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Great Railway Journeys of the World (1980)
  BBC Television
BBC Tx BBC 2 23/10/80 - 18/12/80 (8 episodes)
A series of rail explorations hosted by celebrities.

1.1 [--] Great Railway Journeys: INTRODUCTION
23 October 1980
Ludovic Kennedy gives an introduction to the series showing scenes from the episodes.
1.2 [--] Great Railway Journeys: COAST TO COAST
30 October 1980
Ludovic Kennedy travels coast to coast in the United States by train.
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 

1.3 [--] Great Railway Journeys:  THE LONG STRAIGHT
6 November 1980
Michael Frayn traces the route of Australia's trans-continental railway,
the Indian Pacific, with a detour along the way.

1.4 [--] Great Railway Journeys: DECCAN
13 November 1980
Brian Thompson travels through the south of India from Bombay to Cochin.

1.5  [--] Great Railway Journeys: CONFESSIONS OF A TRAIN SPOTTER
27 November 1980
Michael Palin travels from London to Kyle of Lochalsh in the north of Scotland.
Michael Palin ... Himself / Presenter

1.6  [--] Great Railway Journeys: ZAMBEZI EXPRESS
4 December 1980
Michael Wood travels from Cape Town to the Victoria Falls.

Video -  Great Railway Journeys Zambezi Express ( 9pt)
1.7  [--] Great Railway Journeys: THREE MILES HIGH
11 December 1980
Miles Kington travels from Lima in Peru through the Andes and Lake Titicaca to Bolivia.

1.8  [--] Great Railway Journeys: CHANGING TRAINS
18 December 1980
Eric Robson travels from Paris to Budapest via Zurich and Vienna.

Great Railway Journeys of Australia (1983)  
  Gulflander Documentary Part 1 (1980s)
Gulflander Documentary Part 2 (1980s)
Gulflander Documentary Part 3 (1980s)

Video -  Trans-Australian Railway Documentary (1980s) (6pt)
Video -  "And Back Again" Railway Documentary 1980s (6pt)

Great Little Railways
  BBC Television

1.1 [--] Great Little Railways: THE GOLD RUSH LINE
15 Feb 1983 BBC
With Simon Hoggart

1.2 [--] Great Little Railways: THE OTHER POLAND
22 Feb 1983 BBC
With Brian Blessed

1.3 [--] Great Little Railways: SLOW TRAIN TO OLYMPIA
1 March 1983 BBC
With Michael Wood

1.4 [--] Great Little Railways: DRAGONS OF SUGAR ISLAND
8 March 1983 BBC
With Colin Garratt

1.5 [--] Great Little Railways: LINE OF DREAMS
15 March 1983 BBC

22 March 1983 BBC
With Ray Gosling

1.7 [--] Great Little Railways: THE GOOD AND THE QUICK
29 March 1983 BBC
With Stanley Reynolds

Great Railway Journeys (1994-96)
BBC Television
Series 1 - BBC2 13/01/1994 - 17/02/1994.
Series 2 - BBC2 04/09/1996 - 16/10/1996

A series of rail explorations hosted by celebrities.

1.1 [--] Great Railway Journeys: FROM HONG KONG TO ULAN BATOR (13/01/1994)
Clive Anderson
Video -  Great Railway Journeys: Hong Kong to Ulaanbaatar (6pt)

[--]  Great Railway Journeys: HONG KONG TO CHINA - SIBERIA EXPRESS
Clive Anderson
(rpt 31Dec02 BBC 2 Tue)

Video -   Trans-Siberian (PBS)(1996) (6pt)    (NOT Part of the BBC series - included here for General Interest)

Video -    World of Discovery (ABC): Red Express - Trans-Siberian (5pt)    (NOT Part of the BBC series  - included here for General Interest)

1.2 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: SOUTH AFRICA: CAPE TOWN TO THE LOST CITY (20/01/1994)
Rian Malan
(rpt 30Dec02 BBC 2 Mon)

Video -   Great Railway Journeys: South Africa: Cape Town to The Lost City (6pt)

1.3 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: ST PETERSBURG TO TASHKENT (27/01/1994)

1.4 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: DERRY TO KERRY (03/02/1994)
Michael Palin

Tralee-Dingle Railway

1.5 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: SANTOS TO SANTA CRUZ (10/02/1994)

1.6 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: KARACHI TO THE KHYBER PASS (17/02/1994)


2.1 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: CREWE TO CREWE (04/09/1996)
Victoria Wood

2.2 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: ALEPPO (Northern Syria) TO AQABA (Jordan) (11/09/1996)
Alexei Sayle
(rpt 03Jan03 BBC 2 Fri)

Video -  Great Railway Journeys: Aleppo to Aqaba (6pt)

2.3 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: AFRICA: GREAT ZIMBABWE TO KILLIMATINDE (18/09/1996)
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
(rpt 02Jan03 BBC 2 Thur)

2.4 [--]  Great Railway Journeys: THE HIGH ANDES TO PATAGONIA (25/09/1996)

Video -   Great Railway Journeys: High Andes to Patagonia (6pt)

2.5 [--] Great Railway Journeys: MOMBASA TO THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON: 02-Oct-1996
BBC North Production in Association with PBS
Executive in Charge of Production for PBS: Linda Romano
Executive Producer: David Taylor
Produced and Directed by Nicola Colton
With: Benedict Allen
Traveller Benedict Allen follows in the footsteps of his predecessors as he hunts
for the source of the White Nile.

