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U.S. Adventure series Guide

The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong (DuMont)(1951) starring Anna May Wong

Sky King (1951-62) starring Kirby Grant
 Terry and The Pirates (1952-53) starring John Baer

Ramar of the Jungle (1952-54) starring Jon Hall

China Smith (1952) starring Dan Duryea
The New Adventures of China Smith (1954) starring Dan Duryea

The Advs. of The Falcon (1954-55) starring Charles McGraw

Mandrake, The Magician (Syndicated)(1954) starring Coe Norton (as Mandrake) Woody Strode (as Lothar)

Passport to Danger (Hal Roach Studios)(1954-55) starring Cesar Romero
Waterfront (Roland Reed/ZIV)(1954-55) starring Preston Foster

Captain Midnight (Screen Gems)(1954-56) starring Richard Webb

Lassie (Jack Wrather/CBS)(1954-73)
Lassie - Seasons 1-3 "Jeff's Collie" (syndicated title) (CBS) (12Sept1954 to 1Dec1957)
Lassie - Seasons 4-10 "Timmy and Lassie" (syndicated title) (CBS) (8Sept1957 to 30Aug1964)
Lassie - Seasons 11-14 - with Ranger Corey (CBS) (Sept1964 to Sept1968)
Lassie - Seasons 15-16 - with Scott and Bob (CBS) (Sept 1968 to Sept 1970)
Lassie - Season 17 - on her own (CBS) (Sept 1970 to Sept 1971)
Lassie - Seasons 18-19 - with The Holden Family (Syndicated 1971-73)

Jungle Jim (Screen Gems)(1955-56) starring Johnny Weissmuller
Sheena,Queen of the Jungle (1955-56) starring Irish McCalla
Soldiers Of Fortune (Revue) (1955-57) starring John Russell & Chick Chandler
The Adventures of Fu Manchu (1956) starring Glen Gordon
Crunch and Des (1956) starring Forrest Tucker & Sandy Kenyon
Captain David Grief (1957-59) starring Maxwell Reed
Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers (Screen Gems) (1956-57)  Philip Carey & Warren Stevens
Whirlybirds (Desilu)(1957-60) starring KennethTobey & Craig Hill
Steve Canyon (1958-59) starring Dean Fredericks
The Advs. of the Sea Hawk (1958-59) starring John Howard
Rescue 8 (Screen Gems)(1958-60) starring Jim Davis
Sea Hunt (ZIV-Ivan Tors)(1958-61) starring Lloyd Bridges
Troubleshooters (ZIV-UA)(1959-60) starring Keenan Wynn
The Man & The Challenge (ZIV)(1959-60) starring George Nader
Bold Venture (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Dane Clark
Adventures in Paradise (1959-62) starring Gardner McKay

The Garlund Touch (CBS)(1960-61) starring Charles Quinlivan
The Blue Angels (1960-61) starring Don Gordon, Warner Jones
Assignment: Underwater (1960-61) starring Bill Williams
The Aquanauts / Malibu Run (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1960-61) Keith Larsen / Ron Ely
Acapulco (ZIV-UA)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger (replaced "Klondike" NOT western)
The Islanders (MGM/ABC)(1960-61) William Reynolds, James Philbrook

Route 66 (Screen Gems/CBS) (1960-64) starring Martin Milner, George Maharis, Glenn Corbett
Straightaway (1961-62) starring Brian Kelly & John Ashley
Follow The Sun (TCF)(1961-62) starring Barry Coe, Brett Halsey, Gary Lockwood
Ripcord (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1961-63) starring Larry Pennell & Ken Curtis
The Beachcomber (Florida USA)(1962) starring Cameron Mitchell

Flipper (Ivan Tors)(1964-67) starring Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin
Run For Your Life (Roncom/Universal/NBC) (1965-68) Adventure/Drama series starring Ben Gazzara
Tarzan (1966-68) starring Ron Ely
Daktari (Ivan Tors)(1966-69) starring Marshall Thompson

Mission: Impossible (Original) (Desilu/Paramount/CBS) (1966-73) starring Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain
Coronet Blue (Herbert Brodkin/CBS)(Summer 1967) starring Frank Converse

 Maya (MGM/NBC)(1967-68) starring Jay North
Cowboy in Africa (Ivan Tors)(1967-68) starring Chick Connors
Gentle Ben (Ivan Tor/CBS)(1967-69) starring Dennis Weaver, Clint Howard

