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Goodson-Todman Productions (Mark Goodson & Bill Todman)

  Name This TV Show  (Playlist) /       TV Show Intros (`1950-1978)  (Playlist)


Winner Take All (Goodson-Todman) (CBS) (1948-52)

Who Said That? (NBC/ABC) (1948-55)

Celebrity Time (CBS/ABC) (1948-52) hosted by Conrad Nagel

Cut!/ Spin the Picture (DuMont) (1949-50) hosted by Carl Caruso/ Kathi Norris

Twenty Questions (NBC 1949)(ABC 1950-51)(DuMont 1951-54)(ABC 1954-55)

College Of Musical Knowledge (NBC) hosted by Kay Kyser (1949-50) Tennessee Ernie Ford (Summer 1954)

You Bet Your Life (NBC)(1950-61) Quiz hosted by Groucho Marx

What's My Line (Goodson-Todman)(CBS)(1950-67) Quiz hosted by John Daly / (syndicated )(1968-75)

Beat the Clock  (Goodson-Todman)(CBS 1950-58)(ABC 1958-61)(Syndicated 1969-74)(CBS 1979-80)

General Electric Guest House (CBS) (Summer 1951) hosted by Durward Kirby

Who's Whose (CBS) (1951) hosted by Phil Baker

Two For The Money  (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1952-53)/(CBS)(1953-57)

Dollar A Second (DuMont/ABC/NBC)(1953-57) Quiz hosted Jan Murray

I've Got a Secret (Goodson-Todman)(CBS)(1952-67) hosted by Garry Moore / (syndicated)(1972) /(CBS)(1976)

Name That Tune (NBC 1953-54)/ (CBS)(1954-59) various hosts (syndicated)(1970)(1974-80)

Do You Trust Your Wife/ Who Do You Trust (Don Fedderson)(CBS/ABC)(1956-63) hosted by Edgar Bergan, Johnny Carson

Truth Or Consequences (Ralph Edwards)CBS 1950-51)(NBC 1952-65)(Syndicated 1966-74, 1977)

Make The Connection (Goodson-Todman/NBC)(1955)

To Tell The Truth  (Goodson-Todman)(CBS 1956-67) (CBS Daytime 1962-68)((Syndicated 1969-77, 1980)( NBC 1990-)

Treasure Hunt  (ABC 1956-57)(NBC 1957-59)(Syndicated 1974-77)

Treasure Hunt - Game Show (1/4)

Twenty One (NBC)(1956-58)

The $64,000 Question (CBS)(1955-58) Hosted by Hal March

The $64,000 Challenge CBS)(1955-58) Host Sonny Fox, Ralph Story  (spin-off from above)

High-Low (NBC) (Summer 1957) hosted by Jack Barry

E.S.P. (ABC) (1958) hosted by Vincent Price

Password (Goodson-Todman) (CBS 1961-67)(Synd 1967-69)(ABC 1971-75)(NBC 1979-84)

The Match Game (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1962-69) / (CBS)(1973-79) / (Syndicated)(1975-81)(1985) / (ABC)(1990-)

Copycat (---) (1963) hosted by John Astin

Say When (Goodson-Todman)(NBC)(1965) Game Show Hosted by Art James, Hostess Ruth Hasely

ScreenTest! (NBC) (1965) hosted by Marvin Miller

Make the Scene (Syndicated) (1965) hosted by Al Lohman Jr.

Hollywood Squares (NBC)(1966-68) hosted by Peter Marshall / syndicated (1986-89) John Davidson

Celebrity Billiards (NBC/Syndicated)(1967-68) featuring Minnesota Fats  hosted by Ted Travers

The Don Rickles Show (Goodson-Todman/ABC)(1968-69)   Part Variety / Part Game Show hosted by Don Rickles

The Game Game (Chuck Barris/Syndication)(1969-70) hosted by Jim McKrell

Liars Club (Ralph Andrews Prod/ Syndication)(1969) hosted by Rod Serling

 Can You Top This? (Four Star/CBS)(1970) hosted by Wink Martindale with Morey Amsterdam

Celebrity Bowling (Seven-Ten/Syndication)(1971-78)(1987) hosted by Jed Allan

Pyramid (Bob Stewart Prod/CBS/ABC/Synd)(1973-91) hosted by Dick Clark

Almost Anything Goes (ABC)(Summer 1975)

Liars Club (Ralph Andrews Prod/ Syndication)(1976-78) hosted by Bill Armstrong/ Allen Ludden

The New Liar's Club (1988-89)(Canadian version) hosted by Eric Boardman


PDQ Game Show - (1/4) (1965-69)

Bob Crane - June Lockhart - The Face Is Familiar 1/4  (1966)


UK TV Game Shows
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Countdown (Yorkshire TV/Channel 4) (1982 - present) UK Game Show   /   Countdown - Conundrums


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