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Goodson-Todman Productions (Mark Goodson & Bill Todman)

  Name This TV Show  (Playlist) /       TV Show Intros (`1950-1978)  (Playlist)


Winner Take All (Goodson-Todman) (CBS) (1948-52)

Who Said That? (NBC/ABC) (1948-55)

Celebrity Time (CBS/ABC) (1948-52) hosted by Conrad Nagel

Cut!/ Spin the Picture (DuMont) (1949-50) hosted by Carl Caruso/ Kathi Norris

Twenty Questions (NBC 1949)(ABC 1950-51)(DuMont 1951-54)(ABC 1954-55)

College Of Musical Knowledge (NBC) hosted by Kay Kyser (1949-50) Tennessee Ernie Ford (Summer 1954)

You Bet Your Life (NBC)(1950-61) Quiz hosted by Groucho Marx

What's My Line (Goodson-Todman)(CBS)(1950-67) Quiz hosted by John Daly / (syndicated )(1968-75)

Beat the Clock  (Goodson-Todman)(CBS 1950-58)(ABC 1958-61)(Syndicated 1969-74)(CBS 1979-80)

General Electric Guest House (CBS) (Summer 1951) hosted by Durward Kirby

Who's Whose (CBS) (1951) hosted by Phil Baker

Your Lucky Clue (CBS) (Summer 1952) hosted by Basil Rathbone

Two For The Money  (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1952-53)/(CBS)(1953-57)

Dollar A Second (DuMont/ABC/NBC)(1953-57) Quiz hosted Jan Murray

I've Got a Secret (Goodson-Todman)(CBS)(1952-67) hosted by Garry Moore / (syndicated)(1972) /(CBS)(1976)

Name That Tune (NBC 1953-54)/ (CBS)(1954-59) various hosts (syndicated)(1970)(1974-80)

Do You Trust Your Wife/ Who Do You Trust (Don Fedderson)(CBS/ABC)(1956-63) hosted by Edgar Bergan, Johnny Carson

Truth Or Consequences (Ralph Edwards)CBS 1950-51)(NBC 1952-65)(Syndicated 1966-74, 1977)

Make The Connection (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1955)

To Tell The Truth  (Goodson-Todman)(CBS 1956-67) (CBS Daytime 1962-68)((Syndicated 1969-77, 1980)( NBC 1990-)

Treasure Hunt  (ABC 1956-57)(NBC 1957-59)(Syndicated 1974-77)

Treasure Hunt - Game Show (1/4)

Twenty One (NBC)(1956-58)

The $64,000 Question (CBS)(1955-58) Hosted by Hal March

The $64,000 Challenge CBS)(1955-58) Host Sonny Fox, Ralph Story  (spin-off from above)

High-Low (NBC) (Summer 1957) hosted by Jack Barry

Make Me Laugh (ABC) (1958) hosted by Robert Q. Lewis

E.S.P. (ABC) (1958) hosted by Vincent Price

Top Dollar (CBS) (1958-59) hosted by Toby Reed

Who Pays? (NBC) (Summer 1959) hosted by Mike Wallace

Password (Goodson-Todman) (CBS 1961-67)(Synd 1967-69)(ABC 1971-75)(NBC 1979-84)

The Match Game (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1962-69) / (CBS)(1973-79) / (Syndicated)(1975-81)(1985) / (ABC)(1990-)

Copycat (---) (1963) hosted by John Astin

Say When (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1965) Game Show Hosted by Art James, Hostess Ruth Hasely

ScreenTest! (NBC) (1965) hosted by Marvin Miller

Make the Scene (Syndicated) (1965) hosted by Al Lohman Jr.

Hollywood Squares (NBC)(1966-68) hosted by Peter Marshall / syndicated (1986-89) John Davidson

Celebrity Billiards (NBC/Syndicated)(1967-68) featuring Minnesota Fats  hosted by Ted Travers

The Don Rickles Show (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1968-69)   Part Variety / Part Game Show hosted by Don Rickles

The Game Game (Chuck Barris/Syndication)(1969-70) hosted by Jim McKrell

Liars Club (Ralph Andrews Prod/ Syndication)(1969) hosted by Rod Serling

 Can You Top This? (Four Star/CBS)(1970) hosted by Wink Martindale with Morey Amsterdam

Celebrity Bowling (Seven-Ten/Syndication)(1971-78)(1987) hosted by Jed Allan

Pyramid (Bob Stewart Prod/CBS/ABC/Synd)(1973-91) hosted by Dick Clark

Almost Anything Goes (ABC)(Summer 1975)

Liars Club (Ralph Andrews Prod/ Syndication)(1976-78) hosted by Bill Armstrong/ Allen Ludden

The New Liar's Club (1988-89)(Canadian version) hosted by Eric Boardman


PDQ Game Show - (1/4) (1965-69)

Bob Crane - June Lockhart - The Face Is Familiar 1/4  (1966)


UK TV Game Shows
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Countdown (Yorkshire TV/Channel 4) (1982 - present) UK Game Show   /   Countdown - Conundrums


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