Then Came Bronson (MGM/ABC)(1969-70) starring Michael Parks

Paris 7000 (Univ/ABC)(Early 1970) starring George Hamilton
The Immortal (Paramount/ABC)(1970-71) starring Christopher George
The Young Rebels (Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1970-71) starring Rick Ely
Bearcats! (Filmways/CBS) (fall 1971) starring Rod Taylor & Dennis Cole
Primus (Ivan Tors)(1971-72) starring Robert Brown
Firehouse (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC) (early 1974) starring James Drury & Richard Jaeckel
Chopper One (Spelling-Goldberg/ABC) (early 1974) starring Jim McMullen & Dirk Benedict
Born Free (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(1974) starring Gary Collins & Diana Muldaur
Salty (fall 1974) starring Mark Slade
Movin' On (1974-76) starring Claude Akins & Frank Converse

Mobile One (Mark VII/ABC) (fall 1975) starring Jackie Cooper, Julie Gregg, Mark Wheeler
Swiss Family Robinson (Irwin Allen/TCF/ABC) (1975-76) starring  Martin Milner
Big Hawaii (Filmways/NBC)(fall 1977) starring Cliff Potts, John Dehner, Bill Lucking

Spencer's Pilots (CBS)(1977) starring Gene Evans, Christopher Stone,

The San Pedro Beach Bums (Aaron Spelling/ABC)(1977)

Code R (WB/CBS)(1977) starring James Houghton, Tom Simcox, Martin Kove

Lucan (MGM/ABC)(1977-78) starring Kevin Brophy
The Life & Times of Grizzly Adams (NBC)(1977-78) starring Dan Haggerty, Denver Pyle
Sword of Justice (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)(1978-79) starring Dack Rambo, Bert Rosario, Alex Courtney

240-Robert (Filmways/Rosner/NBC)(1979-81) Police Emergency Adventure series starring Joanna Cassidy, Pamela Hensley

B.J.and The Bear  (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)1979-81) starring Greg Evigan
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (Glen Larson/Universal/NBC)(1979-80)/ Lobo (1980-81) starring Claude Akins

California Fever (WB/Lou-Step/CBS)(1979) Adventure series
starring  Jimmy McNichol, Marc McClure, Michele Tobin, Lorenzo Lamas

The Dukes Of Hazard (WB/Lou-Step/CBS)(1979-85)
starring Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Denver Pyle, James Best, Sorrell Booke, Waylon Jennings


The Greatest American Hero (Stephen J. Cannell/ABC) (1981-83) William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Sellecca

Code Red (ABC Sundays 7pm)(1981-82) Adventures series starring Lorne Greene, Julie Adams, Andrew Prine

The Fall Guy (Glen A. Larsonl/ TCF/ABC)(1981-86) Adventure series starring Lee Majors

The Quest (Stephen J. Cannell /ABC)(1982) Adventure series starring Karen Ausrtin

Bring'Em Back Alive (Columbia/CBS)(1982-83) Adventure series starring Bruce Boxleitner

Tales Of The Gold Monkey (Beliisario/Universal/ABC)(1982-83) Adventure series starring Stephen Collins

Knight Rider (NBC)(1982-86) Adventure series staring David Hasselhoff, Edward Mulhare

The Rousters (Stephen J. Cannell/NBC)(1983-84) Adventure series staring Chad Everett

The A-Team (Stephen J. Cannell/Universal/NBC)(1983-87) Adventure series starring George Peppard

Scarecrow And Mrs. King (WB/CBS)(1983-87) Spy Adventure series starring Kate Jackson & Bruce Boxleitner

The Master (Michael Sloan/Viacom/NBC)(1984)  Adventure series starring Lee Van Cleef

Airwolf (Donald P. Bellisario/Universal/CBS)(1984-86) Adventure series starring Ernest Borgnine, Jan-Michael Vincent, Alex Cord

Codename: Foxfire (Universal/NBC)(1985) Adventure series starring Joanna Cassidy

Shadow Chasers (ABC)(1985-86) starring Dennis Dugan, Trevor Eve, Nina Foch

J.J. Starbuck (Stephen J. Cannell /NBC)(1987-88) Adventure series starring Dale Robertson


Lost (Touchstone/ABC Studios)(2004-2010) Adventure series
starring Jorge Carcia, Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O'Quinn

Trucker series

 Cannonball (Canada) (1958-59)

 Movin' On (1974-76)

 B.J. and the Bear (1979-81) 

Horse series

Adventures of Champion (1955-56)  

Fury (1955-60)

  My Friend Flicka (1956-57)

  National Velvet (1960-62) 

Dog  series

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (US)(1954-59) 

 Lassie (US)(1954-73)

The Littlest Hobo (Canada)(1963-65) 

  The Littlest Hobo (Canada)(1979-85)

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