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Season 16 (CBS)(1963-64)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger (Updated Dec 2013)
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  Playlist -  "The Ed Sullivan Show"  Season 16 (1963-64)

############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############## season 16 1963-64 #############
 CBS Sundays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern [42 New Episodes] (black and white)

16.1 [760] The Ed Sullivan Show:
29-Sep-1963 CBS Sun
Frank Sinatra Jr., Jimmy Durante, Helen Forrest
The Pied Pipers, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Topo Gigio

--Tommy Dorsey Band - "Marie"
--Jimmy Durante - "A Piano Is A Delicate Thing" & " September Song"
--Helen Forrest - "Just One Of Those Things" & "Craziest Dream (with the Tommy Dorsey Band)
--Pied Pipers - "Chicago"
--Pied Pipers & Frank Sinatra, Jr. - "I'll Never Smile Again"
--Frank Sinatra, Jr. & Tommy Dorsey Band - "Night & Day"
--The Harvest Moon Ball winners (categories: Waltz, Tango, Polka, Rhumba, Jitterbug & all around champs).
--Topo Gigio
--Audience bow: Paul Newman
--Audience bows - members of the New York Yankees:
Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, Al Downing, Roger Maris, Elston Howard & manager Ralph Hauk.

16.2 [761] The Ed Sullivan Show:
06-Oct-1963 CBS Sun
Dick Dale, The Angels, Totie Fields, The Three Stooges
Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara, Kate Smith, Sonny Liston
The Page Seven featuring Page Cavanaugh,
Alan Gale, The Clark Brothers
(tap dancers)
--Dick Dale - medley of "Surfin' and A-Swingin'," "Misirlou" and "The Wedge."
--Totie Fields (comedian) - boasts about her diet, sings, and then flirts with men in the audience.
--Sonny Liston (heavyweight champion of the world) - skips rope to "Night Train" recording.
--The Page Seven (featuring Page Cavanaugh at the piano) - "Preacher" (instrumental song)
--The Three Stooges (Larry, Moe and Curly Joe) - sketch with Curly Joe as the Rajah
--Audience bow: Eileen Brennan
 --Kate Smith - medley of WWII songs: "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree," "The White Cliffs of Dover,"
"On a Wing and a Prayer" and "God Bless America."
--Alan Gale (comedian) - jokes about politics, sports, modern conviences, supermarkets, banks
--Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara (comedy team) - a couple starts arguing following their dinner party.
--The Angels - "My Boyfriend's Back"

16.3 [762] The Ed Sullivan Show:
13-Oct-1963 CBS Sun
Lesley Gore,
Bob & Ray
(Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding), Frank Gorshin  (impressionist), Danny Meehan (singer-dancer)
Peter Cook
(British Comedian/Satirist), Jonathan Miller (British Comedian/Satirist), John Bird (British Comedian/Satirist)
Pat Henry
 (comedian), Peter Duchin  (pianist), Mac Ronay  (pantomimist)
--Lesley Gore - "It's My Party"/"She's A Fool" medley
--Tony Bennett sings a medley ("Moment of Truth," "Smile," "Don't Wait Too Long" and "Smile You Sinners").
--Bob & Ray (comedy team) - doing a collection of satiric sketches titled "What's Going on Here?"
 --Jonathan Miller & Peter Cook (British Comedians/Satirists)(from the Broadway play "Beyond the Fringe.")
--John Bird (British Comedian/Satirist)(from the off-Broadway play "The Establishment")
--Frank Gorshin (impressionist) - does an "Actors in Heaven" routine with impressions of deceased actors.
--Mr. Pastry (British comedian Richard Hearne) - does a pantomime routine titled "The Lancers."
--Mac Ronay (European pantomime artist) - does a magic act including sword-in-box trick, assisted by Ed.
16.4 [763] The Ed Sullivan Show:
20-Oct-1963 CBS Sun
Cliff Richard (British singer), Eydie Gorme (singer)
Dave Madden 
(comedian), Grecco and Willard (Vic Grecco & Fred Willard)(comedy team)
Shirley Verrett 
(opera singer), The Four Saints (comedy-instrumental group)
The Kessler Twins
(singing & dancing team), Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
--Cliff Richard sings "Stranger In Town" and "Some of These Days."
--Eydie Gorme (singer) - "You Don't Know What Love Is" and "Just One of Those Things."
--The Kessler Twins (singing & dancing team) sing "Without You."
--Ginny Tiu & her siblings - Ginny plays the piano, her sister Elizabeth sings, Ginny tap dances with her brother and sister.
--The Four Saints (comedy-instrumental group) performs "Tonight" (group sings and plays trumpet).
--Shirley Verrett (opera singer) - "Habanera."
--Bob and Ray (comedy team) - do a "What's Going On Here" news & current events parody.
16.5 [764] The Ed Sullivan Show: The Moscow State Circus (taped in England)
27-Oct-1963 CBS Sun
Performers appearing on this show:
--The Four Boubnovs (precision aerialists)
--The Homenko Group (trampoline acrobats)
--Karandash, Nicolin and Shudin (three clowns)
--Irina and Petr Schetinini (high-wire artists)
--The Simadov Group (Chinese balancers)
--Dzerassa Touganova and Valeri Denisov (equestrians)
--Nina and Anatole Yaroslavsky (hand balancers)
Also: animal acts including trained bears, a performing elephant and a cat piloting a plane with mice as passengers.
There was another Moscow State Circus episode shown this season, but with different performers.
While the 27-Oct-1963 episode featured the troupe who toured England, the April 12, 1964 show featured the group who toured the U.S.

