roberts........as The Assassin
A drifting gambler named Dakota Smith holds Twin Forks in a grip of terror:
he murders townspeople and, by presenting himself as the sole bidder at the
auctioneering-off of their land, acquires property at rock bottom prices.
Fearful of becoming Smith's next victims, other land owners avoid the auctions
while Smith amasses blood-stained property. Mackenzie answers an appeal from
Twin Forks and wipes out the vicious racket.

1.17 [--] Mackenzie's Raiders: INDIAN FARMERS (unofficial title)
a.k.a. DYNAMITE  (verified -SC)
 ZIV prod.
Directed by Eddie Davis
Written by A. Stanford Wolf and Irwin Winehouse
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Michael Whalen
Herbert C. Lytton
Les Hellman
Zachary Charles
Steve London
Riley Hill
Michael Morgan
Joseph Cordovan
Synopsis 1:
In the face of diminishing buffalo herds, Col. Mackenzie's Fourth
Cavalry assists the U.S. government in a plan to teach farming to
a band of Comanches who are being re-settled on fertile Texas
farmlands. A prejudiced rancher who wants no part of the plan
takes ruthless steps to block it. Mackenzie sets a trap to bring
the rancher to justice.
Synopsis 2:
A local rancher is against Indians farming on land that he wanted to
purchase from the government and was refused. Colonel Mackenzie suspects
a plot to harm the Indians using dynamite [SC]

[18] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE AMBUSHERS (unofficial title)
Col. Mackenzie escapes a murderous ambush. The terrorists who
tried to waylay him then threaten to wipe out the holdings of
ranchers in the Chuma Valley. Mackenzie and his troopers join
the embattled Texans in their battle to save their land - and
their lives. Col. Mackenzie's spirated leadership inspires a
counterattack against the marrauders.

1.19 [--] Mackenzie's Raiders: TRAITOR O'HARA (aka "Traitor") (verified -SC)
ZIV prod.
Directed By Herman Hoffman
Written By Irwin Winehouse and A.Sanford Wolf
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
James Seay........as Lewis Michael O'Hara
Dennis Moore........as Sgt. Teal
Rand Brooks........as Cpl. Brown (recurring)
Charles Boaz........as Cpl. Dixon (recurring?)
Jim Bridges........as Pvt. Lewis (recurring?)
A former Union Army General plans to overthrow the Mexican
government, then attack the United States. To combat this menace,
Col. Mackenzie receives secret orders from the President to
make a daring 340 mile plunge into Mexico and assault the
renegade's stronghold. Mackenzie, with volunteer troopers the
traitor, then leads his men on the grueling return trip.

[20] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE ESCAPE (unofficial title)
Col. Mackenzie receives orders from Washington to rescue a young
mother from a criminal's haven across the Rio Grande. Her captives
fear the woman's testimony at a looming Senate hearing would put
them out of business. In the guise of a bandit, Col. Mackenzie
enters the hideout and persaudes the woman to escape with him
back across the border. Mackenzie meets the criminals head on,
then destroys their hideout operation and brings the woman to

[21] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE SCALP HUNTERS (unofficial title)
3Dec58 syndication airdate
guest star
Ted DeCorsia
When marauding Apaches kill his son, a wealthy rancher hires
scalp hunters to even the score. They attack and scalp a band of
peaceful Comanches, thus threatening the resumption of a bloody
war. Col. Mackenzie's vital task: capture the scalp hunters
before they provoke all-out hostilities. Col. Mackenzie, working
swiftly and effectively, averts war by capturing the killers.

[22] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE AVENGER (unofficial title)
Court-Martialed years before by Col. Mackenzie, an ex-soldier
gets even by attacking and killing troops from Fort Clark.
When the renegade daringly scales the wall of the fort to kidnap
his son from the custody of the Fourth Cavalry, Col. Mackenzie
gives chase. Mackenzie, crossing the border into Mexico meets
the renegade in a dramatic showdown.

[23] Mackenzie's Raiders:
THE REPORTER (unofficial title)
Col. Mackenzie takes his troops across the border in pursuit
of a band of long-sought killers. A news-hungry reporter from
Washington follows him, threatening to expose the secret of the
Fourth Cavalry's raids into Mexico. His curiosity turns to fright
when he falls into the hands of the killers. Mackenzie goes into
action to capture the killers and release the newsman.

