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U.K. Filmed Drama series Guide


Stryker of The Yard (1953-54) (Nettlefold Studios /UK theatrical) Clifford Evams
ScotlandYard (1953-61) (Merton Park Studios /UK theatrical) hosted by Edgar Lustgarten
Calling Scotland Yard (UK working title)(1953-54)/Adventure Theatre (US-NBC Summer 1956)
(Danziger) anthology series - US host Paul Douglas

Douglas Fairbanks Presents ... (1953-57) anthology series - host Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Colonel March of ScotlandYard (1954) starring Boris Karloff

 The Vise (Danziger /anthology series) (1954-55) hosted by Ron Randell

The Adventures of Aggie (pr. Michael Sadlier-Ted Holliday) (1954-55) starring Joan Sahwlee

Fabian of the Yard (Charles Wick-John Larkin/BBC) (1954-55) starring Bruce Seton
Adventures of The Big Man (CharlesWick/John Larkin)(BBC)(1954) starring Wayne Morris

 TV Playhouse-aka-Filmed Playhouse (UK)(1955-56)(60 min) Filmed Anthology series

Sailor Of Fortune (pr. Michael Sadlier-Ted Holliday) (1955-56) starring Lorne Greene

Theatre Royal (UK) Lilli Palmer Theatre (US)(1955-56) Anthology series- host Lilli Palmer

The Vise: Mark Saber (Danziger/ detective series) (1955-57) starring Donald Gray
Errol Flynn Theatre (1956-57) anthology series- host Errol Flynn
Overseas Press Club - Exclusive! (1957) anthology series
Assignment: Foreign Legion (UK)(1957-58) Filmed Anthology series - host Merle Oberon

Saber Of London (Danziger/ detective series) (1957-59)  starring Donald Gray

Detective's Diary (rerun title) (Danziger/ detective series)(NBC) (1957-61)
(reruns of "Mark Saber" "Saber of London" "Man from Interpol")

 Glencannon (Gross-Krasne) (1957-58) comedy adventures starring Thomas Mitchell
Adventures of a Jungle Boy (Gross-Krasne) (1957) starring Michael Carr Hartley
African Patrol (Gross-Krasne) (1957) starring John Bentley
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (ITC)(1957-58) starring J. Carrol Naish

White Hunter (ITP)(1957-58) starring Rhodes Reason
O.S.S.(ITC)  (1957-58) starring Ron Randell
The New Adventures of Martin Kane (ZIV) (1957-58) starring William Gargan

Dial 999 (ZIV) (1958-59) starring Robert Beatty
H.G. Wells' Invisible Man (ITP) (1958-59) starring Tim Turner (uncredited) Lisa Daniely, Deborah Watling
Rendezvous (1958-59) US/UK anthology series hosted by and starring Charles Drake

The Third Man (BBC/NTA)(1959) starring Michael Rennie

The Flying Doctor (Assoc-British)(1959) starring Richard Denning
International Detective (Assoc-British)(1959) starring Arthur Fleming

Interpol Calling (ITC)(1959) starring Charles Korvin
Man from Interpol (Danziger) (1959) starring Richard Wyler
The Four Just Men (ITC)(1959) Dan Dailey, Jack Hawkins, Richard Conte, Vittoria DeSica

Fredric March presents Tales from Dickens (1959) UK anthology series


Edgar Wallace Mysteries (1960-65)(Merton Park Studios (UK/theatricals edited for television)
Danger Man (ITC)(1960-61) (39 half-hour episodes) UK Spy series starring Patrick McGoohan
The Cheaters (Danziger)(1960) starring John Ireland
The Pursuers (1961) starring Louis Hayward
Ghost Squad (ITC)(1961) starring Donald Wolfit
Zero One (BBC) (1962) starring Nigel Patrick

Scales of Justice (1962-67) (Merton Park Studios/UK theatrical)  hosted by Edgar Lustgarten

The Saint (ITC)(1962-69) starring Roger Moore
Man of The World (ITC)(1962) starring Craig Stevens
The Sentimental Agent (ITC)(1963) starring Carlos Thompson

Espionage (1963-64) anthology series
Court Martial (1964-65) starring Peter Graves & Bradford Dillman
The Human Jungle (1964-65) starring Herbert Lom

