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PM East - PM West (i) (12Jun1961 to 29Sep1961)
 Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
Info from: Los Angeles Times, Press Telegram, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Citizen News.

Group W Productions / Westinghouse Broadcasting Company
for Syndication

US Talk Show 1961-62 Grand Total 252 episodes x 90 min (12Jun1961 to 25Jun1962)
PM East - PM West total 167 episodes (12Jun1961 to 02Feb1962)
pt 1: 80 episodes (12Jun1961 to 29Sep1961)
pt 2: 87 episodes (02Oct1961 to 02Feb1962)
PM starring Mike Wallace 85 episodes (05Feb1962 to 01Jun1962)

"PM East" New York Host:
Mike Wallace, with Joyce Davidson (60min)

"PM West" San Francisco Host: Terrence O'Flaherty (30min)

Replaced by "The Steve Allen Show".

############## PM East - PM West ###############
########### 12Jun1961 to 29Sep1961 ##############
Westinghouse Syndication
"PM East" Monday to Friday 11:15pm to 12:15pm
"PM West" Monday to Friday 12:15pm to 12:45pm

[01] PM East - PM West [Premiere]
12Jun1961 Mon
Mike Wallace - Terrence O'Flaherty
PM East: From New York, visits to Aqueduct Race Track, Coney Island and talks with columnist Cleveland Amory
and William L. Shirer author of "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich".
Sam Cooke sings "Summertime".
Pat Clancy talks about Irish nationalism as a lead-in to a song by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem.
Interview with Jim Hart, wartime comrade of John Birch, who said that if Birch
were alive today he would never join the extremist group which now bears his name.
Joyce Davidson interviews Geoffrey Ford, operator of a school for betting fans,
who told Davidson what she had done wrong at the Aqueduct race track.

PM West: From San Francisco, visits to Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown
and interviews with jockey Billy Pearson, Lucius Beebe and author Barnaby Conrad and Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.
Upcoming excerpts from upcoming portraits of Jonathan Winters, Sterling Hayden,
and a singing new vocal newcomer named Phyllis Branch.


[02] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Love" is New York theme with
composer Arthur Schwartz and singer Susan Nicole.
Psychologist Dr. Allan Fromme author of "Sex and Marriage" and Sam Pauline, a marriage broker.

PM West: Visit to San Francisco's Hungry I nightclub
and interview with impresario and owner Enrico Banducci
with performances by Anita Sheer and the Grandison Singers.
Interview with Coast Guard Grant Withers.

[03] PM East - PM West
PM East: Singer Sam Cooke sings nine of his top hits and discusses
his climb to fame with manager Jess Rand. Story of the "Sam Cooke - Phenomenon".

PM West: Interview with sculptor-philosopher Benjamin 'Benny' Bufano who designed the Buffalo nickel.

[04] PM East - PM West
PM East: Visit to Aqueduct Race Track interview with Geoffrey Ford who runs a school for bettors.
Mike takes a close look at the gambling action in Reno, Nev. guided by the proprietor of one
of its famous casinos and interviews Fred Cook author of "A $2 Bet Means Murder".

PM West: Organist Earl Grant performs "Old Man River", "Ebb Tide" and "Sermonette",
then introduces new singing sensation Phyllis Branch.

[05] PM East - PM West
PM East: A look at New York City with director Otto Preminger.
Visit with Brooklyn Dodger fan Hilda Chester.
Interviews with television lecturer Dr. Albert Burke on "A Way of Thinking".
Freudian folksinger Katie Lee sings "Huh Little Sibling".

PM West: Interview with actor Sterling Hayden tells why he threw over
Hollywood's "plush trap" for the South Pacific.
Folksinger Stan Wilson offers two famous sea chanteys "Slooping John B" and "Shenandoah".

[06] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Dissenters" interviews with Jim Hart on John Birch Society
Earle Reynolds who sailed the Pacific's forbidden atomic testing zones
and Monica Boyar who mixes singing with a plot to overthrow a government.

PM West: "Reading Poetry to Jazz" with Prof. Irwin Corey and pianist Joe Bushkin.

[07] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Rock and Roll" discussion with singer-songwriter Paul Anka,
Buddy Deane, host of "The Buddy Deane Show", a teen dance program
and composers Charles Strouse and Lee Adams who perform some
of their songs from "Bye Bye Birdie".
Chubby Jackson says "Rock and Roll? It's not even entertainment ..."