16.6 [765] The Ed Sullivan Show:
03-Nov-1963 CBS Sun
Richard Burton (British/Welsh actor), Morecombe & Wise  (British comedy team)
Arthur Worsley, Dave Madden
The Calicoats, Topo Gigio, Cinco Brutos

--Richard Burton - in a segment taped in England, recites works by Welsh writers Dylan Thomas and Jack Jones.
(Dylan Thomas' "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog" about a troubled young man at a bar and Jack Jones' description of a sermon in a Bethlehem Chapel.)
--Arthur Worsley (British ventriloquist, his dummy does all the talking)
--The Calicoats - "Blues Away," "Somebody Loves You," and "Have A Happy Day"
--Topo Gigio
--Cinco Brutos (comedy-singing group) - "Little Darling" & "Addio"
--The Augsberg (Augspurg?) Jungle Wonders (monkey/baboon act with trainer doing a tea party bit)

16.7 [766] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-Nov-1963 CBS Sun
The Jane Russell, Connie Haines and Beryl Davis Trio
Allen & Rossi
(comedy team), Shelley Berman (comedian), The West Point Glee Club
Dick Contino
(accordion player), Teri Thornton (singer), Shelley Berman
Baby Opal and Baby Kay
(elephant act)
Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
Dennis Spicer
(British ventriloquist), Teri Thornton (singer)
Karen Valentine
(16-year-old talent award winner in the Miss Teenage America Pageant), Ed Wynn (movie comedian)
--On film
The last known press interview with Ngo Dinh Diem, the South Vietnamese leader who was assassinated on November 2, 1963.

16.8 [767] The Ed Sullivan Show:
17-Nov-1963 CBS Sun
Tommy Sands & Nancy Sinatra, Robert Horton
The Kim Sisters & The Kim Brothers
Bob Lewis
(comedian), Davis & Reese (comedy team)
The Nieman Brothers
(acrobats), The New Sounds (vocal group)
--Tommy Sands and Nancy Sinatra sing "Old Straw Hat" & "Hey Good Lookin'."
--Tommy Sands sings "Real Live Girl" and "San Francisco."
--Robert Horton sings "Out of a Dream" and, later in show, "I Have Dreamed."
--Earl Grant sings "Banana Tree" (with two female dancers).
--The Kim Sisters and the Kim Brothers sing "Shanty," "Try to Remember" and "Little Darling."

[--]  24-Nov-63 CBS Sun - pre-empted for JFK assassination news coverage.

The scheduled guests for 24-Nov-63 were Diahann Carroll; Bert Lahr; comedian Rip Taylor; Topo Gigio;
the Vagabonds (comedy instrumentalists); Stiller & Meara; Geula Gill (Israeli singer); Alan Gale (comic);
and the Two Carmenas (head-balancers).

16.9 [768] The Ed Sullivan Show:  OBRASTOV RUSSIAN PUPPET THEATRE
01-Dec-1963 CBS Sun
The Obratsov Russian Puppet Theatre
--Ed dedicated the entire hour show to the Obratsov Russian Puppet Theatre. The puppet act, led by Sergei Oratsov, specialized in satire.
-The show was divided into different puppet acts:
"The Coloratura Soprano"; "The Tango"; "The Wunderkind," "The Gypsies" from the Forests of Transcaucsia;
"The Performing Animals"; "The Illusionist"; "The Tap Dancers" and "Jazz Singer and her Combo."
--This show was taped in November 1963 at the conclusion of the troupe's Broadway engagement,
a part of the American-Soviet cultural exchange.

16.10 [769] The Ed Sullivan Show:
08-Dec-1963 CBS Sun (repeated 30-Aug-1964)
Ginger Rogers, Sophie Tucker, Jan Murray
Georgie Kaye (comedian), Buddy Greco,
Grecco and Willard (Vic Grecco & Fred Willard)(comedy team),
Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
--Ginger Rogers sings "Something's Gotta Give" & "They Can't Take That Away from Me."
--Sophie Tucker - "So Much to Do" (recitation) and "Some of These Days."
--Buddy Greco - "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" & "Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)."
--Los Chevales de Espana (singers & dancers, a.k.a. "The Kids from Spain").
--Jan Murray (comedian) - topics include nightclubs & marriage.
--Georgie Kaye (comedian) - psychiatrist routine.
--Vic Greco & Fred Willard (comedy team) - give advice to young baseball players.
--All-American Football Team players (selected by the American Coaches Association).
--Ed Sullivan talks with Roger Staubach.
--Audience bows: Myron Cohen (comedian), The Kim Sisters, Port Chester High School football team.

16.xx [---] The Ed Sullivan Show: 30-Aug-1964 repeat (of 08-Dec-1963)
Burt Lancaster (on film)
New Segment added to repeat:
--On a Paris movie set, Burt Lancaster talks about his upcoming movie "The Train." A few scenes from the film are shown.
16.11 [770] The Ed Sullivan Show:
15-Dec-1963 CBS Sun
Al Hirt, Milton Berle, Georgia Brown, The Amin Brothers
Walter Dare Wahl
(comedian), Emmett Oldfield (comedian)
--Al Hirt - "Java" & "Man with a Horn"
--Milton Berle (comedian, running gag: keeps interrupting Ed throughout show)
--Georgia Brown - "I've Got Plenty Of Nothing" & "I'll Walk Alone"
--The Amin Brothers (foot jugglers, Milton Berle gets into the act)
--Audience bows: Joe Morrison; John Chandler; Y. A. Tittle; Herman Levin (producer of "My Fair Lady")

