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Season 15 (CBS)(1962-63)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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  Playlist -  "The Ed Sullivan Show"  Season 15 (1962-63)

############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############## season 15 1962-63 #############
 CBS Sundays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern [42 New Episodes]

  15.1 [718] The Ed Sullivan Show: (15th Season Opener)
30-Sep-1962 CBS Sun
Eddie Fisher, Al Hirt and his Combo
Mickey Mantle & Whitney Ford, Jack Carter
Bill Dana
(comedian, in character as "Jose Jimenez")
Joya Sherrill
(singer), Leo Bassi (juggler)
Music Highlights:
--Eddie Fisher sings "Back in Your Own Back Yard" and "The Sweetest Sounds."
--Eddie Fisher and Al Hirt - "Oh My Papa" duet.
--Al Hirt (trumpet player) - performs "Poor Butterfly," "Honky Tonk Town" and "Malaguena."
--Joya Sherrill (jazz vocalist) sings "Katusha" (in Russian).
Comedy Highlights:
--Bill Dana (comedian, appearing as 'baseball player' Jose Jimenez)
--Jack Carter (comedian) - talks about various topics and sings "Without You" to his wife.
Sports Personalities:
--Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford (of the New York Yankees) - talk with Ed about baseball.
--Cameo: Sonny Liston (1962 Heavyweight boxing champion).
--Audience bow: Emil "Bus" Mosbacher (1962 America's Cup winner).
Also appearing:
--Leo Bassi (juggler & piano player)
--The winners of the Harvest Moon Ball dance contest
--M.A.T.S. (Military Air Transport Service) Crew - pilot and navigator of military plane.

15.2 [719] The Ed Sullivan Show:
07-Oct-1962 CBS Sun
Paul Anka, Vaughn Meader, Yolanda White (singer)
Dennis Spicer
(British ventriloquist), Peter Duchin (pianist)
Denny Willis and his comedy quarter
(comedy troupe), Dick Albers (trampoline artist)
Music Highlights:
 --Paul Anka sings "You Always Hurt the One You Love," "Eso Beso" and "The Longest Day."
--Peter Duchin & orchestra (pianist w/orchestra)
Comedy Highlights:
--Dennis Spicer (British ventriloquist)
--Vaughn Meader (comedian) - impersonates President Kennedy.
--Denny Willis & Hunting Quartet (comedy troupe) - perform "The Fox Has Left His Lair."
Also appearing:
--Dick Albers (trampoline artist)
--Madison Trio (woman & two men trio) - tap dance routine.
--On-stage bow: Willie Mays (baseball player)
--Audience bow: Darryl Zanuck with his children
--Audience bow: Roger Maris (with interview)

15.3 [720] The Ed Sullivan Show:
14-Oct-1962 CBS Sun
Connie Francis, Louis Prima (with Sam Butera & the Witnesses)
Jerry Van Dyke (comedian), Sergio Franchi (tenor)
Lee Allen (pantomimist), The Kuban Cossacks (dance group), Maryse Begary (aerialist)
Music Highlights:
 --Connie Francis sings "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "I'll Get By" and "What Kind of Fool Am I?"
--Sergio Franchi (Italian tenor) sings "Core 'Ngrato."
--Louis Prima, Gia Maione, Sam Butera and The Witnesses perform "I Wonder Why."
--Sam Butera and The Witnesses - "I Feel Good All Over."
--Gia Maione and Louis Prima - "Undecided" and "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?"
Comedy Highlights:
--Jerry Van Dyke (comedian) plays banjo & sings a humorous song.
--Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist, with monkey dummy)
--Lee Allen (comedy pantomimist) - does a subway routine.
Additional guests:
--The Kuban Cossacks (dance troupe)
--Maryse Begary (French aerialist, circus trapeze performer)
--The Hugh Lambert Dancers (series regulars) - demonstrate the "Washington Twist."
--Audience bows: Governor Barret, singer Cliff Richard, football player Frank Gifford, and Sol Hurok (music impresario).

15.4 [721] The Ed Sullivan Show:
21-Oct-1962 CBS Sun
Cliff Richard (British Pop singer), Kate Smith
Wayne & Schuster
(comedy team), Rip Taylor (comedian), Dave Barry (comedian)
Chan Canasta (magician), Captain Danion and his sea lions
Music Highlights:
--Cliff Richard (British singer) - possibly "Living Doll" and "What Do You Know, We've Got A Show" (songs listed in a newspaper 'TV previews' column).
--Kate Smith sings "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" and a medley ("Tenderly," "I've Got the World on a String" and "When Your Lover Has Gone").
Comedy Highlights:
--Rip Taylor (comedian) - does a routine with Ed.
--Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - do a WWII sketch called "Dumkopfs of the Deep," about an inept U-boat commander.
--Dave Barry (comedian) - makes jokes about new model cars.
Also appearing:
--Ralph Terry (of the Yankees) is interviewed by Ed Sullivan.
--The Amazing Chan Canasta (magician) - does magic tricks.
--Captain Danion and his sea lions (aka Captain Dayan's Sea Lions) - sea lions do a balancing act
--Audience bows: Carroll Baker and Van Johnson.

15.5 [722] The Ed Sullivan Show:
28-Oct-1962 CBS Sun
Louis Prima, Jackie Mason, Steve Allen, Gia Maione, Sam Butera
Helen Shapiro
(British singer), Acker Bilk (British clarinetist), Sergio Franchi
Music Highlights:
--Acker Bilk (clarinetist) - "Acker's Lacquer" (with the Hugh Lambert Dancers)
--Helen Shapiro sings "I Don't Care" & "After You've Gone"
--Louis Prima, Gia Maione & Sam Butera - "Oh Marie" & "I Want You To Be My Baby"
--Gia Maione - "How High The Moon"
--Sergio Franchi - "Funiculi, Funicula" & "What Kind Of Fool Am I"
Comedy Highlights:
--Steve Allen - comedy sketch: "You Bet Your Bird" take off on game shows and, later in show, Steve teaches Ed to how to play the piano.
--Jackie Mason (comedy monologue about luxury apartments, the incinerator, etc.)
--Norman And Dean (comedians, lip-synch to Allen Sherman's song "Sarah Jackman")
Also appearing:
--Lucho Navvaro (sound impressionist, imitates Cape Canaveral, Indianapolis 500, the World Series, Queen Of England)
Audience bows: Joe Kern; Y. A. Tittle; Norm Snead; Byron Gentry