Danger Man (UK title) (ITC)(1964-66) (47 hour-long episodes) UK Spy series starring Patrick McGoohan

Gideon's Way (ITC)(1964) starring John Gregson
The Baron (ITC) (1966) starring Steve Forrest

The Avengers (ABC) ( bwlive/videotape) (1961) - Ian Hendry 
The Avengers (ABC) (bw live/videotape) (1962-64) - Honor Blackman
The Avengers (ABC) (bw film) (1965-66) - Diana Rigg
The Avengers (ABC) (colour film) (1966-68) - Diana Rigg
The Avengers (ABC) (colour film) (1968-69) -  Linda Thorson
The New Avengers (colour film) (1976-77) - Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt   

The Prisoner (ITC)(1967-68)(17 episodes) starring Patrick McGoohan

Man in a Suitcase (ITC)(1967-68) starring  Richard Bradford

Journey To The Unknown (Hammer Films)(1968-69) 

The Champions (ITC)(1968-69) starring Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo & William Gaunt

Department S (ITC) (1969-70) starring Joel Fabiani, Peter Wyngarde, Rosemary Nichols

Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased) (ITC) (1969-70) starring Mike Pratt, Kenneth Cope, Annette Andre

Strange Report (ITC/MGM)(1969-70) starring  Anthony Quayle, Kaz Garaz


Here Come The Double Deckers (1970-71) Children's Comedy Advenure series

The Persuaders! (ITC)(1971-72) starring  Roger Moore, Tony Curtis

Jason King (ITC) (1971-72)  starring Peter Wyngarde

The Adventurer (ITC) (1972) starring Gene Barry
Pathfinders (Toledo) (1972)(WWII Adventure series) starring Robert Urquhart & Jack Watling

The Protectors (ITC) (1972-74) starring Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter

The Zoo Gang (ITC) (1974) starring Brian Keith, John Mills, Lilli Palmer, Barry Morse

Special Branch  (Thames)(1969-70)/ (Euston) (1973-74)  Van Der Valk (Thames)(1972-73)/ (Euston(1977)
The Sweeney (Euston//Thames/ITV)((1975-78)  Minder (/Euston/Thames/ITV)(1979-94)

Return Of The Saint (ITC/RAI) (1978-79) starring Ian Ogilvy


Hammer House Of Horror (1980) 

Taggart (1983-2009) (STV/ITV) (UK) starring Mark McManus

Hammer House Of Mystery & Suspense (1984-86)

Dempsey and Makepeace (LWT) (1985-86) UK Crime series starring Michael Brandon & Glynis Barber

Agatha Christie's Poirot (1989-2009) (LWT/ITV) (UK) starring David Suchet
Agatha Christie's Marple (2004-2007) (ITV) (UK) starring Geraldine McEwan
Agatha Christie's Marple (2007-2009) (ITV) (UK) starring Julia McKenzie

Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Inspector Wexford (1987-2000) (ITV) (UK) starring George Baker


A Touch of Frost (1992-2009) (Yorkshire/ITV) (UK) starring David Jason

Cracker (1993-96, 2006) (Granada/ITV) (UK) starring Robbie Coltrane

Dalziel and Pascoe (BBC) (1996-2007) UK Crime Drama series- starring Warren Clarke & Colin Buchanan

Silent Witness (1996-2008) (BBC) (UK) starring Amanda Burton

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (BBC) (1996-98) (UK) Crime Mystery Drama series- starring Patricia Routledge

Jonathan Creek (BBC) (1997-2004, 2009)(UK) Crime Mystery Drama series- starring Alan Davies

Midsomer Murders (1997-2011) (ITV/A&E) (UK) starring John Nettles  (81 episodes)
 NEW Midsomer Murders (2011-) (ITV/A&E) (UK) starring Neil Dudgeon

Inspector Morse (1987-2000) (ITV) (UK) starring John Thaw
Kavanagh Q.C. (1995-2001) (ITV) (UK) starring John Thaw


Lewis (2007-2009) (ITV) (UK) starring Kevin Whately

Rosemary & Thyme (2003-2006) (ITV) (UK) starring Felicity Kendal & Pam Ferris

Foyle's War (2002-2008) (ITV) (UK) starring Michael Kitchen

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