16.12 [771] The Ed Sullivan Show:
22-Dec-1963 CBS Sun
Buster Keaton, Teresa Brewer, Tessie O'Shea, Frank Ifield, John Huston (director)
Paul Dooley and Dick Liberti
(comedians), The Burke Family Singers
Rene Lavand
(one-armed magician), Hugh Forgie (ice skater), Topo Gigio
--Frank Ifield (Australian-English singer) performs "Winter Wonderland" and "Waltzing Matilda."
--Buster Keaton (silent film comedian) - plays a blacksmith in a pantomime sketch.
--Tessie O'Shea (British music hall singer & star of Broadway's "The Girl Who Came To Supper").
--The Burke Family Singers - perform "Silent Night" & "Hallelujah."
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - does a routine in a Santa Claus costume.
Additional guests (scheduled, mentioned in TV listings):
--John Huston (movie director).
--George Kirby (stand-up comedian)
--Sean Scully and 34 other cast members of the Broadway musical "The Girl Who Came to Supper."
--Paul Dooley and Dick Liberti (comedians, from the "Twice Over Nightly" New York nightclub revue) - perform a greeting card routine.

16.13 [772] The Ed Sullivan Show:
29-Dec-1963 CBS Sun
Hank Williams, Jr. , Janet Blair, Jerry Vale
The Kim Sisters, cast of "Twice Over Nightly"

--Hank Williams, Jr. - medley of Hank Williams Sr. songs ("On The Bayou," "Your Cheatin' Heart" "Cold, Cold Heart" and "Lonesome Blues").
--Janet Blair sings "Some People" (from 'Gypsy') and "And This Is My Beloved" (from 'Kismet').
--Jerry Vale (singer) - medley of Italian songs including "O Solo Mio" and "Mama."
--The Kim Sisters - 'Al Jolson' medley ("Swanee," "Mammy," "Sittin' on Top of the World," "April Showers," "California Here I Come" and "Toot-Toot Tootsie").
--The Kim Sisters - "The Mysterious East."
--Twice Over Nightly, Upstairs At The Downstairs (New York nightclub revue)
- troupe (which includes Paul Dooley, Jane Connell and Dick Liberti) parody people's excuses for arriving late for work.
--Billy Reed (Vaudeville novelty act) - plays "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover" on dinnerware (that gradually breaks apart as he keeps playing).

16.14 [773] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-Jan-1964 CBS Sun (Repeated 19-Jul-1964)
The Count Basie Orchestra, Keely Smith, The Singing Nun  (Sister Sourire)
Jane Powell, Johnny Hart, Dieter Tasso

--The Singing Nun (Sister Sourire) – "Hallelujah," "Dominique," & "Les Piedes des Missionaires"
(performance filmed in Waterloo, Belgium)
--Count Basie Orchestra - "One O'Clock Jump"
--Keely Smith - "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" & "Bill" (with the Count Basie Orchestra)
--Count Basie Orchestra & Keely Smith - "Won't You Come Back, Count Basie"
--Jane Powell - song & dance number, and movie medley: "Wonderful Day," "Too Late Now" & "A Most Unusual Day."
--Johnny Hart (magician, does card tricks, silk tricks doves)
--Dieter Tasso (juggler, balancing act)
--Marcelo Spanish Ballet (Flamenco dance w/ male soloist)
Note: Stevie Wonder was scheduled to perform on this show but cancelled.

16.15 [774] The Ed Sullivan Show:
12-Jan-1964 CBS Sun
Connie Francis, Frank Sinatra, Jr., The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Helen Forrest,
Stiller & Meara
(Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara)  (comedy team), The Pied Pipers, Con Conwally
--Connie Francis - "With A Song In My Heart," "I Left My Heart In San Francisco,"
"You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" & "Al Di La"
--Frank Sinatra, Jr. - "Second Time Around" & "Nancy" (with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)
--Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - "Git It"
 --Helen Forrest - "I've Heard That Song Before" (with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)
--The Pied Pipers - "Look At Him Now" (with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra)
--Con Conwally (sword balancing act)

16.16 [775] The Ed Sullivan Show:
19-Jan-1964 CBS Sun
Bobby Vinton, Juliet Prowse (dancer)
Grecco and Willard
(Vic Grecco & Fred Willard)(comedy team), Pat Buttram (comedian)
Kate Smith, Marvin Roy
(magician), Dick Alberts (trampoline act)
--Bobby Vinton - medley: "Blue Velvet," "Roses Are Red (My Love)" & "There! I've Said It Again"
--Kate Smith sings "This Is All I Ask," "Fine and Dandy" and "As Long As He Needs Me."
--Juliet Prowse (dancer) - performs to "Lazy Afternoon with You," "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" and "Tell All the World."

16.17 [776] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-Jan-1964 CBS Sun
Eddy Arnold (singer), Van Heflin, Sidney Blackmer, Carol Lawrence (singer)
Totie Fields
(comedian), Shirley Verrett (soprano)
--Van Heflin and Sidney Blackmer (actors, in a scene from their Broadway play "A Case of Libel" written by Henry Denker)
--Carol Lawrence sings "Riding High."
--Eddy Arnold (Country-Western singer) - "Old '97."
--Shirley Verrett (operatic soprano) sings "My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice."
--Les Compagnons de la Chanson - "The Three Bells."
--Don Saunders (Scottish comedian) - does a bagpipe routine.

