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Edward J. Danziger and Harry Lee Danziger

UK Links:

Alan Keeling - "Yesterday's TV"
Midlands-based TV historian Alan Keeling writes in the "Black Country Bugle"
about What You Were Watching on "Yesterday's TV"

   BBC iPlayer  -  ITVPlayer  -  Channel 4 On Demand  -  Sky Player

Digital Spy -UK Showbiz, Entertainment & Media News

British Film Institute (bfi)  ScreenOnline - Television Collection 
British Film Institute (bfi) - Search Database
Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)
Whirligig - 1950's British TV Nostalgia
The British TV Missing Episodes Index (Mark Brown)
The Mausoleum Club
Kaleidoscope (Adrian E.C. Petford)
Tardis TV Archive (Dave Chapman)
Bigglethwaite's UK TV Index
Classic Telly (Peter Culley)
British TV Comedy Resources (Peter Hill)
Television Heaven   - Teletronic  -  The TV Room  - TV&Radio Bits
The Ultimate LWT Website  (previously the Continuity Booth)  (Mike Brewster)

British Sixties Television (Clint)  

Action TV (Andrew Screen-Mike Richardson)
     TV Ark: The UK Television Museum

The Transdiffusion Network:-
Independent TeleWeb - ITW (Jeremy Rogers)
Meldrum Home Page - MHP (Darren Meldrum)

"Memories of Tyne Tees Television": ITV in the North-East of England since 1959

Vidfire - Breakthrough British Technology Restoring Telerecordings/Kinescopes  to Videotape Quality

 UK Listings Magazines
Radio Times (BBC)  - TV Times (ITV)

Vintage Times - A collection of RADIO TIMES  &  TV TIMES: Covers
"TV Times" Covers (Nick Gilbert)

UK Classic TV Archive  - DVDs Collections

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