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Starring Dick Van Dyke & Hope Lange
Season 3 (CBS) (1973-74)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Randy Farb
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####### The New Dick Van Dyke Show ###########
############# season 3 1973-74 ###############
(final season - format change) ########
24 episodes listed   Prod. nos. 8351-8374 inclusive
CBS Monday Nights 9:30 pm Eastern
filmed in Hollywood
Dick Van Dyke now plays a Network Daytime Soap Opera Star

Season 3 (1973-74) supporting cast:
Henry Darrow as Alex Montenez (1973-74)
Richard Dawson as Richard Richardson (1973-74)
Barry Gordon as Dennis Whitehead (1973-74)
Chita Rivera as Connie Richardson (1973-74)
Barbara Rush as Margot Brighton (1973)
Dick Van Patten as Max (1973-74)

3.01 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THOSE WHO CARE
10Sep73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8359 (no. 57, Prod. order)
(copyright date 10Sep73)
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Guest cast:
Barbara Rush (Margot Brighton, entry - new season 3 regular)
Carl Reiner (as the announcer)
Synopsis #1:
An admiring actress gets Dick a regular job on a soap opera.
Synopsis #2:
Dick moves to Hollywood, where he lands an acting job on a TV serial.
Barbra Rush plays the predatory leading lady who tries to land him.
Synopsis #3:
A middle-aged man with a newborn career-thatıs Dick, trying to make it
as a Hollywood actor after his Phoenix talk-show is cancelled. For the third
season starters: a leading lady with a propensity for promiscuity.

3.02 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: DENNIS TAKES A WIFE
(or "Dennis Takes a Life"?)
17Sep73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8363 (no. 61, Prod. order)(copyright date 17Sep73)
Directed by Noam Pitlik
Synopsis #1:
A TV writer falls madly in love with the Prestons' house guest.
Synopsis #2:
A tender tale of a neurotic in love. Itıs scriptwriter Dennis whoıs
going ga-ga over Dickıs new house guest, and so far heıs only seen a photo of the girl.

3.03 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: ONE OF THE BOYS
24Sep73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8362 (no. 60, Prod. order)
Directed by Norman S. Powell
Synopsis #1:
Dick and the baby have the boys over for poker
Synopsis #2:
A poker put-on with a potful of laughs. Dickıs new house is the scene
of a nice little card game, but donıt bet on the host. Heıs trying to deal
and bet-and baby-sit.

3.04 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: DICK IN DEUTSCH
01Oct73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8358 (no. 56, Prod. order)(copyright date 1Oct73)
Directed by George Tyne
Guest Cast:
Harold Gould (as Kurt)
Bea Silvern (as Helga)
Sorrell Booke (as Otto)
Synopsis 1:
In Germany, Dick finds a strange woman and her boyfriend in his room.
Synopsis 2:
Flashbacks recall Dick's struggle with the language barrier while
vacationing in Europe.
Synopsis #3:
Scrambled reservations mean no accommodations for the dismal beginning
of the Prestonsı European vacation. Flashbacks tell the story as Dick
tries to break the language barrier and find a vacant room.

3.05 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: MRS. FERGUSON
08Oct73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8364 (no. 62, Prod. order)(copyright date 8Oct73)
Directed by Jerry Paris
Guest cast:
Ruth McDevitt (as Mrs. Ferguson)
Joyce Van Patten (as Henrietta)
Synopsis #1:
An elderly fan of Dick's TV show believes he is a real doctor.
Synopsis #2:
What every actor doesnıt want-a lonely old fan barging into his home.
Whatıs worse: now the woman wants to visit Dickıs set.

3.06 [--] New Dick Van Dyke show: I'LL CRY TODAY
15Oct73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8352 (no. 50, Prod. order)(copyright date 15Oct73)
Directed by Jay Sandrich
Guest Cast:
Regis Cordic (as Dr. Simpson)
Beecy Carlson (as Receptionist)
Synopsis 1:
A visit to the dentist is an emotional roller coaster for Dick (Dick
Van Dyke) when the laughing gas has an unusual effect.
Synopsis 2:
Dick Van Dyke uses his arsenal of facial expressions in this comedy
about misery. He has plenty to be miserable about, including a fight with
Jenny and a visit to the dentist.

