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Season 14 (CBS)(1961-62)
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  Playlist -  "The Ed Sullivan Show"  Season 14 (1961-62)

############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############## season 14 1961-62 #############
 CBS Sundays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern [45 New Episodes]
 14.01 [673] The Ed Sullivan Show: (First show of the 14th Season)
17-Sep-1961 CBS Sun
Gordon and Sheila MacRae
Teddy Randazzo
The Wanderers
Bert Lahr and Nancy Walker
The Mayo Brothers
Corbett Monica

Music Highlights:
--Gordon and Sheila MacRae (musical comedy performers) - perform a medley of old-time standards: "A Bicycle Built for Two"
(while sitting on a bicycle built for two), "The Band Played On" (in a Beer Garden scene),
"Adeline" (by Gordon MacRae in a barber's chair), "By the Sea" (by Sheila MacRae with four backup singers),
"Every Day is Ladies Day with Me" (by Gordon), unknown song (by Sheila), "I'm Just Wild About Harry" (by Sheila),
"This Nearly Was Mine" (by Gordon), and "Make Someone Happy" (Gordon and Sheila).
--Teddy Randazzo sings "Lady of Spain" and "Autumn in New York."
--The Wanderers (singing quartet, doo wop vocal group) sing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," "Every Day (I Have the Blues)"
and "The Whiffin' Poof Song."
Comedy Highlights:
--Bert Lahr and Nancy Walker (comedians) - appear in "The Love Nest," a pantomime about a married couple who are not
speaking to each other.
--The Mayo Brothers (tap dancing duo)
--Corbett Monica (comedian) - stand-up comedy monologue.
Other Highlights:
--Richardi (illusionist) - appears three times during show.
--The Mayo Brothers (tap dancing duo)

14.02 [674] The Ed Sullivan Show: Taped in Las Vegas (at The Desert Inn & The Stardust)
24-Sep-1961 CBS Sun
Danny Thomas
Phillip Crosby
Lindsay Crosby
Dennis Crosby
The Kim Sisters
Rudy Cardenas
Michele Sander Winters
Michael Larry Rubin
Powers and Park

--Della Reese sings "In The Still Of The Night" & "Summertime."
--The Crosby Trio (Bing's sons Philip, Lindsay and Dennis Crosby) sing "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" and "We Ought To Dance."
--Danny Thomas (comedian) - in a segment taped in Hollywood, talks about his TV show, tells jokes and sings
"I Will Stay Younger Than Spring."
--The Kim Sisters (3 Korean sisters who sing and play drums, accordion & string instruments) - "Shanty In Old Shanty Town"
and "The Steel Guitar Rag."
--Rudy Cardenas (juggler)
--Michele Sander Winters & Michael Larry Rubin (daredevil couple, performing stunts from a helicopter)
--Powers and Park (ice skaters perform with non-skating dancers)

14.03 [675] The Ed Sullivan Show:
01-Oct-1961 CBS Sun
Phil Silvers
Brigitte Bardot
(on film)
Bob Hope
(on film)
Bing Crosby
(on film)
Jackie Gleason
(on film)
Gene Kelly
(on film)
Nancy Dussault
John Readon
Peter Nero
The McGuire Sisters

--Phil Silvers, Nancy Dussault and John Readon who appeared together in the Broadway musical "Do Re Mi."
--Nancy Dussault and John Readon sing "Make Someone Happy."
--Peter Nero (piano soloist) - "Mountain Greenery."
--The McGuire Sisters (singers) - "Run, Run, Run" and "Just Because."
--Audience bow: Tom Zachary
(former Washington Senators pitcher who threw the pitch that Babe Ruth hit for home run no. 60 in 1927).
On film: segments filmed during Sullivan's recent trip around the world:
--Sullivan interviews Brigitte Bardot in Paris.
--In London, Ed talks with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby about their new "Road" picture "The Road to Hong Kong."
--Jackie Gleason and Gene Kelly are seen on the set of their new movie (probably "Gigot" which Kelly directed).
--Also: a Little League game in Japan; a tour of Hong Kong's harbor, a festival in Rome, and a puppet show in Berlin.

14.04 [676] The Ed Sullivan Show: 1st of 2 shows taped in West Berlin, Germany (At the Sportspalast)
08-Oct-1961 CBS (repeated 09-Sep-1962)
Maureen O'Hara
Van Cliburn
Louis Armstrong
Connie Francis
Rowan and Martin
Bob Lewis
Enrique del Rey
The Bluebell Girls

--Louis Armstrong & his orchestra - "Sleepy Time Down South," "Royal Garden Blues," "Hussar Gussar" &
"When the Saints Go Marching In"
--Maureen O'Hara - "Hello, Young Lovers"
--Van Cliburn - "Polonaise" by Chopin
--Connie Francis - medley: "Stupid Cupid," "Lipstick on Your Collar," "Who's Sorry Now" and "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
--Connie Francis - "Where the Boys Are" (sings to soldiers in audience) and "Schoner Fremder Mann" (in German)
--Rowan & Martin (comedy team, Martin as an American tourist in Germany interviewed by Rowan)
--Bob Lewis (comic magician)
--Enrique del Rey (juggler)
--The Bluebell Girls (chorus line, "Can Can Dance" live from Paris, France)
--Audience bows: Generals Albert Watson & Fred Hartel

14.05 [677] The Ed Sullivan Show: 2nd of 2 shows taped in West Berlin, Germany
15-Oct-1961 CBS Sun
Louis Armstrong
Sid Caesar
Shari Lewis
Roberta Peters
Janet Blair
Peter Kraus
The Trio Ariston

--Louis Armstrong (jazz musician, performing at the McNair Barracks)
--Sid Caesar (comedian, performing at the Berlin Command Headquarters Theater)
--Roberta Peters (soprano, performing at the West Berlin Sportpalast)
--Shari Lewis (puppeteer, entertaining children at the Thomas A. Roberts School of the Berlin Command)
--Janet Blair (singer)
--On film: a tour of the Oktoberfest beer festival
--Peter Kraus (German singer, performing at the American Youth Center)
--The Trio Ariston (comedy acrobats)
A contributor, "Militaryson," added the following: "I was in the audience at the Peter Krause performance at the
American teenage club."

