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The Liberace Show (UK) (ITC) (1969)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Tom Alger
TV Guide / Library of Congress (telnet://locis.loc.gov)
Internet Movie Database (http://us.imdb.com)
UCLA Film and Television Archive
an ATV Colour production (Associated Television) (Taped at Elstree Studios, London, England)
the ITV network [UK] & the CBS network [USA]
Distributed world wide by Incorporated Television Company (ITC) (Lew Grade)
Produced by Colin Clews, Robert Tamplin, Bernard Rothman
UK Music Variety Series 1969  10 episodes x 60 min Color videotape
Host Liberace
The Jack Parnell Orchestra,  The Irving Davies Dancers
Georgia Moon, Richard Wattis

############## The Liberace Show #############
################## season 1969 ###############
################# U.K. Airdates ##############
ITV Network [UK] (Sundays)(18May69-27Jul69)

18 May 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
Engelbert Humperdinck
Terry Thomas
Dana Valery
Jack Wild
Richard Wattis
Georgina Moon

25 May 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
1969 Liberace Show Phyllis Diller Duet
1969 Liberace Show Lover and Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller
Millicent Martin
Dusty Springfield

1 June 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
Sacha Distel
The Duke of Bedford

8 June 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
Eve Arden
Ray Alan (ventriloquist)

15 June 1969 ITV Sun
1969 Liberace Show Liberace & Jack Benny
Jack Benny
Rolf Harris
The Bachelors
Liberace and Rolf Harris attempt to play a new novelty instrument called a 'Stylophone'.

1.6 [--] THE LIBERACE SHOW (ATV-ITC) (60 min)
22Jun69 ITV [UK] Sun
Eva Gabor
Frankie Vaughan
Moira Anderson
The Sandpipers

1.7 [--] THE LIBERACE SHOW (ATV-ITC) (60 min)
29 June 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
George Gobel
Trisha Noble

1.8 [--] THE LIBERACE SHOW (ATV-ITC) (60 min)
6 July 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
1969 Liberace Show Liberace and Minnie Pearl
Nancy Wilson
Minnie Pearl
Mike Newman (Comedian)

1.9 [--] THE LIBERACE SHOW (ATV-ITC) (60 min)
13 July 1969 ITV [UK] Sun
Janie Marden
Tessie O'Shea
Cliff Richard

[--] MAN ON THE MOON (live special showing 1st landing on the moon)
20/21Jul69 ITV Sun/Mon 6:00-1:00am
Introduced by David Frost

1.10 [--] THE LIBERACE SHOW (ATV-ITC) (60 min) (last in series)
27Jul69 ITV [UK] Sun (times vary in regions)
Chad Everett
Dick Shawn
Shani Wallis

############## The Liberace Show #############
################## season 1969 ###############
################# U.S. Airdates ##############
Summer Replacement Series for "The Red Skelton Hour"
"The Liberace Show" (From 15Jul1969 - 16Sep1969 CBS, Tuesdays 8:30pm Eastern)

15Jul1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Jack Benny
The Bachelors (Irish singing group)
Rolf Harris (Australian Singer)
Susan Maughan (British singer)

22Jul1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Eva Gabor
Frankie Vaughan (British Singer)
The Sandpipers (vocal trio)
Moira Anderson (Scottish Singer)
--Newspaper article:
Eva Gabor In Liberace Spotlight
Eva Gabor, co-star of the popular "Green Acres" series, provides the comedy, and song star Frankie Vaughan,
The Sandpipers vocal trio and Scottish songstress Moira Anderson do the singing on the second edition of
The Liberace Show Tuesday, July 22.
Miss Gabor, in a comedy spot, tries to explain her discovery of Shakespeare to her host, then joins Liberace
in a duet of "There Must Be Something Better Than Love."
Frankie Vaughan sings "Mame" and "There Goes My Heart," and The Sandpipers offer "Hey Jude" and "The Wonder of You."
Moira Anderson solos "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?" and teams with Liberace in a rendition of "My Ain Folk."
Liberace and his singing manservant Richard Wattis are heard in "Where Would I Be Without You?" Attractive
Georgina Moon also is present as Liberace's piquant maidservant.
Liberace seats himself at his honky-tonk piano to play "There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano,"
a medley number, in which he appears
with Eva Gabor, Frankie Vaughan and the Irving Davies Dancers.
In the Concert Spot, Liberace plays the theme from "Exodus."
Backgrounds are provided by the Mike Sammes Singers and Jack Parnell and his orchestra. [TA]