PM West: First of two interviews with Red Nichols and his Five Pennies
who reminisces about the 20's and 30's. The FIve Pennies will play
such favorites as "Chicago", "Ida", "The Battle Hymn of the Republic",
and "Mississippi Mud".

[08] PM East - PM West
PM East: Discussion on Advertising with Bill Bernbach, agency president;
and Walter Weir, agency executive and Dr. Pierre Szamek advertising critic.
Singer Marie Janice who sings with an ad man Jazz band.

PM West: Second of two interviews with Red Nichols.
Red reminisces about Jimmy Dorsey, Joe Venuti, George Gershwin and
the Danny Kaye film of his biography.
Red and the Five Pennies perform "Stop, Look and Listen",
"Toot Toot Tootsie" and "When the Saints Go Marching In".

[09] PM East - PM West
PM East: Program about the Irish, Tommy Maken, Jean McCafferty
and labor leader Michael J. Quill.
The Clancy Brothers sing Traditional Irish songs.

PM West: Study of the city's Japanese colony and cuisine
and an interview with actor Tab Hunter.

[10] PM East - PM West
PM East: Interviews with psychiatrist Dr. Frederick Wertham,
pacifist Jim Peck, a Freedom Rider discuss violence.

PM West: Interview with comedian Shelley Berman
and folksinger Stan Wilson.

[11] PM East - PM West
26Jun1961 Mon [Newsday]
PM East: Greenwich Village in Transition featuring writer-critic Marya Mannes, Gaslight Cafe owner John Mitchell
and Rev. Howard Moody who thinks the folksingers should have their way in Washington Square.
Also featured Beverly Wright, Jimmy Gavin and Lionel Shepherd.

PM West: Jazz musician Earl Grant returns to play a number of his favorite tunes
Jazz and Blues singer Phyllis Branch offers "Don't Worry About Me" and "Bill Bailey".

[12] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Jazz for Export". Mike Wallace and Joyce Davidson present musicians who have been sent
overseas as "good will ambassadors", Herbie Mann and his Combo, Chris Connor, Roy Eldridge,
Zoot Sims and Willis Conover.

PM West: Interview with actress Joan Blondell who reminisces about her movie career and shows film
clips with Errol Flynn, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and others.
Vocalist Freddie Paris performs.

[13] PM East - PM West
28Jun1961 [Press Democrat]
PM East: Mike Wallace has "Women" on his mind guests are Oleg Cassini, the First Lady's dress designer;
92-year-old Dr. Esther Lovejoy, Canadian writer Ted Allan, the Matt Dennis Trio
and dancers in a Port Said Nightclub in NYC.

PM West: "Satire" by Jorie Remus who also sings two lovesongs,
"A Page in a Woman's Diary" and "Bill".

[14] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Kids" poet and children's author John Ciardi, and films of kids reacting to art and mud pies.
Pianist Marian McPartland and Joey Alfidi, a 12-year-old musical prodigy and psychologist Dr. Harold Michalsmith.

PM West: "Jazz" writer Ralph Gleason and vocalist Ernestine Anderson.

[15] PM East - PM West
30Jun1961 [Baltimore Sun] [rerun 12Jan62]
PM East: "Magic" magician Milbourne Christopher, with his through knowledge of the history and nature of magic
and having staged a full-length theater show called "Christopher's Wonders" in New York last year will take
his ten tons of paraphernalia overseas in August makes for a fascinating interview.
Performance by vocalist Steve DePass.

PM West: "Bullfighting" flamenco dancers Pepita and Goyo Reyes.
Barnaby Conrad, writer and restaurant man discusses bullfighting.

[16] PM East - PM West
03Jul1961 Mon [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
PM East: "Obscenity" Mike Wallace takes a look at obscenity in literature, movie and songs.
Mike Wallace persents Ephraim London, attorney for Grove Press in its successful fight to publish
"Lady Chatterley's Lover" in the United States and its current effort to publish Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer".
Joining in the discussion are director Otto Preminger on his film "The Moon is Blue", movie censor Dr. Hugh Flick,
Rev. Harold Gardiner, literary editor of America magazine and folksinger Oscar Brand sings some censorable songs.
Oscar Brand played the last three verses of the old folk tune "Foggy, Foggy Dew" which never before had been played
on the air, and a rouser called "The Red Light Saloon". The latter is an old lumberjack song of the Minnesota woods.