15.6 [723] The Ed Sullivan Show: TRIBUTE TO RICHARD RODGERS (taped at Carnegie Hall):
04-Nov-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 28-Jul-63)
Peggy Lee, Diahann Carroll, Roberta Petersm,  Steve Lawrence, Gordon MacRae,
Peter Nero, Nancy Dussault, Cesare Siepi

Tribute to Richard Rodgers (broadcast from Carnegie Hall):
Rodgers & Hart songs:
--Peggy Lee - "Mountain Greenery" (with 50 piece orchestra).
--Peggy Lee & Steve Lawrence - "Manhattan."
--Steve Lawrence - "With a Song in My Heart."
--Diahann Carroll - "Little Girl Blue."
--Roberta Peters - "Falling in Love with Love."
--Cesare Siepi - "Where or When?"
--Peter Nero (piano player) - "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue."
Songs from Rogers and Hammerstein shows:
--Peggy Lee - "It Might as Well be Spring" (from "State Fair") & "Younger Than Springtime" ("South Pacific").
Note: Another source listed Steve Lawrence as singing "Younger Than Springtime."
--Gordon MacRae - "If I Loved You" (from "Carrousel"), "Oklahoma," "Surrey with the Fringe on Top" & "Beautiful Morning" (all from "Oklahoma")
--Gordon MacRae & Roberta Peters - "Shall We Dance" (from "King and I")
--Steve Lawrence, Cesari Siepi & Gordon MacRae - "There's Nothing Like A Dame."
--Roberta Peters - "Wonderful Guy" (from "Oklahoma").
--Nancy Dussault - "Do Re Mi" (from "Sound of Music," singing with children).
--Cesari Siepi (with Richard Rodgers) - "You'll Never Walk Alone."
--Diahann Carroll - "No Strings" and "Sweetest Sounds."
--Robert De Cormier chorale - "Bloody Mary" (from "South Pacific").
--All guests - "It's a Grand Night for Singing" (from "State Fair")
Audience bows: Richard Rodgers, Dorothy Rodgers, Alan Jay Lerner
Ed Sullivan reads telegrams from Dwight D. Eisenhower, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Adlai E. Stevenson and others.

15.7 [724] The Ed Sullivan Show:
11-Nov-1962 CBS Sun
Robert Goulet, Phyllis McGuire
Rowan & Martin
(Dan Rowan & Dick Martin) (comedy team)
Senor Wences (ventriloquist), Jerry Shane (comedian)
Charlie Cairoli and Paul Freedman (comedy duo), The Five Olanders (tumblers)
Music Highlights:
--Robert Goulet sings "Don't Be Afraid of Romance" and "Gonna Build A Mountain."
--Phyllis McGuire and Robert Goulet - "Darn It, Baby, That's Love" duet.
--Phyllis McGuire sings "It's Magic" and "Old Devil Moon."
Dance Highlights:
--Hugh Lambert Dancers - dance to Dave Brubeck's "Unsquare Dance."
Comedy Highlights:
--Rowan & Martin (comedy team) - do two sketches.
--Jerry Shane (comedian) - auto assembly line sketch.
--Senor Wences (ventriloquist)
--Charlie Cairoli and Co. (musical clown & troupe) - perform two routines.
--The Five Olanders (family of acrobats/tumblers)
--Tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt (who died on November 7, 1962) - includes a clip of her last Sullivan appearance.

15.8 [725] The Ed Sullivan Show:
18-Nov-1962 CBS Sun
Van Johnson, Kaye Stevens, Paul Lynde
Bob Lewis, Dick Contino, Gabriella Tucci

Music Highlights:
--Van Johnson - "Nice Work If You Can Get It" song and dance.
--Kaye Stevens - "Hey, Look Me Over" and "My Man."
--Gabriella Tucci (opera soprano) - "Visi D'arte."
--Dick Contino (accordion player) - "Exodus."--Barbados Police Band - perform a medley.
Comedy Highlights:
--Kaye Stevens, Paul Lynde & Dick Contino - perform a "Tune In And You'll See Our Shows On TV" comedy song.
--Paul Lynde (comedy act) - plays explorer Carl Cankerin who has just come back from Africa bruised and broken up.
--Bob Lewis (stand-up routine) - plays banjo & tells jokes.?--Max And Sheri (acrobatic comedy team) ?Also appearing:?--Vern And Betty (limbo dancers).
--Audience bows: Sophie Tucker (later appears on stage); Alex Webster (from the New York Giants).
--On film: Royal Command performance for Women in International Show Business.
Scenes of Queen Elizabeth & the Duke Arriving, passing along line of performers, Eartha Kitt, Bob Hope, Sophie Tucker, others.

15.9 [726] The Ed Sullivan Show:
25-Nov-1962 CBS Sun
Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, Jackie Mason
Jack Carter, Leonard Sues,
 Charlie Cairoli and company
Music Highlights:
--Rosemary Clooney sings "Limehouse Blues" and "Sleepytime Gal."
--Tony Bennett sings a medley: "Just In Time," "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" & "Sing You Sinners."
--Leonard Sues (trumpet player) - plays an assortment of classic songs by Henry Busey, Clyde McCoy, and Louis Armstrong.
Comedy Highlights:
--Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - Jackie shows Ed how he should do his show. He also does a comedy monologue later in the show.
--Jack Carter (stand-up comedian) - tells humorous stories.
--Charlie Cairoli and company (comedy team) - One person (Charlie Cairoli?) is dressed like Charlie Chaplin while another man plays clarinets.
Also appearing:
--Zoni & Nancy Claire (ballet dancers)
--Hugh Lambert Dancers (series regulars) - "My Pretty Girl" Roaring 20's production number.
--Audience bows: Anthony Quinn; Milt Plum & Gale Cogdill (Detroit Lions football players); Mauro Nino (boxer from Peru)

