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Starring Dick Van Dyke & Hope Lange
Season 1 (CBS) (1971-72)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Randy Farb
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####### The New Dick Van Dyke Show ###########
############# season 1 1971-72 ###############
CBS Saturday Nights 9:00 pm Eastern
Produced by Carl Reiner
filmed in Phoenix, Arizona

Season 1-2 supporting cast:
Marty Brill as Bernie Davis (1971-73)
Nancy Dussault as Carol Davis (1971-73)
Fannie Flagg as "Mike" Preston (1971-73)
Michael Shea as Lucas Preston #1 (1971-73)

1.01 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: SMOKE RINGS
18Sep71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 16
Synopsis #1:
After demonstrating how to blow smoke rings on his talk show, Dick
(Dick Van Dyke) becomes addicted to cigarettes.
Synopsis #2:
A chimpanzee cons TV talk-show host Dick into blowing smoke rings - and  a no-smoking pledge.

1.02 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: A STAR AIN'T BORN
25Sep71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm  (CBS re-run: 25Dec71)
Prod. no. 6
Guest cast:
Joan Huntington (as Ann Marsh)
Noam Pitlik (as the director)
Gordon Jump (as Father Stone)(to be verified)
Synopsis #1:
Most of the laughs in this show stem from Dick's screen test with a
glamorous leading lady. If it's a success: good-bye, Phoenix - hello, Hollywood.
Synopsis #2:
Dick is nervous about a screen test for a role in a new series.

1.03 [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: MID-TERM DINNER a.k.a. THE NEW GIRLFIEND
02Oct71 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 7
Director: Carl Reiner
Written by George Bloom
Guest cast:
Mabel Albertson (as Mother)
Michael Shea (as Lucas)
Ta-Tanisha (as Judy)
Barry Van Dyke (as Dan Preston)
Synopsis #1:
A gentle take-off on "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." The Prestons'
guest list includes Dick's mom, son Lucas and Lucas's girlfriend Judy. The
family doesn't know that Judy is black, but everybody knows that Dick's mother
is an outspoken bigot.
Synopsis #2:
Lucas' new girlfriend is black, but his grandmother is a bigot.
(CBS re-run 25Mar72, Saturday 9:00pm)

1.04 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE BOOK a.k.a. EVERYTHING FROM A TO Z
9Oct71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 17
Guest cast:
Dave Ketchum (as Fred Ross)
Sarah Jane Miller (as Mrs. Kingby)
Carrie Beth (as Beth)
Synopsis #1: "The Book"
The subject of dirty books gets a comically literate treatment.
Synopsis #2 "Everything from A to Z"
Annie (Angela Powell) unwittingly takes a sex education book to school for show and tell.

1.05 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE TENNIS PARTNER a.k.a. THE TENNIS PRO
16Oct71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 19
Directed by John Rich
(Emmy winning director of the original Van Dyke series)
Guest cast:
Ted Bessell (as Skip Holloway)
Synopsis #1: "The Tennis Partner"
Playing a drunk - one of Van Dyke's best bits - caps an episode which has
Dick becoming increasingly jealous of his wife's tennis partner.
Synopsis #2: "The Tennis Pro"
Jenny's (Hope Lange) tennis teacher makes Dick (Dick Van Dyke) green
with jealousy. With Angela Powell.

1.06 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE HOUSE a.k.a. A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, YET
23Oct71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 18
Guest cast:
Tom Boswell (as O'Hare)
Sheila Page (as Mrs. Bunny O'Hare)
Hope Silvestri (as Mrs. Purvis)
Synopsis #1: "The House"
Buying a dream house can become a nightmare, as the Prestons
quickly discover. For starters, there's the little problem of selling the old digs.
Synopsis #2: "A House is not a home, yet"
Dick and Jenny (Dick Van Dyke, Hope Lange) decide to sell their
home when the house of their dreams becomes available.
Synopsis #3: "A House Is Not a Home Yet"
The Prestons buy their dream house, but Annie doesn't want to move.

