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UK Historical Adventure series Guide

Network on Air DVD

 The Adventures of The Scarlet Pimpernel (Harry Alan Towers/ITC) (1954-55) starring Marius Goring
The Adventures of Robin Hood (UK)(ITC) (1955-60) starring Richard Greene
The Gay Cavalier (Associated-Rediffusion) (1956) starring Christian Marquand
The Count of Monte Cristo (ITC) (1956) starring George Dolenz
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (ITC) (1956) starring William Russell
The Buccaneers (ITC)(1956) starring Robert Shaw
Sword of Freedom (ITC) (1957) starring Edmund Purdom
Ivanhoe (Screen Gems) (1958) starring Roger Moore
William Tell (ITC) (1958-59) starring Conrad Phillips
Richard the Lionheart  (Danziger) (1961) starring Dermot Walsh
Sir Francis Drake (ITC) (1961-62) starring Terence Morgan

Sharpe (ITV) (1993-2008) starring Sean Bean

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