[24] Mackenzie's Raiders:
RANGE WAR (unofficial title)
Rancher George Barton imports a herd of short-horn cattle into
Southwest Texas, threatening to reduce the territorial domination
of cattle baron Kell Corby, a long-horn cattle rancher. When
Corby's hired renegades murder two of Barton's cowpunchers, a
range war erupts and Col. Mackenzie moves in to thwart it. Needing
proof of Corby's hand in the killings before he can take action
against him, Mackenzie receives unexpected help from a magazine
photographer. Col. Mackenzie baits a trap with photographs in the
hope of tricking Corby into revealing his guilt.

1.25 [--] Mackenzie's Raiders: THE LOST RAIDER / CAPTURED RAIDER (unofficial title) (verified -SC)
ZIV prod.
22Oct58 syndication airdate
Directed By Herman Hoffman
Written By William Driskill
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Tom Brown........as Val Carter
Anna Navarro........as The Mexican Woman
Robert Gothie........as Trooper Simpson
George Gilbreth........as Lt.Tom Paxon
John Milford........as Cromen
Carl Benson........as The Raider Hencman
Notorious bandit Val Carter strikes at Texas stagecoaches from his sanctuary in
Mexico. Mackenzie crosses the Rio Grande to launch a surprise raid against him,
but loses one of his cavalry troopers deep inside forbidden Mexico territory.
Both Mackenzie and Carter conduct an intense search - capture of the trooper by
Carter could mean an end to Mackenzie's unsanctioned raids across the border.
Col. Mackenzie races against time to protect his career.

[26] Mackenzie's Raiders:
QUIET FORCE (unofficial title)
Gunman John Link and shrewd lawyer Dutch Herman, by "quiet force"
are in the process of taking over the goverment and economy of
Brackettville, the town next to Fort Clark, headquarters of
Col. Mackenzie's 4th U.S. Cavalry. Link and Herman threaten not
only the freedom of the frontier town, but also the existence of
Mackenzie's key intelligence oupost. The colonel heads for
Brackettville, now bristling with gunmen. Mackenzie then forces
a showdown with Link and Herman.

[27] Mackenzie's Raiders:
MUTINY (unofficial title)
A cattle thief captures three of Mackenzie's raiders. He offers
to return them unharmed in exchange for the safe passage of his
stolen cattle into Mexico. Convinced that the raiders are already
dead, Col. Mackenzie refuses to accept the offer. Some of his
officers and men threaten mutiny, believing their commander is
sacrificing the lives of the captured men. Col. Mackenzie
heroically battles both a vicious cattle thief and the doubts of
his men.

[28] Mackenzie's Raiders: NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (unofficial title)
  ZIV prod.
17Dec58 synidication airdate
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest Cast:
Doug McClure .... Corporal Adam Davis
While on a secret mission below the border, Trooper Adam Davis of
of Mackenzie's 4th cavalry stays behind in the lawless territory
to rescue an injured comrade. The Mexican border patrol captures
Davis and returns him to Fort Clark under guard, charged with
crossing the Rio Grande. Mackenzie realizes the very existence
of the raiders is doomed if Davis, to escape punishment, reveals
he was in Mexico under orders. The fate of the raiders hinges upon
the self sacrifice of a trooper on the witness stand.

[29] Mackenzie's Raiders: INDIAN RAIDERS (unofficial title)
As the first educated Indian in the Fort Clark area, Joseph
Topanga meets prejudiced threats and insults in his efforts
to find employment. Discouraged, he falls into the hands of
hostile Indians, who dupe him into taking part in a robbery.
Believing that he has killed the victim of the theft, Topanga
flees into Mexico. Col. Mackenzie faces the double challenge of
capturing the real murderer and convincing Topanga of his

[30] Mackenzie's Raiders: DROUGHT (unofficial title)
Farmers and cattlemen threaten to leave drought-ridden Texas and
make the area a deserted waste land. The added threat of a range
war develops when Col. Mackenzie learns that one cattleman is
hording water sufficient to save the entire area in hopes of
building an empire at the expense of the ruined ranchers. Col.
Mackenzie banking heavily on a new explosive called dynamite,
puts a desperate plan into effect.

