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 (Westinghouse/ Syndicated)(Season 1964-65)
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Westinghouse Production for Syndication


US Daytime Music/Talk Program 1964-65 x 90min

Host: Regis Philbin

with regulars:
The Terry Gibbs Sextet

Originates live from Hollywood
from the Hollywood Playhouse on LaMirada Ave and Vine Street.

Replaced "The Steve Allen Show"


########### That Regis Philbin Show ##########
################ season 1964-65 ##############
Daytime Mon-Fri 10:30am-Midday

[01] That Regis Philbin Show
26Oct1964 [Press-Telegram][Valley Independent][Oakland]
02Nov1964 [Tucson]
09Nov1964 [Debut] New Mexico listing
Regis Philbin, television's newest star, makes his debut as a national personality tonight on a 90-minute
entertainment-variety program.
Ann Sothern is his guest star of the week,
and tonight's special guests include
Mary Kaye
and astrologer Sydney Omarr.
A regular feature on the Hollywood originated
program will be Terry Gibbs and his new All-star sextet.

[02] That Regis Philbin Show
27Oct1964 [Press-Telegram]
Ann Sothern (guest star of the week)
Trevor Howard
Ketty Lester
Bo Belinsky
Dean Chance
and The Wanderers Three.

[03] That Regis Philbin Show
28Oct1964 [Press-Telegram]
Ann Sothern (guest star of the week)
and her daughter actress Tish Sterling
actor James Franciscus
and Terry Gibbs.

[04] That Regis Philbin Show
29Oct1964 [Press-Telegram]
Ann Sothern co-host
Vic Dana
Tommy Makem
The Clancy Brothers
and the Earle Twins.

[05] That Regis Philbin Show
30Oct1964 [Press-Telegram]
Ann Sothern co-host
Cyril Ritchard
James Shigeta

[06] That Regis Philbin Show
02Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Bobby Vinton is the guest star for the week
Ken Murray
Ketty Lester
Cornelia Otis Skinner

[07] That Regis Philbin Show
03Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Bobby Vinton co-host
Celeste Holm
Archie Moore
and the Clinger Sisters.

[08] That Regis Philbin Show
04Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
11Nov1964 [Tucson]
Bobby Vinton co-host
Tonight's guests are Jane Darwell,
the Wanderer's Three,
jazz singer Ruth Olay,
the Terry Gibbs Sextet,
puppeteer Bob Baker,
guitarist Peter Posa and
Merle Miller, author of "Only You Dick Darling."

[09] That Regis Philbin Show
05Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
12Nov1964 [Tucson]
Bobby Vinton co-host
Beatrice Kaye
and Stan Getz.

[10] That Regis Philbin Show
06Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
13Nov1964 [Tucson]
Bobby Vinton co-host
Shani Wallis
Olympic basketball player Walter Hazzard.
Hubb Kapp and the Wheels.
British musical
comedy star Shani Wallis
tells about her good friends Peter
OToole and Richard Burton,
Olympic basketball player
Walter Hazzard gives the low
down on Russia's basketball
team and rock "n" roll music is
provided by Hubb Kapp and the Wheels and the Holidays.
A special bonus is an interview
with the Beatle's manager, Brian Epstein.

[11] That Regis Philbin Show
09Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt is the guest star of the week.
Ray Danton
The Holidays

[12] That Regis Philbin Show
10Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
17Nov1964 [Tucson]
Eartha Kitt co-host
pianist Roger Williams
actress Cornelia Otis Skinner
and wrestler Freddie Blassie.

[13] That Regis Philbin Show
11Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt co-host
Glynis Johns
Jess Davis

[14] That Regis Philbin Show
12Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt co-host
Elsa Lanchester
Mike Mazurki
Hoyt Axton

[15] That Regis Philbin Show
13Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
20Nov1964 [Tucson]
Eartha Kitt co-host
Helen Gurley Brown author of "Sex and the Single Girl"
Hubb Kapp and the Wheels
and the Terry Gibbs Sextet

[16] That Regis Philbin Show
16Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt co-host
Margaret Leighton
Louis Zorich

[17] That Regis Philbin Show
17Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt co-host
George Jessel
Jane Darwell

[18] That Regis Philbin Show
18Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt co-host
Mia Farrow
impresario Sol Hurok

[19] That Regis Philbin Show
19Nov1964 [Press-Telegram]
Eartha Kitt co-host
Wilfrid Hyde White
Mike Mazurki
Champion bronc buster Casey Tibbs
shows rodeo films and helps Regis wrestle a mooing calf.

