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Season 11 (ATV/ITV) (1965-66)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
TV Times / Library of Congress (telnet://locis.loc.gov)
Internet Movie Database (http://us.imdb.com)
UCLA Film and Television Archive
Variety magazine (www.varietyultimate.com)
Glasgow Evening Times newspaper (Google news archive)
TV Pop Diaries (http://www.tvpopdiaries.co.uk/)
Ray Langstone

  Playlist -  Sunday Night at The London Palladium


### Sunday Night at The London Palladium ####
############## season 11 1965-66 ##############

The New London Palladium Show (26Sep65-12Dec65)
Hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck
Series regulars:
London Palladium Dancers
Jack Parnell and his Orchestra

11.01 [--] The New London Palladium Show [BFI] (episode survives)
26-Sept-1965 ATV ITV
compered by Jimmy Tarbuck
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (comedians)
sing "Goodbye-ee"
Frankie Vaughan (comes up from the audience)
sings "Side by Side" duet with Jimmy Tarbuck
Edmund Hockeridge (ballad singer)
singing "Some Enchanted Evening"
The Searchers (rock group)
singing: "When I Get Home"
Susan Lane (opera singer)
singing: "This is my beloved"
Sara Miles (actress)
plugging her latest film
"Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines"
Peter Paul and Mary (folk group)
singing: "Early Morning Rain" "The First Time ever I saw your face"
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, in the guise of Dagenham philosophers Pete and Dud, discuss weighty issues over a pint (or two).

03-Oct-1965 ATV ITV London Sun 8:25pm (ABC 7:25pm)
The Hollies
(performing "Look Through Any Window")
Susan Maughan
Pete Seeger
Frankie Howerd

11.03 [--] THE NEW LONDON PALLADIUM SHOW (missing)
10-Oct-1965 ATV
Mike Yarwood
Shirley Bassey
Judith Durham & The Seekers
Ivor Emmanuel
Mrs. Mills
Hermione Gingold
compered by Jimmy Tarbuck (to be verified)

11.04 [--] THE NEW LONDON PALLADIUM SHOW (missing)
17-Oct-1965 ATV ITV
Dusty Springfield
Michael Bentine
Eddie Calvert
The New Faces

11.05 [--] THE NEW LONDON PALLADIUM SHOW (episode survives)
24-Oct-1965 ATV ITV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
The Fortunes
(perform "Here It Comes Again")
Michael Bentine
Eleanor Toner
(sings "Danny Boy")
Cliff Richard
sings "Standing In the Corner" with Jimmy Tarbuck.
Frank Berry
The Bachelors
Topo Gigio
(Italian mouse puppet presented by Maria Perego).

11.06 [--] THE NEW LONDON PALLADIUM SHOW (episode survives)
31-Oct-1965 ATV ITV Sun 8:25pm
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Spike Milligan
George Raft
Paul & Barry Ryan
(singing "Don't Bring Me Your Heartaches")
Russ Conway
David Nixon

[--] 07-Nov-1965 ATV - pre-empted for "The Prince of Wales Theatre"
Sun 8:25-9:25pm (STV, Border, Ulster)
starring (according to imdb):
Adam Faith, Sandie Shaw, Lawrence & Carol, Palermo & Phillips, Audrey Jeans
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck


[--] 14-Nov-1965 ATV - pre-empted for "Royal Variety Performance"
Sun 7:25-10:25pm (STV, Border, Ulster)

[--] 1965 The Royal Variety Show #6 ITV [not on BFI]
Shirley Bassey, Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore, The Dave Clark Five
Tony Bennett, Johnny Halliday, The Kaye Sisters, Peter Paul and Mary
Frank Ifield, Dusty Springfield
According to the 13Nov65 Glasgow Evening Times:
The musical guests are Ken Dodd; The Dave Clark Five; The Seekers; Peter, Paul and Mary; Shirley Bassey; Tony Bennett, Johnny Halliday; Dusty Springfield; and The Kaye Sisters.
Comedy is provided by Max Bygraves, Jack Benny, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Hope and Keen, Spike Milligan, and Peter Sellers.
Neville King (ventriloquist), The Carmenas (acrobats and tumblers) and Lilly Yokoi (trick cyclist).

11.07 [--] The New London Palladium Show [BFI] (episode survives)
21-Nov-1965 ATV Sun 8:25pm
Cliff Richard & the Shadows
Robert Harbin
Charlie Drake with Henry McGee
Freddie Davies
dancers: The Palladium Dancers
compered and introduced by Jimmy Tarbuck
music performance: Jack Parnell and his Orchestra
music performance: The Michael Sammes Singers
Musical Highlights:
Cliff Richard sings "Fly Me To The Moon."
The Shadows perform "The Warlord."
Cliff Richard & the Shadows - "Memories are Made of This," "Fall In Love With You," "Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)" and a medley of hits.