1.07 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE REPLACEMENT a.k.a THE SIDEKICK
30Oct71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 14
Director: Carl Reiner
Guest cast:
Steve Lawrence (as Danny Turner)
Pat McMahon (as Cheek-Eye the Sailor) (local Phoenix, Ariz. TV
Carl Reiner (as Himself)
Recurring Cast:
Marty Brill (as Bernie)
Nancy Dussault (as Carol)
Fannie Flagg (as Mike)
Synopsis 1:
Steve Lawrence appears as a dynamic singer who becomes Dick's talk show
sidekick. He's good maybe too good: Dick's afraid he might take over.
Lawrence sings "I've Gotta Be Me."
Director Carl Reiner appears briefly as himself. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Steve Lawrence plays an egotistical singer who helps
Dick on a marathon. He kept singing "I've Gotta Be Me." [RF]
Synopsis #3:
Dick fears his popular new co-host will steal his job.

1.08 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: QUEASY RIDER
(a.k.a "The Motorcycle")
6Nov71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 21
Guest cast:
Bob Anthony (as the Sheriff)
Clint Ritchie (as First cyclist)
Barry Van Dyke (as Second cyclist)
Synopsis 1:
Call him queasy rider. That's Dick as his mini-bike runs out of gas
somewhere on the blazing desert. Van Dyke's talent for solo comedy
makes the most of an abandoned cabin - and a can of peas. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Dick is going through a mid-life crisis and buys a motorcycle. He
becomes lost in the Arizona desert, and a biker played by Barry Van Dyke rescues him. [RF]

1.09 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE STORM
13Nov71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 22
Director & writer: Carl Reiner
Guest cast:
Paul Lambert (as Father Flanagan)
Jacqueline Scott (as Sister Bernadette)
Elliott Reid (as Elliott)
Synopsis #1:
Carl Reiner directed this episode about a bad storm and its Noah's Ark results.
Synopsis #2:
Picture Noah and his ark. Now picture the Prestons frantically trying  to
shelter a bevy of friends and strangers stranded by a storm.
Synopsis #3:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) mistakes his house guests for narcotics smugglers.

1.10 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: THE CONDUCTOR AND THE LADY
(a.k.a "The Conductor")
20Nov71 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 20
Guest Cast:
Cesare Danova (as Paul Franz)
Frank Adamo (as Man)
Jenny (Hope Lange) prepares an extravagant dinner for conductor Paul Franz.
Synopsis #2:
Duck dinners and tuna fish provide the running gag as a symphony
conductor keeps promising to dine with the Prestons-and failing to show.

1.11 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: (possibly "Off and Running") (pilot?)
27Nov71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 1
The plot idea that sold this series to CBS: how does an older couple deal
with an unexpected pregnancy? Carl Reiner wrote and directed this show
about the Prestons' comic reaction to the situation.

1.xx [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: OFF AND RUNNING (pilot?)
Synopsis: Jenny announces an addition to the Preston family of four.

1.12 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: ROOM WITH A VIEW
04Dec71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm
Prod. no. 2
Guest cast:
Carmen Zapata (as Teela)
Herbie Faye (as Manny)
Synopsis #1:
Sauna bath or sewing room? A communications gap has Dick and Jenny
headed straight for battle over the destiny of a spare closet.
Synopsis #2:
Dick is installing a sauna, but Jenny wants a sewing room.

1.13 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: LINDA, LINDA, LINDA (a.k.a. THE KISS)
11Dec71 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 13
Guest Cast:
Marcia Rodd (as Linda Gallo)
Colin McCleery (as the waiter)
Synopsis #1:
How a talk-show host can sever communications with his wife: Dick's  agreed
to accommodate a pucker-powered starlet who's out to break her own kissing record on local TV.
Synopsis #2:
Panic sets in after Dick promises an actress television's longest kiss.
Synopsis #3:
Dick agrees to help a starlet break her kissing record on TV.