15.10 [727] The Ed Sullivan Show:
02-Dec-1962 CBS Sun
Pearl Bailey, Al Hirt & his combo, Jerome Hines (bassist)
Bill Dana
(comedian), Pat Henry (comedian), Phil Foster (comedian), Maya Plisetskaya
Music Highlights:
--Pearl Bailey sings "Just in Time" and "Indian Love Call" (2nd song with Milton).
--Al Hirt (trumpet player, with band) - "Two for the See Saw" and "Deep River."
--Jerome Hines (Metropolitan opera basso) - "Old Man River."
--Rinat Choir of Israel (choral group)
--Maya Plisetskaya (prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Ballet) - performs "The Dying Swan."
Comedy Highlights:
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as 'Santa's Helper' José Jiménez).
--Pat Henry (comedian) - topics: kids' toys, his wife's hair, etc.
--Phil Foster (comedian) - gives views on football team nicknames.
Also appearing:
--1962 All-American Football Team (joined by the Hugh Lampert dancers dressed as Cheerleaders)
--Audience bows: Maximillian Schell and Joe Pasternak

15.11 [728] The Ed Sullivan Show:
09-Dec-1962 (repeated 8-Sep-63)
The Four Seasons, Peggy Lee
Anthony Newley
(British musical-comedy star)
Jose Greco (dancer, appearing with his Spanish dance troupe) , Joey Forman (comedian)
George Matson (impressionist - record mimic), Dominique (French pickpocket expert), Alan Gale (comedian)
Music Highlights:
--The Four Seasons - "Big Girls Don't Cry."
--Peggy Lee sings "The Best Is Yet to Come" and a medley ("Nice and Easy," "Close Your Eyes," "Like Someone in Love" & "I'm a Woman").
--Anthony Newley (musical-comedy star) sings "Pop Goes the Weasel" and "What Kind of Fool Am I?"
--Jose Greco (Flaminco dancer) - dances solo, then is joined by a female dancer.
Comedy Highlights:
--Joey Forman (comedian) - gives his views on TV shows (including "Sea Hunt," game shows and "Ben Casey").
--George Matson (impressionist/record mimic) - lip-synchs to a Yma Sumac record.
--Dominique (French pickpocket/sleight-of-hand expert)
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - Topo wants to leave town.

15.12 [729] The Ed Sullivan Show:
16-Dec-1962 CBS Sun
Barbra Streisand, Liberace, The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 
Xavier Cugat and Abbe Lane, Russ Lewis, Linon

Victor Julian's dog act, The Goans (trampoline act from Mexico)
Music Highlights:
--Barbra Streisand sings "My Coloring Book" and "Lover Come Back to Me."
--Liberace (pianist) - "Moon River," "Mack the Knife" and a "Twist" production number (possibly titled "Liberace's Twist").
--The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (Irish folk-singers) - "South Australia" and "Gypsy Rover."
--Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra - "Denoza" (correct spelling?)
--Abbe Lane (with Cugat & his Orchestra) - "A Lot Of Living To Do," "Al Di La" and "Desafinado."
Comedy Highlights:
--Sammy Shore (comedian)
--Russ Lewis (ventriloquist) - tries to coach his dummy "Clarence" on how to tell a joke.
--Linon (Belgian clown, wire-walker) - frets over having to walk a tightrope.
Also appearing:
--Victor Julian's Dog Act (circus performers).
--The Four Gonas/Goans (trampoline act from Mexico).
--Audience bows: Y.A. Tittle (quarterback of the N.Y. Giants), Charles Boyer & Paul Gregory.
--Cameo: Clyde Beatty.
--Audience bow: YA Tittle of the New York Giants.
Sullivan salutes Charles Laughton, who died the previous day.

15.13 [730] The Ed Sullivan Show: From Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba:  (before an audience of American servicemen). Taped December 21, 1962
23-Dec-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 11-Aug-63)
Connie Francis, Louis Armstrong
Carol Lawrence
Jack Carter
Frank Fontaine
George Carl
(comedy pantomimist)
Music Highlights:
--Louis Armstrong and his band - "Blueberry Hill" and "Mack the Knife" medley.
--Louis Armstrong - "Indiana," "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" and "Sleepy Time Gal."
--Connie Francis sings "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and a 'Country & Western' medley: "Who's Sorry Now?" "Bye, Bye Love,"
"Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)."
--Connie Francis and Carol Lawrence sing a "You" medley: "You Made Me Love You" (Connie/Carol), "It Had To Be You" (Connie/Carol),
"You Were Meant For Me" (Connie/Carol), "You Do Something To Me" (Carol), "Tea For Two" (Connie), "Dance With Me" (Carol),
"You're The Top" (Connie), "You're My Everything" (Carol), "Without You (Connie/Carol), "You're Driving Me Crazy" (Connie),
and "You Made Me Love You" (Connie/Carol).
--Carol Lawrence - "Shaking the Blues Away" and "A Bushel and a Peck."
--Frank Fontaine sings "Silent Night."
Comedy Highlights:
--Frank Fontaine does a monologue about the "Irish Sweepstakes," then is joined by his son, Bob, a Marine stationed at Guantanamo.
--Jack Carter (comedian)
--George Carl (comedy pantomimist)

15.14 [731] The Ed Sullivan Show:
30-Dec-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 14-Jul-63)
Italy's Podrecca's Piccoli Theater with puppet "performers" (all under 36 inches tall).
--Prof. Piccolowski (pianist)
--Mme. Sinforosa Strangoloni (soprano)
--Biscromio Scarmigliati (violinist)
--Miss Legnetti (vocalist)
--Anna Piccolova (ballerina)
--Bil Bol Bul (acrobat)
--Sibilio Pifferetti and his dachshund Saltarello

15.15 [732] The Ed Sullivan Show:
06-Jan-1963 CBS Sun
Sammy Davis Jr., The Barry Sisters
Vaughn Meader
(impressionist), Pat Carroll & Fred Clark (comedians)
Ricky Layne & Vevel (ventriloquist act), Fred Kapps (magician)
Ugo Garrido (juggler)
--Sammy Davis Jr. - "Something's Gotta Give," "Hey There," "What Kind of Fool Am I" and "Start of the Blues."
--The Barry Sisters - "All For You."
--Vaughn Meader (impressionist) - imitates John F. Kennedy.
--Pat Carroll & Fred Clark (comedians) - do a domestic sketch about a wife who loses her husband's car.
--Ricky Layne & Vevel (ventriloquist act)
--Fred Kapps (magician)
--Ugo Garrido (juggler)

