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Crossroads (original)(1964-1988)
Associated TeleVision (ATV)(2Nov64-Dec81)
Central Independent Television (Jan82-1988)
for ITV
UK Soap Opera 1964-1988 4510 episodes
start date - 2Nov64  /   end date - Easter Mon 1988
fully networked from 1973 /  not shown in Granada region until 1970

Noele Gordon .... Meg Richardson/Mortimer (1964-1981)
Ronald Allen .... David Hunter (1964-1985)
Tony Adams .... Adam Chance
Paul Henry .... Benny Hawkins
Jane Rossington .... Jill Richardson/Chance (1964-1988)
Susan Hanson as Diane Parker "Miss Diane" (married to Carl Wayne in real life)
Sue Nicholls as Marilyn Gates
(hit record "Where Will You Be" Pye 7N 17565 in the charts for 8 weeks reaching no. 17)
Kathy Staff as Doris Luke
Ann George as Amy Turtle
Roger Tonge .... Sandy Richardson (1964-????)
John Bentley .... Hugh Mortimer (married Meg Richardson)
Sue Lloyd .... Barbara Hunter  (married David Hunter)
Gabrielle Drake .... Nicola Freeman (1985-1988)
Philip Goodhew .... Daniel Freeman (ca. 1990?)
Roy Boyd .... Eddie Lee
Angus Lennie .... Shughie McFee
Stan Stenett .... Sid Hooper
Pamela Vezey .... Kath Brownlow (married to Arthur Brownlow)
Max Wall .... Wally Soper
Carolyn Jones as Sharon Metcalfe
Peter Hill as Arthur Brownlow
Lynette McMorrough as Glenda Brownlow / Glenda Banks
Sandor Eles as Paul Ross (head chef/wine waiter)
Jack Woolgar as Carney (1975)
Fiona Curzon as Faye Mansfield (1975)
Margaret Nolan as Denise Paget (1983)
Wendy Williams as Sally Banks (1982-83)
Dorota Zienska as Anna Radek (1984-85)
Jean Kent
Reginald Marsh
Dee Hepburn as Anne-Marie Wade (1987)
Francesca Gonshaw
Heather Chasen as Valerie Pollard
Michael Turner as J.Henry Pollard
Claire Faulconbridge as Miranda Pollard
David Moran as Kevin Banks (marries Glenda Brownlow)
Carl Andrews as Joe MacDonald (1985) (black car mechanic)
Charmain Eyre as Mavis Hooper (1985)

Ivor Slater as Reg Cotterill (1979-80)
Merdelle Jordine as Joe MacDonald's wife
Angela Webb as Iris Scott
Kate Binchy as Gloria Tilling



Lost 70s

Crossroads - Episode 126 (Part 1 of 2)

Crossroads - Episode 126 (Part 2 of 2)

crossroads 1969 closing

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Crossroads 1895 Pt.2. (circa 1973)

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Crossroads - Episode 2247 (Part 2 of 2)

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Open Air - Crossroads 1987 - Part One

Open Air - Crossroads 1987 - Part Two

Crossroads Fan Club 1989 '25th' Convention

Rosemary Is Feeling Something Common

Jill's End  / 

Goodbye Diane  /  End Of Diane Part 1  /   End Of Diane Part 2

David Hunter Sacked

Amy Turtle Returns

Noele Gordon - ITV Tribute   /  Noele Gordon's Funeral

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ATV Night Minute Long Trailer

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Kathy Staff - 1984 This Is Your Life - Part 1of 2

Kathy Staff - 1984 This Is Your Life - Part 2 of 2

Kathy Staff Interview 2005

Crossroads (revival)(2001-2003)
 Central Independent Television
for  ITV
Start Date 5 March 2001

Series Cast included:
Jane Gurnett as Kate Russell
Di Sherlock as Oona Stocks
Jane Asher as Angel Samson  

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