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BBC Sci -Fi : Quatermass to  Doctor Who     Sci-Fi Guide

The Quatermass Experiment (BBC)(1953)(6 episodes)
 Video - Quatermass II (BBC)(1955) (6 episodes)  - episode 1 only 
Quatermass and the Pit (BBC)(1958)  (6 episodes)

The Quatermass Experiment (Hammer Film)(1955) starring Brain Donlevy
Quatermass II  (Hammer Film)(1957)  starring Brain Donlevy
Quatermass and the Pit (Hammer Film)(1967) starring Andrew Keir
Quatermass (Thames/ITV)(1979)(3part mini-series)

Doctor Who (BBC)(British Sci-Fi Serial) (1963-89) (1996-Present)

Doctor Who #13 (BBC) (2018-) Jodie Whittaker
Doctor Who #12 (BBC) (2014-17) Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who #11 (BBC) (2010-13) Matt Smith
Doctor Who #10 (BBC) (2007-09) David Tennant
spin-off  Torchwood (BBC) (2006-09)
Doctor Who #9 (BBC) (2005) Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who #8 (BBC) (1996) Paul McGann
Doctor Who #7 (BBC) (1987-89) Sylvester McCoy
Doctor Who #6 (BBC) (1984-86) Colin Baker

Doctor Who #5 (BBC) (1982-83) Peter Davison

Doctor Who #4 (BBC) (1974-81) Tom Baker

Doctor Who #3 (BBC) (1970-74) Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who #2 (BBC) (1966-69) Patrick Troughton

Doctor Who #1 (BBC) (1963-66) William Hartnell

  Doomwatch (BBC) (1970-72) UK Sci-Fi series - starring John Paul, Simon Oates, Robert Powell

Survivors (Original BBC Series) (1975-77) UK SciFi Drama series
- starring Denis Lill, Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming

BBC Drama Anthology/Play series

BBC Sunday Night Theatre (1950-59)     -      BBC The Sunday-Night Play (1960-63)

BBC Shakespeare: An Age Of Kings (BBC) (1960) UK Dramatic  series (classic Shakespeare plays)

BBC Shakespeare: The Spread Of The Eagle (BBC) (1963) UK Dramatic  series (3 classic Roman Shakespeare plays)

BBC's The Complete Dramatic Works Of William Shakespeare (1978-85)

BBC Play of the Month (BBC1) (1965-83) UK Dramatic Anthology series (established classic plays)

BBC The Wednesday Play* (BBC1) (1964-70) UK Dramatic Anthology series (new plays)*
BBC Play for Today* (BBC1) (1970-84) UK (follow up to The Wednesday Play) (new plays)*
(*some of the above were shot entirely on 16mm film on location to give a realistic feel)
BBC2 Theatre 625  (1964-68) UK Dramatic Anthology series
BBC2 Thirty-Minute Theatre*  (1965-73) UK Dramatic Anthology series

N.E.T. Playhouse (US)(NET/PBS) (1966-72) International Showcase of plays - many produced by the BBC

BBC2 Centre Play (1973-77) (BBC Pebble Mill Studios, Birmingham)

BBC2 Second City Firsts(1973-78) (BBC Pebble Mill Studios, Birmingham)

BBC2 Play of the Week (1977-79) UK Dramatic Anthology series

BBC Drama  series

Dixon of Dock Green (BBC)(1955-76) UK Police series starring Jack Warner as P.C/Sgt George Dixon

 Video - Dixon of Dock Green  #2.11 "The Roaring Boy" (18-Aug-1956)  (3pt)

 Video - Dixon of Dock Green #2.13 "Father in Law" (1-Sep-1956) (4pt)

Maigret (BBC)(1960-63) UK Drama series - starring Rupert Davies

Dr. Finlay's Casebook (BBC Scotland )(1962-70) UK Drama series - starring Bill Simpson

SherlockHolmes (BBC)(1965) UK Detective series - starring  Douglas Wilmer & Nigel Stock

SherlockHolmes (BBC)(1968) UK Detective series - starring Peter Cushing & Nigel Stock

King of the River (BBC) (1966-67) UK Drama series - starring Bernard Lee

Colditz (BBC) (1972-74) UK WWII Drama series- starring Robert Wagner, David McCallum

Lord Peter Wimsey (BBC) (1972-75) UK Crime Mystery series- starring Ian Carmichael

Secret Army (BBC) (1977-79) UK WWII Drama series- starring Bernard Hepton, Jan Francis ...