16.18 [777] The Ed Sullivan Show:
02-Feb-1964 CBS Sun
Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr.
The Two Carmenas
(balancing act)
Music Highlights:
--Ella Fitzgerald sings "Them There Eyes" (with Roy Eldridge on trumpet), "Love Being Here with You," "My Last Affair" and"Perdido."
--Sammy Davis Jr. sings a "West Side Story" medley, "Shelter of Your Arms" and "Without A Song."
--Sammy Davis Jr. & Ella Fitzgerald - "S' Wonderful" duet.
Comedy Highlights:
--Mr. Pastry (British comedian Richard Hearne) - demonstrates the "Passing Out Ceremony" to Ed and singer Cliff Richard.
--Rip Taylor (stand-up comedy monologue)

16.19 [778] The Ed Sullivan Show:
09-Feb-1964 CBS Sun (repeated 20-Sep-64)
The Beatles (1st appearance)
"Oliver" Broadway cast including Davy Jones & Georgia Brown
Frank Gorshin
(impressionist-comedian), Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill  (comedy team)
Tessie O'Shea, Fred Kapps
--The Beatles (first appearance) – "All My Lovin'," "Til There Was You," "She Loves You," "I Saw Her Standing There"
and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."
--Davy Jones (pre-Monkees, appearing with Georgia Brown & the Broadway cast of "Oliver") - "I'd Do Anything"
--Georgia Brown (with the Broadway cast of "Oliver") - "As Long As He Needs Me"
--Frank Gorshen (comedian, doing impressions of celebrities)
--Tessie O'Shea (singer, from Broadway's "The Girl Who Came To Supper")
- medley of show tunes including: "I Got Rhythm," "The Tender Trap" and, playing banjo, "Two Ton Tessie (from Tennessee)"
--Wells & the Four Fays (acrobats, doing physical comedy)
--Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill (comedy team) - Casting agent Brill interviews several aspiring actresses (all played by Mitzi).
--Audience bow: Terry McDermott (Olympic Speed Skater)

16.20 [779] The Ed Sullivan Show: Broadcast from the Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida.
16-Feb-1964 CBS Sun
The Beatles (2nd appearance), Mitzi Gaynor
Allen and Rossi
(comedy team), Myron Cohen  (stand-up comedian)
--The Beatles (2nd appearance) – "She Loves You," "This Boy," "All My Lovin'," I Saw Her Standing There,"
"From Me to You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
--Mitzi Gaynor - "Too Darn Hot," "The More I See You."
--Mitzi Gaynor (with dancers) - blues medley: "Birth of the Blues," "St. James Infirmary," "When the Saints Go Marching In,"
"Shadrach, Mescach, Obendigo," "Joshua Fit The Battle of Jericho" & "When the Saints Go Marchin In" (reprise).
--Marty Allen & Steve Rossi (comedy team) - Interviewer Rossi interviews boxer Marty "Rocky" Allen.
--Steve Rossi sings "Strike Up the Band" while Marty Allen wears a Beatle wig.
--On tape: The Nerveless Nocks (4-man sway pole acrobats) - perform at the Hialeah Race Track.
--Audience bows: Sunny Liston & and Joe Louis (boxers).
--The Volantes (comedic unicycle balancing act, missing from the 2003 GoodTimes/SOFA Home Entertainment DVD).

16.21 [780] The Ed Sullivan Show:
23-Feb-1964 CBS Sun (repeated 23-Aug-64)
The Beatles (3rd appearance)
Cab Calloway, Acker Bilk, Gordon MacRae & Sheila MacRae
Morecambe and Wise
(British comedy team), Dave Barry  (comedian), Morty Gunty (comedian)
Pinky & Perky
--The Beatles (3rd appearance taped 9-Feb-64) – "Twist and Shout," "Please Please Me" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (Taped Beatles segment inserted into a live show.)
--Cab Calloway - "St. James Infirmary" & "Old Man River"
--Acker Bilk (British clarinet player) - "Acker's Lacquer"
--Gordon & Sheila MacRae (do celebrity impersonations)
--Gordon MacRae - "If I Ever Would Leave You"
--Gloria Bleezarde - sings "Safety in Numbers."
16.22 [781] The Ed Sullivan Show:
01-Mar-1964 CBS Sun
George Raft (Hollywood star), Jack Carter (comedian)
Rickie Layne and Velvel
(ventriloquist act)
Highlights (verified):
--George Raft (Hollywood star) - scheduled do dance a tango with the Hugh Lambert dancers to the song "La Cumparasita."
--Jack Carter (comedian) - routine includes jokes about the Beatles.
--John Byner (impressionist making his first Sullivan TV appearance).
--The Barry Sisters (singers)
--Hainz, Heinz, and Brown (instrumental group)
--Russell Newport (Gospel singer)
--Rickie Layne and Velvel (ventriloquist act)
--The Alcettys (plate jugglers)
--The Lounsberry Sisters (baton twirlers).
Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
--Julius Monk's "Baker's Dozen" (revue troupe, scheduled to appear in 2 comedy sketches).

