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DuMont Network
(1946-55)(by Genre)
DuMont series - by Genre        DuMont series - chronological order

The Du Mont Television Network was America's fourth television network which operated from 1946 to 1955.
It was started by Dr. Allen B. Du Mont, who also owned an electronics company by the same name. The network
gave many now-legendary performers their start. Du Mont is best known for low-budget shows that were full of
mistakes. However, there is just something about a DuMont show that programs from other networks in this era
just don't have (or maybe they have something DuMont doesn't). The network went off the air in 1955. Despite
a crooked lawyer who succeeded in throwing away most of these classics, over 300 programs still exist

DuMont Network Drama series:

  Public Prosecutor (DuMont Network) (1947-52)  aka Crawford Mystery Theatre

They Stand Accused (originally titled "Cross Question") DuMont (1949-52)(revived 1954) Live Courtroom Dramas (60min)

Captain Video And His Video Rangers (DuMont Network) (1949-55)
 Famous Jury Trials (DuMont Network) (1949-52)
TransAmerican Production
for  the Dumont Network (Wednesdays 9:30-10pm)
October 12, 1949 - March 12, 1952
30 min live courtroom drama
James Bender ... Prosecuting Attorney
Truman Smith ... Defense Attorney
Narrator Donald Woods
Director Charles Herold
Aired on WGN-TV in Chicago
Based on the radio program of the same name which aired January 5, 1936 until June 25th 1949.
(You can listen to the radio broadcasts at archive.org)
Premise: Re-enactments of real-life criminal trials.

Hands of Murder / Hands of Destiny / Hands of Mystery (DuMont Network) (1949-52) 

  The Plainclothesman (DuMont Network) (1949-54)   

 Charlie Wild, Private Detective (DuMont Network) (1950-52)

Rocky King, Inside Detective (DuMont Network) (1950-54)

Ellery Queen (DuMont Network)(1950-52)

Not for Publication (DuMont Network)(1951-52)   a.k.a. Reporter Collins

Shadow of the Cloak (DuMont Network) (1951-52)

Hollywood Off Beat (DuMont Network/CBS) (1952-53)  a.k.a Steve Randall

Jimmy Hughes Rookie Cop (DuMont Network)(1953)
DuMont Network
1953 (8May53-3Jul53)
Starring: William Redfield as Jimmy Hughes
with: Rusty Lane as Inspector Ferguson
Wendy Drew as Jimmy's sister
Directed by Barry Shear

  Colonel Humphrey Flack (DuMont Network)(1953-54) (live series)

 Night Editor (DuMont Network) (1954) 

The Stranger (DuMont Network)(1954-55)
DuMont Network
Produced and Directed by Frank Telford
US Drama series 25June1954-11Jan55 ? episodes x 30 min
Bob Carroll as The Stranger
The Stranger, a mysterious individual appears every week to help someone in distress.
Similar format to CBS' "The Millionaire"

 DuMont Network - Dramatic Anthology series:

Hands of Destiny/ Hands of Murder/ Hands of Mystery (DuMont)(1949-52)  Dramatic Anthology

Doorway To Fame (DuMont) (1949) Half-hour Dramatic Anthology series

Your Story Theatre (Hal Roach Studios)(DuMont-NBC)(1950-51) Dramatic Anthology series 

Story Theater (DuMont-NBC)(1950-51) Filmed Anthology Series

CosmopolitanTheatre (DuMont)(1951) Dramatic Anthology

Royal Playhouse (DuMont)(1951-52) Dramatic Anthology series (30 min)

 International Playhouse (DuMont) (30May51-14Nov51) Dramatic Anthology series of Short Foreign films

.Bigelow-Sanford Theater (DuMont Fall 1951) Dramatic Anthology series (30 min)
Bigelow Theatre (CBS Sundays)(10Dec50-3Jun51)

 Rebound (ABC/DuMont) (1952-53)  ABC (8Feb52-30May52) /  DuMont (5Dec52-16Jan53) Dramatic Anthology series (30min)

Gruen Guild Playhouse (ABC/DuMont)(1951-52) various hosts

Dark of Night (DuMont Network) (1952-53) Mystery Anthology series 

Rebound (ABC/DuMont) (1952-53) / Counterpoint (1955-56) (syndicated title)

Joseph Schildkraut Presents (DuMont)(1953-54) Filmed Anthology (30 min)

Pulse Of The City (DuMont)(15Sep53-9Mar54) Dramatic Anthology series (15min)

Love Story (DuMont)(1954) Dramatic Anthology

Ethel Barrymore Theatre (DuMont)(1956) Dramatic Anthology Series

DuMont Network - Situation Comedy series:

Mary Kay And Johnny (DuMont/NBC/CBS(1947-50) (Situation Comedy series) starring Mary Kay & Johnny Stearns

The Growing Paynes (DuMont) (20-Oct-1948 to 3-Aug-1949)
(Situation Comedy series) starring Elaine Stritch, Ed Holmes, and David Anderson (as their Son)

 It's A Business (DuMont Network) (1952) (Situation Comedy series) starring Bob Haymes, Leo DeLyon

 Marge And Jeff (DuMont)(1953-54) (Situation Comedy series) starring Mary Greene & Jess Cain

DuMont Network - Music Variety series:

Cavalcade Of Stars (DuMont Network) (1949-52)
DuMont (4Jun49-26Sep52)
Hour-long Variety series
Host: Jack Carter (1949-50)
Host: Jackie Gleason (1950-52)
Host: Larry Storch (Summer 1952)

DuMont Network - Game Show series:

Cut!/ Spin the Picture (DuMont) (1949-50) hosted by Carl Caruso/ Kathi Norris

Guess What (DuMont) (08Jul52 to 26Aug52) Game Show hosted by Dick Kollmar

DuMont Network - Talk Show series:

Hollywood Preview (DuMont)(1955-56) talk show hosted by Conrad Nagel

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