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ITV London (Sat-Sun) (1955-68) / ITV Midlands (Mon-Fri)(1956-68) (7days)(1968-81)
ATV - Associated TeleVision

   Video - A to Z of ATV (4pt)

ATV - Light Entertainment

Sunday Night At The London Palladium (ATV/ITV )(1956-67)(1973-74) - Episode Guide

Video - Val Parnell's Spectacular - The David Whitfield Spectacular starring Adele Leigh  (ATV)(Sat 26 March 1960) (5pt)
  Jo Stafford Show (1961) ATV Benny Hill, Kenneth Connor
Kenneth Connor on The Jo Stafford Show

 Ted Lune (Army Game) - Val Parnell's Spectacular ATV 1960

Video - Val Parnell's Spectacular - Bernard Delfont Presents - The Beverley Sisters Show (ATV) (5pt)

 The Beverley Sisters on the Morecombe & Wise Show 1962

The Kaye Sisters on the Morecombe & Wish Show in 1962

An opening sequence from the 1962 Two of a Kind comedy show with Eric & Ernie

Video - The Strange World of Gurney Slade (1+3pt)


UK ATV-ITC VideoTaped - Music/Variety/Comedy

Taped at ITC-ATV Elstree Studios, London -

Made for export to the USA with  mainly USA guest stars

Broadway Goes Latin - hosted by Bandleader Edmundo Ros (ITC)(1962) (bw film x 30min)

Sunday Night At The London Palladium (ATV)(1956-73) - Episode Guide
Some Episodes  of  "The London Palladium Show"  were made by for the US  NBC Network  in 1966 in Colour  with
Guest Hosts:  Lorne Greene, Kate Smith, Hugh O'Brian,  Robert Harbin, Fess Parker, Roger Moore

Piccadilly Palace - Morecambe and Wise (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer 1967)(20May67-9Sep67)(taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Hollywood Palace"

Showtime (ATV-ITC/ CBS)(Summer 1968) (11Jun68-17Sep68) (taped in the UK)
Summer Replacement for "The Red Skelton Show"

The John Davidson Show (ATV-ITC) (Summer 1969)  (color videotape)

The Liberace Show (ATV-ITC)(1969) (color videotape)

This is Tom Jones  (ATV-ITC/ABC)  (1968-71) (color videotape)

The Englebert Humperdinck Show (ATV-ITC/ABC)(1970) (color videotape)

 The Engelbert Humperdinck Show 24th May 1970 ATV / ITC / ITV (1970)

Kraft Music Hall (US title) / The Des O'Connor Show (UK title) (ATV-ITC/NBC)
 (Summer1970/ Summer1971)(20May70-2Sep70)(2Jun71-1Sep71) (taped in the UK)

 Gilbert O'Sullivan - No Matter How I Try - Des O'Connor ... (1972)

The Val Doonican Show (ATV-ITC/ABC)(Summer1971)(5Jun71-14Aug71)(taped in the UK)

  The Kopycats (ATV-ITC)(1972)   featured on  " The ABC Comedy Hour" in the USA  

  The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine (ATV-ITC)(1971-72) (color videotape)

 Marty Feldman: The Best of the Comedy Machine (ATV 1972)

The Julie Andrews Hour (ITC/ABC)(1972) (color videotape)(taped in Hollywood)

The Muppet Show   (ATV- ITC) (1976-81) UK Family Puppet Series (color videotape)


ATV - Drama

  ATV Weekend Drama (60min) (1960-67)

 The Sullavan Brothers - ATV London (1964)

  Crossroads (ATV/Central/ ITV)(1964-88)(2001-03)

 SPYDER'S WEB: Romance on Wheels (ATV 1972)

Thriller   (ATV- ITC) (1973-77) UK Thriller Anthology series


ATV - Children's TV

Tingha & Tucker Club 1960s Children's TV ATV ITV Mute location footage. Lost

Cliff Richard and Tingha And Tucker in Blackpool. ATV (1962)

Tingha & Tucker Club


ATV Today  -  Local News (Midlands)

ATV Today - ATV Centre Under Construction

ATV Today Titles 1970's Archive Television


Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)

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