16.23 [782] The Ed Sullivan Show:
08-Mar-1964 CBS Sun
The Dave Clark Five
"A Salute to American Composers"
Ira Gershwin (composer), Phil Silvers, Florence Henderson, Juliet Prowse
Jerry Vale, Steve Lawrence, Saul Chaplin

--The Dave Clark Five (British Pop Group) - "Glad All Over"
"A Salute to American Composers"
--Jerry Vale - "Ah, Sweet Mystery" & "You Can't Take That Away from Me"
--Florence Henderson - "I Get A Kick Out of You" & "Wonderful Guy"
--Ed Sullivan talks with Ira Gershwin.
--Steve Lawrence - "A Room Without Windows, A Room Without Doors" & "Gigi"
--Harry Ruby (piano medley)
--Phil Silvers & Saul Chaplin - "Old Man River" sketch
--Juliet Prowse (dancer) - dances to "Black Bottom" & "The Peabody"
--Blossom Seely - "I Love A Medley"
Piano medley with five ASCAP composers:
--Jimmy McHugh ("Sunny Side of the Street");
--Arthur Freed ("Singing in the Rain");
--Grace Kahn & Donald Kahn ("It Had to be You" & "Ain't We Got Fun");
--Sammy Fain ("Love Is A Many Splendored Thing").

16.24 [783] The Ed Sullivan Show:
15-Mar-1964 CBS Sun
The Dave Clark Five, Peter O'Toole, Jack Jones
Jackie Vernon, Pat O'Brian, Carmel Quinn

--Dave Clark Five (British Pop Group) - "Do You Love Me," "Bits and Pieces" and "Glad All Over"
--Peter O'Toole (interview, sings "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" with Ed)
--Jack Jones ("Rosalie" & "Call Me Irresponsible")
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet)
--Pat O'Brian (comedian)
--Jackie Vernon (comedian)
--Carmel Quinn (medley Of Irish songs)
--The Volantes (unicycle balancing act)
--The Augsberg Jungle Wonders (trained monkey act)

Note: The Dave Clark Five - "The Ed Sullivan Show" appearances:
--"Glad All Over" (March 8, 1964)
--"Do You Love Me," "Bits & Pieces" & "Glad All Over" (March 15,1964)
--"Can't You See That She's Mine" & "Do You Love Me" (May 31, 1964)
--"Anyway You Want It" (November 1, 1964)
--"Everybody Knows," "Because" & "Anyway You Want It" (Feb. 14, 1965)
--"Glad All Over," "Come Home" & "I Like It Like That" (June 20, 1965)
--"Over And Over" & "Catch Us If You Can" (November 14, 1965)
--"Over And Over" & "At The Scene" (February 20, 1966)
--"Catch Us If You Can" & "Try Too Hard" (April 24, 1966)
--"Look Before You Leap" & "Please Tell Me Why" (June 12, 1966)
--"Sittin' Here Baby" (live) and "19 Days" promo (Nov. 20, 1966)
--"You Got What It Takes" and possibly I've Got To Have A Reason" (March 26, 1967)
The Dave Clark Five made 12 appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" with 5 repeats.
(Thanks to Gary Belich for the DC5 date/song list.)

16.25 [784] The Ed Sullivan Show:
22-Mar-1964 CBS Sun (repeated 9-Aug-64)
Bobby Vinton, Van Johnson,
The Ladybugs (Sheila James, Jeannine Riley, Pat Woodell & Linda Henning)
Totie Fields (comedian), George Kirby (comedian-impressionist), The Brooks Sisters
--Van Johnson - "Just One of Those Things" & "I'm A Ham"
--Bobby Vinton - "My Heart Belongs to Only You"
--The Ladybugs - "I Saw Him Standing There."
--Brooks Sisters - "Brooks' Boogie"
--The South African dancers (from the Alan Paton-Krishna Shaw play "Sponono")
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - "Topo's Birthday"

16.26 [785] The Ed Sullivan Show:
29-Mar-1964 CBS Sun
Harry Belafonte and the Belafonte Folk Singers
Jack Carter
(comedian), Dennis Spicer (British ventriloquist), Karen Valentine (singer-dancer)
Music Highlights:
--Harry Belafonte - "Windin' Road" and "Scarlet Ribbons."
--Harry Belafonte and the Belafonte Folk Singers perform "Look Over Yonder" "Shake That Little Foot" and "In My Father's House" (and possibly "Sailor Man").
--The Kessler Twins (dancers-singers Alice and Ellen Kessler) - "Best Is Yet to Come" and "On How To Be Lovely."
--Karen Valentine (singer-dancer) sings "Can't Get A Man with a Gun."
Comedy Highlights:
--Jack Carter (comedian) - stand-up routine
--Dennis Spicer (British ventriloquist) - has his dummy, James Greene, sing "Old MacDonald."
Also appearing:
--Bauman Tigers (trained animal act) - seven tigers with trainer.
--Audience bow: Barbra Streisand (sitting next to husband Elliott Gould).

16.27 [786] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-Apr-1964 CBS Sun
The Searchers, Rowan & Martin (Dan Rowan & Dick Martin)(comedians)
Senor Wences
(ventriloquist), Nipsey Russell (comedian), Franco Corelli (Italian tenor),
Topo Gigio
(puppet), Mata & Hari (dance-pantomime team), The Little Singers of Tokyo.
Music Highlights:
--The Searchers (British Pop Group) - "Needles and Pins" and "Ain't That Just Like Me?"
--Teresa Brewer sings "Bye Bye Blackbird."
--Franco Corelli (Italian tenor) - sings "Adio La Madre."
--The Little Singers of Tokyo (two dozen Japanese children) sings "Sakura" and "Swanee."
Comedy Highlights:
--Nipsey Russell (comedian) - pokes fun at current dances.
--Senor Wences (ventriloquist) - does a routine with his puppets Johnny & Pedro.
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - does an income tax routine with Ed.
On film:
Ed narrates film clips of past World's Fairs.