[31] Mackenzie's Raiders: BLACK HAWK (unofficial title)
Inspired by Chief Crazy Horse's massacre of Custer and the
7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn, Commanche war chief Black
Hawk decides to imitate him and win similar glory for himself.
He attacks the symbol of U.S. authority in the area - Fort Clark.
Col. Mackenzie, better prepared than Custer to meet the Indians,
marshals his forces to repulse the attackers.

[32] Mackenzie's Raiders: THE TRAP (unofficial title)
Colin Grimes deserts the 4th Cavalry and steals a supply of Army
rifles for an Apache renegade. With Col. Mackenzie in pursuit,
Grimes and the Apaches lay a trap for him across the border.
Col. Mackenzie fights his way into trouble - and out again - to get his man.

[33] Mackenzie's Raiders: THREE-WAY PLAN /KIDNAPPING /RIFLE SHIPMENT (unofficial titles)
A trio of unusual events "sets fire" to the border near Fort Clark:
a Texas bandit steals a shipment of Winchester rifles slated for
Fort Clark, Mexican Col. Cortales captures Col. Mackenzie, then
the Texan kidnaps Cortales' pretty young daughter. Col. Mackenzie,
putting a shrewd three-way plan into operation, fights for his

[34] Mackenzie's Raiders: THE PASSWORD (unofficial title)
The success of a perilous mission being carried out across the
border by the 4th Cavalry hinges on a secret password. But
headstrong Lucinda Cabot learns the password, decides to use the
knowledge in an unusual blackmail attempt against Col. Mackenzie
The terms: she will reveal the password and thus jeopardize both
the mission and the very existence of the raiders - unless the
Colonel agrees to marry her! Col. Mackenzie takes an extreme
risk to answer the threat.

[35] Mackenzie's Raiders: THE RESCUE (unofficial title)
Fugitive war criminal Kenneth Jackman captures two of Mackenzie's
raiders and holds them prisoner in his Mexican hideout. One of
the prisoners escapes and makes his way back to Fort Clark,
prompting Col. Mackenzie to ride south in search of both Jackman
and the still-imprisoned trooper. Jackman's scouts spot the
search party and spring to the attack. Col. Mackenzie leads a
hell-for-leather charge into the renegade hideout.

 [36] Mackenzie's Raiders: LONG RIDE HOME (unofficial title)
ZIV prod.
Starring: Richard Carlson (as Col. MacKenzie)
Guest cast:
Craig Duncan ...... Stanfield
Synopsis 1:
After a gunfight with outlaws, Col. Mackenzie leads his patrol and three
prisoners back to Fort Clark - a gruelling 150 mile journey through
drought-stricken wasteland. With half the patrol wounded and the water
rationing dwindling, the outlaw leader launches a menacing counterattack.
Col. Mackenzie takes a risky gamble to stave off disaster.
Synopsis 2:
Colonel Mackenzie's patrol, on a long trek through arid territory
with three outlaw captives, is menaced by the bandit chief's attempt at a rescue. [RF]
(rebroadcast 09Sep64 6:00pm ET Cincinnati) [RF]

[37] Mackenzie's Raiders: THE SET-UP (unofficial title)
Renegade Sam Bates leads marauders in sneak attacks against Texas
rangers, then poses as a friendly scout to gain Col. Mackenzie's
confidence. Bates tells Mackenzie he can lead him to the renegade
hideout - in reality an ambush set up to trap the cavalrymen.
Col. Mackenzie employs all his tactical skill to lead a whirlwind

[38] Mackenzie's Raiders: ROAD THROUGH TEXAS (unofficial title)
Plans for a national road through Texas threatens the outlaw
career of a local rancher, who thrives on helpless citizens
in the undeveloped frontier. When the rancher and his renegade
band attack the surveying party, Col. Mackenzie, with no
concrete evidence, tries bringing the rancher to justice.

[39] Mackenzie's Raiders: RENEGADE MAJOR (unofficial title)
Major Howard Duncan turns renegade after being drummed out of
the service by Col. Mackenzie's for the massacre of innocent
indians. After a series and murders, Duncan manouvres the
pursuing Col. Mackenzie toward a waterless, sun baked trap.
Col. Mackenzie acts fast to snare the renegade in his own vicious trap.

############ Mackenzie's Raiders #############
################# the end ##################

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