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Starring Dick Van Dyke & Hope Lange
Season 2 (CBS) (1972-73)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Randy Farb
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####### The New Dick Van Dyke Show ###########
############# season 2 1972-73 ###############
CBS Sunday Nights 9:00 pm Eastern (through Dec 1972)
CBS Sunday Nights 7:30 pm Eastern (starting 7Jan1973)
Produced by Carl Reiner
filmed in Phoenix
Season 2 (1972-73) supporting cast:
David Doyle as Ted Atwater (1972-73)
Wendell Burton as Lucas Preston #2 (1973)

2.01 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE FORMER MR. PRESTON
17Sep72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 28
Guest cast:
Dick Van Patten (as Bill Ellsworth)
Synopsis #1:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) gets a big surprise when a guest on the show
turns out to be Jenny's (Hope Lange) ex-husband.
Synopsis #2:
Dick's TV show becomes the setting for a marital expose when an
upcoming guest claims to be Jenny's first husband.
Synopsis #3:
A marital expose-on camera. Thatıs whatıs in store for Dickıs TV talk
show, and the host isnıt smiling. Dick is Jennyıs second husband,
according to an upcoming guest who claims to be her first.

2.02 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE NEEDLE
24Sep72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 43
Synopsis #1:
A needle gets stuck in Dick's leg, and he places himself under the care
of a young doctor and his nurse (Teresa Graves).
Synopsis #2:
Dick, the best man, arrives at a wedding in a nurse's uniform.
Synopsis #3:
Dick as maid of honor? Thatıs the comic angle in this flashback tale
that features comic Albert Brooks as a dippy doctor, "Laugh-In's" Teresa Graves
as a hippie nurse and former ³Tarzan² Mike Henry as a desk clerk.
Guest Cast:
Mike Henry (as Desk Clerk)
Regular Support Cast:
Marty Brill (as Bernie)
Nancy Dussault (as Carol)

2.03 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: THE GREAT PRESTONI
01Oct72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 46 (CBS Rerun 31Dec72)
Guest Cast:
Arthur Batanides, Hal Williams (as Burglars)
Tom Richards (as Officer)
Regular Support Cast:
Marty Brill (as Bernie)
Nancy Dussault (as Carol)
Fannie Flagg (as Mike)
Synopsis #1:
Two burglars imprison Dick in his office.
Synopsis #2:
Locked in his office by thieves, Dick escapes to the ladies' room.
Synopsis #3:
Dick has the spotlight all to himself in "The Great Prestoni."
Imagination and a limber body are his only hope after two burglars imprison him in his 11th-floor office.

2.04 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: SOBRIETY TEST
08Oct72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 27
Directed by Bill Persky
Guest cast:
Bernie Kopell (as Jackson)
Sarah Jane Miller (as Mavis)
Synopsis #1:
Dick's tipsy on-air comments about marriage aggravate a quarrel.
Synopsis #2:
Dick airs his marital problems on his show.
Synopsis #3:
Dick may be getting high TV ratings but heıs losing points at home.
Behold a drunken talk-show host publicly airing his marital problems.

2.05 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: BERNIE'S HOUSE
15Oct72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 31  (CBS re-run 15Apr73, Sun 7:30pm)
Guest cast:
Jane Dulo (as Phyllis)
Regular Cast:
David Doyle (as Ted)
Synopsis #1:
Dick and Jenny (Dick Van Dyke, Hope Lange) don't want Bernie and
Carol (Marty Brill, Nancy Dussault) to buy the house next door.
Synopsis #2:
He's a fine manager but as a neighbor Bernie could be disastrous.
That's Dick's problem when the house next door goes up for sale.
Synopsis #3:
Nine to five is OK, but having manager Bernie for a round-the-clock
neighbor could be disastrous. Thatıs the Prestonsı problem when the
house next door goes up for sale.

2.06 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: HEADACHES
22Oct72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 30
Guest cast:
Ross Elliott (as Dr. Sanders)
Bernie Orenstein (as Dr. Goodwin)
Synopsis #1:
Dick seeks psychiatric help for mysteriously recurring headaches.
Synopsis #2:
Dickıs session with a psychiatrist is the comic highlight of a tale
that finds him looking for the reason behind a persistent headache.