1.14 [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: PEPITO OF MEXICO
(possibly the same as "The Thief")
18Dec71 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 10
Guest Cast:
Carmen Zapata (as Teela)
Jose Estrada (as Pepito)
Synopsis #1:
Teela's nephew plays Robin Hood with the Prestons' belongings.
Synopsis #2:
A gentle mystery in the Preston house: somebodyšs taking items such as
Dickšs watch and wallet, and it looks like an inside job.

25Dec71 - Rerun (original air date 25Sep71)

1.15 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: BERNIE DID IT
01Jan72 CBS Saturday 9:00pm / Prod. no. 3
Guest cast:
David Doyle (as Ted)
Doris Packer (as Darlene Foster)
Charles Nelson Reilly (as Walter)
Synopsis #1:
Ineptness is played for laughs as Dick fights with his manager - then tries
to handle his own negotiations for a new contract.
Synopsis #2:
Dick tries to negotiate his own contract with the station manager.

1.16 [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: ANNIE GET YOUR BIKE
08Jan72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 9
Guest cast:
Reta Shaw (as nurse)
Ronnie Schell (as Dr. Rosencranz, veterinarian)
Guy Stark (as Young Lucas)
Synopsis #1:
Feeling neglected when the baby arrives, Annie loses her appetite.
Synopsis #2:
One of the best shows in Dickšs old series followed the chaos that
broke loose when his wife went into labor. Same situation, different
calamities, in this flashback episode.

1.17 [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: WHAT IS YOUR HUSBAND DOING TOMORROW?
15Jan72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 5
Guest cast:
Darlene Feasel (as Miss Shirts)
Synopsis 1:
Suspicions of a pregnant wife - comically sparked by Dickšs inept
efforts to avoid mentioning the sexy models hešs seeing on business.
Synopsis 2:
A phone call makes Jenny suspicious when Dick misses dinner.

1.18 [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE BIRTH
22Jan72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 8
Guest cast:
Gordon Jump (as Garriman)
Phoebe Noel (as Debbie)
Reta Shaw (as nurse)
Synopsis #1:
Dick must rush two expectant mothers to the delivery room.
Synopsis #2:
The birth of the Prestonsš baby caps comedy that finds Dick flustered
by two expectant mothers: Jenny and an unmarried hitchhiker.

1.19 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: THE SPLIT
29Jan72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 15
Guest cast:
Jolie Gorey (as Miss Phoenix University)
Synopsis #1:
Bernie and Carol temporarily split over whether to have children.
Synopsis #2:
Dick in the role of marriage mender: Carol wants a baby, Bernie doesn't- and theyšre split up over their difference.

1.20 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE HARRY AWARD
05Feb72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 11  (CBS re-run 15Jul72)
Guest cast:
Dick Van Patten (as Mr. Covington/Compton)
Ned Wertimer (as Don Morriss)
Fielding Greaves (as Emcee)
John Amos (as Mark Cooper)
Larry Hovis (as Stan Korbett)
Jim Spero (as Bill)
Synopsis #1:
Dick (Dick Van Dyke) receives an award, but the ceremony is being held at a restricted club.
Synopsis #2:
Dick's battle against bigotry centers on whether or not to attend an
awards ceremony at a restricted golf club.
Synopsis #3:
"All in the Family" doesn't have a monopoly on comic bigotry...Dick's
dilemma is whether or not to attend an awards ceremony at a restricted golf club.

1.21 [--] The New Dick Van Dyke Show: PEOPLE'S CHOICE
12Feb72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 4
Guest cast:
David Doyle (as Ted)
Doris Packer (as Darlene)
Ralph Williams (as Martin)
Corinne Conley (as Simpson)
Synopsis #1:
The Prestons favor opposing school board candidates.
Synopsis #2:
Ingredients for TV talk-show disaster: opposing political candidates and a
host whošs been nagged and threatened into an insane brand of strict neutrality.

