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 About Faces (Ralph Edwards Prod/ ABC Daytime)(1960-61) hosted by Ben Alexander

Say When! (Goodson-Todman/ NBC Daytime)(1961-65) hosted by Art James

Take Two (ABC Daytime Sunday)(1963) hosted by Don McNeill

What's This Song? (NBC Daytime)(1964-65) hosted by Wink Martindale

Everything's Relative (Merritt/ ABC Daytime)(1965) hosted by Jim Hutton (not the actor)

I'll Bet (Ralph Andrews/ NBC Daytime)(1965) hosted by Jack Narz

Call My Bluff (Goodson-Todman/ NBC Daytime)(1965) hosted by Bill Leyden

Dream Girl of '67 (Chuck Barris/ABC Daytime)(1966-67) hosted by Dick Stewart, Wink Martindale, Paul Petersen

Eye Guess (Bob Stewart Prod/ NBC Daytime)(1966-69) hosted by Bill Cullen

Everybody's Talking (Jerome Schnur Productions/ABC Daytime)(1967) hosted by Lloyd Thaxton

The Family Game (Chuck Barris/ ABC Daytime)(1967) hosted by Bob Barker

How's Your Mother in Law? (Chuck Barris/ ABC Daytime)(1967-68) hosted by Wink Martindale

Snap Judgment (Goodson-Todman/ NBC Daytime)(1967-69) hosted by Ed McMahon

Personality (Bob Stewart Prod/NBC Daytime)(1967-69) hosted by Larry Blyden

Take Our Word (CBS Daytime)(1968 Pilot) hosted Wink Martindale

Funny You Should Ask (ABC Daytime)(1968-69) hosted by Lloyd Thaxton

Name Droppers (Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Prod/ NBC Daytime)(1969-70) hosted by Al Lohman & Roger Barkley

Letters to Laugh-In (NBC Daytime)(1969) hosted by Garry Owens

The Anniversary Game (Syndicated Daytime)(1969) hosted by Alan Hamel

It Takes Two (Ralph Andrews Prod/ NBC Daytime)(1969-70) hosted by Vin Sully

You're Putting Me On (NBC Daytime)(1969-70) hosted by Bill Leyden & Larry Blyden

It's Your Bet (Ralph Andrews Prod/ NBC Daytime)(1969-73) hosted by Hal March, Tom Kennedy, Dick Gautier, Lyle Waggoner

Sale of the Century (NBC Daytime & Syndication)(1969-89) hosted by Jack Kelly/ Joe Garagiola/ Jim Perry

Hollywood's Talking (Jack Barry Prod/CBS Daytime)(1973) hosted by Geoff Edwards

Baffle / All-Star Baffle (Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Prod/ NBC Daytime)(1973-74) hosted by Dick Enberg

Celebrity Sweepstakes (Ralph Andrews/NBC Daytime/ Early Evening)(1974-77) hosted by Jim McKrell

 Showoffs (Goodson-Todman/ABC Daytime)(1975) hosted by Bobby Van

Three for the Money (Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Prod/NBC Daytime)(1975) hosted by Dick Enberg

The Magnificent Marble Machine (Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Prod/ NBC Daytime)(1975-76) hosted by Art James

Rhyme and Reason (ABC Daytime)(1975-76) hosted by Bob Eubanks

Break the Bank (Barry & Enright/ABC Daytime)(1976) hosted by Tom Kennedy / (Syndication)(1976-77) host Jack Barry

Shoot for the Stars (Bob Stewart Prod/NBC Daytime)(1977) hosted by Geoff Edwards

All-Star Secrets (NBC Daytime) (8Jan79-10Aug79)

All-Star Blitz (ABC Daytime) (8Apr85-20Dec85)


UK TV Daytime Game Shows
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Countdown (Yorkshire TV/Channel 4) (1982 - present) UK Game Show   /   Countdown - Conundrums

15 to One

Going for Gold

Golden Balls



The Chase

Tipping Point

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