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Canadian Talk Shows

Flick Flack-Movie Talk (Global TV)(Canada) (1974) hosted by William Shatner

The Alan Hamel Show (CTV)(Canada) (1976-80)

The Alan Thicke Show (CTV)(Canada) (1980-83)

Canadian Music Variety Series

The Mike Neun Show (CBC)(Filmed in Vancouver) (1970-71)

Rollin' On The River - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition (CTV)(Canada) (1971-73)

Half The George Kirby Comedy Hour (CTV)(Canada) (1972-73)

The Bobby Vinton Show (CTV)(Canada) (1975-78)

Celebrity Revue (Filmed in Vancouver for US Syndication) (1976-77)

The Wolfman Jack Show (CBC)(Filmed in Vancouver) (1976-77)

Julie (CTV)  starring Julie Amato (1976-78)

The Rene Simard Show (CBC) (1977-79)

The Patsy Gallant Show (CTV) (1978-79)

Canadian Dramatic Anthology Series

On Camera  (CBC) (1954-58) Canadian Anthology series

CBC Scope  (CBC) (1954-55) Canadian Athology series

CBC Folio (CBC) (1955-59) Canadian Anthology series

CBC Television Theatre (CBC) (1956-58) Canadian Anthology series

The Unforeseen  (CBC) (1958-60) Canadian Anthology series

GM General Motors presents (CBC) (1958-61) Canadian Anthology series

Norman Corwin Presents (CBC)(1972-73) Canadian Anthology series

Canadian Dramatic Anthology Series broadcast in the UK  under different series titles

Canadian Television Theatre (UK) (BBC title)(1957-58) Canadian Plays shown in the UK on BBC

Playdate (ITV/Associated-Rediffusion)(UK)(Dec1961-May1962) Mainly Canadian Plays broadcast in the UK during the ITV Actors strike

Interplay (UK) (ITV title)(1961-62) Canadian Plays shown in the UK on ITV regional stations

Canadian Crime/Adventure  Series

Radisson (Canadian title)/ Tomahawk (US/UK title) (1957-58) starring Jacques Godin
Hawkeye and The Last of the Mohicans (1957-58) starring John Hart & Lon Chaney, Jr.
The Adventures of Tugboat Annie (1957-58) starring Minerva Urecal

Cannonball (1958-59) starring Paul Birch & William Campbell
Hudson's Bay (1959-60) starring Barry Neslon & George Tobias
R.C.M.P. (1959-60) starring Gilles Pelletier

The Littlest Hobo (1963-65) (original series) starring London, the Alsatian Dog
The Forest Rangers (1963-65) starring Graydon Gould &Rex Hagon
Seaway (1965-66) starring Austin Willis & Stephen Young
Wojeck (1966; 1968) starring John Vernon
Adventures in Rainbow Country (1970-71) starring Lois Maxwell
Dr. Simon Locke (US) (1971-72)/ Police Surgeon(CAN) (1972-74) starring Sam Groom
Swiss Family Robinson (1973-674 starring Chris Wiggins, Diana LeBlanc
The Collaborators (1973,1974) starring Michael Kane / Donald Pilon
Sidestreet (1975-78) Stephen Markle, Sean McCann, Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh
Matt and Jenny on the Wilderness Trail 1850 (1979-80) Derrick Jones & Megan Follows
The Littlest Hobo (1979-85)(revival) 

Spirit Bay (1983-87)
The Rez (1996-97)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (WB)(1993-97) Canadian-filmed Crime series starring David Carradine, Chris Potter

Due South (Alliance/Baton)(1994-99) Canadian-filmed Crime series starring Paul Cross, Beau Starr

 Canadian produced series for CBS (US) late-night schedule

 Hot Shots (Canada/CBS)(1986-87) Reporter Drama starring Paul Burke, DorothyParke

Canadian TV Resources  

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