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Gerry & Sylvia Anderson 
including  Roberta Leigh  Series

APF (Associated Puppet Films)

(Sci-Fi / Puppet/ Live Action)

Twizzle (A-R) (1957-58)(Puppet) 52 episodes x 15 min
Associated Puppet Films Production (APF)
for Associated-Rediffusion Television
Created and Written by: Roberta Leigh
Directed by Gerry Anderson (first 26 episodes only)

Torchy (A-R/ABC) (Produced by Roberta Leigh/
Directed by Gerry Anderson (early eps) (1957-58) 

Four Feather Falls (Gerry Anderson / APF/ Granada)(1960)  (puppet)

 Supercar (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1961-62)  (puppet)

 Fireball XL5 (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1962-63)  (puppet)

Space Patrol (UK) (Roberta Leigh) (1963-64) (puppet)
- Gerry Anderson had NO involvement with this series

(Included here for reference purposes only)

Stingray (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1964-65)  (puppet)

 Thunderbirds (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1965-66)  (puppet)

 Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons (Gerry Anderson/ITC)(1967-68)  (puppet)

Joe 90 (Gerry Anderson/ITC)(1968-69)  (puppet)

The Secret Service (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1969)  (puppet)

U.F.O. (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1970-71)  (live-action + models)
starring Ed Bishop & Michael Billington

The Protectors (ITC) (1972-74)(live action)
starring Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter

Space: 1999 (Gerry Anderson / ITC)(1975-78)  (live-action + models)
starring Barbara Bain & Martin Landau

Terrahawks (Anderson-Burr Pictures for (LWT)
Produced by Gerry Anderson, Christopher Burr.
 UK Sci-Fi Puppet series 1983-86 39 episodes x 30 minutes

Dick Spanner P.I. (Anderson-Burr Production for Channel 4)
Produced by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr
 UK Sci-Fi Animated series 1986-87 22 episodes x 6 mins

Space Precinct 2040  Created by Gerry Anderson.
 UK Sci-Fi Live Action series 1995 24 episodes x 60 min colour
starring Ted Shackelford as Brogan

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