29Oct72 Preempted for CBS Movie "Yellow Submarine" (Animated) (Music by The Beatles)

2.07 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: THE GAME
05Nov72 CBS Sunday / Prod. no. 32
Guest cast:
Suzy Pelsang (as contestant)
Synopsis #1:
Dick and Bernie propose a new game show to the station manager.
Synopsis #2:
Seltzer bottles, whipped cream pies, and Bernie as emcee-how can this game
show possibly make it? Watch the chaos as Bernieıs brain child hits the air waves.

2.08 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?
12Nov72 CBS Sunday / Prod. no. 25
Guest cast:
Elliott: Elliott Reid (as Elliott)
Brenda Niana (as Karrie)
Synopsis #1:
Dick's staff imitates the people they'd most like to be on his show.
Synopsis #2:
Fantasy with a Carl Reiner touch: his script has everyone playing his
favorite personality. . .Dick as Mark Twain and Fred Astaire, Jenny as Lena
Horne, Carol as Barbra Streisand and Mike as Ladybird Johnson.

2.09 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: CHEF MIKE
19Nov72 CBS, Sunday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 45
Directed by Harvey Korman (of "The Carol Burnett Show.")
Guest cast:
Sid Melton (as Arnie)
George Dutro (as the stage manager)
Neal Walk (of the Phoenix Suns, cameo appearance)
Synopsis #1:
Mike gets her own cooking show, but doesn't know any recipes.
Synopsis #2:
Mike's culinary skills are tested when she gets her own cooking show.
Synopsis #3:
A star is born...almost. Mike has a job as a TV chef; now she must learn how to cook.

2.10 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: ASHES AND URNS
26Nov72 CBS Sunday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 42
Guest cast:
Mabel Albertson (as Mother)
Carmen Zapata (as Teela)
Synopsis #1:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) is asked to care for his father's ashes, but he
panics when the ashes disappear.
Synopsis #2:
The urn is in the dishwasher - but where's Grandpa? Dick's frantically
trying to find the cremation ashes before his mom learns they're missing.

2.11 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: OLD DICK AND JENNY
03Dec72 CBS Sunday / Prod. no. 40
Guest cast:
Woodrow Parfrey (as Eli)
Stephanie Tamasauckas (as Betsy Martin)
Jean Marie (as Patti) regular cast member?
Angela Powell (as Annie)
Synopsis #1:
Dick and Jenny (Dick Van Dyke, Hope Lange) fear their marriage is
growing stale, so they each start make-overs.
Synopsis #2:
Dick and Jenny feel "old" and decide to do something about it.
Synopsis #3:
Treadmills, gadgets and a crash course in calisthenics: Dick and Jenny
are trying to look 20, feel 30 and forget theyıre over 40.

2.12 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: BIG TIME BABY
10Dec72 CBS, Sunday / Prod. no. 35  (CBS re-run 13May73, Sun 7:30pm)
Directed by Harvey Korman (directing debut)
Guest Cast:
Harold Gould (as Danny Everson)
Burke Rhind (as Ted Donovan)
Brenda Elder (as Judy)
Synopsis #1:
A tantalizing hint from a network big-wig ... and the Prestons
are all fired up over moving the show to New York.
Synopsis #2:
A network uses Dick as leverage in a talk show host's negotiations.

2.13 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: BLOOD IS THICKER THAN OATMEAL
17Dec72 CBS Sunday / Prod. no. 26
Guest cast:
Ronnie Schell (as Henry)
Stephanie Tamasauckas (as Wilhelmina)
Synopsis #1:
Annie (Angela Powell) is furious when Dick does a commercial with
another little girl.
Synopsis #2:
Father-daughter dilemma: Annieıs on the warpath after Dick hires
another girl to play his daughter in an oatmeal commercial.

2.14 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: THE JAILBIRD (Christmas Episode)
24Dec72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 47
Guest Cast:
Bernie Orenstein (as George Spencer)
Lloyd Gough (as Officer Jack Brown)
Jim Spero (as Officer Hickman)
Dave Leahy (as Joe)
Jenny Yates (as Mary)
Dick, Bernie and Carol (Dick Van Dyke, Marty Brill, Nancy Dussault) are
taken off Santa's list when they land in jail Christmas Eve.
Synopsis #2:
Christmas behind bars in a Nevada jail. . .thatıs Dickıs fate unless he
can scrape up $100 for a speeding fine.