2.6 [--] Great Railway Journeys: LONDON TO ARCADIA: 09-Oct-1996
BBC North Production in Association with PBS
Executive in Charge of Production for PBS: Linda Romano
Executive Producer: David Taylor
Produced and Directed by Jonathan Stedall
With: Ben Okri
Nigerian Novelist Ben okri leaves the hustle and bustle of London for an altogether more
peaceful spot in Southern Greece.

2.7 [--] Great Railway Journeys: CANADA: HALIFAX TO PORTEAU COVE: 16-Oct-1996
Triple Echo Production / BBC North Production in Association with PBS
Executive in Charge of Production for PBS: Linda Romano
Executive Producer: David Taylor
Produced and Directed by Richard Else
With: Chris Bonnington (mountain climber)
Explorer Chris Bonnington undertakes an epid journey across Canada.
(rpt 25Dec02 BBC 2 Wed, Christmas Day)

Video -    Travels: Last Train Across Canada (12pt)  (NOT Part of the BBC series - included here for General Interest)

3.x [--]  Great Railway Journeys: INDIA: EAST TO WEST (05/01/1999)
Ian Hislop
(rpt 28Dec02 BBC 2 Sat)

3.x [--]  Great Railway Journeys: GUANTANAMO TO PINAR DEL RIO (02/02/1999)
[--] CUBA
Nick Hancock (comedian)
(rpt 22Dec02 BBC2 Sun)

3.x [--]  Great Railway Journeys: USA: ST. LOUIS TO DOGON COUNTRY (09/02/1999)
Danny Glover (actor)
(rpt 24Dec02 BBC2 Tue)

3.x [--]  Great Railway Journeys: SINGAPORE TO BANGKOK (06/04/1999)
Stephen Tompkinson
(rpt 26Dec02 BBC 2 Thur, Boxing Day)


[--]  Great Railway Journeys: USA: ATLANTA TO NEW MEXICO
Rick Stein (chef)

(rpt 23Dec02 BBC2 Mon)

[--]  Great Railway Journeys: SPAIN: GRANADA TO SALAMANDER
Michael Portillo

(rpt 27Dec02 BBC 2 Fri)

[--]  Great Railway Journeys: JAPAN: TOKYO TO KAGOSHIMA
Fergal Keane

(rpt 29Dec02 BBC 2 Sun)

[--]  Great Railway Journeys: ARGENTINA TO PATAGONIA
Buck Henry

(rpt 01Jan03 BBC 2 Wed)

Great British Railway Journeys (Series 1)(2010)
BBC Television (Videotaped in High Definition)  4 Journeys  each in 5 parts - total 20 episodes x 30 min)
Introduced by Michael Portillo

Journey 1
1.02 [--] MANCHESTER TO BURY: 5Jan10 BBC2 Tue
1.03 [--] TODMORDEN TO YORK: 6Jan10 BBC2 Wed
1.05 [--] FILEY TO SCARBOROUGH: 8Jan10 BBC2 Fri

Journey 2
1.06 [--] PRESTON TO MORECAMBE: 11Jan10 BBC2 Mon
1.07 [--] SETTLE TO GARSDALE: 12Jan10 BBC2 Tue
1.08 [--] WINDERMERE TO KENDAL: 13Jan10 BBC2 Wed
1.09 [--] CARLISLE TO GLASGOW: 14Jan10 BBC2 Thur
1.10 [--] EDINBURGH TO KIRKALDY: 15Jan10 BBC2 Fri

Journey 3
1.11 [--] SWINDON TO BRISTOL: 18Jan10 BBC2 Mon
1.13 [--] TORQUAY TO TOTNESS: 20Jan10 BBC2 Wed
1.14 [--] BUGLE TO MEVAGISSEY: 21Jan10 BBC2 Thur
1.15 [--] TRURO TO PENZANCE: 22Jan10 BBC2 Fri

Journey 4
1.16 [--] BUXTON TO MATLOCK: 25Jan10 BBC2 Mon
1.17 [--] CROMFORD TO BURTON: 26Jan10 BBC2 Tue
1.18 [--] WALSALL TO BOURNVILLE: 27Jan10 BBC2 Wed
1.19 [--] COVENTRY TO WATFORD: 28Jan10 BBC2 Thur
1.20 [--] ST. PANCRAS TO WESTMINSTER: 29Jan10 BBC2 Fri (final episode)

Great British Railway Journeys (Series 2)(2011)
BBC Television (Videotaped in High Definition) (25 episodes x 30 min episodes)
Introduced by Michael Portillo
Reference: George Bradshaw's Railway Handbook