15.16 [733] The Ed Sullivan Show: Live from the Miami Beach Convention Hall:
13-Jan-1963 CBS Sun
Brenda Lee,  Jackie Mason,  Robert Goulet,  Sophie Tucker,
Con Conwally
(balancing knife act)
The Flying Alexanders
(trapeze act, performing outdoors)
--Brenda Lee - "Just Because" & "Alone Am I"
--Jackie Mason (stand up routine about singing, cops, etc.)
--Robert Goulet - "The Moon Was Yellow" and "Gigi"/"Camelot" medley.
--Sophie Tucker - musical medley (on her 75th birthday) titled "Saga Of Sophie Tucker."
(songs in medley: "The Monkey Rag," "How Are You Going To Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?" "After You're Gone" & "Some Of These Days").
--A tribute to the Cuban Brigade 2506 (former prisoners held in Cuba). Film clips: Former prisoners, released from Cuba,
returning home to their families; family reunions; President JFK giving speech to the Cuban soldiers.
--On stage: Cuban Brigade 2506 Band - band performs "Day-O"
--Audience bows: the mayors of Miami & Miami Beach

15.17 [734] The Ed Sullivan Show:
20-Jan-1963 CBS Sun
The McGuire Sisters
Georgia Brown (British actress, then appearing in the Broadway musical "Oliver")
Sergio Franchi (Italian tenor) , Ben Blue (comedian)
The New Sounds (French instrumental quartet)
The Williams troupe (acrobatic jugglers), The Rigetis (acrobatic duo)
Music Highlights:
--The McGuire Sisters sing "Mona Lisa," "Baby" and "Teamwork."
--Georgia Brown (actress-singer from the Broadway musical 'Oliver') sings "Bill Bailey" and "As Long As He Needs Me."
--Sergio Franchi (Italian tenor) sings "This Is My Beloved" and "Marechiare."
--Lasserie Bachet's New Sounds - perform "Gypsy," "Alexander's Ragtime Band" and "Carousel" (3rd song is a production number with the Hugh Lambert Dancers).
Comedy Highlights:
--Charlie Manna (comedian) - sketch about a French travel agent.
--Ben Blue (pantomimist comedian) - suicide sketch.
Also appearing:
--The Four Williams (acrobatic/juggling act).
--The Rigetis/Rigettis (acrobatic duo).
--Audience bows: The Kim Sisters, Jackie Mason, and United Nations representatives.

15.18 [735] The Ed Sullivan Show:
27-Jan-1963 CBS Sun
Neil Sedaka, Wayne & Shuster, Janet Blair, Dave Astor,
The Kim Sisters, Otto Harbach
(on film)
Ballet De Espanol
(Flamingo dancers), Delage (magician with female assistant)
Amin Brother
s (Egyptian acrobatic balancing act)
Music Highlights:
--Neil Sedaka (singing & playing the piano) - medley: "Happy Birthday Sweet 16," "Calendar Girl" & "My Yiddish Mama."
--Janet Blair sings "I Believe In You."
--The Kim Sisters - banjo medley: "Baby Face" & "Bye Bye Blue."
--The Kim Sisters - medley: "A Hundred Million Miracles," "You Are Beautiful," "I Enjoy Being A Girl," "Fan Tan Fannie" and "Grand Avenue."
Otto Harbach Tribute:
--Ed talks about Harbach's recent death and shows a film clip from 1954 of Otto Harbach reciting the lyrics of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."
Comedy Highlights:
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a takeoff of "Bonanza" featuring "The Cartwheels."
--Dave Astor (stand-up comedy) - tells jokes about want ads, ugly babies and some of the great leaders of the day.
Also appearing:
--Ballet De Espanol (Flamingo dancers)
--Delage (magician with female assistant)
--Amin Brothers (Egyptian acrobatic balancing act)
--Audience bows: Ronnie Ferraro (jockey from Hileigh)

15.19 [736] The Ed Sullivan Show: INTERNATIONAL PERFORMERS SHOW
03-Feb-1963 CBS Sun
Guests (scheduled to appear):
Franco Corelli (Italian tenor), Eve Boswell (English vocalist)
Hannah Ahroni (Israeli singer), Sasha Tormas (Hungarian violinist)
Juan Valdez and his marionettes (from Spain), Dolinoff and the Raya Sisters (French specialty act)
The Three Merkeys (German contortionists), The Two Carmenas (German balancing act)
a performing Russian bear

15.20 [737] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-Feb-1963 CBS Sun
Patti Page, Hal Holbrook, The Three Stooges
Dave Madden
(comedian), Bill Dana (comedian, in character as "Jose Jimenez)
The Bob De Voye Trio
(dancers), Fred and Angela Roby (ventriloquist act)
Drama Highlights:
--Hal Holbrook (as Abe Lincon) and Jack Bittner (as Stephen A. Douglas) perform the debate scene from the off-Broadway play "Abe Lincoln in Illinois."
Music Highlights:
--Patti Page sings "Big Daddy"/"Baby, Won't You Please Come Home" medley and "Just a Simple Melody."
Comedy Highlights:
--Dave Madden (stand-up comedy)
--The Three Stooges (comedy team) - perform an operating sketch in a parody of TV doctor shows.
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as "C.I.A. Spy Jose Jimenez").
--Fred Roby (French ventriloquist, with American Indian puppet).
Also appearing:
--Avard Tennyson Fairbanks (sculptor) - works on a clay model of Abe Lincoln's head throughout show.
--The Three Kims (acrobatic dance trio)
--Gil Dova (comedic juggler)
--Audience bow: Bert Lahr (comedian-actor)
--Audience bow: Izumi Yukimura (Japanese singer)

[--] 17-Feb-63 CBS Sun - "The Ed Sullivan Show " pre-empted for "A Look at Monaco," documentary hosted by Princess Grace.
(This special was CBS's only color program for the entire 1962-63 season.)