31Dec72 Re-run  of  #2.3 "The Great Prestoni" (from 01Oct72)

2.15 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: DICK AND THE BABY
7Jan73 CBS, Sunday 7:30pm / Prod. no. 48  (CBS re-run 22Jul73)
Guest cast:
Tiffany Graff (as Chrissy)
Chuck Jones (as the announcer)
Barry Van Dyke (as the first intern)
Howard Stern (as the second intern)
Synopsis #1:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) drops the ball when he runs home to see a
game and leaves the baby in a store.
Synopsis #2:
Football nuts will understand how Dick could lose his baby in a
supermarket while rushing to watch a game. More madness: he's
trying to find the kid without missing any of the action. Dick's son Barry appears briefly as an intern.

2.16 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE NEW NEIGHBORS (CBS title) Part 1 (of 2)
14Jan73 CBS Sunday / Prod. no. 33
Guest cast:
Buddy Lester (as Johnny)
Dick Curtis (as Harry)
Edward Andrews (as Peter Nellis)
Synopsis: #1
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) discovers his likeable new neighbor is in business with the mafia.
Synopsis #2:
Dick invests in the company of a friendly neighbor, who's a mobster.
Synopsis #3:
Wall Street woes for dick, who fancies himself a market wizard until
his ³blue chip investment² involves him with the syndicate. First of two parts.
Synopsis #4:
Dick worries about his family when his neighbor is a mobster.

2.17 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE NEW NEIGHBORS (CBS title) Part 2 (of 2)
21Jan73 CBS Sunday 7:30pm / Prod. no. 34
Guest cast:
Buddy Lester (as Johnny)
Dick Curtis (as Harry)
Gordon Jump (as FBI agent)
Synopsis #1:
Shades of "Mission: Impossible" - Dick's frantic attempts to escape a mobster. Conclusion of a two-part story.
Synopsis #2:
After being threatened by the mafia, Dick and Jenny (Dick Van Dyke,
Hope Lange) get Mike (Fannie Flagg) to take the children away.

2.18 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: POT LUCK
28Jan73 CBS Sunday 7:30pm / Prod. no. 44
Guest cast:
Mabel Albertson (as Mrs. Preston)
Angela Powell (as Annie)
Sandy Kenyon (as Sergeant)
Frank Adamo (as Dr. Simmons)
Regular Support Cast:
Michael Shea (as Lucas)
Synopsis #1:
Dick's mother accidentally smokes some marijuana, and the police
book her on narcotics possession.
Synopsis #2:
Dick's (Dick Van Dyke) mother mistakes a box of cigarettes containing
marijuana for her legal ones.
Synopsis #3:
Going to pot? Dick's family is well on the way after son Lucas brings
home marijuana and Dick's mom smokes some by mistake. Next up:
the police, who book her on narcotics possession.

2.19 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE 10TH HONEYMOON
04Feb73 CBS Sunday  / Prod. no. 41
Guest cast:
Cesare Danova (as Francois)
Bobby Ball (as Jean)
Regular Support Cast:
Fannie Flagg (as "Mike")
Jean Marie (as Patti) (regular?)
Synopsis #1:
Dick and Jenny's (Dick Van Dyke, Hope Lange) vacation in the South Sea is nearly ruined when he injures himself.
Synopsis #2:
Dick attempts to conceal his physical ailments so that Jenny can enjoy their vacation.
Synopsis #3:
A Van Dyke specialty: sight-gag comedy as Dick tries to conceal a multitude
of pulled muscles so that Jenny can enjoy their tropic-isle second honeymoon.

