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UK TV Adverts

Playlist - UK TV Adverts - some of our current favourites  -  Yes "Evian" is top of the list with HP Printer a close 2nd 


   Playlist - British TV Adverts From the 50s 60s 70s  (4pt)   - "adman1957"

 Playlist - UK TV Adverts 1960's - Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Georgie Best, Alf Garnett, Sooty  - "TvTimes1966"

Playlist - UK TV Adverts  (1969-79,1984-87 Anglia & Ch 4)   - "revoxy"

Cadbury's Milk Tray UK TV Adverts, 1960s/1970s  - col2006ie

Old Spice UK TV Adverts, 1970s  - col2006ie

 Smash Mash Potatoes Advert (1970'S)  - cosumerm1nkey

Nimble bread tv advert uk 70s  -  SeXiSiXties

Hovis 'Bike' advert 1973 (Britain's favourite TV ad)

TV Adverts from the Eighties  - kingligger

 Woolworths "Have a Cracking Christmas" UK TV Advert (1981)

Nescafe Gold Blend Adverts 1980s

Yellow Pages advert (Fly Fishing)  (1983)

UK TV Adverts 1985 (4)  - AntarticaTelevision

Original Howard of Halifax advert  - gazhack

M&S - Small Faces - Itchycoo Park  - "retunerman"

 Challenge Churchill      - Oh Yes!

Churchill Advert with Roy Walker

must see Churchill Advert with Rolf Harris-makes funny noise

Compare the Market.com  v  Compare the Meerkat.com   - simple!

 Lloyds TSB  - For The Journey...


Sponsors of US TV Programs 
 TV Sponsorship is fairly new in the UK but in the States it has been around since the early days of Television 

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