11.08 [--] The New London Palladium Show
28-Nov-1965 ATV
Tony Martin
Cleo Laine & the Johnny Dankworth Seven
Des Lane
Musical Highlights:
Cleo Laine & the Johnny Dankworth Seven - "Please Donít Talk About Me When Iím Gone."
Des Lane (a "penny-whistle" musician) performs "A Walk in the Black Forest."

11.09 [--] The New London Palladium Show (missing)
05-Dec-1965 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
The Honeycombs
(performing "That's The Way").
Richard "Mr. Pastry" Hearne (comedian)
Ray Fell (comedian-vocalist)

11.10 [--] The New London Palladium Show (final NEW) (missing)
12-Dec-1965 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Frank Ifield
Marie Collier
Tracey Rogers ("Love Story")
The Bachelors ("Hello Dolly")

[--] 19-Dec-1965 ATV - pre-empted for "The Kelvin Hall Circus"
Border & Ulster aired "The Kelvin Hall Circus" from 8:25-9:25pm.
STV aired "The Kevin Hall Circus" from 7:25-8:25pm.

11.11 [--] The New London Palladium Show: The Palladium's Christmas Special (missing)
26-Dec-1965 ATV Sun 7:25-8:55pm (90 min Christmas Special)
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Frankie Vaughan
Eddie Calvert
Jim Dale
Ray Fell

The Palladium Show (1966-69)
ATV Network Production for the ITV Network [UK] (2Jan66 - 02Feb69)

The Palladium Show (1966-69)
ATV Network Production for the ITV Network [UK] (2Jan66 - 02Feb69)

11.12 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #1 (missing)
(still billed as "The New London Palladium Show" in The Viewer)
02-Jan-1966 ATV ITV Sun 8:25-9:25pm
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Shirley Bassey
(sings "The Liquidator")
The Alexander Brothers
Frank Berry
Acker Bilk
Orchestra under the Direction of: Peter Knight
Compered and Introduced by Jimmy Tarbuck
Dance Direction by Pamela Davis
Designed by Henry Graveney
ATV Production

11.13 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #2 (missing)
09-Jan-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Charlie Drake
Henry McGee
The Square Pegs

11.14 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #3 (missing)
16-Jan-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
The Bachelors
Peter Nero
The Beverley Sisters

11.15 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #4 (missing)
23-Jan-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
The Overlanders
Frankie Vaughan and The V Men (including Red Price on saxophone)

11.16 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #5 (missing)
30-Jan-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Petula Clark
The Countrymen

11.17 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #6 (missing)
06-Feb-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Pat Boone
The Kaye Sisters
The Morlidor Trio (male contortionist w/ two female assistants)

11.18 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #7 (missing)
13-Feb-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Cilla Black
Gerry & The Pacemakers

11.19 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #8 (missing)
20-Feb-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Dave King
Kenny Ball
Rudi Schweitzer
Dickie Valentine

11.20 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #9 (missing)
27-Feb-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Matt Monro

11.21 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #10 (missing)
06-Mar-1966 ATV
Frank Ifield
Russ Conway
Jack Douglas & Jack Haig
The Theron Dollies

11.22 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #11 (missing)
13-Mar-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Kathy Kirby
The Bachelors
Andy Stewart
The Dallas Boys

11.23 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #12 [BFI] (colour test copy survives)
The first ever colour recording of THE LONDON PALLADIUM SHOW
"test" colour recording & the b/w version was transmitted on
20th March 1966 ATV London
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Roy Orbison
Judith Durham and The Seekers
Julie Rogers
The Biasinis
Ray Fell (who later hosted the show)
Musical highlights:
Roy Orbison sings "Oh, Pretty Woman," "In Dreams," "Twinkletoes" and "It's Over."
The Seekers perform "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen," "Someday, One Day" and "Open Up Them Pearly Gates."
Julie Rogers - "In My Room" and 1 other song.
This was an experimental COLOR edition (color television didnít officially make it to ITV until late 1969).
A "test" recording at ITC's expense whilst Lew Grade was setting up a
6--episode deal with NBC. I would think he had to take a ready made
"pilot" over with him to show Network bosses. [AC]

11.24 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #13 (missing)
27-Mar-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Nina and Frederick
Lonnie Donegan
Topo Gigio
scheduled guest:
Steve Forrest (star of "The Baron")

11.25 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #14 (missing)
03-Apr-1966 ATV
Tom Jones
The Oscar Peterson Trio
Dave Allen
Will Gaines
Musical highlights:
Tom Jones & The Squires perform "Autumn Leaves" and "Itís Not Unusual."

11.26 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #15 (missing)
10-Apr-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Kathy Kirby
Henry Youngman

11.27 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #16 (missing)
17-Apr-1966 ATV
Trini Lopez
Jean Claude
Edmund Hockridge
Richiardi Jr.