14.06 [678] The Ed Sullivan Show:
22-Oct-1961 CBS Sun
Chubby Checker
Matt Monro
Wayne and Shuster
Phil Silvers
Nancy Walker

Music Highlights:
--Chubby Checker - "The Twist"/"Let's Twist Again" medley (with the "Do-Re-Mi" dancers) and "The Fly."
--Matt Monro sings "My Kind of Gal."
Broadway Highlights:
--Phil Silvers & Nancy Walker - nightclub scene from "Do-Re-Mi"
--Phil Silvers & Nancy Walker - bedroom scene From Do-Re-Mi
--Phil Silvers - Soda Fountain skit about a jukebox (from "Do-Re-Mi")
--Audience bow: Evelyn Silvers (Mrs. Phil Silvers)
Comedy Highlights:
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - "The Twilight Zone" parody.

14.07 [679] The Ed Sullivan Show:
29-Oct-1961 CBS
Guest Host: George Gobel
The Everly Brothers
Robert Goulet
The Ritz Brothers

--George Gobel (guest host) - recites a poem about Autumn and sings "His Own Little Island"
(from the Broadway musical "Let It Ride").
--The Everly Brothers perform "Lucille," "Don't Blame Me" and, at the end of show, "Bye, Bye, Love."
--Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) sings "Maria" and sings a medley of songs made famous by Fred Astaire.
--The Ritz Brothers (comedians) - do a parody of "The Moisyeu Ballet."
--Dorothy Loudon (singer-comedian)
--Harvest Moon Dancers (contest winners)
--Bertha the Elephant (circus act)
--Cameos/Audience bows: Capt. Thomas Walker III (USS Constellation Aircraft Carrier captain): Louella Parsons (author);
Jimmy McHugh (songwriter); and Rita Gam (movie star, from the film "King of Kings").

14.08 [680] The Ed Sullivan Show:
05-Nov-1961 CBS
Guest Host: Roberta Peters
Jimmy Dean
Art Carney
Al Hirt
Julius LaRosa
Sheila MacRae
Blossom Seeley

Music Highlights:
--Jimmy Dean sings "Big Bad John."
--Al Hirt and his jazz quintet - "Easy Street"/"I Love Paris" and "Undecided."
--Roberta Peters (guest host) and Art Carney - "Candy & Cake" duet.
--Julius LaRosa - "Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home" and "Climb Every Mountain."
--Sheila MacRae (musical-comedy star) - "I Was Made for New York" and "Please Mr. Brown."
--Blossom Seeley (vaudevillian) -
medley: "I Love A Piano"/"Music Maestro Please"/"The Old Piano Roll Blues"/"I Love A Piano" (reprise).
Comedy Highlights:
--Art Carney (comedian) - does a sketch about a husband arriving home late at night not wanting to wake wife.
Later, does imitations of former New York Governor Al Smith and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
--George Carl (comedian)
--Gerard Sety (quick-change artist)

14.09 [681] The Ed Sullivan Show:
12-Nov-1961 CBS Sun
Brenda Lee
Pearl Bailey
Ames Brothers
Frank Gorshin
Myron Cohen
--Pearl Bailey (singer) - "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" & "I'm Glad There Is You"
--Brenda Lee (singer) - "Fool #1" & "Learning About Love"
--Ames Brothers (vocal group) - "Yes Indeed"
--Frank Gorshin (comedian & impressionist)
--Myron Cohen (comedian)
--Jan Pearce sings "Serenade" (from "The Student Prince")
--George Young Revue (jazz combo) - "Come Back to Sorrento"
--See Hee Family (3-man acrobat team)

14.10 [682] The Ed Sullivan Show:
19-Nov-1961 CBS Sun (repeated 26-Aug-62)
Jerry Lewis
Steve Lawrence
Dorothy Loudon
Martha Perez
The Arnaut Brothers
Francis Brunn 
The Tunisian Dancers

--Jerry Lewis (comedian) - "What Kind of Fool Am I?"
--Steve Lawrence (singer) - "Begin the Beguine" & "If I Ever Would Leave You" (or "If Ever I Would Leave You")
--Dorothy Loudon (singer-comedian)
--Martha Perez (mezzo soprano, opera singer from Cuba) - "Cecelia Valdez"
--The Arnaut Brothers (comedy team, Vaudevillians doing bird whistles)
--The Tunisian Dancers (or Tanezian Folk Dancers)
--Francis Brunn (juggler)
Scheduled guests (probably did not appear):
--Ray Charles (blues singer)
--Eydie Gorme
--Jackie Mason (comedian)

14.11 [683] The Ed Sullivan Show:
26-Nov-1961 CBS Sun
Johnny Mathis (singer)
Richard Boone (actor)
Jackie Mason (comedian)
Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer)
Gloria Lynne (singer)
Deedy and Bill (novelty singers)
Music Highlights:
--Johnny Mathis sings "Johnny One Note," "My Love For You" and "A Lot of Livin' to Do."
--Sophie Tucker (singer-entertainer) - performs a medley of show tunes: "A Bird in a Gilded Cage," "Downtown Strutter's Ball,"
"I Don't Want to Get Thin" and "Some Of These Days."
--Gloria Lynne sings "Birth Of The Blues" (accompanied by The Earl May Trio).
Comedy Highlights:
--Richard Boone (actor, from TV series "Have Gun - Will Travel") - takes part in a Western comedy sketch that includes
showgirls and ends in a barroom brawl.
--Jackie Mason (comedian) - includes jokes about discoveries by Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison.
--Will Jordan (comedian) - act includes celebrity impressions.
--Deedy and Bill (comedy duo, novelty singers) - do impressions of popular singers.
Also appearing:
--Audience bow: Air Force Major Robert M. White (WWII veteran)
--Audience bow: George Meany (AFL-CIO president, labor leader)
--Cameo: Joe Bellino (Navy football star, subject of the book "The Navy's Joe Bellino").

