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U.S. Medical Drama series Guide


City Hospital (1951-52)(ABC) / (1952-53)(CBS)

The Doctor (syndicated title: The Visitor) (NBC)(1952-53) starring/host Warner Anderson
Janet Dean, Registered Nurse (syndicated)(1954-55) starring Ella Raines
Medic (NBC) (1954-55) Medical Anthology series, host Richard Boone
Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal (syndicated) (1955-57) starring John Howard
Doctor Christian (ZIV)(syndicated)(1956-57) starring MacDonald Carey
Noah's Ark (Jack Webb/NBC)(1956-57) Animal Doctor series starring Paul Burke

Diagnosis: Unknown (CBS)(Summer 1960) starring Patrick O'Neal

Dr Kildare (1961-66) starring Richard Chamberlain
Ben Casey (1961-66) starring Vince Edwards
The Eleventh Hour (1962-64) starring Wendell Corey, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Ging
The Nurses (1962-65) starring Shirl Conway
Breaking Point (1963-64) starring Paul Richards, Eduard Franz

Marcus Welby MD (1969-76) starring Robert Young
Medical Center (CBS) (1969-76) starring James Daly, Chad Everett

The Bold Ones - The Doctors (Universal/NBC)(1969-73) starring  E.G. Marshall, David Hartman, John Saxon


The Psychiatrist (Segment of "Four in One")(Univ/NBC) (1970-71) starring Roy Thinnes, Luther Adler
Matt Lincoln (ABC) (1970-71) starring Vince Edwards, Chelsea Brown

The Interns (CBS) (1970-71) starring Broderick Crawford

Dr. Simon Locke (US) (1971-72)/ Police Surgeon (Canada) (1972-74) Sam Groom

Emergency!(1972-79) starring Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup

Doc Elliot (1973-74) starring James Franciscus

Doctors Hospital (Univ/NBC) (1975-76) starring George Peppard
Medical Story (David Gerber/Columbia/NBC)(1975-76) Medical Anthology series
Westside Medical (1977) starring James Sloyan, Linda Carlson, Ernest Thompson
Quincy, M.E. (1976-83)(Medical-Crime Drama series) starring Jack Klugman

Having Babies / Julie Farr, M.D. (1976-78) starring Susan Sullivan

Rafferty (WB/CBS)(1977-78) Medical-Crime series starring Patrick McGoohan
Trapper John MD (1979-86) starring Pernell Roberts


St. Elsewhere (MTM/NBC)(1982-88) (Medical Drama) starring Ed Begley Jr. etc  (ensemble cast)

Ryan's Four (Paramount/ABC)(1983) (Medical Drama series) starring Tom Skerritt

Buck James (1987-88) starring Dennis Weaver
Island Son (Lorimar/WB)(1989-90) starring Richard Chamberlain

Kay O'Brien (CBS)(1986) Medical Drama series starring Patricia Kalember


Diagnosis Murder (Fred Silverman/ Dean Hargrove/CBS)(1992-2002) Medical-Crime series
starring Dick Van Dyke & Barry Van Dyke

ER (Constant c/John Wells/Amblin)(1994-2009) Medical Drama series starring
Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, Laura Ceron, Maura Tierney, Deezed D, Yvette Freeman, Goran Visnjic


House (2004-2012) Medical-Mystery series starring Hugh Laurie

U.S. Medical Comedy series

M*A*S*H (TCF/CBS)  (KoreanWar Medical Comedy series) (1972-83) starring Alan Alda

House Calls (1979-82)(Medical Comedy series) starring Wayne Rogers, Lynn Redgrave, Sharon Gless

U.S. Daytime Medical Drama series  - US Daytime Drama

Young Dr. Malone
US Daytime serial (30min)(29Dec58-29Mar63)
(sequel to "Today is Ours")

General Hospital
Created by Doris and Frank Hursley
US Daytime Medical Drama serial (1Apr63 - )
Premiered the same day as NBC's "The Doctors"

The Doctors
Created by Orin Tovrov
US Daytime Medical Drama serial/ anthology series (1Apr63 - )
Premiered the same day as ABC's "General Hospital"

 The Nurses
US Daytime Medical Drama serial (27Sep65-31Mar67)
Base on the Prime Time Drama series of the same title.

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