16.28 [787] The Ed Sullivan Show: MOSCOW STATE CIRCUS
12-Apr-1964 CBS Sun (repeated 13-Sep-64)
Moscow State Circus (taped in Minneapolis, MN)
Pre-recorded show with guests:
--Oleg Popov (clown, appears throughout the show)
--The Khodzhabaev Cossack Riders
--Valentin Filatov's trained bears (boxers, motorcyclists, acrobats & balancers)
--Kaseev and Manasaryan (acrobatic strongmen)
--Michael Nikolaev group (precision gymnasts)
--Violetta and Alexander Kiss (balancers)
--The Vladimir Doveyko tumblers (somersault onto stilts)
--The Vladimir Zamotkin's acrobatics (on a giant free-spinning wheel)
--Vsevolod Kherts (juggling strongman)
--The Volzhansky wire walkers (roller-skate & perform acrobatics on the highwire)
--Helena Sinkovskaya & Victor Lisin (gymnasts on the rocket trapeze)
--Victoria Olkhovikova's football-playing canines
This episode featured the Moscow State Circus troupe who toured the U.S.
The earlier, October 27, 1963, episode featured performers who toured England.

[--] 19-Apr-64 CBS Sun "The Ed Sullivan Show" pre-empted for a "Lucille Ball" special.

16.29 [788] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-Apr-1964 CBS Sun (repeated 02-Aug-64)
Al Hirt, Roberta Peters, Itzhak Perlman, The Kim Sisters
London Lee
(comedian), Georgie Kaye (comedian), Bob King (comedian)
Peg Leg Bates & Little Buck
(tap duet), The Ximenez Vargas Ballet (dance troupe), Trio Ariston (acrobat trio)
--Al Hirt (jazz trumpeter) - "Begin the Beguine" & "Cotton Candy."
--Roberta Peters (Metropolitan Opera soprano) and Al Hirt perform "The Shadow Song" (from the Meyerbeer opera 'Dinorah').
--Itzhak Perlman (violinist) - "Rondo Capricione."
--The Kim Sisters (vocal & instrumental trio from Korea) - 'South of the Border' medley and "Charlie Brown."
--Peg Leg Bates & Little Buck (tap dancers) - do a challenge dance.

16.30 [789] The Ed Sullivan Show:
03-May-1964 CBS Sun
Stevie Wonder, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Patti Page (singer)
Bill Dana
(comedian), The Claytons
Music Highlights:
--Stevie Wonder performs "Fingertips."
--Gerry and the Pacemakers (British/Liverpool pop group) - "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" & "I'm the One."
--Patti Page sings "Call Me Irresponsible" & "If I Had A Hammer."
--Louis Gossett, May Barnes and Bibby Oscarwall perform excerpts from their musical "America Be Seated," an attraction at the World's Fair Louisiana Pavilion.
Comedy Highlights:
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as José Jiménez) - Wearing a Roman soldier costume, Jose talks to Ed about his latest epic movie.
Also appearing:
--The Claytons (whip and rope act) - dressed as cowboys, 3 people do tricks with whips.
--Burt Lancaster, in a segment filmed in Paris, talks to Ed about his childhood in Harlem.
Additional guest (scheduled to appear):
--Vaughn Meader (comedian)

16.31 [790] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-May-1964 CBS Sun
Dusty Springfield, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Itzhak Perlman
Bobby Rydell, Phyllis Diller, Jackie Mason, The Brooks Sisters
Sid Gary, Doug Hart, Los Cinco Latinos

Music Highlights:
--Dusty Springfield (British singer) - Stay Awhile" & "I Only Want to Be with You."
--Gerry and the Pacemakers (British/Liverpool pop group) - "I Like It" & "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying."
--Bobby Rydell - "World Without Love."
--Itzak Perlman (violinist) - Wieniawski's "Second Concerto."
--Los Cinco Latinos (vocal and instrumental quintet) - "El Relicario."
--The Brooks Sisters (instrumental trio) - "When The Saints Go Marching In."
Comedy Highlights:
--Phyllis Diller (stand-up comedy)
--Jackie Mason - does a routine about folk songs.
--Doug Hart (wire walker with female assistant) - Routine with intoxicated man attempting to walk wire. After a few attempts, he finally succeeds.
--Sid Gary (comedian) - imitates George Jessel's flat singing.

16.32 [791] The Ed Sullivan Show:
17-May-1964 CBS Sun
Paul Anka, The McGuire Sisters, Rita Pavone (Italian singer)
Rowan & Martin
(Dan Rowan & Dick Martin) (comedy team)
Totie Fields
(comedian), "Big" Tiny Little (pianist), Jackie Vernon (comedian)
Music Highlights:
--Paul Anka sings "Girls of Paris" (production number with dancers).
--Rita Pavone (Italian singer) - "Remember Me" & "Just One More."
--Paul Anka and Rita Pavone - "Ogni Volta" duet.
--The McGuire Sisters sing a medley of "Bewitched," "Miss You," "Ain't Misbehavin'" and "Bill Bailey."
--"Big" Tiny Little (pianist, from "The Lawrence Welk Show").
--The Mansfield State Training School Band, from Connecticut (or TheMansville Marching Band) - "When The Saints Come Marching In."
Comedy Highlights:
--Dan Rowan and Dick Martin (comedy team) - Rowan as reporter interviewing tourist Martin.
--Totie Fields (comedian) asks the question "What Is Happiness?"
--Jackie Vernon (comedian)
--Topo Gigio (Italian mouse puppet) - Ed tutors Topo, who's having problems with his homework.
Also appearing:
--Cameo (possibly an audience bow): Eunice Kennedy Shriver (representing the Kennedy Foundation for Mental Retardation).
--Cameo: Bill Haughton (winning horse jockey)