14.12 [684] The Ed Sullivan Show:
03-Dec-1961 CBS Sun
Maurice Chevalier
Connie Francis
Joan Sutherland
Sid Caesar
Mike Clifford

--Connie Francis sings "So Do I," "When the Boy in Your Arms (Is the Boy in Your Heart)," "Baby's First Christmas,"
"Tzena, Tzena, Tzena" and "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing."
--Joan Sutherland (coloratura soprano) - sings "Quanto Rapido" (from the opera "Lucia di Lammermoor").
--Earl Grant (sings and plays piano) - "Honey.
--Mike Clifford sings "Bombay."
--Sid Caesar appears in two comedy sketches:
(1) A stuffy German officer is having problems getting into his uniform. (2) A routine about the 1812 Overture.
--Maurice Chevalier (French singer-entertainer) appears in a 6-minute segment.
--All-American Football team and coaches (including Roman Gabriel).
--The Fredonias (acrobatic team)
--Zippy the Chimp (trained animal act)

14.13 [685] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-Dec-1961 CBS Sun
Al Hirt
Nina and Frederik
Vic Damone
Edgar Bergen
Gary Morton
Rip Taylor

--Al Hirt (trumpet player) - "Holiday for Trumpets" and "Till There Was You."
--Nina and Frederik (Danish singing duo) - "Listen to the Ocean." --Sarah Vaughan sings "Great Day" and "Serenata."
--Vic Damone (singer) - "Tender Is The Night."
--Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist, with dummy Charlie McCarthy) - psychiatrist routine.
--Gary Morton (comedian)
--Rip Taylor (comedian)
--Anden's Poodles (a trained animal act)

14.14 [686] The Ed Sullivan Show:
17-Dec-1961 CBS Sun
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong
Paul Anka
Wayne and Shuster
Corbett Monica

--Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - "Duke's Place"
(Louis on trumpet, Duke on piano, their 1st performance together in 30 years).
--Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - "In A Mellow Mood."
--Louis Armstrong - "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen."
--Paul Anka - "Jingle Bells" (jazzy version).
--Paul Anka - medley: "Diana," "Tonight My Love," "Tonight," "Dance On Little Girl," "Put Your Head On My Shoulder,"
"You Are My Destiny," "Lonely Boy" and "My Home Town."
--Paul Anka - "Down by the River Side" (with the Hugh Lambert Dancers).
--Barbara Cook - "Magic Moment" (from the Broadway musical "The Gay Life").
--Elizabeth Allen & Walter Chiari - "Madga, The Gypsy" (correct song title?) (from the Broadway musical "The Gay Life")
Note: The "Key Previews" newspaper column lists the following 2 song titles:
--Walter Chiari and Barbara Cook - "Who Can? You Can."
--Elizabeth Allen - "Come A-Wandering with Me."
Other Highlights:
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - do a routine about Hood & Friar Tuck.
--Corbett Monica (stand-up comedian) - tells jokes about Christmas & travel.

14.15 [687] The Ed Sullivan Show: CHRISTMAS SHOW
24-Dec-1961 CBS Sun
Linda Scott
Shari Lewis

--Linda Scott - "How I Wish (You'd Be With Me On Christmas Day)"
--Shari Lewis (ventriloquist) with Lamb Chop (dressed as Santa), Charlie Horse sings "Jingle Bells."
--The Baird Puppets (Bill Baird puppets) - puppets doing a Davy Jones locker routine
--Pompoff & Thedy (comedy team)
--Burger's Animals (trained animal act with ponies, dogs, & chimp)
--Korean Orphan Choir sings "Jingle Bells" (in Korean & English) and "Silent Night"
--Bob Hammond's Birds (animal act with cockatoos)
--The Meteors (acrobats dressed as Martians do stunts, 1950's spaceship & space suits)
--Karrol Fox (comic magician)
--The Bizarro Brothers (3 Men & a woman wearing bells play "Rock Around The Clock")
--The Seven Staneks (acrobats doing flips onto each other's shoulders)

14.16 [688] The Ed Sullivan Show:
31-Dec-1961 CBS Sun
Slappy White
Matt Monro
Smith and Dale
The Barry Sisters
Dave Astor
Saverio Saridis
Sandy Stewart
The Hi-Lads
The Estelle Alfonso Dancers

Music Highlights:
--Matt Monro (British singer sings "Love Is The Same Anywhere."
--The Barry Sisters sing "Nevertheless" and "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You."
--The Hi-Lads (singing group) - "Peppermint Twist" (with The Twisters dancers from the Peppermint Lounge).
--Sandy Stewart (singer) - "When You're Smiling."
--Saverio Saridis (retired New York policeman) sings "Granada."
Comedy Highlights:
--Slappy White (stand-up comedian)
--Dave Astor (comedian)
--Smith and Dale (comedy team) - doctor office comedy skit.
Other Highlights:
--Conrad Hilton - recites the prayer "America on Its Knees."
--Estelle Alfonso Dancers - production number with child dancers.
--The Shirleys (novelty balloon act)

14.17 [689] The Ed Sullivan Show: Broadcast live from the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Hollywood.
07-Jan-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 23-Sep-62)
Rosemary Clooney
Jimmy Durante
Bob Newhart
Bessie Griffin and her Gospel Pearls
Sonny King
Eddie Jackson

--Rosemary Clooney - "Everything's Coming Up Roses," "Bye Bye Blackbird" & "Show Me"
--Bob Newhart (stand-up comedy) - routine: convincing people on ledges not to jump
--Jimmy Durante - "Inka-Dinka-Do," "I Could Have Danced All Night,""What A Day," "My All Girl Band" & "The Twist"
--Jimmy Durante - "Love You, Love You" (with Sonny King) & "Young At Heart"
--Jimmy Durante with sidekicks Eddie Jackson & Sonny King - "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey?"
--Gary Morton (comedian) - stand up routine
--Bessie Griffin and the Gospel Pearls - "Bye and Bye"