PM West: "Song Stylings of Buddy Greco". [rerun 12Jan62]
Singer Buddy Greco talks about his sudden rise to fame
and sings old standards.

[17] PM East - PM West
04Jul1961 [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: "Patriotism" discussion with writer-author Harry Golden and journalist James Wechsler.
Performance from the Grandison Singers.

PM West: "The Chinese in San Francisco".
Willy Tsang (owner of the Rickshaw Restaurant) discusses Chinatown and Chinese Culture.
Dancer Mai Tai Sing (Willy's sister) performs at the Rickshaw Restaurant.

[18] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Jazz for Squares" with saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and his 13-piece combo performing.

PM West: "The New Kind of Singer" Ada Moore.

[19] PM East - PM West
06Jul1961 [Daily News]
PM East: "Marriage and Divorce" with Judge Morris Ploscowe, authors David Baroff and Lucy Freeman
and psychotherapist Dr. Harold Greenwald.

PM West: Interviews the San Francisco family, The Keanes, Walter, Margaret and Jane
a controversial family of painters with a reputation for exaggerating the size of eyes in their subjects.

[20] PM East - PM West
07Jul1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Courage"; Wallace interviews General Anthony McAuliffe, who said
"Nuts!" to a German surrender demand during the Battle of the Bulge
Anthropologist Dr. Carl Hoffman
Nina De-Nur, wife of Ka-Tzetnik, former inmate of Auschwitz.
Stanley Wartenberg employment director at Lighthouse for the Blind.
Two special short subjects on courage are shown "Courage in the City" and Courage of a Lifetime"
and folksinger Oscar Brand.

PM West: "A Night at the Hungry i" Return visit to the San Francisco nightclub owner Enrico Banducci,
performances by singers Frank D'Rone and Olga Sbragia.

[21] PM East - PM West
10Jul1961 Mon
PM East: "Jazz for Squares"
Cannonball Adderley and his Combo perform.

PM West:
Interview with singer Andy Williams and Jazz vocalist Ernestine Anderson.

[22] PM East - PM West
11Jul1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Crime on Trial" Interviews with former prison inmate and forger Carmelo Soraci,
John Richards, Judge Gerard Goettel and criminal lawyer Myles Ambrose.
Mr. M, a dope addict and a law enforcement officer.
Singer Oscar Brand is featured.

PM West: "Poetry and Bongos": Interviews poet Gerd Stern and bongo player Jack Castanzo.

[23] PM East - PM West
12Jul1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Artists, Models and Glamour"
How it is made, merchandised and promoted.
Mike Wallace interviews actress Dana Wynter.
Joyce Davidson interviews Mr. Kenneth, hairstylist to Jacqueline Kennedy.
Singer Barbra Streisand. Barbra sings "A Sleepin' Bee" and "Lover, Come Back to Me".
Photographic studies of Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly with photographer Milton Greene.
Irish, Italian and French models (Theodora and Suzy Parker); hairdresser Mr. Kenneth;
Joe Eula fashion artist and fashion editor Laura Bergquist of Look Magazine.

PM West:
Guests are singers Phyllis Branch and Freddy Paris.

[24] PM East - PM West
13Jul1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "The Negroes New Mood" discussed by writer James Baldwin and novelist Clarence Cooper
and Dr. Anna Hedgman. Performance by song stylist Oscar Brown Jr.

PM West:
Entertainment by humorist Prof. Irwin Corey with a travelogue of San Francisco.
Interview with Enrico Banducci owner of "the hungry i" and John Price is heard playing
his bar room piano.

[25] PM East - PM West
14Jul1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "New York is a Summer Festival" with Gay Talese author of the off-beat "Serendipiter's Guide" to New York
and singer Isabelle Robbins. Films of Joyce Davidson at Coney Island, a beatnik in Greenwich Village, a boat ride
around Manhattan and a New York street fair.

PM West:
Guests are folksingers The Clancy Brothers.

[26] PM East - PM West
17Jul1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Four to Make History" is the title in this discussion of what makes history.
Guests are Federal Housing Administrator Robert C. Weaver, who holds the highest federal post ever give to a Negro;
physicist Dr. Leo Szilard, one of the scientists who developed the atomic bomb;
writer Anita Loos and industrialist Cyrus Eaton.

