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UK Filmed Drama series Guide

Calling Scotland Yard (UK working title)(1953-54)/Adventure Theatre (US-NBC Summer 1956)
(Danziger) anthology series - US host Paul Douglas

Douglas Fairbanks Presents ... (1953-57) anthology series - host Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
The Vise (1954-55)(Danziger) anthology series - host Ron Randell

TV Playhouse-aka-Filmed Playhouse (UK)(1955-56)(60 min) Filmed Anthology series

Lilli Palmer Theatre (UK)(1955-56) anthology series- host Lilli Palmer
Errol Flynn Theatre (1956-57) anthology series- host Errol Flynn
Overseas Press Club - Exclusive! (1957) anthology series
Assignment: Foreign Legion (UK)(1957-58) Filmed Anthology series - host Merle Oberon
Glencannon (1957-58) comedy starring Thomas Mitchell
Rendezvous (1958-59) US/UK anthology series hosted by and starring Charles Drake
Fredric March presents Tales from Dickens (1959) UK anthology series

Edgar Wallace Mysteries (Merton Park Studios)(1960-65) 47 Theatricals edited for television
Espionage (1963-64) anthology series
Court Martial (1964-65) starring Peter Graves & Bradford Dillman
The Human Jungle (1964-65) starring Herbert Lom

Here Come The Double Deckers (1970-71) children's series

Hammer Films Television Series

Journey To The Unknown (1968-69)  - TV Series Episode Guide

Hammer House Of Horror (1980)  - TV Series Episode Guide

Hammer House Of Mystery & Suspense (1984-86) - TV Series Episode Guide

Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)

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