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US tv Producers & Production Companies 
UK TV Production Companies
From the Golden Age of Television

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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
BBC Television (BBC1 + BBC2)
Non-commercial Networks in the UK - funded by Licence Fees.

Independent Television (ITV Network)
[Regulator - ITA  later renamed  IBA  later renamed ITC] 

Associated Television (ATV)
(headed by Lew Grade)
(ITV London, Sat-Sun 1955-68)(ITV Midlands, Mon-Fri 1955-68)
(ITV Midlands, 7 days 1968-81)
(also see ITC below -  for film series and world-wide distribution)

Central Independent Television
(ITV Midlands 7 days 1982-present) (ATV was renamed Central in 1982)
ABC Weekend Television
(headed by Howard Thomas)
(ITV North and Midlands, Sat-Sun 1956-1968)
(merged with A-R TV in 1968 to become Thames Television)
Associated-Rediffusion (A-R TV)
(ITV London, Mon-Fri 1956-1968)
(merged with ABC Weekend in 1968 to become Thames Television)
Thames Television
(ITV London, Mon-Fri from 1968-1992)
(born out of a merger of A-R and ABC in 1968)
Euston Films
(a subsiduary of Thames Television producing TV series on film)
Carlton Television
(ITV London, Mon-Fri 1993 -present)
Granada Television
(originally founded  by Lord Sidney Bernstein)
(ITV North including Yorkshire, Mon-Fri 1956-68)
(ITV North-West, excluding Yorkshire, 7 days 1968-present)
London Weekend Television (LWT)
(originally founded  by a consortium which included David Frost)
(ITV London, Fri-Sun July 1968 - present)
( now part of the "Granada Media" group)
Yorkshire Television
(ITV Yorkshire, 7 days 1968-present)
Harlech Television (HTV)
(ITV Wales and The West 7 days 1968-present)
Anglia Television
(ITV East, 7 days (1959-present)
Southern Television
(ITV South, 7 days (1958-80)
Television South (TVS)
(ITV South, 7 days (1981-91)
Meridan Broadcastig
(ITV South, 7 days (1992-present)
Scottish Television (STV)
(ITV Scotland, 7 days 1957-present)
Tyne-Tees Television (TTT)
(ITV North-East, 7 days 1959-present)

UK tv film series producers

Incorporated Television Company (ITC)
(owned by Lew Grade) (a partner company to ATV producing film series with world-wide distribution)
Circa 1956-1982

Associated-British Picture Corporation (ABPC)
(a partner company to ABC Weekend - producing theatrical films and television film series)

Mainly 1950's and 1960's
Merton Park Studios
(second feature films amd film series including -Scotland Yard introduced by Edgar Lustgarten, Edgar Wallace Mysteries, and Scales of Justice)(1950-1966)
(most produced by Jack Greenwood)
The Danzigers
(Independent production company formed by brothers Edward J. Danziger & Harry Lee Danziger)(1950's-early 60's)

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