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Journey back to the Golden Age of Granada Television from the North of England - have a pleasant trip & Please Come Back
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ITV North West+Yorkshire (Mon-Fri) (1956-68) ITV North West (7days)(1968-present)
Granada Television
Granada in the Sixties (30Dec85) Channel  4 celebration of 30 years of Granada Television (1956-1986)

"A Visit to Coronation Street"  - an American View  written by Robert Musel from a 1965 US "TV Guide":-
TVG_1965_11_20_Coronation_Street - pt1 .jpg
TVG_1965_11_20_Coronation_Street- pt2 .jpg
TVG_1965_11_20_Coronation_Street - pt3 .jpg

Saki (ITV/Granada)(1962) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
Maupassant (ITV/Granada) (1963) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
The Victorians (ITV/Granada)(1963) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
Paris1900 : Feydeau  (ITV/Granada) (1964) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie
The Caesars (ITV/Granada) (1968) UK Anthology series - Produced by Philip Mackie

The Villains (ITV/Granada)(1964-65) UK Play series


Mr Rose Investigates (1967) Granada Television

"Cribb" (1979-81)(Granada TV)(90 min pilot+13 episodes x 60 min) starring Alan Dobie

Playlist - Cribb - Waxwork: Pilot (9pt)

Sherlock Holmes (Granada/ITV)(1984-94) Jeremy Brett  - episode guide

Cracker (1993-96, 2006) (Granada/ITV) (UK) starring Robbie Coltrane  - episode guide

Granada Television  - Coronation Street

Coronation Street Royal Gala (1966)

Granada Television  - Light Entertainment / Comedy

The Army Game (ITV/Granada) (1957-61) UK Situation Comedy series

Bootsie and Snudge (ITV/Granada) (1960-63)(1974)) UK Situation Comedy series - starring Bill Fraser and Alfie Bass

The Comedians 'Bernard Manning' at his best.

The Music of Lennon & McCartney (1965)(60 min) (Music Special)
Granada Television Production for the ITV Network. Produced by John Hamp, Directed by Philip Casson
Hosted by John Lennon & Paul McCarntey with George Harrison & Ringo Starr  (The Beatles)
Guests: Cilla Black, Lulu, Marianne Faithfull, Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, Esther Phillips, Peter Asher
 Peter Sellers , Henry Mancini, Tony Crombie,  George Martin (Beatles recording manager)

 Playlist - The Music Of Lennon & McCartney (Granada/ITV) (1965 (7pt) 

Granada Television  - Matinee Movie - Short Story

Matinee Movie (Granada) (1968-69) - Short Story (Granada)(1969-70)

Command Performance (Granada) (1975-76)

Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)

Alan Keeling - "Yesterday's TV"

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