14.18 [690] The Ed Sullivan Show: Broadcast live from the Stardust nightclub in Las Vegas
14-Jan-1962 CBS Sun
Mickey Rooney
Patti Page
Timi Yuro
Rip Taylor
Ken Murray

Music Highlights:
--Timi Yuro (singer) - "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"
--Patti Page sings "Just in Time," "The Boll Weevil Song" (plays guitar) and "Come On Home"
--Louis Bellson (drummer) - plays "Manteca"
Comedy Highlights:
--Mickey Rooney and Joey Forman - do a Candid Camera sketch.
--Rip Taylor (comedian) - tells sob stories and sings "Make Someone Happy."
--Rickie Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - Velvel in prospector gear.
--Leo Diamond (comedian) - plays the "Soundmonica."
--Ken Murray (comedian) - tells the "Turtle Story."
--Two unidentified comedians lip-synch to Louis Prima & Keely Smith recording "I'm Confessin'."
--Following the above comedians, Pamela and Mary Jane Murray (Ken Murray's daughters) lip synch to a
Louis Prima & Keely Smith recording.
Other Highlights:
--The Amin Brothers (acrobats from Egypt) - balancing act
--Phillipine Dancers - native dance with bamboo poles and, later in show, dancers with coconut castanets & bamboo poles.
--Audience bows: Jerry Lewis (sports star); Donald O'Connor; Sonny King; Jack Soo; Arlene Fontana

14.19 [691] The Ed Sullivan Show:
21-Jan-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 29-Jul-62)
Jackie Wilson
Robert Goulet
Kate Smith
Wayne and Shuster

Music Highlights:
--Jackie Wilson - "That's Why (I Love You So)" and "The Greatest Hurt."
--Robert Goulet sings "One Life" & medley: "What Is This Thing Called Love?" "I Get a Kick Out of You" & "You Do Something to Me."
--Kate Smith - medley ("When the Moon Comes over the Mountain," "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking," "Just One of Those Things,"
"Last Time I Saw Paris" "Now Is the Hour," "Thinking of You," "Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer" and "God Bless America").
Comedy Highlights:
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team) - does a sketch about Professor Van Gartner, interior decorator.
Other Highlights:
--Rob Murray (juggler from Britain)
--The Marquis Chimps - chimp smokes cigarette and tumbles.
--Lon Purdy (pantomime act).
--Audience bow: Paul Anka

14.20 [692] The Ed Sullivan Show:
28-Jan-1962 CBS Sun
Sid Caesar
Connie Francis
Frank Gorshin
Franco Corelli

Music Highlights:
--Connie Francis sings "Does Ol' Broadway Ever Sleep" "Don't Break The Heart That Loves You"
and a Folk song medley ("Oh, Susanna," "Careless Love," and "She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain").
--Dick Ruedebusch and his Underprivileged Five (trumpeter, with his band) - "Panama."
--Franco Corelli (Italian tenor) - sings an aria.
--Buddy Greco (singer-pianist, with his band) - "Come Rain or Come Shine."
Comedy Higlights:
--Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a silent movie sketch (Sid might have also been the guest host on this show.)
--Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does impressions of movie stars
Other Highlights:
--Lilly Yokoi (cyclist) - does acrobatics while riding a bicycle.
--Joy Kay (pantomime artist) - man unpacks folded girl from suitcase.

14.21 [693] The Ed Sullivan Show:
04-Feb-1962 CBS Sun
Brook Benton
Pearl Bailey
Bobby Rydell
George Gobel

--Brook Benton sings "Shadrack."
--Pearl Bailey - "Doing the New Lowdown."
--George Gobel (comedian) - "Dance Along" skit.
--Bobby Rydell sings "Mammy" and "Somebody Loves Me."
--Molly Picon (actress-comedienne)
--Ford and Reynolds (comedy team)
--Lew Parker and Betty Kean (husband-and-wife comedy team)
--The two Frauensteins (jugglers)
--On film: The Flying Wallendas (high-wire act)

14.22 [694] The Ed Sullivan Show:
11-Feb-1962 CBS Sun
Paul Anka
Shelley Berman
The McGuire Sisters
George Carl
Carl Sandburg
Cal Claude

--Shelley Berman (comedian) - performs "Right Girls" (a song from his Broadway musical "A Family Affair.")
--Carl Sandburg (poet & Lincoln biographer) - recites a tribute to Abraham Lincoln written especially for this show.
--Paul Anka sings "Young, Alive, and In Love" and "Love Me Warm and Tender."
--Hanna Ahroni (Israeli singer) - "Dark and Beautiful" (Hebrew follk song).
--The McGuire Sisters (vocal trio) sing a medley of 'Lonely' tunes including "Lonesome Gal," "I Ain't Got Nobody"
and "I'm Nobody's Baby."
--George Carl (comedian) - pantomime routine.
--Cal Claude (juggler, balancing act)

14.23 [695] The Ed Sullivan Show: 1st of 2 shows from the Miami Beach area
18-Feb-1962 CBS Sun
The Everly Brothers
Timi Yuro
Al Hirt
George Jessel
George Kirby

--The Everly Brothers - "Crying in the Rain" & "Jezebel" (The Everly Brothers are wearing U.S. Marine uniforms)
--Al Hirt - "Night and Day," "I Can't Get Started," "When the Saints Come Marching In"
--Timi Yuro - "Come Rain or Shine" & "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"
--George Jessel (comedian, sings "April Showers")
--George Kirby (comedian, impressionist)
--a Dolphin act (from the Seaquarium)

14.24 [696] The Ed Sullivan Show: 2nd of 2 shows from the Miami Beach area
25-Feb-1962 CBS Sun
Lloyd Bridges
Damita Jo
Jan Murray
Patrice Munsel

--Lloyd Bridges (appears in a water sequence)
--Damita Jo sings "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You"
--The Crosby Brothers (Bing's sons) - sing and also appear in a dance number with Ed called "We Oughta Dance"
--Jan Murray (comedian)
--Patrice Munsel (opera singer)
--Brascia and Tybee (dance team)
--The Gimma Brothers (acrobats)