[20] That Regis Philbin Show
Eartha Kitt co-host
actor Michael Callan
writer Helen Gurley Brown
singer Hubb Kapp

[21] That Regis Philbin Show
Dennis Day co-host
Duke Ellington
Louis Nye
Puppeteer Hank Higgins
Colvin and Wilder dispense college humor
British duo Chad (Stuart) and Jeremy (Clyde) sing.

[22] That Regis Philbin Show
Dennis Day co-host
Titus Moody
actress Patrice Wymore
Norwegian beauty Greta Petersen
Leon Bibb

[23] That Regis Philbin Show
Dennis Day co-host
Dublin's former Mayor Lord Robert Briscoe
The Four Freshmen
comedian-actor Frank Gorshin
comic Louis Nye

[24] That Regis Philbin Show
Dennis Day co-host
The Bob Baker Marionettes
lawyer Melvin Belli
The Four Freshmen

[25] That Regis Philbin Show
Dennis Day winds up his week with Regis
comedienne Phyllis Diller
Art Arfons the fastest man in the world (on land) brings films of his 500-mph plus on the Salt Flats.
and Hubb Kapp and the Wheels

[26] That Regis Philbin Show
30Nov1964 [Tucson]
Mort Sahl co-host
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Ken Murray
Jimmy Piersall

[27] That Regis Philbin Show
01Dec1964 [Tucson]
Mort Sahl co-host
actor Robert Vaughn
Al Martino
Susan Barrett
comic Jonathan Moore
Bill Tuttle MGM makeup man

[28] That Regis Philbin Show
Mort Sahl co-host
Phyllis Diller
Ruth Waterbury
actor Brock Peters
and The Travelers Three

[29] That Regis Philbin Show
Mort Sahl co-host
singer Jimmy Rogers
Senator-elect George Murphy
Sharon Rogers Playboy Bunny
comedy team of Colvin and Wilder
The Greenwood County Singers

[30] That Regis Philbin Show
Mort Sahl co-host
Mickey Rooney Jr.
George Segal
Lenny Kent

[31] That Regis Philbin Show
14Dec1964 [Tucson]
Gisele Mackenzie week long co-host with Regis
comedian Jan Murray
Freddie Bell
Roberta Linn
Bill Hayes
Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian,

Gisele sings "Misty".

[32] That Regis Philbin Show
Gisele Mackenzie co-host
Theodore Bikel
Jerry Lester
Gretchen Wyler
Also appearing on the show are Eliezer Goldfarb and films of hairdresser Douglas Arthur
and his "Salon on Wheels", a Rolls Royce.

[33] That Regis Philbin Show
Gisele Mackenzie co-host
Comic Lenny Kent
Diana Dors is back to talk on the subject of marriage
Chubby Checker the originator of The Twist does a number with the Terry Gibbs Sextet.
Gisele Mackenzie sings a medley of favorites from her "Hit Parade" days.

[34] That Regis Philbin Show
17Dec1964 [Tucson]
Gisele Mackenzie co-host
science fiction writer Ray Bradbury
actress Iris Adrian known as Jack Benny's switchboard operator
exercise expert Betty Blunt

[35] That Regis Philbin Show
Gisele Mackenzie brings along her pet mynah bird that barks.
Jan Murray returns with more amusing stories
Skip Cunningham sings and dances
Dr. Richard Ireland gives an amazing exhibition of extra-sensory perception.
Mr. Blackwell, Hollywood dress designer and critic reveals the ten winners of his
"Worst Dressed Women in Hollywood" list.

Regis's guests include
Tex Terry, world champion bull-whip artist,
comedienne Alice Pearce,
New York columnist Earl Wilson and
singer-dancer Skip Cunningham.
Dr. Eve Jones discusses teenage alcoholism.

[36] That Regis Philbin Show
Patti Page guest star of the week
singer-actress Shani Wallis

[37] That Regis Philbin Show
Patti Page guest star of the week
Leo Durocher
Phyllis Diller
singer Andy Thomas
Anita and Diane

[38] That Regis Philbin Show
Patti Page guest star of the week

[39] That Regis Philbin Show
Patti Page co-host
Mort Sahl
actress Diana Dors
Betty Blunt and her exercise machine;
and Robert Rimmer,
author of "The Rebellion of
Yale Marralt." Music is
provided by The Book Ends
and the Terry Gibbs Sextet

[40] That Regis Philbin Show
Patti Page, (who sings "Days of the Waltz")
introduces her 2-year-old daughter Kathleen.
Brian Epstein manager of the Beatles discusses the merits of rock and roll with the angry young author Jeremy Larner
Comedian Alan Drake
The Greenwood County Singers perform "Seven Daffodils".