PM West: "Folk Music"
Guests are singers Joe and Eddy
and Earl Blackwell who is the head of Celebrity Service Inc.

[27] PM East - PM West
18Jul1961 [Baltimore Sun]
PM East: "New York - 3 A.M." Report on the city's night people.
Guests are Edmund G. Love author of "Subways are for Sleeping",
reporter Hy Gardner and Joe Rosenfield Jr. radio talk show host.

PM West: "Skydiving"
Guest is parachutist Gus Knoph.

[28] PM East - PM West
19Jul1961 [Valley Times Today]
PM East: "Magic" Part II with magician Milbourne Christopher.

PM West: "What the Japanese Teenager Likes".
Terrence O'Flaherty has two Japanese singers Jim Makajima (the Pat Boone of Japan)
and Ayako Hosohawa (the Peggy Lee of Japan.)

[29] PM East - PM West
20Jul1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Cuba's Future" is discussed by partisans on both sides.
Debate between Castro critic Nathaniel Weyl and Castro supporter Warren Miller.
Interview with Dr. Aureliano Sanchez Arango, exiled Cuban Leader;
and comedian Jerry Shane presents a satirical look at the Cuban invasion.

PM West: "Flamenco"
Guests are Cruz Luna and his Spanish ballet.

[30] PM East - PM West
21Jul1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Life and Death" Film clips and interviews with people who have been revived after apparently dying.

PM West: "Humor Songs"
Guests are The Smothers Brothers and singer Frank D'Rone.

[31] PM East
24Jul1961 Mon [Los Angeles Times]
PM East: "The Criminal" a discussion with two former jewel thieves
who talk about their exploits, life in prison and their rehabilitation.

PM West: "Glamour"
Guests are Mrs. Lela Rogers, mother of Ginger Rogers
and beauty pageant contestants.

[32] PM East - PM West
25Jul1961 [Pittsburgh Press]
PM East: "Salute to the Village Vanguard" New York nightclub with owner Max Gordon,
cartoonist Roger Price ("Droodles" fame), jazz vocalists Lambert, Hendricks and Ross,
Ike Isaacs Trio, vocalist Carol Sloane and folksinger Richard Dyer-Bennet.

PM West: "A Definition of San Francisco" offered by Dr. Roderick Gorney,
psychiatrist who discusses the city's nature and the problems of its people
and pantomimist Bernard Bragg.

*Note: Max Gordon has produced many stars including Judy Holliday, Harry Belafonte,
Johnny Mathis, Tony Bennett, Wally Cox, Pearl Bailey, Burl Ives and Eartha Kitt.

[33] PM East - PM West
26Jul1961 [Bridgeport Post]
PM East: "Tests for Teachers" Discussion of our educational system
with Dean Joshua Fishman of Yeshiva University,
William E. Coffman official of College Entrance Board Program,
Tom Affinito (a bogus student who applied for and received an athletic scholarship)
James Worley (thought lesson plans too time-consuming and lost
his teaching job) and Paul Zuber attorney for a group of New Rochelle parents.

PM West: Irish folksinger The Clancy Brothers.

[34] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Jazz for Squares" with the Dukes of Dixieland.

PM West: Comedian Dick Gregory and folksingers The Journeymen.

[35] PM East - PM West
28Jul1961 [Bridgeport Post]
PM East: "An Appraisal of Ernest Hemingway" and "Hemingway Tribute".
with author Quentin Reynolds, guitarist Carlos Montoya, columnist Leonard Lyons,
critic Leslie Fiedler talks about a November 1960 visit with the ailing Hemingway,
author Vincent Sheean describes Hemingway's generosity during the Spanish Civil War;
and biographer Robert Cantrell talks about Hemingway's encouragement to a younger writer.

PM West: "The High Cost of Dying" Jessica Mitford and jazz singer Big Miller.

[36] PM East - PM West
31Jul1961 Mon [Newsday]
PM East: "New Frontiers of Medicine"
with guests Dr. Leo Wollman of the New York Society of Clinical Hypnosis on hypnosis,
Dr. William Welch of the New York Heart Association on electronic treatment of the heart,
Dr. Harold Rifkin of Montefiore Hospital on geriatrics
and Dr. H. Houston Merritt of Columbia University on mental illness.