14.25 [697] The Ed Sullivan Show:
04-Mar-1962 CBS Sun
Fats Domino
Art Carney
Phyllis Diller
Connie Stevens
Tommy Sands

--Fats Domino - "Jambalaya" & "Let The Four Winds Blow"
--Connie Stevens & Tommy Sands - "Maggie Blue"
--Connie Stevens - "Wild Is The Wind"
--Tommy Sands - "Got A Lot Of Livin' To Do" & "More Than You Know"
--Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Paula Prentiss - Voted most popular stars, most versatile performers, 1962.
Film clip from "Susan Slade" & "Bachelors In Paradise". Trio dances the Twist
--Broadway cast of "Take Her, She's Mine" (Art Carney, Phyllis Thacher, Elizabeth Ashley and June Harding) perform scenes
from play: Airport scene where family says goodbye to college bound daughter & scene where daughter comes home for
Christmas all grown up.
--Phyllis Diller (stand-up comedian) - topics: living in New York, eating in Japanese restaurants, and her marriage
--Henny Youngman (stand-up comedian) - jokes about wife, marriage
--Johnny Puleo - six harmonica players perform "Heart Of My Heart."
--On film: clip of John Glenn's ticker tape parade in NYC following the astronaut's orbit.
--Audience bow: Harry Carter (drove Glenn's car in ticker tape parade)
--Audience bow: Wilt Chamberlain (Record setting basketball champion is bit on the leg by a midget while taking a bow.)
--Audience bow: Mickey Walker (boxer turned painter)

14.26 [698] The Ed Sullivan Show: ST. PATRICK'S DAY SHOW
11-March-1962 CBS Sun
Henry Fonda
Olivia de Havilland
Maureen O'Hara
Rosemary Clooney
Pat Rooney
Bobby Rydell
Pat Buttram

--Henry Fonda & Olivia de Havilland (actors) - scene from "Gift of Time" set on cruise ship. A doting wife tries to care
for her fatally ill husband.
--Maureen O'Hara (actress) - sings "Come Back to Erin" & "If I Loved You"
--Rosemary Clooney (singer) - "Cabin in the Sky" & "Give Me the Simple Life"
--Pat Rooney, Maureen O'Hara, Rosemary Clooney and Ed Sullivan - "Great Day for the Irish" & "Danny Boy"
--Pat Rooney (82-year-old song-and-dance man) - sings "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady" and tap dances
--Bobby Rydell - "Mammy"
--Pat Buttram (stand-up comedy)
--The Three Houcs (juggling act from Germany) - a father & his daughters juggle pins
--Folias de Espana (Argentine dance & singing troupe) -
(1) Flamenco dancers - "Los Tres Caballos" (2) Later in show, sings, dances and plays the guitar.
--Audience bows: NY Senator Jack Javits & wife
--Hugh Lambert Dancers (modern dancers) - "Where Did You Get That Hat?"

14.27 [699] The Ed Sullivan Show:
18-Mar-1962 CBS Sun
Robert Goulet
Dick Haymes
Fran Jeffries
Rowan & Martin
(Dan Rowan & Dick Martin)
Bob Lewis
Johnny Hart
Maria Neglia

--Rowan And Martin (comedy team) - doing a skit about people who live underground
--Dick Haymes & Fran Jefferies - medley: "Come On Get Happy," "I'm Gonna Love You Like Nobody's Loved You"
& "I'd Know You Anywhere"
--Robert Goulet - "All Of You" & "Two Different Worlds"
--Maria Neglia (violinist)
--Rickey Layne & Velvel (ventriloquist act) - Ed talks with dummy
--Alan Gale (stand-up comedian) - topics: people who worry, Michigan & Notre Dame football jokes
--Bob Lewis (stand-up comedian) - more jokes about worrying
--Johnny Hart (magician) - performs magic act, card tricks, silk tricks, etc.
--Juan Carlo Copez & Maria Neives (dancers from Argentina)
--Gail Hart (child performer) - young baton twirler
--Paul Sydell & Susie (trained dog act, dog performs handstands)

14.28 [728] The Ed Sullivan Show:
25-Mar-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 15-Jul-62)
Sid Caesar
Jackie Mason
Diahann Carroll
Carol Lawrence
Richard Kiley
Bernice Massi
Noelle Adam
Earl Grant
Bill Grant
--Jackie Mason (stand-up comedian) - does imitations, appears with Ed. Later in show, tells jokes about income tax and JFK.
--Carol Lawrence & Hugh Lambert - dance from "Subways Are Sleeping"
--Carol Lawrence - "When The Sun Comes Out"
--Sid Caesar (comedian) - does a pantomime of people waking up in the morning
--Sid Caesar & Carol Lawrence - do a comic performance of "Shadow Waltz"
--Earl Grant & Bill Grant - "Lonesome Road"
--Cast of the Richard Rogers Broadway show "No Strings":
--Diahann Carroll - "The Sweetest Sound"/"Sweetest Sounds" (from "No Strings") and "Loads of Love"
--Richard Kiley, Bernice Massi & cast - "Be My Host" (production number from "No Strings")
--Richard Kiley - "No Strings"
--Noelle Adam - also in "No Strings" cast

14.29 [701] The Ed Sullivan Show:
01-Apr-1962 CBS Sun
Jackie Wilson
Patti Page
Wayne and Shuster
(on film)
Pat Boone
(on film)
Myron Cohen
Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham

--Jackie Wilson - "Heart"
--Patti Page - "Most People Get Married" & "All The Way"
--Anna Motto - "Aria" from "Romeo & Juliet"
--Wayne & Shuster (comedy team) - routine: "Sam Casey, Dedicated Auto Mechanic" (phony TV show)
--Myron Cohen (stand-up comedian, tells jokes about old ladies)
--Dewey Pigmeat Markham (comedy act) judge passes out sentences
--Parker & Betty Keane (comedy team doing a sketch about a husband & wife)
--Kasten's Animal Fantasy (monkey act)
--On film: Ann Margret singing "Mack the Knife" (screen test for "State Fair")
--On film: Ann Margret & Pat Boone sing "Willing And Eager" (clip from "State Fair")
--Audience bow: Colleen Dewhurst