3.07 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE YOUNG SURGEONS
22Oct73 CBS airdate  (CBS re-run 8Apr74)
Prod. no. 8351 (no. 49, Prod. order)(copyright date 22Oct73)
Directed by Bill Persky
Guest cast:
Noam Pitlik (as the director)
John Erwin (as Jeff)
Jerry Bishop (as the assistant director)
Dave Ketchum (as Fred)
Fredricka Weber (as Joyce)
Synopsis #1:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) captivates Max and Dennis (Dick Van Patten, Barry
Gordon) with a story about one of his first acting jobs.
Synopsis #2:
If you have ever wondered how an actor manages to memorize all those
lines, hereıs a flash back with Dick to his first job in Hollywood, when
he landed a tongue-tripping role on on "Medical Center."

3.08 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: SHE KISSES LIKE A DEAD MACKEREL
29Oct73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8368 (no. 66, Prod. order)(copyright date 29Oct73)
Directed by George Tyne
Synopsis #1:
A jealous Jenny (Hope Lange) repeats Dick's comment on his co-star's
Synopsis #2:
A slip of the lip, and Dick is in hot water. He compared his leading
ladyıs kisses to those of a dead mackerel. Barbara Rush returns as
Margot Brighton, the actress of whom he spoke; Pamela Mason plays the TV
reporter whom makes hay of the remark.

[--] 05Nov73 - Preempted for Carroll OıConnor Special "Three for the Girls"

3.09 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: PRESTON AU NATURALE
12Nov73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8353 (no. 51, Prod. order)(copyright date 12Nov73)
Directed by Jerry Paris
Synopsis #1:
An Italian director wants Dick to do a nude scene with an actress.
Synopsis #2:
A famous Italian director is offering Dick a part that could be the
perfect antipasto to a movie, but a nude scene is required.

3.10 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: TURNING PRO
19Nov73 CBS airdate, Monday 9:30pm
Prod. no. 8360 (no. 58, Prod. order)
(copyright date 19Nov73)
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Guest cast:
Teri Garr (as waitress)
Synopsis 1:
Lucas returns home to inform his parents he wants to leave college to
be a pro bowler.
Synopsis 2:
Lucas asks permission to give up college for professional bowling.
Synopsis #3:
It's like making a seven-ten split...Dick's trying to talk son Lucas
out of quitting school to become a professional bowler.

3.11 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: EXIT LAUGHING
26Nov73 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8366 (no. 64, Prod. order)
(copyright date 26Nov73)
Directed by Norman S. Powell (the son of Joan Blondell and the late
Dick Powell)
Guest cast:
Joan Blondell (as Dickıs Aunt Louise)
Fran Ryan (as Mom)
Guy Raymond (as Uncle Jackie)
Synopsis #1:
Dick's uncle, an old vaudeville performer, requests a fun funeral.
Synopsis #2:
Joan Blondell stars as Dickıs Aunt Louise, a former tassles dancer who
wants Dick to honor her late husbandıs request for a "fun funeral."

3.12 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: WHAT YOUR BEST FRIEND DOESN'T KNOW
03Dec73 CBS airdate (originally scheduled for 12Nov73)
Prod. no. 8367 (no. 65, Prod. order)(copyright date 3Dec73)
12Nov73, CBS Monday
Directed by Jerry Paris
Guest Cast:
Eddie Bracken
Maria (Marla?) Adams (as Gloria/ Brenda)
Margaret Avery (as Pam/Nurse Wilkinson)
Synopsis 1:
The tippling substitute for a sick actor can't remember his lines.
Synopsis #2:
Eddie Bracken, who cavorted through many musicals and comedies in the 40s,
plays an old friend who fills in for an ailing actor on Dickıs daytime
serial. Thereıs just one hitch: he canıt memorize lines.

[--] 10Dec73 - Preempted for the "Perry Como Christmas Special"

3.13 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: MR. DAZZLE
17Dec73 CBS airdate Monday 9:30pm
Prod. no. 8354 (no. 52, Prod. order)(copyright date 17Dec73)
Directed by Jerry Paris
Guest cast:
Richard Dreyfuss (as Tony Injijikian)
Richard Dawson (as Richard)
Synopsis #1:
Dick is caught on the horns of an actorıs dilemma. Should he take the
lead in a low-paying stage musical, or star in a lucrative TV commercial -
as the personification of a toilet bowl cleaner?
Synopsis #2:
Dick does a toilet freshener commercial instead of "The Music Man."