[41] That Regis Philbin Show
21Dec1964 [San Francisco Examiner]
Guests are
Monique Van Vooren
Dave Barry
Bill Hayes
and Bud and Travis
(NOT Ernie Ladd)

[42] That Regis Philbin Show
Shani Wallis

[43] That Regis Philbin Show
Dick Gregory
Arte Shaw
Jimmy Rogers

[--] That Regis Philbin Show
pre-empted by Sounds of Christmas special

[44] That Regis Philbin Show
01Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Shelley Berman
Theodore Bikel
Eddy Arnold
Sammy Shore

[San Diego Union]
Marguerite Piazza
Joe E. Ross
boxer-actor Archie Moore
Hub Kapp and the Wheels
The Travelers Three

[45] That Regis Philbin Show
04Jan1965 [Tucson]
comedian Don Rickles,
Lawrence Welk's first
"Champagne Lady" Roberta Linn
and contortionist Yara Bell.

[46] That Regis Philbin Show
05Jan1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Pat O'Brien,
the Paris Sisters,
starlet Nina Wayne
and vocalist Marilyn Burroughs

[47] That Regis Philbin Show
06Jan1965 [Tucson]
Comic Lenny Kent,
Dan Greenburg, author of "How to be a Jewish Mother,"
and actress Hermione Baddeley
Music is provided
by Ketty Lester,
Anita and Diane,
and the Terry Gibbs Sextet.

[48] That Regis Philbin Show
07Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Bette Davis
Shani Wallis
The King Sisters

[49] That Regis Philbin Show
08Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
George Jessel
Jimmy Piersall
The Young Folk

*Note: Time change from 10:30pm to 5:00pm

[50] That Regis Philbin Show
11Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Shelley Berman discusses his new career as a TV scriptwriter and then discusses philosophy,
Hugh O'Brian,
songstress Kaye Stevens
and Bryan Russell, the 12-year-old star of
Walt Disney's "Emil and the Detectives" are spotlighted.

[51] That Regis Philbin Show
12Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
commedian Shelley Berman
actress Nina Foch
Broadway producer David Merrick
and The Modernaires

[52] That Regis Philbin Show
13Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Gypsy Rose Lee,
Robert Q. Lewis,
the Four Preps,
and America's famous ballroom dancers,
Kathryn and Arthur Murray

[53] That Regis Philbin Show
14Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
comedian Jackie Mason
singer January Jones
The Womenfolk
and Jay Ose

[54] That Regis Philbin Show
15Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Comedian Don Rickles,
Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom former ring champ now a comedian-actor
and successful businessman recalls some of his past experiences,
musical comedy star Virginia Martin
and folksingers Joe and Eddie

[55] That Regis Philbin Show
18Jan1965 [Tucson]
Cornell Wilde and his actress-wife
Jean Wallace discuss moviemaking in Africa with Regis.
Della Reese,
Cab Calloway
and Joe E. Ross

[56] That Regis Philbin Show
19Jan1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Sarah Vaughan
Mamie Van Doren who gives Regis the lowdown on her former romance
with baseball's bad boy Bob Belinsky
Hollywood columnist Radie Harris
Cleveland Browns quarterback Frank Ryan
Baltimore Colts defensive end Gino Marchetti
and The Treniers.

[57] That Regis Philbin Show
20Jan1965 [Arizona Republic] [Tucson]
songstress Sarah Vaughn,
producer-director Otto Preminger, who describes some of the skirmishes
he's had in his running battle with the censors
British comedian Digby Wolfe
and the talented husband and wife team,
Allen Ludden and Betty White.

[58] That Regis Philbin Show
21Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Science fiction writer Rod Serling
Golf Pro Arnold Palmer
Tony Lema
and bandleader Count Basie.

[59] That Regis Philbin Show
22Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Dizzy Gillespie
Kay Starr
and Rod Pack, the young man who jumped from a plane at 14,000 feet without a parachute

[60] That Regis Philbin Show
25Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Hal March
June Wilkinson
Adam Keefe
Bob Hull

[61] That Regis Philbin Show
19Jan1965 [Press Telegram]
26Jan1965 [Tucson]
actor Cesar Romero
comedians Adam Keefe
and Jackie Mason
singer-actress Eartha Kitt
Sugar Ray Robinson
singer Bobby Sherman

[62] That Regis Philbin Show
27Jan1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Tippi Hedren
Mel Torme
Louise O'Brien
Sugar Ray Robinson

[63] That Regis Philbin Show
28Jan1965 [Arizona Republic]
Eartha Kitt,
Roger Smith,
Willie Shoemaker,
Johnny Longden,
Adam Keefe,
memory expert Arthur Bornstein
the Back Porch Majority

[64] That Regis Philbin Show
29Jan1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
fan dancer Sally Rand talks how she saved the Chicago World's Fair in 1933.
basketball star Wilt Chamberlain
comedian Adam Keefe
vocalist Beverly St. Laurence
and Colvin & Wilder.