29Jul1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Nancy Wilson (Singer)
Minnie Pearl (Hillbilly Comedienne)
Mike Newman (Irish comedian)
The Chelsea Pensioners (British variety stars)
--Newspaper article:
Minnie Pearl on the Liberace Show
The comedy antics of Minnie Pearl, Mike Newman and the Chelsea Pensioners, along with the smooth singing of special
guest star Nancy Wilson, will be featured oh The Liberace Show Tuesday, July 29.
Singer Nancy Wilson offers "Make Me Rainbows" and "Too Long at the Fair," and joins Liberace for a duet of "The Two of Us."
Minnie Pearl, famed for 28 years as "the ol' country girl" in "Grand Ol' Opry," introduces a hillbilly flavor into Liberace's
luxurious salon when she drops in with tales and news about the folks back home in Grinder's Switch and joins her host on his
piano bench for a duet of "Hey Minnie Pearl."
Irish comedian Mike Newman adds his particular touch to the proceedings by relating some typically Irish incidents.
The Chelsea Pensioners (Eddie Connor, Jack Haig, Sid Harrison, Max Harrison, Reg Lever and Leslie Sarony) veteran British
variety stars who are still going strong, form a lively chorus line to assist Liberace in a rendition of "Puttin' on the Ritz."
For his concert, Liberace offers "Look of Love." He also plays "Tico-Tico," "Nola" and "The Blue Danube."
Richard Wattis and Georgina Moon, as Liberace's manservant and maid, and
the Irving Davies. Dancers are also featured. [TA]

05Aug1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
George Gobel
Nina And Frederik (Danish husband-and-wife song team)
Trisha Noble (Australian-Born singer, dancer and actress)
André Tahon (French puppeteer)
--Newspaper article:
Liberace Will Be Host To Gobel, Song Team
Comedian George Gobel, the Danish husband-and-wife song team of Nina and Frederik, Australian-born singer-dancer-actress
Trisha Noble and French puppeteer André Tahon serve, up an international potpourri of music and comedy as guests on
"The Liberace Show" Tuesday, Aug. 5.
Gobel comes onto host Liberace's London-based show adorned in a British guardsman's busby, and Scottish kilt implemented
by a polo mallet and show-shoes. According to his story, he has just gate-crashed Buckingham
Palace. After discarding, his accessories, he joins Liberace in a mamba number titled "Aruba Liberace."
Nina and Frederik, in private life the Countess and Count van Pallandt, sing their original interpretation of
"Baby It's Cold Outside."
Trisha Noble displays several facets of her ability in a dramatic singing and dancing rendition of "Aquarius," backed by
the Irving-Davies Dancers. She also teams with Liberace in "I Like the Likes of You." André Tahon performs his endearing
puppet mice act, which has twice been seen in royal variety performances in London.
Providing their impeccable British touch to the international scene are regulars Richard Wattis and Georgina Moon as
Liberace's butler and maid.
Liberace's keyboard Concert Spot is Liszt's Concerto in A Flat Major. He also plays "Falling in Love" and "The Impossible Dream." [TA]