15.21 [738] The Ed Sullivan Show: Broadcast live from Stardust in Las Vegas
24-Feb-1963 CBS Sun
Jimmy Durante, Carol Lawrence
Patt Buttram
(comedian), Sonny King, Eddie Jackson
The Nitwits
(comedy troupe from England)
Eric Brenn
(plate spinner), Eddie Siefert and Company (contortionists)
The Desert Inn Dancing Girls

--Jimmy Durante appears in an extended (approx. 20 minute) segment with Eddie Jackson and Sonny King.
Jimmy Durante's songs include "September Song," and with dancing by Sonny King, "Bill Bailey."
Also appearing:
--Carol Lawrence (Broadway actress) - song and dance routine
--Patt Buttram (comedian)
Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
--The Nitwits (comedy troupe from England)
--Eric Brenn (plate spinner)
--Eddie Siefert and Company (contortionists)
--The Desert Inn Dancing Girls (chorus girls)

15.22 [739] The Ed Sullivan Show:
03-Mar-1963 CBS Sun
Bob Newhart (comedian), Kate Smith (singer), Nancy Walker (comedian)
Charles Nelson Reilly
(comedian), Anita Bryant (singer),  Mike Clifford (singer)
Dennis Spicer
(ventriloquist from Britain),
Los Flamencos
(Spanish dance group), John (hand-balancing act)
--Bob Newhart (comedian) - comedy monologue.
--Kate Smith sings "What Kind of Fool Am I?" "Moon River" and "Back Home in Indiana."
--Nancy Walker and Charles Nelson Reilly (comedians) - appear in a domestic skit.
--Anita Bryant and Mike Clifford (singers) - "Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean" duet.
--Dennis Spicer (British ventriloquist)
--Los Flamencos (Spanish dance group)
--John (hand-balancing act)

15.23 [740] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-Mar-1963 CBS Sun
Kaye Stevens, Wayne & Shuster, Leon Bibb
Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Jan Murray, Jimmy Roma, Izumi Yukimura
The Half Brothers
(juggling act), Pinky & Perky
Music Highlights:
--Leon Bibb (folk-singer) - "They Called The Wind Mariah."
--Kaye Stevens (musical-comedy singer) - "Somebody Is Keeping Score."
--Guy Lombardo Orchestra - medley: "Moon River," "Third Man" theme, "Enjoy Yourself," "Winter Wonderland" & "Boo Hoo."
--Izumi Yukimura (Japanese jazz singer) - "Lullaby Of Birdland."
Comedy Highlights:
--Jan Murray (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about TV shows & doctors.
--Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine comparing flying first class with economy.
Also appearing:
--The Half Brothers (juggling act)
--Jimmy Roma (trumpet player) - imitates, on his trumpet, the voices of Connie Francis & Al Jolson.
--Pinky & Perky (puppets) - two pig marionettes & a goose perform "Lets Twist Again."

15.24 [741] The Ed Sullivan Show:
17-Mar-1963 CBS Sun
Paul Anka
The Chad Mitchell Trio (vocal-instrumental group), The McGuire Sisters
Sid Caesar, Mark Russell (comedian)
Morecambe and Wise (Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise) (British comedy team)
Rico (magician)
Music Highlights:
--Paul Anka - "Falling in Love with Love," "Stardust" and "Remember Diana."
--The Chad Mitchell Trio - "Columbus Stockade Blues" and "Blowin' in the Wind."
--The McGuire Sisters (vocal trio) sing "Danny Boy."
--Sid Caesar & other cast members perform "Deep Down Inside" in a scene from the Broadway play "Little Me."
Comedy Highlights:
--Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) - appear twice in show.
--Judge Pigmeat Markham and Shorty (comedy duo) -argue about money, do math on chalkboard.
Also appearing:?--Rico (magician) - trick with metal ball and silk scarf.

15.25 [742] The Ed Sullivan Show:
24-Mar-1963 CBS Sun
Barbra Streisand, Chubby Checker, Woody Herman, Totie Fields, Dave Madden
Morecambe and Wise (Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise) (British comedy team)
Tommy Cooper (British comedian, performing tricks)
Joy Kaye (clown act & pantomime), Spencer Trio (acrobatic / balance act), Saddri Dancers (comedy dance team)
Music Highlights:
--Barbra Streisand - "Cry Me a River."
--Chubby Checker - "Peanut Vendor" & limbo medley: "Let's Limbo Some More" and "Limbo Rock" (with Chubby doing the limbo on stage.)
--Woody Herman & his band - "Caledonia" and, later in show, "The Girl Upstairs" (with the Hugh Lambert dancers).
Comedy Highlights:
--Morecambe & Wise (British comedy team) - Judo self defense routine.
--Totie Fields (stand-up comedian wearing tutu)
--Dave Madden (stand-up routine) - tells jokes about going to the doctor & heath (while smoking a cigarette throughout the routine).
--Tommy Cooper (comedian, performing tricks)
--Joy Kaye (clown act & pantomime)
Also appearing:
--Saddri Dancers (comedy dance team)
--Spencer Trio (acrobatic-balance act)
--Audience bows: Ann-Margret, Jesse Pearson

15.26 [743] The Ed Sullivan Show:
31-Mar-1963 CBS Sun
Jackie Wilson, The McGuire Sisters, Dave Barry
Tommy Cooper
(British comic magician, funny hats)
Lou Wills Jr. (tap dancer), Rickie Layne And Velvel (ventriloquist dummy act)
Music Highlights:
--Jackie Wilson sings "Baby Workout" & "Night."
--The McGuire Sisters perform their "Biography" medley: "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen," "New York, New York," "Tiger Rag" ("Hold That Tiger"),
"Ohio," "You Belong to Me," "Suddenly," "Seems Like Old Times," "Sincerely," "Sugartime," 'King Coca-Cola jingle, and "Side By Side."
--Lou Wills Jr. (tap dancer)
Comedy Highlights:
--Tommy Cooper (comic magician)
--Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist with dummy)
--Dave Barry (standup comedian) - income tax jokes
--Novelites (Alabama Jubilee Rube Hillbilly comedy act with bass player)
Also appearing:
--Ed Sullivan introduces Medal of Honors Winners