1.22 [--] New Dick Van Dyke: AFTER THE BALL IS OVER
19Feb72 CBS airdate
Prod. no. 12
Guest cast:
Monte Markham
Synopsis #1:
Mike's (Fannie Flagg) ex-husband comes to town and wants to see her.
Synopsis #2:
Mike's ex-husband arrives, claiming to be a reformed character. [GTV]
Synopsis #3:
Mikešs wondering. . .why has her skirt-chasing ex-husband (Monte Markham) returned to chase her?
Regular cast:
Fannie Flagg (as Mike)
Hope Lange (as Jenny)
Nancy Dussault (as Carol)
Marty Brill (as Bernie)

1.23 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: RUNNING BEAR AND MOSCOWITZ
(possible a.k.a "The Clothing Store" (imdb)
26Feb72 CBS  / Prod. no. 23
Guest cast:
Herman Rudin (as Running Bear)
Herbie Faye (as Moscowitz)
Jason Clark (as First Man)
Suzanne Pelsang (as Woman)
Tina Louise (as Customer)
Barry Van Dyke (as Barry),
Dolly Hunt (as Older woman)
Dolores Clark (as Third woman)
Frank Adamo (as Man at counter)
Synopsis #1:
Jenny and Carol (Hope Lange, Nancy Dussault) venture into the clothing business.
Synopsis #2:
Jenny and Carol clash over their newly founded business venture.
Synopsis #3:
Transform a butcher shop into an Indian boutique. Result: nonstop
clashes between novice business women Jenny and Carol.

1.24 [--] New Dick Van Dyke Show: THE TELETHON
04Mar72 CBS airdate / Prod. no. 24
Co-producer: Bernie Orenstein
Guest Cast:
Bernie Orenstein (as Professor Hunt)
David Doyle (as Ted Atwater)
Synopsis #1:
Dick is made responsible for the success of the station's charity telethon.
Synopsis #2:
A telethon spotlights the regulars: Dick in a series of comic vignettes;
Carol (Nancy Dussault) singing "They Didn't Believe Me"; Bernie (Marty
Brill) with a comedy monologue; and Mike (Fannie Flagg) spoofing
the song "Say That We're Sweethearts Again."

Spring & Summer re-runs 1972
11Mar72 Rerun, original air date 18Sep71
18Mar72 Rerun, original air date 09Oct71
25Mar72 Rerun, original air date 02Oct71
01Apr72 Rerun, original air date 06Nov71
08Apr72 Rerun, original air date 23Oct71
15Apr72 Rerun, original air date 30Oct71
22Apr72 Rerun, original air date 12Feb72
29Apr72 Rerun, original air date 20Nov71
06May72 Rerun, original air date 27Nov71
13May72 Rerun, original air date 04Dec71
20May72 Rerun, original air date 01Jan72
27May72 Rerun, original air date 18Dec71
03Jun72 Rerun, original air date 11Dec71
10Jun72 Rerun, original air date 08Jan72
17Jun72 Rerun, original air date 15Jan72
24Jun72 Rerun, original air date 22Jan72
01Jul72 Rerun, original air date 29Jan72
08Jul72 Rerun, original air date 19Feb72
15Jul72 Rerun, original air date 05Feb72
22Jul72 Rerun, original air date 04Mar72
29Jul72 Rerun, original air date 02Oct71
05Aug72 Rerun, original air date 25Sep71
12Aug72 Rerun, original air date 06Nov71
19Aug72 Rerun, original air date 23Oct71
26Aug72 Rerun, original air date 16Oct71
02Sep72 Preempted for Pro Football Game
09Sep72 Rerun, original air date 26Feb72

####### The New Dick Van Dyke Show ###########
############# end of season 1 ################

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