12Aug1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Engelbert Humperdinck (Britsh Singer)
Dana Valery (Italian Singer)
Terry-Thomas (Comedy Actor)
Jack Wild (Comedy Actor)
--Newspaper article:
Singers Engelbert Humperdinck and Dana Valery and comedy entertainers Terry-Thomas and Jack Wild are guests
on The Liberace Show Tuesday, Aug. 12.
Britain's Humperdinck offers "Man Without Love" and "Marry Me," and joins Liberace and Terry-Thomas,
also a Briton, in an exuberant version of "You Gotta Gave a Gimmick."
Terry-Thomas exchanges quips with Liberace and is accompanied by the noted pianist as he plucks away at
the bajolele in a rendition of "Five Foot Two."
Italian-born singer Dana Valery solos with "I Will Wait for You" and teams with Liberace in a duet of "Flattery."
Jack Wild, who played the Artful Dodger in the British film "Oliver!," dresses in Liberace-type clothes to
crack pokes with the star and to perform a duet, "I Wanna Be Rich." His solo song is "Consider Yourself."
Liberace's Concert Spot features a medley of Chopin and Liszt compositions. He also plays "Love Is Blue" and "Georgy Girl."
In evidence, too, are Richard Wattis as Liberace's "gentleman's gentleman" and Georgina Moon as his maid.
The Irving Davies dancers appear in production numbers. Vocal backgrounds are by the Mike Sammes Singers.
Jack Parneil's orchestra, conducted by Gordon Robinson, provides accompaniment. [TA]

19Aug1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Eve Arden
Matt Monro (British Singer)
Mary Hopkin (Welsh Singer)
Ray Alan (British Ventriloquist) with his dummy, Lord Charles
--From newspaper listings:
Eve Arden Enters Liberace's studio and proceeds to turn everything around when she performs in this edition of the taped-in London hour.
Eve Arden is typically wonderful on The Liberace Show, including her vocalizing to a song titled 'Typically English. "
The well-cast show also includes singer Mary Hopkin and Matt Monro and the ventriloquist's dummy, "Lord Charles."
Liberace's offerings include "Alley Cat," "Tea For Two" and portions of Tchaikovsky's B-Flat Minor Concerto. [TA]

26Aug1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Stu Gilliam
Sacha Distel (French Singer)
Anita Harris (British Singer)
--Newspaper description:
Stu Gilliam Welcomed By Liberace
Banter by American comedian Stu Gilliam, the music of French singer Sacha Distel and British songstress Anita
Harris and a visit by the Duke of Bedford are guest features of The Liberace Show Tuesday, Aug. 26.
Gilliam, in London for the first time in, his life, does a comedy routine on the British-based show.
Distel sings "The Good Life" and "L.O.V.E."
Miss Harris offers "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" and joins Liberace in "Doodlin' Song."
The Duke of Bedford, for his first television appearance in an entertainment show, chats with Liberace
and shows pictures of Woburn Abbey, his ancestral home.
Regulars Richard Wattis and Georgina Moon, as Liberace's man-servant and maid, are also featured; Wattis joins
Liberace in a duet of "Everything Stops for Tea."
In a spectacular production number, "Silent Movies," Liberace gives a "Home on the Range" impression of the
late Western movie hero, Tom Mix, Sacha Distel impersonates Rudolf Valentino, Anita Harris is a vamp in a portrayal
of Theda Bara, Stu Gilliam imitates Charlie Chaplin and all four stars, together with the Irving Davis Dancers,
do a Keystone Kops routine.
Liberace at the piano plays "Tritsch Tratsch Polka" and "Yesterday." [TA]

02Sep1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Phyllis Diller
Dusty Springfield (British Singer)
Millicent Martin
(British Singer/Actress)
--Newspaper description:
Phyllis Diller to Guest On The Liberace Show
The comedy antics of Phyllis Diller and the song stylings of Millicent Martin and Dusty Springfield provide all-feminine
guest entertainment on the Liberace Show, Tuesday, Sept. 2.
Miss Diller, the self-labeled "worst-dressed woman in the world," engages in a cross chat with elegantly attired host
Liberace and joins him in a hilarious new piano rendition of "The Blue Danube."
Miss Martin, in a desert island setting peopled by the Irving Davies Dancers, sings "An Occasional Man" and duets with
Liberace in a vocal rendition of "When I'm 64." She also takes part with her host and Dusty Springfield in three comedy sketches.
Miss Springfield, popular British songstress, offers "For Once in My Life" and "The Second Time Around."
Liberace's Concerto Spot is a Parisian medley, and his other piano numbers include "Lover," "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" and
"A Man and a Woman."
Richard Wattis and Georgina Moon appear as Liberace's butler and maid. Musical backgrounds are by Jack Parnell and his orchestra. [TA]