15.27 [744] The Ed Sullivan Show:
07-Apr-1963 CBS Sun
Jimmy Durante, Frankie Avalon (singer), Stiller & Meara (Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara)(comedy team)
The Lee Evans Jazz Trio, Kaye Ballard & Bert Lahr (comedians), 
Bill Dana (comedian, in character as "Jose Jimenez"), Anita Gillette (musical comedy performer)
Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang
Music Highlights:
--Jimmy Durante performs "Inka Dinka Do."
--Frankie Avalon sings "The Girl Back Home" and "Come Rain or Come Shine."
--Lee Evans and his Jazz Trio - "I Feel Pretty" and "Teacher's Blues."
--Anita Gillette (musical comedy star) - "Empty Pockets."
--Kaye Ballard - I Love You Luke."
--Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang - "Mack the Knife."
--The Singing Grandmothers - "Up A Lazy River."
Comedy Highlights:
--Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - story about being eaten by a whale.
--Kaye Ballard & Bert Lahr (comedians) - "Jealously" comedy sketch with Lahr accusing his frumpy wife of being unfaithful.
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as "Scuba Diver Jose Jimenez").
Also appearing:
--Elkin Sisters (acrobatic trio)

15.28 [745] The Ed Sullivan Show: ***Show taped in London ***
14-Apr-1963 CBS Sun (repeated 07-Jul-63)
Judy Garland, Peter O'Toole
Cliff Richard & The Shadows
(British Pop Singer), Frank Ifield  (British born Singer from Australia)
Margo Henderson
The Del Ray Brothers (juggling act, juggle flaming torches with their feet)
The Rastellis Clowns (men in blackface, one clown has a huge bullet through body, piano blows up)
Rupert's Bears (German family & bear act), Mac Romay (comic magician from France)
The Pusztai Troupe (teeterboard act / seven man Hungarian acrobatic team)
The Schaller Brothers (comic trampoline act, performing stunts), Topo Gigio
Music Highlights:
--Judy Garland - "Smile (Though Your Heart Is Breaking)" & "I Could Go On Singing."
--Cliff Richard (with the Shadows) - "Bachelor Boy" & "Do You Wanna Dance?"
--Frank Infield (singer from Australia) - "I Remember You."
--Margo Henderson (singer from Scotland) - "What A Crazy World" (plays piano & does vocal impressions).
Also appearing:
--Peter O'Toole (actor, making his "Ed Sullivan" debut) - talks with Ed about "Lawrence of Arabia" & sings "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" with Ed.
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - sings "Tickety Tock."
--The Del Ray Brothers (juggling act) - juggle flaming torches with their feet.
--The Rastellis Clowns (men in black-face) - routine includes a clown with a huge bullet going through his body, and a piano blowing up.
--Rupert's Bears (German family & bear act)
--Mac Romay (comic magician from France)
--The Pusztai Troupe (seven man Hungarian acrobatic team) - teeter-board act.
--The Schaller Brothers (comic trampoline act) - perform stunts.

15.29 [746] The Ed Sullivan Show:
21-Apr-1963 CBS Sun
Liza Minnelli, Anthony Quinn (actor, scheduled to read poetry)
Della Reese
(jazz singer), Errol Garner (jazz pianist), Mary Costa (opera singer)
Charlie Manna
(comedian), Pat Henning (comedian), Ben Blue (comedian)
Arthur Tracy
(billed as an old time "Street Singer"), Vinicio (juggler)
--Anthony Quinn (actor) recites poem "Heaven" and Thomas Wolfe's "Of Time and the River" (with background music by a combo).
Ed then leads audience in singing "Happy Birthday" to Anthony.
Music Highlights:
 --Liza Minnelli sings "Somebody Loves Me" and "Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box" (2nd song from Broadway musical "Best Foot Forward").
--Della Reese sings "I Get the Blues When It Rains."
--Errol Garner (jazz pianist) plays "In The Still Of The Night" and "Erroll's Theme."
--Arthur Tracy (singer and vaudeville performer) - sings "Martha."
Comedy Highlights:
--Charlie Manna (comedian) - stand-up topics: Gabby Hayes, a parrot, and a telegram bit.
--Pat Henning (comedian) - stand-up topics: hair, relatives, actress Betty Davis.
--Sid Fields & Ben Blue (comedians) - "Shando, the Mind Reader" comedy routine.
Also appearing:
--La Toria (circus high-wire act)
Scheduled guests (need to verify):
--Mary Costa (opera singer) - "Musetta's Waltz."
--Vinicio (juggler)

15.30 [747] The Ed Sullivan Show: *** Broadcast from Toronto, Canada ***
28-Apr-1963 CBS Sun (repeated 15-Sep-63)
Connie Francis, Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane, Wayne & Shuster
Jack Carter
(comedian), Jan Peerce
Music Highlights:
--Connie Francis - "Days of Wine and Roses," "If My Pillow Could Talk" and a medley ("Exodus" and Hava Nagila").
--Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane - Latin medley: "Perfidia," "Besame Mucho" and "Blame It On the Bossa Nova."
--Jan Peerce (tenor, from the Metropolitan Opera) sings "Maria" (from 'West Side Story'), "The Sweetest Sounds" (from 'No Strings'), and "Flower Song" (from 'Carmen').
--The 48th Highlanders of Canada (bagpipe & drumming band) - march through audience as they perform.
Comedy Highlights:
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - sketch with a reporter unable to understand a hep-cat jazz musician.
--Jack Carter (comedian) - routine includes jokes about Canada and driving.
--Les Jerolas (French-Canadian duo Jean Lapointe and Jérôme Lemay) - sing "Little Darlin'" and do impressions.
Also appearing:
--Audience bows: Tim Horton, Carl Brewer, Bob Fulford, Bob Nevin, Allen Stanley & Harold Ballard (all of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey team).

