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U.S. Reporter Drama series Guide

I Cover Times Square (ABC)(1950-51)(Reporter/Crime Drama series) starring Harold Huber

The Big Story (NBC) (1949-58) Newspaper Reporter Anthology Series
Big Town (CBS)(1950-54) Patrick McVey / (NBC)(1954-56) Mark Stevens

Crime Photographer (CBS)(1951-52) starring Darren McGavin
Front Page Detective
(DuMont)(1951-52; 1953) starring Edmund Lowe

Not For Publication a.k.a. Reporter Collins  (DuMont) (1951-52) starring William Adler, Jerome Cowan
Night Editor (DuMont) (1954) Reporter Anthology hosted by Hal Burdick
Confidential File (synd) (1955) Reporter Anthology starring Paul Coates
Crusader (Revue/CBS)(1955-56) starring Brain Keith
Wire Service (1956-57) George Brent, Mercedes McCambridge, Dane Clark
New York Confidential (1958-59) starring Lee Tracy
The Man with a Camera (1958-60) starring Charles Bronson
Deadline (Pyramid /synd) (1959) Newspaper Anthology hosted by Paul Stewart

The Roaring 20's (WB)(1960-62)
starring Donald May, Rex Reason, Dorothy Provine

Target: The Corruptors (Four Star/ABC) (1961-62) starring Stephen McNally
Saints and Sinners (Four Star/NBC) (1962-63) starring Nick Adams & John Larkin
The Lloyd Bridges Show (Four Star/CBS)(1962-63) host Lloyd Bridges
The Reporter (CBS) (Fall 1964) starring Harry Guardino & Gary Merrill

The Name of The Game (Universal/NBC) (1968-71) Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Tony Franciosa

Mobile One (Mark VII/Jack Webb/ABC)(Fall 1975) starring Jackie Cooper
Kingston: Confidential (Universal/NBC)(Summer 1977) Raymond Burr

The Andros Targets (CBS)(1977) starring James Sutorius
The American Girls (Fall 1978) starring Priscilla Barnes & Debra Clinger

 Lou Grant (MTM/CBS)(1977-82) (Newspaper/Reporter Drama series) starring Ed Asner

Glitter (Aaron Spelling/ABC) (1984-85)

Hard Copy (CBS)(1987) (Newspaper/Reporter Drama series) starring Michael Murphy

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