09Sep1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Tessie O'Shea (British Singer)
Larry Storch
Cliff Richard (British Singer)
--Newspaper article:
Comedian Larry Storch, variety artist Tessie O'Shea, and singers Cliff Richard and Janie Marden are-guest stars on The Liberace Show.
Storch exchanges witticisms with Liberace and brings out his baby saxophone to join the pianist host in a little "Hot Toddy."
Veteran entertainer Tessie O'Shea prefers the banjolele as an instrument, as she demonstrates when she sings
and plays a ditty titled "Cuddle Me in the Clover."
She also sings, with the support of the Irving Davies Dancers, "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts," joins
Liberace in a vocal duet of "London Is a Bit of All Right" and takes to the dance floor with her host to the tune of "Cheek to Cheek."
India-born, England-reared singer Cliff Richard offers "Good Times,"' "Something Good" and "If Ever I Would Leave You."
Miss Marden, popular and attractive British songstress, render a classic ballad, "The Folks Who Live on the Hill."
Liberace does a unique piano version of "Mack the Knife." He also plays "Twelfth Street Rag" and "Latin Concerto" and brings all his
guests together for"One of Those Songs."
Jack Parnell and his orchestra and the Mike Sammes Singers provide musical backings, and Richard Wattis and Georgina Moon attend to
the domestic requirements as Liberace's manservant and maid. [TA]
Note: "banjolele," on the following description, is the correct instrument/spelling according to Tessie O'Shea's Wikipedia page:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tessie_O%27Shea [TA]

[US-10] THE LIBERACE SHOW [Final Episode]
16Sep1969 CBS Tues
Guest Stars:
Chad Everett
Dick Shawn

Shani Wallis (British Singer/Actress)
David Garrick,
and Mrs. Liberace, the pianist's mother.
Musical Highlights:
Liberace plays Liszt's "Hungarian Fantasy."
Liberace serenades his mother at the piano with "I Want My Mama" and "For You."
Chad Everett - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."
Shani Wallis sings "Music That Makes Me Dance."
Shani Wallis and Liberace - medley: "Remember Me," "For Me
and My Gal," "My Blue Heaven," "At Sundown" "I've Told Every Little
Star," "You Were Meant for Me" and "Tea for Two."
Dick Shawn and Liberace - "Hello, Everybody" and "Me and My Shadow."
David Garrick - "Land of a Thousand Dances" (backed by the Irving Davies Dancers) and "Celeste Aida."
Finale: Liberace & guests perform "Hello Dolly."
--Newspaper article:
Liberace's celebrated "Mom" joins guests Chad Everett, Dick Shawn, Shani Wallis and David Garrick on The Liberace Show Tuesday,
Sept. 16 (8:30-9:30) in color on the CBS Television Network.
Everett, who stars in "Medical Center," which premieres Sept. 24 on the CBS Television Network, makes a rare
digression from straight acting roles to sing "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."
Mrs. Liberace flew from the United States to London, the show's home base, to appear with her son, who serenades
here at the piano with "I Want My Mama" and "For You."
Shawn, accompanied by Liberace, sings "Hello Everybody and "Me and My Shadow." For her solo Shani Wallis offers a romantic ballad,
"The Music That Makes Me Dance." Her duet medley with Liberace includes "Remember Me," "For Me and My Gal," "My Blue Heaven,"
"At Sundown," "I've Told Every Little Star," "You Were Meant for Me" and "Tea for Two."
David Garrick, British singing idol, does "Land of A Thousand Dances," backed by the Irving Davies Dancers and sings "Celeste Aida."
Liberace plays Liszt's "Hungarian Fantasy" and brings all the guests together for a grand finale, "Hello, Dolly!" [TA]