14.30 [702] The Ed Sullivan Show:
08-Apr-1962 CBS Sun
Lionel Hampton (bandleader-vibraphone player, with his band)
Franco Corelli (opera tenor) - Aria from "Tosca."
The Kim Sisters (vocal group)
Anita Bryant (singer)
Jack Carter (comedian)
Professor Backwards (comedian)
Hal and Barbara Loman (dancers)
Rudy Cardenas (juggler)
--On film: Cyd Charisse and choreographer Roland Petit in a dance sequence from the movie "Black Tights"
with voice-over by Maurice Chevalier.

14.31 [703] The Ed Sullivan Show:
15-Apr-1962 CBS Sun
Sophia Loren
Rita Moreno
George Chakiris
Teresa Brewer
Mahalia Jackson
Maximilian Schell
Larry Storch
Pat Henning
Helene and Howard

Music Highlights:
--Mahalia Jackson (gospel singer) - "Old Time Religion" & "Were You There?"
--Teresa Brewer - " South Rampart Street Parade" & "Love Makes The World Go Round"
--Liberace (pianist) - "Foggy Day" & "Tico Tico."
--Liberace (later in show) - tribute to Vaudeville medley: "This Old Piano," "Piano Roll Blues" & "Old Soft Shoe."
Liberace then dances the soft shoe to "Me & My Shadow."
Comedy Highlights:
--Larry Storch (comedian) - does impressions of United Nations Delegates and JFK.
--Pat Henning (stand-up comedian) - makes a handkerchief dance, jokes about baldness, and does a Bette Davis impression.
--Helene & Howard (comedy dance team)
Other Highlights:
--Sophia Loren - short interview (on film?) Sophia talks about her film "Two Women."
--Cameo: Maximilian Schell (actor, Academy Award winning performance from "Judgement at Nuremberg").
--Cameos: George Chakiris & Rita Moreno (actors, short scene from "West Side Story" shown).
--Hugh Lambert Dancers - do a dance in celebration of baseball
--Excess Baggage (trained dog act)
--Audience bow: John Ringling North (circus producer)

14.32 [704] The Ed Sullivan Show:
22-Apr-1962 CBS Sun
Harry Belafonte
Miriam Makeba
Connie Stevens
Stevenson's Dogs
(on film)
Music Highlights:
--Connie Stevens (actress from "Hawaiian Eye") sings "Dancing in the Dark."
--Harry Belafonte (singer, in an extended segment) - "Crawdad Song," "Mule Skinner," "Try to Remember" "The Baby Boy"
and "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore" (and possibly "Kingston Way").
--Miriam Makeba (South African folksinger) - "Kilimanjaro (Hunting Song and Boot Dance)" & "(Love Tastes Like) Strawberries."
--Harry Belafonte & Miriam Makeba - perform a duet.
Other Highlights:
--Thelma Lee (comedienne)
--On film: Ed Sullivan appears as a clown (complete with grease paint & baggy costume) at Ringling Brothers Circus.
The film also features clown act Mike Coco and his Cuckoo Calciminers, Stevenson's Dogs (performing poodles),
and Unus (an equilibrist, balancing-on-one finger).

14.33 [705] The Ed Sullivan Show:
29-Apr-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 02-Sep-62)
Johnny Mathis
The McGuire Sisters
Jackie Mason
Rip Taylor
Guy Marks
Brascia & Tybee
The Madcaps
The Waterbird Show

Music Highlights:
--Johnny Mathis sings "Marianna," "Love, Look Away" & "Love."
--The McGuire Sisters sing "That's A Plenty," "You're Driving Me Crazy" & "I Love A Violin."
Comedy Highlights:
--Jackie Mason (comedian)
--Rip Taylor (comedian)
--Guy Marks (comedian)
Other Highlights:
--Brascia and Tybee (dance team) - tribute to the blues.
--The Madcaps (novelty harmonica duo)
--The Waterbird Show (performing ducks)

14.34 [706] The Ed Sullivan Show:
06-May-1962 CBS Sun
Diahann Carroll
Corbett Monica
Francis and Blair

--Diahann Carroll (star of the Broadway musical "No Strings") sings "It Had to Be You" and "Hum Drum Blues."
--The Amazing Mr. Ballantine (magician-comedian Carl Ballantine)
--Corbett Monica (monologist-comedian)
--Francis and Blair (Vaudeville comedy team)
--The Valenos (dancers)
--Dick Contino (accordionist)
Note: Bobby Darin's scheduled appearance was postponed for next week's show.

14.35 [707] The Ed Sullivan Show:
13-May-1962 CBS Sun
Bobby Darin
Jaye P. Morgan
Bobby Weston
Joan Sutherland
Nancy Walker
Joey Adams
Alan Gale
Al Kelly
Peg-Leg Bates

Music Highlights:
--Bobby Darin (singer, appearance postponed from previous week due to laryngitis) - scheduled to perform a 12-minute
excerpt from his nightclub act.
--Jaye P. Morgan (singer)
Note: According the the syndicated TV Key column, Jaye P. Morgan was scheduled to perform "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me,"
"Let's Do It," and "Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe."
But a different newspaper source lists her songs as "You'll Never Get Away From Me" (from "Gypsy") & "Music Maestro Please."
--Bobby Weston (singer) and Howard Butler (pianist) (both 16-year-olds from Jamaica) - perform "Jamaica Farewell,"
"I Believe" and "Like Young."
--Joan Sutherland (Metropolitan Opera star, appearance possibly cancelled)
--Peg-Leg Bates (tap dancer)
Comedy Highlights:
--Nancy Walker (comedienne) - plays a choosy customer at a shoe store.
--Joey Adams (comedian)
--Alan Gale (comedian)
--Al Kelly (double-talk expert)
Also scheduled:
--Warren Spahn (left-handed pitcher of the Milwaukee Braves) - gives tips to Little Leaguers.

