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Sci-Fi TV Series
including Super Heroes & Supernatural series

(chronological order) (YEAR)
compiled by The Classic TV Archive
Also included in this guide are Super Hero series like "Batman", "The Green Hornet",
"The Six Million Dollar Man", "The Bionic Woman", "Wonder Woman",
"The Man from Atlantis", "The Incredible Hulk", "The Invisible Man", and
"Gemini Man", which may not be considered as true Sci-Fi by some
readers, but are listed here for reference purposes.

Flash Gordon Sci-Fi Cliffhanger Movie Serials
 (Universal Pictures)(1936-40)
"Republic Pictures" Sci-Fi / Super-Hero Cliffhanger Serials
US Sci-Fi theatrical serials   (1936-53)
  "Columbia Pictures" Sci-Fi / Super-Hero Cliffhanger Movie Serials
US Sci-Fi theatrical serials   (1938-55)

Captain Video and his Video Rangers (DuMont)(1949-55) starring Al Hodge


Space Patrol (ABC)(1951-55) starring Ed Kemmer

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (CBS/ABC/NBC/DuMont)(1950-55) starring Frankie Thomas 

Tales of Tomorrow (ABC)(1951-53) Sci-Fi Anthology series

Out There (CBS)(1951-52) Sci-Fi Anthology series

The Adventures of Superman (1951-57) starring George Reeves (wiki)
Rocky Jones, Space Range (ZIV)(1954) starring Richard Crane

Flash Gordon  (TV Series)(Filmed in Germany(1954-55) starring Steve Holland

Science Fiction Theatre  (Ivan Tors-ZIV)(1955-57) Sci-Fi Anthology series hosted by Truman Bradley

World of Giants (CBS)(1957-59) starring Marshall Thompson 
Men into Space (Ivan Tors/ZIV)(1959-60) starring William Lundigan

The Twilight Zone (MGM/CBS)(1959-64) Sci-Fi Anthology series Created/Hosted by Rod Serling 
 The Outer Limits (UA/ABC)(1963-65) Sci-Fi Anthology

Doctor Who (BBC)(British Sci-Fi Serial) (1963-89) (1996-Present)

Doctor Who #13 (BBC) (2018-) Jodie Whittaker
Doctor Who #12 (BBC) (2014-17) Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who #11 (BBC) (2010-13) Matt Smith
Doctor Who #10 (BBC) (2007-09) David Tennant
spin-off  Torchwood (BBC) (2006-09)
Doctor Who #9 (BBC) (2005) Christopher Eccleston

Doctor Who #8 (BBC) (1996) Paul McGann
Doctor Who #7 (BBC) (1987-89) Sylvester McCoy
Doctor Who #6 (BBC) (1984-86) Colin Baker

Doctor Who #5 (BBC) (1982-83) Peter Davison

Doctor Who #4 (BBC) (1974-81) Tom Baker

Doctor Who #3 (BBC) (1970-74) Jon Pertwee

Doctor Who #2 (BBC) (1966-69) Patrick Troughton

Doctor Who #1 (BBC) (1963-66) William Hartnell

  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Irwin Allen/TCF/ABC)(1964-68)Richard Basehart, David Hedison
 Lost in Space (Irwin Allen/TCF/CBS)(1965-68) Guy Williams, June Lockhart
The Time Tunnel (Irwin Allen/TCF/ABC)(1966-67) James Darren, Robert Colbert, Lee Meriwether
Batman (Greenway/TCF/ABC)(1966-68) Adam West, Burt Ward

 The Green Hornet (Greenway/TCF/ABC)(1966-67) starring Van Williams
Star Strek: Original Series (Desilu/Paramount/NBC)(1966-69) starring William Shatner
The Invaders (Quinn Martin/ABC)(1967-68) starring Roy Thinnes
Land of the Giants (Irwin Allen/TCF/ABC) Gary Conway, Don Matheson


 The Starlost  (Canadian Sci Fi Series)(TCF)(1973-74) starring Keir Dullea (wiki)

Star Trek (Animated series)(1973-75) starring the voice of William Shatner (wiki)

The Six Million Dollar Man (Harve Bennett/Universal/ABC)(1973-78) Lee Majors, Richard Anderson

Planet of the Apes (TCF/CBS)(1974) Roddy McDowell, Ron Harper

 The Invisible Man (Universal/NBC)(1975-78) David McCallum, Melinda Fee, Craig Stevens

Gemini Man (Harve Bennett/Universal/NBC)(1976) starring Ben Murphy

 Wonder Woman (WB)(1975-77 ABC)(1977-79 CBS) staring Lynda Carter

The Bionic Woman (Harve Bennett/ Universal)(ABC/NBC)(1976-78) starring Lindsay Wagner