11Feb73 - Preempted for Peanuts special "Play It Again, Charlie Brown"

2.20 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: WILL BABY MAKE THREE?
18Feb73 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 39
Guest cast:
Corrine Conley (as Mrs. Coleman)
Noam Pitlik (as Chuck)
Regular Support Cast:
Nancy Dussault (as Carol)
Marty Brill (as Bernie)
Fannie Flagg (as "Mike")
Synopsis #1:
Bernie and Carol's (Marty Brill, Nancy Dussault) plans to adopt may blow up when she gets drunk at the interview.
Synopsis #2:
The adoption bureau interviews a nervous Carol and Bernie.
Synopsis #3:
Carol and Bernie anticipate a meeting with an adoption agency.
Synopsis #4:
Adoption traumas plague Bernie and Carol, hopeful parents turned nervous thanks to champagne,
 an overdose of tranquilizers and an upcoming meeting with an adoption agency.

2.21 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE POWER OF THE BLEEP
25Feb73 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 38
Guest cast:
Tom Richards (as Mailman)
Regular Support Cast:
David Doyle (as Ted Atwater)
Synopsis #1:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) quits his job after a segment of his show dealing with sex is censored.
Synopsis #2:
Dick turns into a pest when he walks off his show because of a censorship incident.
Synopsis #3:
David Boyle, the martini-drinking Mr. Fitzgerald in "Bridget Loves Bernie,"
has a brief bit as a censorship-happy station manager in a story that finds
Dick quitting his job and becoming a household pest.

2.22 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: YOU GOTTA HAVE CLASS
4Mar73 CBS Sunday 7:30pm / Prod. no. 37
Guest cast:
Robert Brown (as Prof. Shea)
Jimmy Caesar (as Vernon Fields)
Synopsis #1:
Swooning student meets dashing professor: Mike's in for quite an
education thanks to a poetry class being taught by the man of her dreams.
Synopsis #2:
Mike (Fannie Flagg) is shocked to find the professor she's dating is married.

11Mar73 - Pre-empted for Peanuts special "There's No Time for Love, Charlie Brown"

2.23 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU
18Mar73 CBS Sunday /  Prod. no. 36
Guest cast:
Jerry Van Dyke
Barbara Rhoades (as Charlene)
Frank Adamo (as stage manager)
Synopsis #1:
Surprise! Dickıs brother (Jerry Van Dyke) is about to learn how his shapely fiancée earns a living.
Synopsis #2:
When Dick's brother arrives with his fiancee, Bernie (Marty Brill) recognizes her as a nude dancer.

2.24 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: GUESS WHO'S COMING TO SEDER?
25Mar73 CBS Sunday / Prod. no. 29
Written by Elias Davis & David Pollock
Guest cast:
Fritzi Burr (as Rachel)
Herbie Faye (as Isaacs)
Synopsis #1:
A Jewish mother, a gentile wife and a problem for Bernie: how to keep
mama from finding out he has married a Catholic.
Synopsis #2:
Carol (Nancy Dussault) pretends to be Jewish so Bernie's (Marty Brill) mother won't be upset.

Spring & Summer Re-runs 1973
01Apr73 Rerun, original air date 08Oct72
08Apr73 Rerun, original air date 24Sep72
15Apr73 Rerun, original air date 15Oct72
22Apr73 Rerun, original air date 18Dec71-from first season
(Note: above is correct, rerun from prior year-mystery of missing
wallet and watch)
29Apr73 Rerun, original air date 17Sep72
06May73 Rerun, original air date 22Oct72
13May73 Rerun, original air date 10Dec72
20May73 Rerun, original air date 03Dec72
27May73 Rerun, original air date 26Nov72
03Jun73 Rerun, original air date 17Dec72
10Jun73 Rerun, original air date 14Jan73
17Jun73 Rerun, original air date 21Jan73
24Jun73 Rerun, original air date 04Feb73
01Jul73 Rerun, original air date 27Nov71-from first season
08Jul73 Rerun, original air date 28Jan73
15Jul73 Rerun, original air date 18Sep71-from first season
22Jul73 Rerun, original air date 07Jan73
29Jul73 Rerun, original air date 20Nov71-from first season
05Aug73 Rerun, original air date 08Jan72-from first season
12Aug73 Rerun, original air date 02Oct71-from first season
19Aug73 Rerun, original air date 11Dec71-from first season
26Aug73 Rerun, original air date 15Jan72-from first season
02Sep73 Rerun, original air date 01Oct72

####### The New Dick Van Dyke Show ###########
############# end of season 2 ################

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