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U.S. Legal/Political Drama series Guide

The Black Robe aka Police Night Court (NBC)(Wed/Thur) (18May49-6Apr50) Anthology series based on actual Police Night Court Cases

They Stand Accused (originally titled "Cross Question") DuMont (1949-52)(revived 1954) Live Courtroom Dramas (60min)

Famous Jury Trials (DuMont) (1949-52) Live Courtroom Dramas (30min)


The Amazing Mr. Malone (ABC)(1951-52) starring Lee Tracy

Mr. District Attorney (ABC)(1951-52) starring Jay Jostyn

Justice (NBC)(1954-55) Gary Merrill, Dane Clark, William Prince
Public Defender (Hal Roach Studios)(1954-55) starring Reed Hadley
Mr. District Attorney (ZIV/First-Run Syndication)(1954-55) starring David Brian

On Trial/The Joseph Cotten Show (Revue/NBC)(1956-57) Legal Anthology Series

The Court of Last Resort (Walden/Paisano/NBC)(1957-58) starring Paul Birch, Lyle Bettger

Perry Mason (Paisano/CBS) (1957-66)
starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Talman, Ray Collins

Night Court USA (Sandy Howard/syndicated)(circa1958-61) starring Jay Jostyn

The Witness (Talent Associates/CBS)(1960-61)(Legal Drama series)
The Law and Mr. Jones (4 Star)(1960-62) starring James Whitmore

Cain's Hundred (MGM/NBC)(1961-62) starring Mark Richman
The Defenders
  (Herbert Brodkin/CBS)(1961-65) starring E.G. Marshall & Robert Reed
Sam Benedict (1962-63) starring Edmond O'Brien
Arrest and Trial (Revue)(1963-64) starring Ben Gazzara & Chuck Connors
Slattery's People (1964-65) starring Richard Crenna
For The People (CBS)(early 1965) starring William Shatner
The Trials of O'Brien (Filmways/CBS)(1965-66) starring Peter Falk
Judd for the Defense (1967-69) starring Carl Betz & Stephen Young

The Bold Ones - The Lawyers (Universal/NBC)(1969-72) starring Burl Ives, James Farentino, Joseph Campanella

 The Bold Ones - The Senatator (Universal/NBC)(1970-71) starring Hal Holbrook, Sharon Acker, Cindy Eilbacher, Michael Tolan

The Young Lawyers (Paramount/ABC)(1970-71) starring  Lee J. Cobb
Storefront Lawyers/ Men at Law (CBS)(1971-72) starring Robert Foxworth
The D.A. (Jack Webb/ NBC)(1971-72) starring Robert Conrad
OwenMarshall, Counselor at Law (Universal/ABC)(1971-74) starring Arthur Hill
Hawkins  (MGM/CBS) (1973-74) starring James Stewart, Strother Martin

Petrocelli (Miller-Milkis/Paramount/NBC)(1974-76) starring Barry Newman & Susan Howard

Kate McShane (CBS)(Fall 1975) Legal Drama series starring Anne Meara & Sean McClory

Rosetti and Ryan (Universal/NBC) (fall 1977) Legal Drama series starring Tony Roberts & Squire Fridell

The Paper Chase (1978-79) starring John Houseman & James Stephens
Kaz (1978-79) starring Ron Leibman, Patrick O'Neal, Linda Carlson


Perry Mason (revival)(Fred Silverman/ Dean Hargrove/ Viacom) (1985-93)
starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale,William Katt, William R. Moses

L.A. Law (MTM)(1986-94) Legal Drama series starring Corbin Bernsen etc (ensemble cast)

Matlock (Fred Silverman/ Dean Hargrove/ Viacom)(NBC/ABC) (1986-95)
starring Andy Griffith


The Trials of Rosie O'Neill (1990-92) starring Sharon Gless

Law & Order (Universal/NBC)(1990-2010) Legal/Crime series
starring Sam Waterston, S. Epatha Merkesrson, Jerry Orbach, Steven Hill, Jesse L. Martin

Jag (Belisarius/Paramount/NBC)(1995-2005) Navy/Marine Legal Drama series
starring David James Ellioot, Patrick Labyorteaux, Catherine Bell

The Practice (TCF/ABC)(1997-2004) Legal Drama series (ensemble cast)


Boston Legal (TCF/ABC)(2004-08) Legal Drama series starring William Shatner, James Spader

Harry's Law (David E. Kelley/WB)(2011-) Legal Drama series starring Kathy Bates

U.S. Legal Comedy series

Night Court (Starry Night/WB/NBC)(1984-92) Legal Comedy series starring Harry Anderson, John Larroquette 

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