  The Liberace Show (US) (NBC) (1952)
NBC Production
Produced by Joe Landis
(1Jul52-28Aug52)(NBC) (Tuesdays &Thursday) (7:30-7:45pm ET)(15 min twice weekly)

Summer Replacement for "The Dinah Shore Show"

The Liberace Show (US) (syndicated) (1953-55)
 Guild Films Production for US syndication
 Produced by Louis D. Sander & Robert Sander (30 min)
Host: Liberace (pianist)
and featuring
George Liberace (Music Director/ Orchestra Leader, violinist)

The Liberace Show - (1/3) (1953)
The Liberace Show - (2/3) (1953)
The Liberace Show - (3/3) (1953)

[--] The Liberace Show (1953-55): TRIBUTE TO HAWAII
Tani Marsh (Hula Dancer), Dell-Finn Poaha (Hula Dancer)
Freddie (Singer/Ukelele Player) Danny Tuana (Singer/Ukelele Player)
Danny Stewart (Musician)
Liberace hosts a celebration of Hawaii in music and dance. Featured are traditional songs of Hawaii
such as "Aloha Oe" and "Hawaiian War Chant" and novelty tunes such as "Lovely Hula Hands" and
"The Cockeyed Mayor of the Town of Kaki". Liberace is assisted by two lovely hula dancers as well as
native Hawaiian musicians.

[--] The Liberace Show (1953-55): AMERICAN COMPOSERS
George Liberace sings and plays songs from America's greatest composers, including
Irving Berlin, Stephen Foster, George Gershwin, Edward MacDowell, Cole Porter.

[--] The Liberace Show (1953-55): GREAT LADIES IN THEATRE TRIBUTE
Sandy Ellis (Singer)
The Duncan Sisters (Vivian Duncan, Rosetta Duncan)(Singers)
Liberace plays tribute to great vocalists of the American theater, such as
Lillian Russell, Helen Morgan, Carmen Miranda and the Duncan Sisters.

[--] The Liberace Show (1953-55): GREAT PERSONALITIES
Nick Lucas (Singer / Guitarist)
Gilda Gray (Singer)
Ralph Sigwald (voice of Pagliacci)
Liberace and guests Nick Lucas and Gilda Gray perform familiar works associated with great performers,
such as Ted Heath, Sophie Tucker, Eddie Cantor, Ignace Paderewski, Enrico Caruso and... Jack Benny

[--] The Liberace Show (1953-55): THANKSGIVING
Little Bear (Pueblo Indian Dancer)
Liberace invites us to his Thanksgiving holiday celebration, playing and singing songs of the season,
as well as classical numbers such as Falla's 'Ritual Fire Dance' which a Hopi Indian dances to.

[--] The Liberace Show (1953-55): CHRISTMAS SHOW
December 1953
Christmas Guests:
Gordon Robinson, Jane Liberace, Angie Liberace, Diane Liberace, Frances Liberace, Freddy Liberace
Isabel Liberace, Rudy Liberace, Rudy Liberace Jr.
The Liberace Show (US) (ABC) (1958-59)
 ABC Production
(13Oct58-10Apr59)(ABC) (Daytime) (30 min)

Regulars: Erin O'Brien, Marilyn Lovell, Dick Roman
Announcer: Steve Dunne
Orchestra: George Robinson

############## The Liberace Show #############
################## the end #################

1969 Liberace Show Boogie Woogie
1969 Liberace Show Mack the Knife
1969 Liberace Show Tico Tico
1969 Liberace Show playing Tchaikovsky
1969 Liberace Show Tiger Rag (Better Quality)
1969 Liberace Show El Cumbanchero/Cumana/Malaguena
1969 Liberace Show The 12th Street Rag
1969 Liberace Show The Look of Love
1969 Liberace Show Moonlight Sonata/ How Insensitive
1969 Liberace Show Playing a Polka
1969 Liberace Show Classical Liberace
Liberace Show 1969 Tiger Rag and Promo
1969 Liberace Show Liszt Concerto in A Major
1969 Liberace Show Nola

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