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Orient Express (European Anthology series) (1952-53)

Foreign Intrigue (Produced by Sheldon Reynolds) (1951-55) - 3 formats:-
Foreign Intrigue (1) "Dateline Europe (1951-53) - Jerome Thor, Sydna Scott 
 Foreign Intrigue (2) "Overseas Adventure" (1953-54) - James Daly, Anne Préville  
Foreign Intrigue (3) "CrossCurrent" (1954-55) - Gerald Mohr

Secret File U.S.A. (1954) starring Robert Alda

Paris Precinct (filmed 1953-54, aired 1955)
starring Louis Jourdan & Claude Dauphin

Flash Gordon  (filmed in Germany)  (filmed 1953-54)(aired 1954-55)
starring Steve Holland

Sheldon Reynolds Production of Sherlock Holmes (filmed in Paris) (1954-55)
starring Ronald Howard & Howard Marion Crawford

Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (1955-56) starring Buster Crabbe
The Three Musketeers (Italy)((1956) Jeffrey Stone, Peter Trent, Paul Campbell
Tales of the Vikings (1959) starring Jerome Courtland

13 Demon Street (Sweden)((1960) (Anthology series)  Hosted by Lon Chaney, Jr.

Harry's Girls (MGM/NBC)(1963-64)(Filmed in Southern France) Comedy series starring Larry Blyden

Blue Light (TCF Europe)(1966) starring Robert Goulet
The Man Who Never Was (TCF Europe)(1966-67) starring Robert Lansing & Dana Wynter

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