14.36 [708] The Ed Sullivan Show:
20-May-1962 CBS Sun
Peggy Lee
Louis Prima
Jackie Robinson
Slappy White
The Brothers Four
Georgie Kaye
Elliot Reed
Martha Perez

Music Highlights:
--Peggy Lee - medley: "The Sweetest Sounds," "I'll Get By," "I'll Believe In You" and "New York City Blues."
--The Brothers Four (folk singers) - "This Train" and "This Land Is Your Land."
--Martha Perez (mezzo-soprano opera singer from Cuba) - sings a medley of Cuban songs.
--Louis Prima appears on stage and plays trumpet.
Comedy Highlights:
--Slappy White (stand up comedian) - Various topics.
--Georgie Kay (stand-up comedian) - routine about ladies meeting for lunch.
--Elliot Reed (comedian impersonating JFK at news conference)
Other Highlights:
--Jackie Robinson (baseball great) - appears on stage with Ed and gives batting tips.
--Hugh Lambert & his Dancers - four couples dance the "Masquerade" waltz.
--The Five Verdus / Los Verdu (balancing act from West Germany) - 4 women & 1 man balancing on large balls.
--Ed shows photos and films of Hong Kong.
--Audience bows: Johnny Rotz (jockey); Lou Pondfield (Pimlico Vice President).
--Ed talks about the USS Constellation, aerial film of the ship, followed by an audience bow by Captain Thomas Jackson Walker.

14.37 [709] The Ed Sullivan Show:
27-May-1962 CBS Sun
Jackie Wilson
Connie Francis
Red Buttons
Wayne and Shuster
Conrad 'Little Buck' Buckner
Music Highlights:
--Jackie Wilson - "Lonely Teardrops" & "Forever and a Day."
--Connie Francis - "Second Hand Love," "Hey, Ring-A-Ding" and "How Can I Go On?"
--Connie Francis also sings a medley of Irish songs: "McNamara's Band" and "A Little Bit Of Heaven."
Dance Highlights:
--Conrad 'Little Buck' Buckner (tap dancer) dances to "I Got Rhythm."
Comedy Highlights:
--Wayne and Shuster (comedy team, making their 40th Sullivan appearance) - do a spoof of Westerns titled "The Quiet Stranger."
Other Highlights:
--Red Buttons (actor) - in a monologue, talks about working on location in Africa for the movie "Hatari!"
And (possibly) does a comedy monologue about "sleeping sickness."
--Hank Greenberg (former baseball player) - gives batting tips.
--Audience bows: Milton Gross (sports writer)

14.38 [710] The Ed Sullivan Show:
03-Jun-1962 CBS Sun (repeated 16-Sep-62)
Paul Anka
Chita Rivera
Rudy Vallee
Peter Nero
Peg Leg Bates
Bill Dana
Dave Barry
Adam Keefe
--Paul Anka (singer) - "A Steel Guitar and A Glass of Wine."
--Chita Rivera (musical-comedy performer) - "This Could be the Start of Something Big" song and dance.
--Rudy Vallee (singer-actor, from Broadway's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying") sings "The Big Hurt."
--Peter Nero (pianist)
--Peg Leg Bates (tap dancer)
--Bill Dana (comedian, in character as Jose Jimenez) - plays an astronaut interviewed by Ed.
--Dave Barry (comedian)
--Adam Keefe (comedian)
--Smaxie and Maxie (performing seals)
--Willie Mays (of the San Francisco Giants, giving baseball tips for kids)

14.39 [711] The Ed Sullivan Show:
10-Jun-1962 CBS Sun
The Lettermen
Danny Lewis
Julie Wilson
Jerry Van Dyke
Jackie Mason
Larry Storch

Music Highlights:
--The Lettermen (vocal trio) - "How Is Julie?"
--Danny Lewis (veteran song and dance man, father of Jerry Lewis)
--Julie Wilson sings a medley of Cole Porter songs (possibly "That Old Feeling" and "Once in a Lifetime").
Comedy Highlights:
--Jerry Van Dyke (comedian performing with banjo) - performs a humorous song.
--Jackie Mason (comedian)
--Larry Storch (stand-up comedian) - impersonates John F. Kennedy.
Other Highlights:
--Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris (of the New York Yankees) appear on stage with Ed Sullivan
(scheduled to give tips to young baseball players).
--The Hanneford Family (equestrians, from Ringling Brothers Circus) - appear in 2 segments.
--Copenhagen dancers (circus act) - 2 blonde women do acrobatics, balancing.
--Cameos: Spelling Bee champions Neddy Crawford (13-year-old) and Michael Day (14-year-old)

14.40 [712] The Ed Sullivan Show:
17-Jun-1962 CBS Sun
Dave Brubeck
Paul Desmond
Frank Gorshin
Gloria Lynne
Robert Goulet
The Highwaymen
Nipsey Russell
--Dave Brubeck (with his jazz quartet) - "Take Five" (with Paul Desmond on sax).
--Frank Gorshin (comedian) - does imitations of various celebrities
--Nipsey Russell (rhyming comedian)
--Robert Goulet (musical-comedy star) - "Where Do I Go from Here?" "Falling in Love With Love" & "Two Different Worlds"
--The Highwaymen (folk singers) - "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" & "Sinner Man"
--Gloria Lynne (singer) - "Impossible" & "June Night"
--Eagle and Man (comedy team) - act includes a Louis Armstrong imitation
--The Tinellis (acrobats from the Latin Quarter)
--The Hugh Lambert Dancers (series regulars) - female dancers wearing tight slacks
--On film: Ted Williams (Boston Red Sox executive) gives baseball tips to young athletes.
Scheduled guest:
--Noelle Adam (dancer) - scheduled to appear but not mentioned on transcript
Note: Historic Films gives the date as 6/12/62 (on its transcript for this episode). The correct date is 6/17/62.