15.31 [748] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-May-1963 CBS Sun
Lucille Ball & Bob Hope, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Mason
Kaye Stevens, Dick Contino, Four West, Grant Johannsen

--Ella Fitzgerald - "Start Of Something Big," "No Moon At All," "Bill Bailey," "I'm Old Fashioned"
& "Stompin' At The Savoy" (Roy Elridge on horn).
--Bob Hope and Lucille Ball talk about their movie "Critic's Choice"
--Jackie Mason (stand-up, jokes about visiting London; the government)
--Kaye Stevens (comedian) - sings "Today I Love Everybody"
--Four West (comedy troupe) - skit on office personnel
--Dick Contino (accordion player) - "Malaquena" & "Granada"
--Grant Johannsen (concert pianist) - "Prokofiev Precipitado"
--Bob De Voye Trio (might be Bob De Boye Trio) - two men & a woman do a dance number
--Kalani & the Kids from Tahiti (ethnic Tahitian dance and costumes)
--Audience bows: Brenda Lee; Vic Ghezzi (golfer); and the jockey who won the Kentucky Derby.

15.32 [749] The Ed Sullivan Show:
12-May-1963 CBS Sun
Vivien Leigh, Brenda Lee, Al Hirt
--Vivien Leigh (actress) - sings "Wilkes-Barre, Pa." from her Broadway show "Tovarich" (Byron Mitchell also appears)
--Brenda Lee performs "Jambalaya" (with The Casuals) and "Losing You"
--Al Hirt plays "I'm On My Way" (with the Hugh Lambert Dancers) and, later in show, "Cornet Chop Suey" and "I Can't Get Started"
--Rip Taylor (comedian) - monologue
--Myron Cohen (comedian) - stand-up routine (topics: psychiatrists, motherhood, restaurants, alcoholics)
--Guela Gill sings "Arava Arava," "Russian Spoof" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
--Richiardi (illusionist) - act includes Canary tricks
Bob Dylan was originally scheduled to appear on this episode. He dropped out of the show when CBS censors wouldn't
allow him to perform "Talking John Birch Society Blues".
Ann-Margret was also scheduled to appear. Her appearance was postponed until the next week's show.

15.33 [750] The Ed Sullivan Show:
19-May-1963 CBS Sun
Ann-Margret, Steve Lawrence, Kate Smith, Vaughn Meader
Totie Fields
(comedian), Topo Gigio (puppet)
Lucho Navarro (vocal impressionist)
The cast of the Café Society's night-club revue "New York Coloring Book."
--Ann-Margret - "Bye, Bye, Birdie" and "Baby, Won't You Please Come Home."
--Steve Lawrence - "The Sweetest Sounds," "Misty" and "Lazy River."
--Kate Smith - "Who Cares" & "As Long As He Needs Me."
--Gloria Bleezarde, Ronnie Hall, Carol Morley, and Ronny Whyte perform two songs from their Off-Broadway revue "New York Coloring Book."
(The first song pokes fun at Kennedy's physical fitness program. The second song is about the astronauts' view of earth from the space capsule).
Comedy Highlights:
--Totie Fields (comedienne) - high school reunion routine.
--Vaughn Meader (comedian, in character as John F. Kennedy) - The President is visited by the IRS.
--Lucho Navarro (vocal impressionist from South America) - does various sound effects.
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - answers Ed's citizenship questions, sings an Italian song, and takes a shower.
Also appearing:
--Audience bow: Julian Ching (spelling?) (student who won the Joseph Kern scholarship)
Scheduled guest Frank Fontaine appeared on the next week's show.

15.34 [751] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-May-1963 CBS Sun
Scheduled guests:
Cab Calloway, Eydie Gorme
Frank Fontaine
(backed by the Arbors vocal group)
Sergio Franchi
(Italian singer)
Israeli Karmon Folk Dancers
(dance troupe)
Pat Buttram
Bill Dana
(comedian, in character as "Jose Jimenez")
Topo Gigio
(the Italian mouse)
(Scheduled) Highlights:
Eydie Gorme sings "Blame it on the Bossa Nova."
Frank Fontaine - "(The Gang That Sang) Heart Of My Heart," "That Old Gang Of Mine."

15.35 [752] The Ed Sullivan Show:
02-Jun-1963 CBS Sun
Pat Boone
Allen and Rossi
(Marty Allen and Steve Rossi, comedy team)
Janet Blair
Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
Rowan & Martin
(Dan Rowan & Dick Martin)(comedy team)
The Kim Sisters
(vocal-instrumental group)
Jesse Pearson
--Pat Boone - "The Main Attraction," "Days Of Wine and Roses" & "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"
--Jesse Pearson (singer-actor, from "Bye Bye Birdie") - "I'm Movin' On" and "Just Because."
Scheduled guests Sammy Davis Jr. and Sue Carson did not appear on this episode.
(6Jun1963 newspaper item: "Pat Boone subbed for Sammy Davis Jr. on the Ed Sullivan TV'er, and Allen and Rossi went on for
comedienne Sue Carson (who had laryngitis).")

15.36 [753] The Ed Sullivan Show:
09-Jun-1963 CBS Sun
Barbra Streisand
Stiller & Meara
(Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara)(comedy team), The McGuire Sisters, Sue Carson
The Steiner Brothers
(tap dancing team), Alan Gale (comedian)
--Barbra Streisand - "When the Sun Comes Out"
--Stiller & Meara (comedy team; do parodies of popular TV commercials)
--The McGuire Sisters - "Old Devil Moon," "Cordially Invited" & "Daddy"
--Guy Marks (stand-up comedy & sings "Red Scarf" & "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas")
--Sue Carson (stand-up comedy and song & dance routine)
--Alan Gale (stand-up comedian, topics: marriage, London travels)
--Bob Bramson (juggler, juggles hula hoops)
--John (balancer, balances balls, spins hoops, acrobatics)
--Audience bows: Johnny Unitas & Harry Richman; Neil Sedaka; Dallas Texas Students; Navy Men

15.37 [754] The Ed Sullivan Show:
16-Jun-1963 CBS Sun
Eartha Kitt, Jackie Mason (comedian), Wayne and Shuster (comedy team), Kaye Ballard (comedian)
The Hugh Lambert Dancers
(regulars), The Ray Bloch Orchestra (regulars)
--Eartha Kitt sings "Mad About The Boy" and a medley: "Old Fashioned Girl," "Torah Dance (Ki M'Tzion)" and "Shalom."
--Neil Sedaka performs "As Long As She Needs Me" and a "Bossa Nova" medley.
Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a sketch about a boy scout and his father.
--Jackie Mason (comedian)
--Kaye Ballard (comedienne)
--Heinz, Heinz and Brown (musical group) perform "This Could Be the Start of Something Big" and "Birth of the Blues."

