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U.S. Mystery Movie series Guide

Four in One (Universal/NBC)(1970-71)
4 mini-series in one slot - McCloud/ San Francisco International Airport/ Night Gallery/ The Psychiatrist

NBC Mystery Movie: Columbo (original series) (Universal)(1968-1978) starring Peter Falk
NEW Columbo (revival series) (Universal)(1989-2003) starring Peter Falk

NBC Mystery Movie: McCloud (Universal)(1970-77) Dennis Weaver

NBC Mystery Movie:McMillan & Wife (Universal)(1971-77) Rock Hudson, Susan St. James

NBC Mystery Movie: Cool Million (Universal) (fall 1972) James Farentino

NBC Mystery Movie: Madigan (Universal)(1972-73) Richard Widmark

NBC Mystery Movie: Banacek (Universal)(1972-74) George Peppard

NBC Mystery Movie: Hec Ramsey (Universal)(1972-74) Richard Boone

NBC Mystery Movie: The Snoop Sisters (Universal)(1972 pilot; 1973-74) Helen Hayes, Mildred Natwick

NBC Mystery Movie: Tenafly (Universal)(1973-74) James McEachin

NBC Mystery Movie: Faraday and Company (Universal)(1973-74) Dan Dailey, James Naughton

NBC Mystery Movie:McCoy (Universal)(1975-76) starring Tony Curtis

NBC Mystery Movie: Lanigan's Rabbi (Universal)(1977) starring Art Carney, Bruce Solomon

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