[--] 24Dec73 - Re-run ("Those Who Care," from 10Sep73)

3.14 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: HE WHO STEALS FRIENDS
(a.k.a. " He Who Steals My Friends")
31Dec73 CBS airdate, Monday
Prod. no. 8356 (no. 54, Prod. order)(copyright date 31Dec73)
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Guest Cast:
David Huddleston (as Gordon)
Maureen Arthur (as Ginger)
Alan Rafkin (as Lieutenant Farraday)
Regular Support Cast:
Richard Dawson (as Richard)
Chita Rivera (as Connie)
Synopsis #1:
The neighboring Richardsons are beginning to get those old "left-out blues":
Two of their best friends are neglecting them to pal around with the Prestons.
Synopsis #2:
Preparations for surprise anniversary party involve painful deception.
3.15 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE BACK BREAK KID
07Jan74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8370 (no. 68, Prod. order)(copyright date 7Jan74)
Directed by Noam Pitlik
When Dick injures his back, he worries another actor will replace him.
Synopsis #2:
Dick, who would break his back to keep his TV job, nearly has to after a
fight scene lands him in a neck brace. Barry Van Dyke (Dickıs son) plays
the eager actor who put him there and could easily take over his part.
Thea: Mary Layne, Windecker: R.L. Armstrong
3.16 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: BALZAC, COME HOME
14Jan74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8371 (no. 69, Prod. order)(copyright date 14Jan74)
Directed by Noam Pitlik
Guest cast:
Barbara Rush (as Margot Brighton)
George Dutro (as chauffeur)
Synopsis #1:
Dogsitting, the Prestons lose Margot's (Barbara Rush) pampered dog, and replace it.
Synopsis #2:
Dick lands in the doghouse when he agrees to baby-sit for his leading
ladyıs pooch, a pampered Yorkie with a delicate disposition and frequent urges to go out.

3.17 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE HICKEY
21Jan74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8374 (no. 72, Prod. order)(copyright date 21Jan74)
Directed by Carl Reiner
Guest cast:
Candy Clark (as Pamela Sherry)
Barry Van Dyke (as Tash Howard)
Valerie Curtin (as nurse)
Len Ross (as Fred)
Synopsis #1:
A young actress on Dick's show gives him her calling card, a hickey.
Candy Clark (³American Graffiti²) stars as Pamela Sherry, an ambitious
young actress who wants to be a star.
Synopsis #2:
A young actress on Dick's show gives him her calling card, a hickey.

3.18 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: HOUSE GUESTS
28Jan74 CBS airdate
Pord. no. 8361 (no. 59, Prod. order) (copyright date 28Jan74)
Directed by Alan Rafkin
Synopsis #1:
The Preston's quarrelsome houseguests ruin their party.
Synopsis #2"
Joan Hotchkis (³My World and Welcome to It²) and George Furth, author
of the Broadway hit ³Company,² star as overbearing house guests who soon
push the Prestons to the brink of committing guesticide.

[--] 04Feb74 - Preempted for Mitzi Gaynor Special "A Tribute to the American Housewife"

3.19 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE PREGNANCY
11Feb74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8372 (no. 70, Prod. order)(copyright date 11Feb74)
Directed by Noam Pitlik
Guest cast:
Kres Mersky (as Dr. Gooding)
Synopsis #1:
A 4am yen for pepperoni pizza raises the fascinating possibility that
Jenny may be pregnant again.
Synopsis #2:
Believing Jenny (Hope Lange) to be pregnant, Dick dreams he is carrying a baby.
3.20 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: MAN OF MEDICINE
18Feb74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8369 (no. 67, Prod. order) (copyright date 18Feb74)
Directed by Noam Pitlik
Guest cast:
Pat Harrington
Mark Gordon (as Phil)
Synopsis #1:
Dick quits his show when Max can't get the contract he promised.
Synopsis #2:
Comic Pat Harrington stars as a wheeling dealing producer whoıs
promising Dick the moon to sign up on a series that isnıt even sold.