Shoestring (BBC) (1979-80) UK Crime Drama series- starring Trevor Eve , Michael Medwin

Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (1984-1991) (BBC) (UK) starring Joan Hickson

Howards Way (1985-1990) (BBC) (UK) Family Drama series starring  Maurice Colbourne, Jan Harvey

Dalziel and Pascoe (BBC) (1996-2007)(UK) Crime Drama series- starring Warren Clarke & Colin Buchanan

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (BBC) (1996-98)(UK) Crime Mystery Drama series- starring Patricia Routledge

Jonathan Creek (BBC) (1997-2004, 2009)(UK) Crime Mystery Drama series- starring Alan Davies

Silent Witness (BBC) (1996-2008) UK Crime Drama series- starring Amanda Burton

New Tricks (BBC) (2003-) UK Crime Drama series- starring Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman, James Bolam , Amanda Redman

Hustle (BBC) (2004-) UK Crime Drama series- starring Robert Glenister, Robert Vaughn, & Rob Jarvis


BBC Comedy

Tony Hancock (BBC/ITV)(1954-68)

Hugh and I (BBC)(1962-67) - Hugh and I Spy (BBC)((1968) - The Gnomes of Dulwich (BBC)(1969)  starring Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd

Steptoe and Son (BBC)(1962-65)(1970-74) starring Harry H. Corbett & Wilfrid Brambell

The Bed-Sit Girl (BBC)(1965-66) starring Sheila Hancock, Dily Laye, Derek Nimmo, Hy Hazell

Dad's Army (BBC)(1968-77) starring Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier & Clive Dunn

Last of the Summer Wine (BBC)(1973-present) starring  Peter Sallis, Bill Owen, Brian Wilde, Michael Aldridge, Frank Thornton

First of the Summer Wine (BBC)(1988-89)

It Ain't Half Hot Mum (BBC)(1974-81) starring  Windsor Davies & Don Estelle

The Good Life (BBC)(1974-79) Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Peneople Keith, Paul Eddington

I Didn't Know You Cared (BBC)(1975-79) starring  Robin Bailey & Liz Smith

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (BBC)(1981)  Sci-Fi Comedy series

Just Good Friends (BBC)(1983-86) starring Paul Nicholas & Jan Francis

Ever Decreasing Circles (BBC)(1984-87; 1989) starring  Richard Briers


BBC Light Entertainment (Variety/ Music/Comedy)

Bill Cotton ( Jr,) (son of the band leader Billy Cotton)  was head of  BBC Light Entertainment  1970-1977.
 Video - The Cotton Collection Pt1 The Billy Cotton Band Show Pt1
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt2 The Billy Cotton Band Show Pt2
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt3 The Billy Cotton Band Show Pt3
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt4 Frost Over England Pt1
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt5 Frost Over England Pt2
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt6 Frost Over England Pt3
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt7 Top of the Pops Christmas 1967 Pt1
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt8 Top of the Pops Christmas 1967 Pt2
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt9 Top of the Pops Christmas 1967 Pt3
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt10 Dad's Army Pt1
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt11 Dad's Army Pt2
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt12 Dad's Army Pt3
 Video - The Cotton Collection Pt13 Dad's Army Pt4
 Video -The Cotton Collection Pt14

 Video - That Was The Week That Was (BBC)(1962-63)  (6pt)