24-Apr-1966 ATV ITV Sun 8:25-9:25pm
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck

01May-1966 ATV ITV Sun 8:25-9:25pm
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck

08May-1966 ATV ITV Sun 8:25-9:25pm
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Dusty Springfield

11.28 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #17 (missing)
15-May-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
Liza Minnelli
The Hollies
The Agostinos
David Nixon

22-May-1966 ATV Sun 8:25-9:25pm
Woody Allen, Janie Marden, Lisa Shane, Acker Bilk, the Hamarnies (spelling?), The Castors
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck

Review (from the 01June1966 issue of Weekly Variety):
Prince of Wales
Currently playing in "Casino Royale," American patterman Woody Allen did the fresh air bit for this otherwise routine variety bill. His nervous, 1966-neurotic act was a joy to the more sophisticated, with something left over for most of the rest. He got home strongly with the latter on several occasions with his more obvious sex whimsies.
Major drawback on this stint was his lack of time. It seemed no sooner had he got sparking than he was hauled off (leaving with a "gesture of intense symbolism": the jacking up of the 45 degreed mike). But his brief spot served to underline the need locally for a hip counterpart who could operate on this level of psycho-humor.
By stark contrast, Jimmy Tarbuck brought forth some inane gags; a low line of fun which could not be propped by the cheeky personality which permeates his hosting chore.
A refreshing spot came from Janie Marden, who was in great form with "On A Wonderful Day Like Today" and "Who Can I Turn To?" Her true voice, style and delivery mark her as one of the brightest talents since Shirley Bassey.
Barbra Streisand's stand-in, Lisa Shane, tipped to take over the former's "Funny Girl" role, next month, came on powerfully to inject zest into "Don't Rain On My Parade" and feeling into "People." Slick though the latter attempt was, it fell short in comparison with the Streisand version on which it heavily leaned.
The infectious good time jazz of the Acker Bilk unit was a foot-tapping interlude. And the Hamarnies practiced their juggling skills to an incredible degree. But such accomplishments have become so commonplace on TV that the effect was limited. The logrolling Castors suffered a similar ill-deserved fate, for their similar act.
(reviewer: Wat)

11.29 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #18 (missing)
29-May-1966 ATV
Susan Maughan
Mike Yarwood
Bobby Jule
Erroll Garner
The Carmenas (aka The Two Carmenas)

[--] TARBUCK AT THE PRINCE OF WALES: 05Jun66 ATV Sun 8:25-9:25pm
Frank Ifield

11.30 [--] THE PALLADIUM SHOW #19 (missing)
12-June-1966 ATV
presenter: Jimmy Tarbuck
The Walker Brothers
Dickie Valentine
The Myrons

Note: Val Parnell was associated with series up to episode 11.31 from 12 June 1966.

######### The London Palladium Show ##########
############## end of season 11 ###############

The Blackpool Show (Summer 1966)

 ABC Weekend Television Production

 Host  Tony Hancock

1.01 [--] The Blackpool Show?19-June-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun 10:05 - 11:05 pm (first edition)
presenter: Tony Hancock
guests?Ray Alan (ventriloquist) ?Deryck Guyler  ?Hope and Keen (Mike Hope & Albie Keen) ?Matt Monro  ?Marion Montgomery ?

1.02 [--] The Blackpool Show?26-June-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?Arthur Askey?Kathy Kirby
The Dallas Boys??

1.03 [--] The Blackpool Show?3-July-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?The Bachelors  ?Barbara Law ?Allan Sherman  ??

1.04 [--] The Blackpool Show?10-July-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?Terry Hall ?Frankie Howerd ?The Kaye Sisters ??

1.05 [--] The Blackpool Show?17-July-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?Roy Castle ?Elaine Taylor ?Arthur Worsley (ventriloquist)

??1.06 [--] The Blackpool Show?24-July-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?Dave Allen ?The Seekers
Jimmy Clitheroe  ??

1.07 [--] The Blackpool Show?31-July-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?Jeannie Carson ?Freddie Davies ?Bob Monkhouse
The Rockiní Berries??

1.08 [--] The Blackpool Show?7-Aug-1966 ABC-TV (UK) Sun
guests?Bruce Forsyth ?Peter Goodwright ?Anita Harris

The Bruce Forsyth Show (Summer 1966)
(ABC or ATV?  Production) (6 episodes x 60min)(14Aug66-18Sep66) ITV Sundays 10:05-11:05pm

14-Aug-1966 ITV Sun 10:05-11:05pm
Tom Jones
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

21-Aug-1966 ITV Sun 10:05-11:05pm
Tommy Cooper
Dudley Moore with The Dudley Moore Trio

28-Aug-1966 ITV Sun 10:05-11:05pm
Michael Des Barres
Kathy Kirby
Ronnie Carroll

04-Sep-1966 ITV Sun 10:05-11:05pm
Frankie Howerd
Julie Rogers

11-Sep-1966 ITV Sun 10:05-11:05pm
Diana Dors
The Morgan-James Duo

18-Sep-1966 ITV Sun 10:05-11:05pm
Roy Castle
Joanna Lumley (imdb)

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