15.38 [755] The Ed Sullivan Show: 15th ANNIVERSARY SHOW
23-Jun-1963 CBS Sun
Highlights: Clips from past shows::
--1955: James Cagney, Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon - scene from Mr. Roberts performed live on stage.
--1951: Gertrude Lawrence, Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein - excerpt of "Whistle A Happy Tune"
--1955: Gary Cooper, Rod Steiger - scene from "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell"
--1952: Jackie Gleason & Art Carney - Bakery Scene
--1953: Walt Disney & Ed Sullivan at Disney Studios: Walt Shows Ed how animation is done.
--1954: Jack Benny
--1955: Robert Mitchum & Shelly Winters - do scene from "Night of The Hunter."
--1956: Phil Silvers & Bing Crosby - comedy mixup
--1956: Clark Gable, Ed Sullivan & Raoul Walsh - Ed goes to New Mexico to meet Clark in a ghost town where he's
filming a movie.
--1957: Louis Armstrong, Gary Cooper & Ed Sullivan - "Sweet Adelaide"
--1957: Fred Astaire - "That Face" excerpt (Astaire's TV debut)
--1951: Helen Hayes - talks about "Victoria Regina"
--1956: Red Skelton - doctor routine
--1952: Cole Porter - talks about early flop
--1958: Maurice Chevalier & Sophie Tucker - "I Remember It Well" (from "Gigi")
--1958: The Moiseyev Ballet
--1949: Charles Laughton - soliloquy from Henry V (TV debut)
--Jimmy Durante & Sonny King - "Love You, Love You"
--1956: Elvis Presley - "Hound Dog"
--1961: Robert Goulet - "If Ever I Would Leave You"
--1961: Richard Burton & Julie Andrews - "How I Became King" & "What Simple Folk Do" (from "Camelot")

15.39 [756] The Ed Sullivan Show:
30-Jun-1963 CBS Sun
Al Hirt, Totie Fields, Geula Gill, Alberto Rochi
Tommy Cooper
(British comedian, magician & juggler), Bobby Ramsen (stand-up comedian)
Music Highlights:
--Al Hirt (trumpet player with combo) - "Down by the Riverside," "Carnival in Venice" and "Row Row Row."
--Geula Gill (Israeli singer, with 2 backup singers & band) - "Tzena Tzena" & "Malaguena Salerosa."
--Alberto Rochi (tenor) - "Al Di La" (in Italian)
Comedy Highlights:
--Totie Fields (stand-up routine) - tells jokes about her career, the Sullivan Show, her weight, etc.
--Jack Carter (stand-up monologue) - jokes about his work with Ed, Las Vegas, air travel, married life, gambling, etc. & sings "Bye Bye Blackbird."
--Bobby Ramsen (stand-up comedian)
Also appearing:
--Wallace Brothers (tap dancers-entertainers) - tap dance and tell jokes
--Tommy Cooper (magician-juggler)

[--] 07-Jul-1963) CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 14-Apr-63)
(with Judy Garland & Peter O'Toole).

15.40 [757] The Ed Sullivan Show: (pre-recorded show)
14-Jul-1963 CBS Sun
Wayne & Shuster, Kay Stevens, Marion Marlowe, Bill Dana
The Kane Triplets, Harry Rose
Dennis Spicer
(British comedy ventriloquist), Conrad Buckner (tap dancer), Linon (clown)
Music Highlights:
--Kaye Stevens (musical-comedy performer) sings "Make Someone Happy" & "I Ain't Down Yet."
--Marion Marlowe (singer) - "Night and Day."
--The Kane Triplets (singers-dancers) - "Dear Mr. Kennedy" & "When We Grow Up."
--Harry Rose (vaudevillian) - Al Jolson medley.
Comedy Highlights:
--Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine about a horse breeder.
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as Jose Jimenez) sings his interpretation of "My Funny Valentine."
--Dennis Spicer (ventriloquist).
--Linon (clown, wire-walker).
Also Appearing:
--Conrad Buckner (tap dancer).

[--] 21-Jul-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 30-Dec-62)
(Italy's Podrecca's Piccoli Theater puppet troupe).
[--] 28-Jul-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 04-Nov-62)
(Carnegie Hall tribute to Richard Rodgers).

15.41 [758] The Ed Sullivan Show: (pre-recorded show)
b: 04-Aug-1963 CBS Sun
Kate Smith, Jackie Mason (comedian)
Joya Sherrill, Morecambe and Wise
(comedy team from Britain) , Pat Buttram (comedian)
Danny Costello,  The Antonio Ballet Espanol, Topo Gigio

--Kate Smith - "I Wish You Love," "When Your Lover Has Gone" & "But Beautiful"
--Joya Sherrill (jazz singer) - "New York's My Home"
--Danny Costello (singer) - "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" & "Falling in Love with Love"
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - "Volare"

[--] 11-Aug-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 23-Dec-62)
(Connie Francis & Louis Armstrong from the Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba)

15.42 [759] The Ed Sullivan Show: (pre-recorded show)
18-Aug-1963 CBS Sun
Matt Monro (British ballad singer) , Joan Sutherland (Australian Opera Singer)
Della Reese, Stan Kenton
Thelma Lee
(comedian), Norman & Dean (comedy team)
Bob Bramson
(hoop act), The Gimma Brothers (acrobatic tumblers)
--Joan Sutherland - "Son vergin vezzosa" (from Bellini's "I Puritani")
--Della Reese - "You Came a Long Way from St. Louis" & "Be My Love"
--Matt Monro (British singer) - "Georgia on My Mind"
--Stan Kenton and his band - "Maria" & "I Feel Pretty"

[--] 25-Aug-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 19-May-63)
[--] 01-Sep-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 13-Jan-63)
[--] 08-Sep-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 09-Dec-62) (Four Seasons, Peggy Lee)
[--] 15-Sep-63 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 28-Apr-63)
[--] 22-Sep-63 CBS Sun -"The Ed Sullivan Show" pre-empted for a "Lincoln Center Special".

  ############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############### end of season 15 #############

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