PM West: "The decline of the beatniks on upper Grant Avenue, San Francisco",
discussed by sculptor Peter Macchiarini
and Gage Schubert. Singer Ada Moore performs.

[37] PM East - PM West
01Aug1961 [Los Angeles Times]
PM East:
Guest is Carl Foreman author of "High Noon", "Guns of Navarone"
and "Bridge on the River Kwai" denounces some Hollywood studio practices.

PM West:
Guest is lawyer Jake Erlich discusses the Lizzie Borden murder trial.

[38] PM East - PM West
PM East: "The Year of the Tiger".
Guests Rep. Walter Judd, Dr. Holner Gautsch, New York correspondent for
Swiss radio and TV and James Warburg discuss Red China.

PM West: Actor Bradford Dillman discusses his role playing St. Francis of Assisi in a new film.

[39] PM East - PM West
PM East: Drummer Buddy Rich discusses the Big Band Era, its decline and revival.
Buddy Rich Sextet perform past and present hits.

PM West: Comedian Don Rickles and the San Francisco Ballet Co.

[40] PM East - PM West
PM East: "The Second World". The supernatural, the psychic and extra sensory perception (ESP),
get a bit of a whirl when Dr. Carroll Nash of St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia; Hans Holzer
who claims to be an authority on haunted houses; Stewart Robb who specializes in psychic research;
and Mrs. Katherine Nash who demonstrates ESP at work.

PM West: A preview discussion look at the Monterey Jazz Festival.
Boston Nash, Jimmy Lyons and Big Miller.

[41] PM East - PM West
07Aug1961 Mon [Boston Globe]
PM East: "The Concert Stage".
Guests are pianists John Browning and Olegna Fuschi.

PM West:
Guests are actor Basil Rathbone and accordionist Dick Contino.

[42] PM East - PM West
08Aug1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "The Big Buildup".
Press agents, publicity and public relations are
discussed by members of the tribe including,
Eddie Jaffe, Russel Birdwell, Chester Burger and Sol Zatt.

PM West: "The Sounds of Music"
Guest is Japanese Jazz singer and pianist Ayako Kosokawa

[43] PM East - PM West
09Aug1961 [Newsday]
PM East:
Guests are financial editor and columnist Sylvia Porter talks about our "wasted labor force"
while attacking widespread discrimination against the older worker
Union head Michael Quill gives his two cents worth on automation
and Solomon Barkin of the Textile Workers Union, an unemployed West Virginia miner
and Newburgh's City Manager Joe Mitchell all discuss the subject at hand.

PM West: "Toys".
Guests are Lettie Connell, owner of a San Francisco toy store
and singer Freddy Paris.

[44] PM East - PM West
10Aug1961 [Los Angeles Times]
PM East: "Cartoons".
Political comic strip cartoonists discuss the life and times of politics.
Guests are Rube Goldberg, Roger Price, Shelly Silverstein, Mel Lazaras,
Richard Yardley of the Baltimore Sun talk about their work and the society
that inspires their particular brand of antics.

PM West:
Guests are vocalist Barbara Dane
and singer-actor Bob Carroll sings several tunes and discusses his role of LaGuardia in "Fiorello".

[45] PM East - PM West
11Aug1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Weather".
Guests are Adm. Louis de Florez, David Johnson, in charge of the Tiros satellite,
rainmaker Dr. Wallace Howell, closeups of the eye of a hurricane and cloud formations.

PM West: "Newcomers".
Guests are comedian Charlie Manna
and vocalist Bee Brunell.

[46] PM East - PM West
14Aug1961 Mon [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Nothing Secret"
Debate on moraliy and legality of wiretapping and wire tappers.
Guests are Fred Otash, Hollywood Private Detective; Bill Keating, manufactureer of eavesdropping equipment;
Gerard Goettel, former Deputy Chief, U.S. Attorney General's Group on Organized Crime.

PM West: "The Importer and the Imported".
Guests are Richard B. Gump who discusses his store's history and its specialty, Oriental imports.
and a performance from singer Jun Nakajima.

[47] PM East - PM West
15Aug1961 [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East:
Interview with singer-actress Eartha Kitt
and songs by Calypso singer Steve DePass.