16.33 [792] The Ed Sullivan Show:
24-May-1964 CBS Sun (repeated 12-Jul-64)
Liza Minnelli (actress-singer), Duke Ellington & his Orchestra, The Beatles (on film)
Jean Paul Vignon
(French singer), Shirley Verrett (mezzo-soprano)
Morecambe and Wise
(British comedy team), Professor Backwards, The Watusi Dancers (comedian)
Music Highlights:
--Liza Minnelli sings "Together (Wherever We Go)" and a medley of "Good Bye Blues,"
"When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam'" and "Alabamy Bound."
--Duke Ellington & his orchestra perform "Satin Doll," "Things Ain't What They Used to Be" and "Jam with Sam."
--Shirley Verrett (mezzo-soprano) sings "Ava Maria."
--Jean Paul Vignon- "The French Twist."
--The Christenson High School Band (from St. Croix, Virgin Islands).
Comedy Highlights:
--Morecambe and Wise (British comedy team) - re-enact the Battle of Waterloo using toy soldiers, and later in show, sing "Swinging Down the Lane."
--Professor Backwards sings a backwards version of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."
Filmed segments:
--On film: The Beatles perform "You Can't Do That" (a scene from "A Hard Day's Night" which was cut from the final edit of the film).
Also on film: Ed Sullivan interviews The Beatles in London on the set of "A Hard Day's Night".
--Footage of Michelangelo's Pieta, an exhibit at the New York World's Fair.
--Footage of the Lipizzaner White Stallions in Vienna.

16.34 [793] The Ed Sullivan Show:
31-May-1964 CBS Sun
The Dave Clark Five, Bill Cosby, Helen Hayes, Abbe Lane, Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy
Music Highlights:
--Dave Clark Five (British pop group) perform "Can't You See That She's Mine?" & "Do You Love Me?"
--Abbe Lane sings "The Rhumba Rump" & "I Will Follow You."
Comedy Highlights:
--Bill Cosby (comedian)
--Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy (husband & wife comedy duo)
--Elsa & Waldo (comedy dance team)
Also appearing:
--Helen Hayes (actress) plays Mrs. Woodrow Wilson in a dramatic scene from her Broadway play "The White House."
--Audience bow: Betsy Palmer
--Short film: segment with Ed at Indianapolis race track.

16.35 [794] The Ed Sullivan Show:
07-Jun-1964 CBS Sun
Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, Alec Guinness, Nipsey Russell, Robert Horton, Tessie O'Shea
--Alec Guinness (British actor) - a film clip from "Bridge on the River Kwai" is shown. Then, on film, a scene from the Broadway play "Dylan"
with Guinness playing poet Dylan Thomas. The segment ends with Guinness appearing live on stage with Ed.
Music Highlights:
--Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas (British/Liverpool pop group) perform "Pride," "Little Children" and "Bad to Me."
--Robert Horton sings an "Oklahoma" medley & "When The Sun Comes Out."
--Tessie O'Shea (veteran singer) - performs a London Music Hall medley (production number with dancers).
Also appearing:
--Nipsey Russell (comedian) - topics include his girlfriend's weight and civil rights.
--Juan Antonio "Chi-Chi" Rodríguez (professional golfer) - demonstrates his golf club.
--Leo Bassi (foot juggler, with female assistant) - juggles a piano with his feet.
--Audience bow: spelling bee winner.

16.36 [795] The Ed Sullivan Show:
14-Jun-1964 CBS Sun
Sammy Davis Jr., Stiller & Meara (Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara)
The Vagabonds

--Sammy Davis Jr. - "My Kind of Town (Manhattan)" "Where Do I Belong?" "Gonna Build Me A Mountain" "What Kind of Fool Am I"
--Stiller & Meara (comedy team)
--The Vagabonds - "It's a Good Day" & "Route 66"
--Trio Hoganas (high wire balance act)
--The Philippine Dance Company
--On film: a tour of the John F. Kennedy Library exhibit (then on display at the IBM Gallery in NYC).

16.37 [796] The Ed Sullivan Show:
21-Jun-1964 CBS Sun
Bobby Vinton, Sally Ann Howes, Harve Presnell
Marty Allen and Steve Rossi
(comedy duo)
Music Highlights:
--Trini Lopez - "Hello Dolly" and "What'd I Say" (both songs in English and Spanish).
--Harve Presnell (Debbie Reynolds' "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" co-star) sings "I'll Never Say No" (live on stage).
--Sally Ann Howes sings "Let's Face the Music and Dance."
--Sally Ann Howes sings "Do Re Me" with children from the Lexington school for the deaf. The children also do a "Spring Medley."
--Steve Rossi sings "With A Song in My Heart."
Comedy Highlights:
--John Byner (stand-up comedian)
--Marty Allen and Steve Rossi (comedy team) - Rossi interviews Allen (in character as the general manager of the World's Fair Japanese Pavilion).
Also appearing:
--On film: Ed visits Debbie Reynolds at her home. In her screening room, they view scenes of Debbie dancing in "The Unsinkable Molly Brown"
--Cameo: Ken Venturi (1964 U.S. Open champion)
--Jim Bunning (baseball pitching star from Philadelphia) - is interviewed by Ed twice in show.
--Ed introduces the 50 candidates for the title of "National College Queen," then announces the 6 finalists.
--Ed crowns the winner of the "National College Queen" contest
--Royal National dancers of Sierra Leone - perform in tribal costumes.