[65] That Regis Philbin Show
25Jan1965 [Press-Telegram]
01Feb1965 [Arizona Republic]
Eartha Kitt
Andy Devine
Carolyn Jones
Leo "The Lip" Durocher instructs Regis in the fine art of "honest" cheating in Major League Baseball.

[66] That Regis Philbin Show
26Jan1965 [Press-Telegram]
02Feb1965 [Tucson]
actress Corinne Calvet
vocalist Gale Garnett
actor Wendell Corey
comedian Bobby Ramsen
and magician Harry Blackstone Jr.

[67] That Regis Philbin Show
27Jan1965 [Press-Telegram]
03Feb1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Frankie Laine
Kaye Stevens
Larry Storch
and Las Vegas pit boss Sherlock Feldman

[68] That Regis Philbin Show
28Jan1965 [Press-Telegram]
04Feb1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Jack Bailey, host to more than 5000 "Queens for a Day,"
actress Tippi Hedren
comic actor Will Jordan
Allan Bruce
and wrestler Freddie Blassie

[69] That Regis Philbin Show
29Jan1965 [Press-Telegram]
05Feb1965 [Tucson]
Virginia Mayo
comedian Pete Barbutti
Hans Holzer the first man to record "live" ghosts on film
Jackson Wheeler who climbed the Matterhorn at 14 and swam the Hellespont at 16
artist Henri who paints with a knife
The Four Saints

29Jan1965 [Nashua Telegraph]
The Andrew Sisters
comedy writer Hal Kanter

[70] That Regis Philbin Show
08Feb1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Baby LeRoy, at one time the world's most photographed infant, steps before the cameras again tonight.
However Baby LeRoy (Ronald Overacker) is some years older.
Shakespearean scholar Dr. Frank Baxter,
Brian Kelly, star of NBC's "Flipper" series
and The Four Lads.

[71] That Regis Philbin Show
02Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
09Feb1965 [Tucson]
Keenan Wynn
Dick Gregory
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Vic Dana
and The Womenfolk

[72] That Regis Philbin Show
03Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
10Feb1965 [Tucson]
Dick Gregory
Anne Jeffreys
Rick Jason
Micki Lynn
Tony St. Thomas
Jimmy Moore

[73] That Regis Philbin Show
11Feb1965 [Tucson]
Ann Miller
Jackie Coogan talks about his days in Burma during World War II building airfields in 1943
Toni Basil
Milbourne Christopher
and singing bus driver Battista Locatelli.

[74] That Regis Philbin Show
12Feb1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Gene Baylos
actress Terry Moore
jazz organist Jimmy Smith
Nina Wayne
and a bathing beauty fashion show.

[75] That Regis Philbin Show
15Feb1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
Ronald Reagan who talks about his political outlines
Bill Dana
Chris Connor
and Frank Varrichione captain of the Los Angeles Rams and a classmate of Regis's at the University of Notre Dame.

[76] That Regis Philbin Show
09Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
15Feb1965 [Tucson][Arizona Republic]
singer Gisele Mackenzie
magician Melbourne Christopher
comedian Bobby Ramsen
Col. Bill Rankin
The Lancers

[77] That Regis Philbin Show
10Feb1965 [Press-Telegram][Nashua]
singer Al Hibbler
actress Vera Miles
comedian Joey Adams
child actress Piccola Pupa

[78] That Regis Philbin Show
11Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
18Feb1965 [Tucson]
actress-comedienne Ann B. Davis (Schultzy) and her dog Bijou
who is psychoanalyzed by Dr. Dare Miller a well known analyst of filmdom's canine elite
singer Frankie Randall
Hal Kanter
comic Sammy Shore
The Sparklers
and the Southern California Acrobatic team (aged 8-16).