The Incredible Hulk (Glen A. Larson/ Universal/CBS)(1977-82) Bill Bixby, Lou Ferringo
 The Man from Atlantis (TaftH-B/Herb Solow/NBC)(1977-78) Patrick Duffy, Belinda Montgomery
The Fantastic Journey (Bruce Lansbury/NBC)(1977) Jared Martin, Roddy McDowell
Logan's Run (MGM/CBS)(1977-78) Gregory Harrison, Heather Menzies 

Project U.F.O (Jack Webb/NBC) (1978-79) Edward Winter
Battlestar Galactica (Glen A. Larson/Universal/ABC)(1978-79) Lorne Greene

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (Glen A. Larson/Universal/ABC)(1979-81) Gil Gerard

Galactica 1980 (Glen A. Larson/Universal/ABC)(1980) Lorne Greene (wiki)

Beyond Westworld (Lou Shaw/MGM/CBS)(1980) Jim McMullen (wiki)
"V" (WB/NBC)(1983-85) Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler

Starman (Columbia/ABC)(1986-87) starring Robert Hays )  (wiki)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Paramount/Synd)(1987-94) Patrick Stewart  (wiki)

 War of the Worlds (Paramount)(filmed in Canada)(1988-90) Jared Martin  (wiki)
 Hard Time on Planet Earth (1989)(Touchstone/Disney/CBS) Martin Kove 
Alien Nation (Kenneth Johnson/Fox)(1989-90) Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint  (wiki)
Quantum Leap (Bellisario/Universal/NBC)(1989-93) Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell (wiki)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Paramount/CBS)(
1993-99) Avery Brooks  (wiki)

Space Rangers (RHI/ Trilogy/CBS)(1993) Jeff Kaake, Jack McGee, Linda Hunt  (wiki)

 SeaQuest DSV (Amblin/Spielberg/Universal/NBC)(1993-96) Roy Scheider  (wiki)

 The X-Files (10-13/Fox)(1993-2002) David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson (wiki)
Baylon 5 (WB)(1994-98) Bruce Boxleitner, Michael O'Hare, Claudia Christian (wiki)

  Earth 2 (Amblin/Universal/NBC) (1994-95) Debrah Farnetino, Joey Zimmerman (wiki)

 VR.5 aka 'Virtual Reality'(CBS/Fox)(1995) Lori Singer  (wiki)

 The Outer Limits (ii)(MGM/Showtime/SciFi)(1995-2002) (Canadian-American)  (wiki)

 Space: Above and Beyond (TCF/Fox)(1995-96) Lanei Chapman, Kristen Cloke (wiki)
 Star Trek: Voyager (Paramount)(1995-2001) Kate Mulgrew (wiki)

Millenium (10-13/Fox)(1996-99) Lance Henriksen (Canadian-American) (wiki)

Timecop (Lawrence Gordon/Universal/ABC)(1997-98) Ted King  (wiki)

 Earth: Final Conflict (Gene Roddenberry/Symd)(1997-2002) Von Flores (wiki)

Stargate SG-1 (MGM/Showtime/SciFi)(1997-2007) Richard Dean Anderson (wiki)

Farscape (Jim Henson/9 Network/SciFi)(1999-2003) Ben Browder (Australian-American) (wiki)

UK Sci-Fi TV Series
UK Gerry Anderson Puppet Series

U.F.O. (Gerry Anderson/ITC)(1970-71) Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Michael Billington 

Space 1999 (Gerry Anderson/ITC)(1975-78) Martin Landau, Barbara Bain

Space Precinct (Gerry Anderson/Universal)(1994-95) Ted Shackleford  (wiki)

  BBC Sci -Fi series : including Doctor Who

Doctor Who (BBC)(British Sci-Fi Serial) (1963-89) (1996-Present)

Doctor Who #1 (BBC) (1963-66) William Hartnell
 Doctor Who #2 (BBC) (1966-69) Patrick Troughton
Doctor Who #3 (BBC) (1970-74) Jon Pertwee
Doctor Who #4 (BBC) (1974-81) Tom Baker
Doctor Who #5 (BBC) (1982-83) Peter Davidson
Doctor Who #6 (BBC) (1984-86) Colin Baker
Doctor Who #7 (BBC) (1987-89) Sylvester McCoy
Doctor Who #8 (BBC) (1996) Paul McGann
Doctor Who #9 (BBC) (2005) Christopher Eccleston
Doctor Who #10 (BBC) (2007-09) David Tennant   /  spin-off  Torchwood (BBC) (2006-09)

  Doomwatch (BBC) (1970-72) UK Sci-Fi series - starring John Paul, Simon Oates, Robert Powell

Survivors (Original BBC Series) (1975-77) UK SciFi Drama series
- starring Denis Lill, Carolyn Seymour, Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming

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