16.38 [797] The Ed Sullivan Show:
28-Jun-1964 CBS Sun
Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton, Connie Francis, Ferrante & Teicher, Jerry Shane (comedian)
Music Highlights:
--Frank Sinatra sings "My Kind of Town," introduces a clip from "Robin and the Seven Hoods," and presents Ed with an anniversary cake.
--Connie Francis sings "Will You Still Be Mine?" "Mala Femmena," "Looking for Love" (with film clip from movie) and "I Found Myself A Guy" (last song with Frank Sinatra cameo).
--Bobby Vinton - "Tell Me Why" & "Mama Don't Allow" and a medley of instrumental songs ("Hava Nagila," "Poinciana" & "When The Saints Go Marching In").
--Ferrante & Teicher (pianist duo) - theme from "Seventh Dawn."
--Joan Holloway - "Puttin' On My Top Hat" (production number with dancers)
--The Sidewinders (barbershop quartet) - "Me and My Gal"
Comedy Highlights:
--Jerry Shane (comedian) - routine about domestic life.
--Allan Drake (comedian) - compares growing up today with his upbringing.
Also appearing:
--The Banihan Dancers (Filipino dance group)

16.39 [798] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-Jul-1964 CBS Sun
Pre-recorded show (taped April 1964).
Kay Stevens
Myron Cohen
Jerry Vale
Marty Allen and Steve Rossi
(comedy duo)
Brascia and Tybee
(dance team)
The Neiman Brothers
The Four Amigos
(vocal and instrumental group)
Ronnie Martin

[--] 12-Jul-1964 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 24-May-64)
[--] 19-Jul-1964 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 05-Jan-64)

 16.40 [799] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-Jul-1964 CBS Sun
Steve Lawrence, Helen Shapiro (British pop singer)
Geula Gill
(Israeli vocalist), Maria Negalia (violinist)
los Chavales de Espana
(singers-dancers-instrumentalists), Alan Gale (comedian)
Music Highlights:
--Steve Lawrence sings "Day In, Day Out" and "Without A Song."
--Helen Shapiro sings "Tip Toe Through The Tulips."
--Geula Gill (Israeli vocalist) sings "Exodus" and "Hava Negila" medley.
--Maria Neglia (violinist) plays "Lover (When You're Near Me)."
--Los Chavales de Espana (Spanish singers-dancers-instrumentalists) - group with 8 singers and 2 dancers holding maraccas.
Comedy Highlights:
--Morecambe & Wise (British comedy team) - tailor sketch.
--Alan Gale (comedian)
--Luis Valdez (puppeteer) - marionette discovers that he's only a puppet.
--Les Comyat (man-and-woman dance team) - graceful dance turns comedic.
Also appearing:
--trick golfer - demonstrates his William Tell Shot.
--Ugo Garrido (foot juggler)
--On film: A press conference with Nelson Rockefeller, Billy Graham, David Susskind, Truman Capote, LBJ and Henry Fonda.

[--] 02-Aug-64 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 26-Apr-64)
[--] 09-Aug-64 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 22-Mar-64)

16.41 [800] The Ed Sullivan Show:
16-Aug-1964 CBS Sun
Della Reese, The Highwaymen
Pat Henning
(stand-up comedian), Bob King (stand-up comedian)
The Kaye Sisters, Mac Ronay
(magician), Harry Lorayne (memory expert)
--Della Reese - "Nobody's Sweetheart" & "His Eye Is On The Sparrow"
--The Highwaymen (vocal-instrumental quintet) - "Standing by the Gate" & "Pretoria"
--The Kaye Sisters (British vocal trio) sing "I Only Want To Be With You," a medley of songs about London, and "She Loves You."
--Hrach Yacoubian's Greek Group (Mediterranean folk musicians & dancers).
--Jack La Cayen & Gelsomina (acrobatic dancers from Italy)
--Bauman's Tigers (trained animal act)

[--] 23-Aug-64 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 23-Feb-64)

16.xx [---] The Ed Sullivan Show: 30-Aug-1964 repeat (of 08-Dec-1963)
Burt Lancaster
(on film)
New Segment added to repeat:
--On a Paris movie set, Burt Lancaster talks about his upcoming movie "The Train." A few scenes from the film are shown.

16.42 [801] The Ed Sullivan Show: (show taped earlier in the season)
06-Sep-1964 CBS Sun
Bert Lahr, Rita Pavone, The Kim Sisters
Pat Buttram
(comedian), London Lee (comedian)
The Stepp Brothers
Highlights (show taped earlier in the season):
--Bert Lahr - does "Schneider's Miracle," a sketch about a 'paper picker'.
--Rita Pavone (Italian pop singer) - "Big Deal" and "Remember Me?"
--Pat Buttram (comedian) - talks about Elvis, The Beatles, and the 1964 World's Fair.
--London Lee (comedian) - speaks on behalf of America's youth.
--The Stepp Brothers (tap-dancers) - do a tap dance routine
--The Kim Sisters - sing a "West Side Story" medley (which includes "America"). Later in show, they perform "Mr. Banjo" while strumming banjos.
--Enzo Stuarti (Italian singer) - "Yours Is My Heart Alone" and "Battle Hymn"
--Attila Galamb (also spelled as 'Akila Golom') - child saxophonist (also listed as a "10-year-old trumpet player")
--The Two Carmenas (a "head-to-toe" balancing act)

[--] 13-Sep-64 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 12-Apr-64)
[--] 20-Sep-64 CBS Sun - Rerun of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (from 09-Feb-64)

############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############### end of season 16 #############

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