PM West:
Guests are comedian Don Rickles and entertainer Jo Ryder.

[48] PM East - PM West
16Aug1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "Murder at the Typewriter".
Mystery writers Rex Stout, Carter Brown, Mignon Eberhardt
and Herbert Brean tell how they dream up whodunits.

PM West: "Folk Music".
Guests Gene and Francesca discuss and demonstrate
their own type of folk music.

[49] PM East - PM West
17Aug1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Rising Performers".
Guests are comedian Don Penny, folksinger Casey Anderson,
Sabre Dancers, Israeli group and Meg Welles Quintet.

PM West: "San Francisco Waterfront".
A look at the San Francisco Waterfront through the eyes of
Domenico Strazzula, fisherman and waterfront personality for
more than 50 years, who relates its past and present.
Emile Connor sings sea songs.

[50] PM East - PM West
18Aug1961 [Boston Globe] [rerun 09Jan62]
PM East: "Playboy Empire".
A look at the empire of millionaire "playboy" Hugh Hefner,
his mansion, and his social life.
Other guests include comedian Dick Gregory,
Frank Gibney, editor of "Show Business Illustrated",
A.C. Spectorsky, associate publisher of "Playboy" magazine.

PM West:
Guests are conductor John Scott Trotter
and recording star Buddy Greco.

[51] PM East - PM West
21Aug1961 Mon [Newsday]
PM East: "Profile of Theodore Bikel".
Interview with actor-folksinger and story teller Theodore Bikel.

PM West: "Western Morality".
Terrence O'Flaherty delves into morality aided by
author Dean Robert Fitch, artist Jean Varda and columnist Monique Benoit.

[52] PM East - PM West
22Aug1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "The Bowery".
Guests are Dr. Boris Levenson, psychologist at Yeshiva University;
Harry Baronian, editor of "The Bowery News" and Elmer Bendiner
author of "The Bowery Man".

PM West: "The Pursuit of Happiness".
Guests are Merle Petersen, 30-year-old bachelor millionaire
and singer Bill Mullikin.

[53] PM East - PM West
23Aug1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "The World of Tomorrow".
What can we predict deductively and what might we expect inductively,
in the area of space, automation, architecture and music is discussed.
Guests are Gerard Piel, publisher of "Scientific American";
modern composer John Cage and John W. Campbell, editor
of "Analog Science Fact and Fiction".

PM West:
Guests are comedian Ronnie Schell
and singer Carol Brent.

[54] PM East - PM West
24Aug1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East:
Guest is Carl Foreman, producer and screenwriter denounces studio control
in Hollywood; film clips of his movies "High Noon", "Guns of Navarone"
and "Bridge on the River Kwai" are shown.

PM West:
Guests are Jazz critic Jim Lyons, performers Brownie McGhee
and Sonny Terry discuss folk music of the "poor man".

[55] PM East - PM West
25Aug1961 [Pasadena Independent]
PM East:
Mike Wallace brings back three young talents who made their
debuts on this program: singer Carol Sloane,
comedian Woody Allen and folksinger Casey Anderson.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty discusses the mayoralty with two kinds of mayor:
Mayor George Christopher of San Francisco and actor Bob Carroll,
currently playing New York's great Mayor LaGuardia in the musical "Fiorello".

[56] PM East - PM West
28Aug1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Mr. X Goes to Washington".
Mike Wallace interviews a number of first term members of Congress
on the problems they face.
Guests are Senators John Tower and Gale W. McGee and
Representatives F. Bradford Morse and John Brademas.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty explores the subject of "Performing Lawyers" with a lawyer
turned comedian and a local jazz impresario.
Guests are comedian Clancy Knight, lawyer Arthur Auerbach
and pianist-singer Emmerlyne 'Emme' Kemp.

[57] PM East - PM West
29Aug1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Understudies".
Young show business personalities discuss experiences as understudies.
Guests are actor Stuart Damon and Virginia Vestoff, standbys for leads in
"Irma La Douce"; Inga Swenson standby for Julie Andrews in "Camelot";
Dawn Nickerson in "Do Re Mi" and Anita Gillette in "Carnival".

PM West: "The Value of Sports".
Guests are Dr. Harold Haskell, former pro baseball player and fight manager;
Barnaby Conrad, author and former bull fighter;
and Rabbi Abraham Klausner of Temple Emanuel, Yonkers, NY.