 Video - Millicent Martin - Goodbye TW3 - 28-12-1963

   Video -  Christmas Night With the Stars (BBC)(1964) introduced by Jack Warner  (10pt)

 Video - "Cilla" series (BBC)(1968-76) starring Cilla Black  (2 episodes - 5Mar68 / 12Feb69)

BBC Pop Music Series

Six-Five Special  Six-Five Special Titles  (BBC Television)
BBC Television (Saturdays 6:05pm)
Produced by Jack Good / Co-Producer Josephine Douglas
Produced by Dennis Main Wilson (later eps)
UK pop music series 1957-58
(16Feb57-27Dec58) 88 episodes + 1 New Year Special + 10 pre-empts = 99 slots
Peter Murray, Josephine Douglas, Freddie Mills, Jim Dale (later eps)

Juke Box Jury (BBC Television)
Programme devised by Peter Potter
1959-67 (01Jun59-27Dec67) (revived 1979) (revived again 1989-90)
In the Chair,
David Jacobs (1959-67) (1st June 1959 to 27th December 1967)
 Noel Edmonds (1979)   Jools Holland (1989-1990)

Top of the Pops (BBC1 Television)(1964-2006)
The Beat Room (BBC2 Television)(1964-1965)
Executive Producer, James Gilbert / Produced & Directed by Barry Langford
Music programme capitalising on the beat music explosion at the time.  Introduced by Pat Campbell.

Gadzooks (BBC2)(1965) /  Colour Me Pop (BBC2)(1968-69) /  Disco 2 (BBC2)(1970-71)

The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2) (1971-87) Hosted by Bob Harris

Kenny Everett Video Show (Thames/ ITV)(1978-80) The Kenny Everett Television Show (BBC)(1982-88)

  Later with Jools Holland (BBC2)(1992-)


BBC Documentary series

David Attenborough -  BBC Natural History Unit documentary series

The Great War (BBC) (1964 ) WW1 documentary series
Sir Kenneth Clark's Civilisation (BBC) (1969 ) arts documentary series
Alistair Cooke's America  (BBC/Time-Life) (1973 )  documentary series
Jacob Bronowski's The Ascent of Man (BBC/Time-Life) (1973-74 )  documentary series
Carl Sagan's Cosmos (BBC/PBS) (1980 ) astronomy documentary series

Six English Towns (BBC) (1978 ) documentary series presented by Alec Clifton Taylor

Great Railways Journeys (BBC) (1980)(1994-99) travel documentary series

Fred Dibnah Documentary series (UK)(BBC) (1982-2005)

Michael Palin Documentary series (UK)(BBC) (1988-present)

Michael Wood Documentary series (UK)(BBC) (1979-present)

Peoples'Century  (UK)(BBC) (1999)  documentary series

Walk On By: The Story of the Popular Song (UK)(BBC) (2001)

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (UK)(BBC/Ch4/Five)

The Century Of The Self (UK)(BBC)(2002) - 4 pt documentary on the rise of Consumerism

BBC Film series /Co-Productions

Fabian of the Yard (Charles Wick-John Larkin/BBC) (1954-55) starring Bruce Seton
Adventures of The Big Man (CharlesWick/John Larkin)(BBC)(1954) starring Wayne Morris

The Third Man (BBC/NTA)(1959) starring Michael Rennie

R.C.M.P.  (1959-60) starring Gilles Pelletier

Zero One (BBC) (1962) starring Nigel Patrick


BBC Radio 

Radio Rewind  (BBC Radios 1 &2  & The Light Programme)

The Wireless:  When the Wireless Was Fun  (BBC Radio in the 50's)


UK Offshore Pirate (196o's)

Radio London  (Big L) (official site) (1960's UK Offshore Pop Pirate)

Radio Caroline  (official site) (1960's UK Offshore Pop Pirate)

Radio Caroline North  (1960's UK Offshore Pop Pirate) (anchored off the Isle of Man)

Radio Caroline South  (1960's UK Offshore Pop Pirate) (anchored off Frinton)


Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)

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