3.21 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: COMMERCIAL HOUSEWIVES
25Feb74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8357 (no. 55, Prod. order) (copyright date 25Feb74)
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Guest Cast:
Sorrell Booke (as Herbie Vincent)
Patty Regan (as Lorraine)
Barry Van Dyke (as slate man)
Recurring Cast: Chita Rivera, Richard Dawson.
Synopsis #1:
Jenny (Hope Lange) suffers from stage fright when she appears in a commercial.
Synopsis #2:
Jenny is getting the jitters. A TV producer wants to make a commercial
out of her off-the-cuff endorsement of a spot remover.

3.22 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: FAKE MATISSE
(aka "A Fake Matisse is better than a Real Anzelowitz")
04Mar74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8365 (no. 63, Prod. order) (copyright date 4Mar74)
Directed by Jerry Paris
Guest cast:
Herbie Faye (as Meyer Anzelowitz)
William Glover (as Geoffrey St. Susan)
Dick Balduzzi (as Luchino Leonardo)
Synopsis #1:
Jenny (Hope Lange) thinks she's bought an original Matisse for $75.
Synopsis #2:
Jenny wonders who is being taken by whom. Several art experts are showing
an uncommon interest in that so-called Matisse she bought for $75 at a swap meet.

3.23 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: ME MET AT MAMA LOMBARDARI'S
(a.k.a. "Meet Me at Mama Lombardariıs")
11Mar74 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 8373 (no. 71, Prod. order) (copyright date 11Mar74)
Directed by Bud Molin
Guest cast:
Frank Campanella (as Dominic)
Synopsis #1:
Dick recalls his first, inauspicious meeting with Max and Jenny.
Synopsis #2:
Dick gets his just deserts in this flashback story about the first time
he met Jenny and Max. It happened in an Italian restaurant where Jenny was
a waitress. Max was a customer, and Dick was the irritating host of a
candid radio show that probed the limits of peopleıs patience.

[--] 18Mar74 Preempted for A Salute to James Cagney from the American Film Institute

3.24 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: LT. PRESTON OF THE 4th CAVALRY
Prod. no. 8355 (no. 53, Prod. order) (copyright date 18Mar74)
18Mar74 originally scheduled for this date -
pre-empted due to subject matter
Directed by Jerry Paris
An embarrassed Annie accidentally walks in on her parents making love.
Note: CBS censors possibly considered the topic to "hot" and this episode was NOT aired on CBS.

Summer Reruns on CBS (25Mar74-02Sep74)
25Mar74 - Re-run ("Those Who Care" from 10Sep73)
01Apr74 - Re-run ("Dennis Takes a Wife" from 17Sep73)
08Apr74 - Re-run ("The Young Surgeons" from 22Oct73)
15Apr74 - Re-run ("The Pregnancy" from 11Feb74)
22Apr74 - Re-run ("He Who Steals Friends" from 31Dec73)
29Apr74 - Re-run ("She Kisses Like a Dead Mackerel" from 29Oct73)
06May74 - Preempted for Americaıs Junior Miss Pageant
13May74 - Re-run ("One of the Boys" from 24Sep73)
20May74 - Re-run ("Dick in Deutsch" from 01Oct73)
27May74 - Re-run ("Iıll Cry Today" from 15Oct73)
03Jun74 - Re-run ("Preston au Naturale" from 12Nov73)

10Jun74 - Re-run ("A Fake Matisse is Better Than a Real Anzelowitz -04Mar74)
17Jun74 - Re-run ("Balzac, Come Home" from 14Jan74)
24Jun74 - Re-run ("Commercial Housewives" from 25Feb74)
01Jul74 - Re-run ("Man of Medicine" from 18Feb74)
08Jul74 - Re-run, original air date 07Jan74
15Jul74 - Re-run ("Turning Pro" from 19Nov73)
22Jul74 - Re-run ("Meet Me at Mama Lombardariıs" from 11Mar74)

29Jul74 - Preempted for CBS News Special Impeachment of President Nixon
05Aug74 - Re-run ("Exit Laughing" from 26Nov73)
12Aug74 - Re-run ("What Your Best Friend Doesnıt Know" from 03Dec73)
19Aug74 - Re-run ("The Hickey" from 21Jan74)
26Aug74 - Re-run ("Mr. Dazzle" from 17Dec73)
02Sep74 - Re-run ("Mrs. Ferguson" from 08Oct73) - Last Show of the Series

####### The New Dick Van Dyke Show ###########
################## the end ###################

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