14.42 [713] The Ed Sullivan Show: 14th ANNIVERSARY SHOW
23-Jun-1962 CBS Sun
Lucille Ball
Bing Crosby
Jerry Lewis
Steve Allen
Arthur & Katherine Murray
Jack Carter
Phil Silvers & Jack Benny
Kate Smith
Johnny Carson
Theresa Brewer
Red Buttons
Will Jordan
George Gobel
Hubbell Robinson

14th Anniversary Show (Ed is in audience for most of show):
--Lucille Ball (cameo, wishes Ed well from on top of elephant)
--Bing Crosby sings " I Can't Believe Your In Love With Me"
--Jerry Lewis (cameo. Jerry tries to get Ed to give a more enthusiastic delivery)
--Steve Allen (rummages through props from previous shows)
--Arthur & Katherine Murray (dancers) - "Anniversary Waltz"
--Jack Carter (comedian) - makes jokes about the show, tries to get Ed & Arthur to laugh but they remain stone faced.
--Phil Silvers & Jack Benny (backstage, joke about Ed)
--Kate Smith sings "Climb Every Mountain"
--Johnny Carson (stand-up comedy & presents plaque to Ray Bloch)
--Theresa Brewer - Smile medley (with dancers wearing Ed Sullivan masks)
--Red Buttons (mime sketch, tries to light the candles on Ed's anniversary cake)
--Ted Mack introduces Will Jordan.
--Will Jordan (impersonates Ed Sullivan)
--George Gobel (comedian, plays a conductor of a choir singing in praise of Ed)
--Hubbell Robinson (CBS executive) presents Ed with plaque of appreciation

14.42 [714] The Ed Sullivan Show: Show Taped at the Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
01-Jul-1962 CBS Sun
Connie Francis
Johnny Halliday
Johnny Dorelli
Danielle Darrieux
Annie Cordy
--Connie Francis - "La Paloma," "Milord," "S'wonderful" & "You Always Hurt The One You Love"
--Connie Francis, Johnny Dorelli & Johnny Hallyday - "You're The Tops"
--Johnny Halliday - "Pony Time" & "Kiliwatch" (with combo)
--Johnny Dorelli - "Love In Portofino"
--Danielle Darrieux - "September In Paris" (in French)
--Annie Cordy - "Vieux Pianola"
--Gil Dova (juggler)
--The Cinco Brutos (comic singing group) sing "Little Darling," "See You Later Alligator" & "Baby Rock"
--Gino Donati (comedy balancing act)
--Eddie Seifert (three contortionists)
--Can Can dancers

[--] 08-Jul-62 repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 22-Apr-62 (Harry Belofante, Miriam Makeba)
[--] 15-Jul-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 25-Mar-62 (the "No Strings" cast)

14.43 [715] The Ed Sullivan Show: from the Stardust Nightclub in Las Vegas
22-July-1962 CBS Sun
Patti Page
Rowan and Martin (Dan Rowan & Dick Martin)(comedy team)
Billy Eckstine
Martha Anne Bentley
(ballet dancer)
Rickie Layne
(ventriloquist, with his dummy Velvel)
The Dunhills
(tap dancers)
The Novelites
(vocal-instrumental comedy group)
The Marquis Chimps

--Patti Page - "Doggie in the Window," "Old Cape Cod," "With My Eyes Wide Open," "Allegheny Moon" & "Night and Day"
--Billy Eckstine (singer) - "What Kind of Fool Am I?"

[--] 29-Jul-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 21-Jan-62 (Jackie Wilson; Kate Smith)
[--] 05-Aug-62 - repeat of "Invitation to Moscow"

14.44 [716] The Ed Sullivan Show:
12-Aug-1962 CBS Sun
Burt Lancaster
Diahann Carroll
Xavier Cugat & Abbe Lane
Will Jordan
Marie Wilson
Will Jordan
Marie Wilson
The Bertinis
(a bicycle act)
--Burt Lancaster (actor) - introduces clips from his film "Birdman of Alcatraz"
--Dion - "It Ain't Necessarily So" & "Lover Come Back to Me"
--Diahann Carroll (singer, from Broadway's "No Strings") - "Love Walked In" & "Poor Little Rich Girl"
--Xavier Cugat (orchestra leader) and Abbe Lane - "Malaguena Salerosa"
--Abbe Lane (wife of Xavier Cugat) - "Mon Manege a Moi"
--Xavier Cugat with dancers Augie and Margo - "El Cumbanchero"

14.45 [717] The Ed Sullivan Show: TALENTED NEWCOMERS SHOW
19-Aug-1962 CBS Sun
Ed introduces thirteen talented newcomers making their TV debuts, including:
--Joey Hollingsworth (tap dancer)
Additional guests (scheduled to appear):
Music Highlights:
--Tony Darryl (pop singer) - "This Nearly Was Mine."
--Yolanda White (11-year-old pop singer).
--Augustin Anievas (pianist) - "Liszt's Etude No. 10"
--Janis Martin (mezzo soprano opera singer)
--Olivette Miller (jazz harpist)
--Arlene Fontana (singer-dancer)
--Donald Hulme (accordionist) - "William Tell Overture."
Comedy Highlights:
--Bobbie/Bobbi Baker (comedian)
--Norman and Dean (comedy team)
Other Highlights:
--Korengo (Hungarian magician)
--The Three Cathalas (perch act)
--Wells and The Four Fays (tumblers)

[--] 26-Aug-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 19-Nov-61 (Jerry Lewis; Steve Lawrence)
[--] 02-Sep-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 29-Apr-62 (Johnny Mathis; McGuire Sisters)
[--] 09-Sep-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 18-Oct-61 (West Berlin show)
[--] 16-Sep-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 03Jun1962 (Rudy Vallee, Paul Anka, Peter Nero)
[--] 23-Sep-62 - repeat of "The Ed Sullivan Show" from 07-Jan-62 (Rosemary Clooney)

############# The Ed Sullivan Show ###########
############### end of season 14 #############

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