[58] PM East - PM West
30Aug1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "And Then I Wrote".
An evening of anecdotes by four noted correspondents:
Marguerite Higgins, Globe syndicated columnist;
A.J. Liebling, New Yorker magazine;
David Schoenbrun, Paris correspondent;
and freelance writer William Bradford Huie.

PM West: "Fortune Cookies".
Ernie and Eddie Louie, biggest producer of Chinese fortune cookies in California,
discuss this novel food business.
Singer Jeannie Burnier entertains.

[59] PM East - PM West
31Aug1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Salesmanship".
Guests are Dr. Ernest Dichter, President of the Institute of Motivational Research;
George Marek, Vice President of RCA Victor Records;
publicity consultant Stanley Arnold
and Mildred Bailey of the Consumers Union.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty talks with Oscar Johnson, co-founder of the Shipstad and Johnson Ice Follies.
Bobby Short performs.

[60] PM East - PM West
01Sep1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East:
Guests are Art d'Lugoff, Greenwich Village nightclub owner;
Marian Mercer and R.G. Brown who do sketches from their review
"The Prickly Pair" and the Grandison Singers.

PM West:
Guests are Irving Levin, director of the San Francisco International Film Festival
and singer-actor Robert Clary now touring in "La Plume de ma Tante".

[61] PM East - PM West
04Sep1961 Mon [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Self-made Millionaires".
Three self-made millionaires discuss how to make a fortune.
Interview with Catherine Clark owner of "Brownberry Ovens Inc".
and comedian Professor Irwin Corey discusses his original theories on money.

PM West:
History of San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel is
discussed by owner Ben Swing, manager Richard Swig
and comedian-actor Billy de Wolfe.

[62] PM East - PM West
05Sep1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Profile of the Modern Jazz Quartet"
The members are John Lewis, Milt Jackson,
Percy Heath and Connie Kay.

PM West: "What is a Saloon?"
Columnist Herb Caen makes a saloon tour with host Terrence O'Flaherty.
Captain George Lenk, owner of Captain' Galley;
and Scott Newhall, executive director of the San Francisco Chronicle.

[63] PM East - PM West
06Sep1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Battle of the Builders".
Discussion about architectural styles in the present building boom.
Interview with designer Morris Lapidus.

PM West:
Actress Elsa Lanchester discusses her acting and singing careers
and her life of lunacy with Charles Laughton.
Singer Rita Hayes performs.

[64] PM East - PM West
07Sep1961 [Los Angeles Times]
PM East:
Guests are Betty Comden and Adolph Green, who perform their own
material and discuss their long collaboration from their nightclub act
with Judy Holliday through their Broadway hits.
singer Phyllis Newman
and designer Steve Kyle.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty hosts a 75th birthday party for famed composer Wolfe Gilbert.
Guests are songwriter Buddy DeSylva and producer-director Morton Da Costa.

[65] PM East - PM West
08Sep1961 [Bridgeport Telegram]
PM East: "TV's 12-Year-old Mind".
Guests are TV columnist Marie Torre,
Bill Todman, co-owner of Goodson-Todman Productions
and a panel of 12-year-olds.

PM West: "Why Do Singing Groups Break Up?"
Terrence O'Flaherty tries to find out why successful
singing groups like the Kingston Trio break up.
He interviews Bud Dashiell formerly of Bud and Travis.

[66] PM East - PM West
11Sep1961 Mon [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: "The World of George Jessel".
Toastmaster George Jessel talks about his marriages
and his 53 year career, and sings several of his favorite songs.

PM West: "Chinese Tongs".
Attorney Jake Ehrlich, reporter Bill O'Brien
and lawyer Jack Sing Wong discuss the Asian gang.

[67] PM East - PM West
12Sep1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "The World of the Psychic".
St. Joseph's College professor Carroll Nash will return to conclude
his experiment in the world of the psychic.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty interviews actor Jim Backus
and singer Ann Richards performs.

[68] PM East - PM West
13Sep1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Beneath the Streets".
Guests are author Edmund Love, Barney Sweeney, a driver
who explores river bottoms, columnist Gay Talese
and subway motorman George Horn.

PM West:
Guests are actor Charlton Heston who discusses the trials of making movies in Roman costumes
and pianist-singer Bobby Short who performs.

