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US Documentaries

The Comeback Story (ABC)(1953-54) Documentary series

Wide Wide World (NBC)(1955-58) Documentary series hosted by Dave Garroway

The Passing Parade (1938-49 theatricals ) (1961-66 tv)  re-edited theatrical documentary shorts  

  Eyewitness to History-aka-Eyewitness (CBS) (1960-63) documentary series
It Was A Very Good Year (ABC) (1971 ) documentary series


US Talk Shows/ Discussion  Series

Meet the Press (CBS)(1947-present) each week 4 Journalists question a Politician

Critic At Large (ABC)(1948-49) hosted by John Mason Brown (half hour Arts Discussion)

Edward R. Murrow: Small Word (CBS) (1958-60) Sunday Afternoon Discussion series hosted by Edward R. Murrow

The Ben Hecht Show (ABC)(1958-59)(Mon-Fri)(late night talk)

U.S. War/Military Documentary series

March of Time  (1935-51) (Theatrical) Newsreel documentary series
March of Time (1951-53) (Television) Newsreel documentary series
Crusade in Europe (March of Time/ABC(1949) US Military Documentary series
Crusade in the Pacific (March of Time)(1952) US Military Documentary series
Ballets de France (March of Time)(1952)  Documentary series

Victory at Sea (NBC)(1952-53) WWII documentary series
On Guard (ABC)(1952-54) US military documentary series
Uncommon Valor (NBC)(1956-57) Marines WWII/Korea documentary series
Air Power (CBS)(1956-57) WWII documentary series
Adventure Tomorrow (ABC)(1957-60) US military documentary series
Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years (Screen Gems/ABC)(1960)  WWII documentary series

Sea Power ()(1960) Naval documentary series
Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman (Screen Gems/Synd) (1964 ) documentary series
World War One (CBS) ( 1964-65 ) WW1 documentary series- narrated by Robert Ryan
The Civil War   (  )  documentary series
Hell in the Pacific (UK) (2001)  WWII documentary series

U.S. Adventure Documentary series

Jack Douglas Adventure Documentaries : "I Search For Adventure" (1954-55)
"Bold Journey" (1956-59) "Seven League Boots" (1959) "Keyhole" (1962)

Keyhole (ZIV-UA) (1962) Semi-Documentary series Produced & Narrated by Jack Douglas
Kingdom of the Sea  (circa 1957)  Adventure documentary series
High Road To Danger (syndicated)(1958)  Adventure documentary series hosted by Steve Brodie
High Road (ABC)(1959-60)  Adventure documentary series hosted by John Gunther
Danger is my Business  (1958-59)  Adventure documentary series

U.S. Arts Documentary series

Camera Three (CBS 1956-79)(PBS 1979-80) Arts Documentary Anthology  

U.S. Movie/Showbiz Documentary series  -   Movie Archive

GeorgeJessel's Showbusiness (NTA/synd)(1958) showbiz documentary series
GeorgeJessel's Here Come the Stars (synd)(1968-69) showbiz specials/documentary series
Silents Please (ABC) (1960-61) Silent Movie Documentary series
Hollywood and The Stars (Wolper/UA/NBC)(1963-64)  movie documentary series
That's Hollywood   (TCF/synd )(1977-78) movie documentary series

Video  - A Tour of The White House with Mrs John F. Kennedy (1962) (6pt) 

U.S. Music Documentaries

Rock 'n' Roll: The First 25 Years (syndicated) (1982)(6 episodes)

Video  - Close To You: The Story of The Carpenters (2002 BBC Doc (5 parts)

  Video  - "Living Famously - Karen Carpenter" BBC Documentary (6 Parts)
    Video  - AE Biography - The Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak (5 Parts)

Video  - Phil Spector - Biography (8pt) + He's a Rebel (9pt) (documentary)

  Great Romances  & A&E Biographies  - see    US Biography Series 

Engineering, Construction, Science, Arts Documentaries

Video  - 21st Century Jet - Making the Boeing 777 (30pt)   (Channel Four)(1995)

Video - Super Structures - Eurotunnel (5pt)   (Discovery/Learning)

UFO Documentaries

Video  - UFO Documentary - Out Of The Blue (9pt)

Video  -   James Fox - I Know What I Saw (9pt)

UK Documentary Series  -   "This Is Your Life" (UK version)>

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