[79] That Regis Philbin Show
12Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Frankie Laine
The Andrew Sisters
composer Sammy Cahn
Ethel Ennis
Oscar Cartier
and the singing Ciros

[80] That Regis Philbin Show
15Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Leo Gorcey
Dennis James
Choo Choo Collins
Ramsey Trio

[81] That Regis Philbin Show
16Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
23Feb1965 [Arizona Republic]
Dale Robertson
Mel Carter
Johnny Downs
Sheilah Graham
and Sammy Shore

[82] That Regis Philbin Show
17Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Ricardo Montalban
Glenn Ford
Elke Sommer
Sonny Tufts
Roger Smith
Beverly St. Lawrence
Curtiss & Tracy

[83] That Regis Philbin Show
18Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Francis X. Bushman
Ed Ames
Miss Beverly Hills
Lee Ballard
Lenny Kent

[84] That Regis Philbin Show
19Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
actress Eva Gabor
comedian Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom
former child actor Bobby Breen
June Wilkinson
Billy Gray

[85] That Regis Philbin Show
22Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Dorothy Dandridge
Louis Nye
Stan Getz
Sonny Liston
Ezra Stone

[86] That Regis Philbin Show
23Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Reginald Denny
January Jones
Jack Bailey
Monty Montana

[87] That Regis Philbin Show
24Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Glenn Ford
Ricardo Montalban
Elke Sommer
Sonny Tufts

*News item: Regis Philbin and Westinghouse Broadcasting
announced the Cancellation of his show in mid-March.
Merv Griffin takes over in April.

[88] That Regis Philbin Show
25Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
Sarah Vaughan
Francis X. Bushman
Mary Ann Mobley
and the Rhythm Masters

[89] That Regis Philbin Show
26Feb1965 [Press-Telegram]
composer Hoagy Carmichael
jazz saxophonist Gerry Mulligan
Opera singer Marguerite Piazza

[90] That Regis Philbin Show
01Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Margaret Whiting
James Franciscus
Fred Smoot
Red Auerbach
(series folds after next week).

[91] That Regis Philbin Show
02Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Shelley Winters
Henny Youngman
Harry Golden
and the Andrew Sisters.

[92] That Regis Philbin Show
03Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Barbara McNair
Dr. Frank C. Baxter

[93] That Regis Philbin Show
04Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Ann Miller
Joan O'Brien
Charlie Callas
Bill Henderson
and Frank Leahy.

[94] That Regis Philbin Show
05Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Dan Duryea
Billy Casper
Julie Gregg
Gene Baylos
Choo Choo Collins
and Dennis Rogers.

[95] That Regis Philbin Show
08Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Final week opens with
James Drury
Emmaline Henry
Don Sherman
comic Sammy Shore
magician Kirk Kirkham

[96] That Regis Philbin Show
09Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Chill Wills
Helen O'Connell
Jerry Shane
Jose Feliciano
The Kinfolk.

[97] That Regis Philbin Show
10Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
TV writer Rod Serling
Hal Kantor
Stirling Silliphant
Betty Blunt
Jennie Smith
Wick and Brand.

[98] That Regis Philbin Show
11Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
Arnold Stang
Choo Choo Collins
Rodd Redwing
Ahmad Jamal Trio
adman Robert Dellinger with award winning commercials.

[99] That Regis Philbin Show [Final show of the series]
12Mar1965 [Press-Telegram]
George Jessel
Choo Choo Collins
Sonny Tufts
Carmen MacRae

Repeats next week, until debut of Dick Clark's new "Shebang."

########### That Regis Philbin Show ##########
################ Newspaper Item ##############

News item: Derrick PA October 25, 1964.
New Television Discovery: Just A Neighborhood Lack
HOLLY WOOD-Regis Philbin, the new television discovery, who will bow on national television as star of "That Regis Philbin Show,"
on October 26, 1964 is just a neighborhood boy to the denizens of LaMirada Avenue and Vine Street. That's the location of the
Hollywood Playhouse, where the new 90-minute nightly entertainment and variety show will originate in Hollywood.
When Regis arrived in Hollywood in 1955 to pursue his show business career he moved into a $12 a week room in a hotel near
the Playhouse. "There I was living within earshot of the Playhouse, shopping at the Hollywood Ranch Market, having a Friday night
pizza at Durando's Restaurant, and peering into the doors of the Playhouse which then housed "The Art Linkletter Show" recalls
Regis Philbin.
It's pretty hard to believe that nine years laler I am on stage of the Playhouse and star of my own show," he says.
"And that I can afford to have a full dinner at Durando's and that the Hollywood Ranch Market recognizes me now. I can't believe it.
This couldn't be happening to me."
The nightly 90-minute "That Regis Philbin Show" originates from Hollywood.

############ The Regis Philbin Show ############
################## the end #################

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