[69] PM East - PM West
14Sep1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Modeling".
Guests are Eileen Ford, model agency executive,
photographer John Rawlings, model China Machado,
actress-model Dolores Hawkins and Negro model Dorothea Towles.

PM West: "Physical Fitness".
Terrence O'Flaherty talks with comedienne Phyllis Diller
and fitness expert Jack La Lanne.

[70] PM East - PM West
15Sep1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Styles in Folk Songs".
Guests are folksingers Jean Ritchie, Danny Barker,
Lou Holt and the Bradford Singers.

PM West:
Guests are musical comedy star Robert Clary
and comedian Ronnie Schell discusses matinee idols,
conformity and truthfulness among performers.

[71] PM East - PM West
18Sep1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "The Woman Boss".
A look at women in the top echelons of business.
Guests are Betsy Talbot Blackwell, editor of Mademoiselle,
Geraldine Stutz president of Henri Bendel
and Wilma Soss, president of the Federation of Women Shareholders.

PM West: "The Real West"
Interview with David Dortort who wrote the screen adaptation of "The Ox Bow Incident"
and is the producer of the TV series "Bonanza".

[72] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Musical Parody".
Guests are Stan Freeman, Peter Nero and vocalist Tobi Reynolds
who turn the classics into comedy.

PM West:
Guests are comedienne Phyllis Diller and actor Jim Backus who trade
quips in a comedy debate.

[73] PM East - PM West
PM East: "The Arty Church".
Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village
Guests are Rev. Howard Moody, Dr. Robert Spike
and reporter Mary Nichols of The Village Voice.

PM West: "Imported Actors".
Guests are actress Liliane Montevecchi from France
and actor Michael Evans from England.

[74] PM East - PM West
21Sep1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East:
Guests are folksinger Josh White and his song;
The Brothers Four, Hildegarde and comedian Woody Allen.

PM West: "Antique Cars, Gut Buckets, Horseless Carriages and Banjos"
Guests are manufacturer Fred Stelling and jazzman Doug Jacobs.
Terrence O'Flaherty trys out a 1915 Ford.

[75] PM East - PM West
22Sep1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "The Showgirl".
Guests are showgirls Carol Fonda and Barbara Dodd.
The chorus girl of Ziegfeld and Minsky are compared
with the chorus girl of today.

PM West:
Guests are actor Jim Backus and singer Jo Ryder.

[76] PM East - PM West
25Sep1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Why are foreign films appealing to American audiences?"
Guests are Joseph Levine, producer and distributor of foreign films
and Walter Reed, executive of Continental Films.

PM West:
Guests are actor Jim Backus and singer Carol Brent.

[77] PM East - PM West
26Sep1961 [Los Angeles Mirror]
PM East: "Carnegie Hall".
Guests are conductor Leopold Stokowski and officials of Carnegie Hall.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty talks to Jack Maybee, an Alaskan who made
a fortune out of baking San Francisco's unique sourdough bread.
Other guest is restauranteur George Lenk.

[78] PM East - PM West
27Sep1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East:
Guests are Bandleader Woody Herman who celebrates his 25th anniversary,
Jazz dancer Jack Ackerman and singer Maureen Donne perform to the music
of the Herman band.

PM West: "Fan Mail".
Guests are Count Marco, who writes a nationally syndicated women's colmn
and TV actor Ben Alexander.

[79] PM East - PM West
PM East: "What makes an Adventurer?"
Guests are Mrs. Marte Latham, a wild animal trainer
who was captured by bandits and shot seven times
in South American jungle and Louis Kotlow, who visits
headhunting Indians unarmed.

PM West: "Female Impersonation".
Guests are impersonator T.C. Jones
and singer-actor Robert Clary.

[80] PM East - PM West
29Sep1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "All Them Cats".
Guests are bandleader Cab Calloway
and drummer Gene Krupa and His Quartet who play "Caravan",
"September Song" and others.
Standup comedian Jackie Miles goes through some of his routines
and dancers Leon James and Al Minn present capsule history of
jazz dancing.

PM West: "Camel Races".
Guests are camel jockey Ben Fogel who demonstrates ups and downs of camel racing;
balladeer George Alexander sings modern Western folk songs.

 Continued on  PM East-PM West (ii) (02Oct1961 to 02Feb1962)

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