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Discussion series / Interview series

Meet the Press (CBS)(1947-present) each week 4 Journalists question a Politician

Critic At Large (ABC)(1948-49) hosted by John Mason Brown (half hour Arts Discussion)

Maggi's Private Wire (NBC 1949)(CBS1950) 15 min talk show hosted by Maggi McNellis

The Joyce Matthews Show (CBS 1950)(DuMont 1951) talk show hosted by Joyce Matthews

The Laraine Day Show (ABC)(Summer 1951)(Saturday afternoon talk show)
Daydreaming with Laraine (ABC)(Summer 1951) Thursday evening talk show with Sports Personalities

Hollywood Exclusive (KNXT)(1954) Tuesday late night talk/interview show hosted by Army Archerd

Hollywood Preview (DuMont)(1955-56) talk show hosted by Conrad Nagel

M.G.M. Parade (ABC)(1955-56) Movie Interview/ Documentary series hosted by George Murphy & Walter Pidgeon

Night Beat (DuMont)(1956-58) Late Night Talk Show hosted by Mike Wallace & John Wingate

The Mike Wallace Interview (1957-60) Interview Show hosted by Mike Wallace

Edward R. Murrow: Small Word (CBS) (1958-60) Sunday Afternoon Discussion series hosted by Edward R. Murrow

The Ben Hecht Show (ABC)(1958-59)(Mon-Fri)(late night talk show)

The Young Set (ABC Daytime)(1965)(Mon-Fri) host Phyllis Kirk

Dateline: Hollywood (Richard Brill Prod/ABC Daytime)(1967)(Mon-Fri)(30 min) Celebrity Interview show hosted by Joanna Barnes

The Ed Nelson Show (Syndicated)(1969)(Mon-Fri)(90 min talk show)

Allen Ludden's Gallery (Syndicated)(1969)(Mon-Fri) (90 min talk show)

Della! The Della Reese Show (Syndicated)(1969-70)(Mon-Fri)(60 min talk show)

The Real Tom Kennedy Show (CBS Daytime)(1970)(Mon-Fri)(60 min Daytime talk show)

The John Barbour Show (--)(1975-76)(Mon-Fri)(30 min talk show)

Hour Magazine (Group W for Syndication)(1980-89)(Mon-Fri)(60 min Celebrity talk show hosted by Gary Collins)

Star's Table (CBN Cable Network)(1986)(Mon-Fri)(30 min Celebrity talk show)

The Marsha Warfield Show (NBC)(1990-91)(Mon-Fri) (30 min Daytime talk show)

Into the Night with Rick Dees (ABC)(1990-91)(Mon-Fri) (late night talk show)

The Chuck Woolery Show (CBS Daytime)(1991)(Mon-Fri)(60 min Daytime talk show)

The Dennis Miller Show (Syndicate/Tribune)(1992)(Mon-Fri)(60 min Late Night talk show)

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