2.02 [--] WATERLOO TO CANARY WHARF: 04Jan11 BBC2 Tue
2.03 [--] ENFIELD TO CAMBRIDGE: 05Jan11 BBC2 Wed
2.04 [--] ELY TO KINGS LYNN: 06Jan11 BBC2 Thu
2.05 [--] DEREHAM TO CROMER: 07Jan11 BBC2 Fri
2.06 [--] LEDBURY TO SHREWSBURY: 10Jan11 BBC2 Mon
2.07 [--] TELFORD TO WREXHAM: 11Jan11 BBC2 Tue
2.08 [--] CHESTER TO CONWY: 12Jan11 BBC2 Wed
2.09 [--] LLANWRST TO PORTHMADOG: 13Jan11 BBC2 Thu
2.10 [--] LLANBERIS TO HOLYHEAD: 14Jan11 BBC2 Fri
2.11 [--] NEWCASTLE TO CHESTER: 17Jan11 BBC2 Mon
2.12 [--] DURHAM TO GROSMONT: 18Jan11 BBC2 Tue
2.13 [--] YORK TO SALTAIRE: 19Jan11 BBC2 Wed
2.14 [--] BATLEY TO SHEFFIELD: 20Jan11 BBC2 Thu
2.16 [--] LONDON BRIDGE TO CHATHAM: 24Jan11 BBC2 Mon
2.18 [--] CANTERBURY TO MARGATE: 26Jan11 BBC2 Wed
2.19 [--] SANDWICH TO FOLKESTONE: 27Jan11 BBC2 Thu
2.20 [--] HYTHE TO HASTINGS: 28Jan11 BBC2 Fri
2.21 [--] AYR TO PAISLEY: 31Jan11 BBC2 Mon
2.22 [--] DUMBARTON TO TYNDRUM: 01Feb11 BBC2 Tue
2.23 [--] OBAN TO CORROUR: 02Feb11 BBC2 Wed
2.25 [--] LOCHAILORT TO SKYE: 04Feb11 BBC2 Fri
Great British Railway Journeys (Series 3)(2012)
TalkBack-Thames Production / Freemantle Media for
BBC Television (Videotaped in High Definition) (25 episodes x 30 min episodes)
Introduced by Michael Portillo
Reference: George Bradshaw's Railway Handbook

3.01 [--] GREAT YARMOUTH TO BECCLES: 02Jan12 BBC2 Mon 6:30pm
3.02 [--] DARSHAM TO FELIXSTOWE: 03Jan12 BBC2 Tue 6:30pm
3.03 [--] SUDBURY TO SOUTHEND: 04Jan12 BBC2 Wed 6:30pm
3.04 [--] EPPING TO HACKNEY: 05Jan12 BBC2 Thur 6:30pm
3.05 [--] FENCHURCH TO EMBANKMENT: 06Jan12 BBC2 Fri 6:30pm
3.06 [--] WINDSOR TO DIDCOT: 09Jan12 BBC2 Mon 6:30pm
3.07 [--] READING TO ALTON: 10Jan12 BBC2 Tue 6:30pm
3.08 [--] WINCHESTER TO THE ISLE OF WIGHT: 11Jan12 BBC2 Wed 6:30pm
3.09 [--] BROCKENHURST TO POOLE: 12Jan12 BBC2 Thur 6:30pm
3.10 [--] WAREHAM TO PORTLAND: 13Jan12 BBC2 Fri 6:30pm
3.11 [--] OXFORD TO PERSHORE: 16Jan12 BBC2 Mon 6:30pm
3.12 [--] HARTLEBURY TO GREAT MALVERN: 17Jan12 BBC2 Tue 6:30pm
3.13 [--] LYDNEY TO NEWPORT: 18Jan12 BBC2 Wed 6:30pm
3.14 [--] CARDIFF TO BRECON: 19Jan12 BBC2 Thur 6:30pm
3.15 [--] PORT TALBOT TO MILFORD HAVEN: 20Jan12 BBC2 Fri 6:30pm
3.16 [--] BERWICK-UPON-TWEED TO MORPETH: 23Jan12 BBC2 Mon 6:30pm
3.17 [--] BARDON MILL TO WIGTON: 24Jan12 BBC2 Tue 6:30pm
3.18 [--] COCKERMOUTH TO ESKDALE: 25Jan12 BBC2 Wed 6:30pm
Visits: Sellafield Nuclear Plant
3.19 [--] KIRKBY-IN-FURNESS TO LANCASTER: 26Jan12 BBC2 Thur 6:30pm
3.20 [--] HEYSHAM TO SNAEFELL: 27Jan12 BBC2 Fri 6:30pm (inc. Isle of Man)
3.21 [--] BRAY TO DUBLIN: 30Jan12 BBC2 Mon 6:30pm
3.22 [--] ENFIELD TO DROGHEDA: 31Jan12 BBC2 Tue 6:30pm
3.23 [--] DUNDALK TO PORTADOWN: 01Feb12 BBC2 Wed 6:30pm
3.24 [--] BELFAST TO WHITEHEAD: 02Feb12 BBC2 Thur 6:30pm
3.25 [--] BALLYMONEY TO LONDONDERRY: 03Feb12 BBC2 Fri 6:30pm  (final episode)
########## Great Railway Journeys ############
################## the end #################

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