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Starring Ann Sothern as Katy O'Connor
Season 2 (CBS) (1959-60)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Rina Fox
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########### The Ann Sothern Show #############
############# season 2 1959-60 ###############
CBS Mondays 9:30 pm Eastern
October 5, 1959-September 29, 1960

2.01 [36] Ann Sothern Show: THE LUCY STORY
5Oct59 CBS orig. airdate Monday 9:30pm Eastern (copyright date: 20Aug59)
Guest star:
Lucille Ball (as Lucy Ricardo)
Synopsis #1:
Lucy Ricardo checks into the Bartley House in New York, loudly denouncing
marriage because Ricky has gone skin diving without her. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Lucy Ricardo checks into Bartley House and decides to play cupid when she
learns her old friend, Katy O'Connor, is still single. [TA]
Synopsis #3:
When Katy's friend, Lucy Ricardo, visits the hotel, Lucy plays matchmaker
for Katy and Mr. Devery. Lucille Ball plays her "I Love Lucy" character.
Ironically, Lucy Ricardo is also a friend of Ann Sothern's previous TV
incarnation, Susie MacNamara. Ann Sothern guested on "The Lucille Ball-
Desi Arnaz Show" on 06Nov57 "Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana." [JB]

2.02 [37] Ann Sothern Show: KATY AND THE COWBOY
(a.k.a. "The Guy Madison Story")
12Oct59 CBS (copyright date 27Aug59)
Guest Cast:
Guy Madison, Merry Anders and rodeo luminaries Casey Tibbs,
Harley May, Dean Oliver and Mo Sagers.
Katy tries to make Mr. Devery jealous by taking a rodeo headliner to a hotel opening.
This episode was suggested by Don Porter, a real-life western
aficionado. He was disappointed when Mr. Devery did not get to ride a horse. [JB]

2.03 [38] Ann Sothern Show: NERVOUS BREAKUP (broadcast title)
a.k.a "Katy and Olive's Nervous Breakdown" (copyright title)
19Oct59 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 06Aug59)
Guest Cast:
Alice Backes, Gloria Robertson, Marge Redmond.
Jan Englund is introduced as Katy's friend, Marion.
Synopsis 1:
Katy and Olive have a misunderstanding and decide that they no longer
wish to share the same apartment. Then Katy begins looking for a new roommate. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
After Katy and Live have a misunderstanding, Katy runs through a series of roommates.

2.04 [39] Ann Sothern Show: DOMESTIC KATY
(a.k.a. "Domesti-Katy")
26Oct59 CBS orig. airdate Monday 9:30pm Eastern
(Copyright date: 3Sep59)
Guest Cast:
James Philbrook; Ann Morris; Jack Mullany
Synopsis 1:
Envious of a happily married friend, Katy launches an ill-fated campaign
of button-sewing and dinner-cooking in an effort to impress a visiting
cornball sales executive with he prowess as a homemaker. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
After a visit from a happily married friend, Katy tries to be more domestic. [JB]

2.05 [40] Ann Sothern Show: THE SAL MINEO STORY
2Nov59 CBS orig. airdate (Copyright date: 13Aug59)
Guest Cast:
Sal Mineo (as Nicky Silvero)
Jack Mullaney (as Johnny)
Denise Alexander.
Synopsis 1:
Musician Nicky Silvero has a girl friend, and Katy is eager for the young
couple to get married. But her boss James Devery opposes the match. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Sal Mineo plays a musician caught in the middle of a matrimonial battle
when Katy tries to outwit her boss in an effort to get the young man married. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Katy helps a young musician and his girl friend get married, despite Mr. Devery's opposition to the match. [JB]
Sal Mineo peforms "Chicken Cacciatore," "Take Off Your Shoes,"
and "You're Crushing My Duster," with music by Ann Sothern and lyrics by Ian Bernard.

[--] 9Nov59 CBS - pre-empted for a "Du Pont Show of the Month" special:  "I, Don Quixote"

2.06 [41] Ann Sothern Show: THE BIG PAY OFF (broadcast title)
a.k.a. "The Pay-Off" (copyright title)
16Nov59 CBS (10Sep59 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Tol Avery, Peter Leeds.
A Bartley House vice president fires Katy for accepting a bribe when
she receives a mink stole from the company that won the hotel's air conditioning contract. [JB]

2.07 [42] Ann Sothern Show: OLD BUDDY BOY
23Nov59 CBS orig. airdate ( copyright date 31Jul59)
Guest cast:
Mark Dana (as Tom Burke)
Synopsis 1:
Tom Burke, manager of the Bartley House in Honolulu, pays a visit to New
York. After meeting Katy O'Connor, Burke offers her the job of assistant
manager of his Hawaiian Hotel. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Devery's old college rival tries to convince Katy to become his assistant manager at the Honolulu Bartley House. [JB]

2.08 [43] Ann Sothern Show: QUEEN FOR A NIGHT
30Nov59 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 17Sep59)
Guest cast:
Kent Taylor (as Ed Morley)
William Allyn (as Paul)
Synopsis :
Katy arranges a blind date between Olive and a friend of Mr. Devery's. The
man swoons over an artist's glamorized concept of Olive, but he learns that
she is not quite so breathtaking in real life. [TA/JB]
2.09 [44] Ann Sothern Show: KATY AND THE NEW GIRL
7Dec59 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 24Sep59)
Guest Cast:
Eva Gabor
Jan Englund.
Olive goes on vacation and a girl named Steffi is hired as a temporary
secretary. Steffi makes herself indispensable to Mr. Devery, and Katy finds
her own job in jeopardy. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
While olive is on vacation, her unscrupulous replacement tries to steal Katy's job. [JB]

2.10 [45] Ann Sothern Show: KATY'S TENDER TRAP
14Dec59 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 23Oct59)
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Devery thinks that Katy is out to trap him into marriage. So he takes steps to discourage her. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A recently married friend of Mr. Devery convinces him that Katy's friendly ministrations mean she wants to marry him. [JB]

2.11 [46] Ann Sothern Show: TOP EXECUTIVE
21Dec59 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 1Oct59)
Guest star:
Jayne Meadows (as Liza Vincent)
Synopsis 1:
Vivacious Liza Vincent arrives at the Bartley House to do an article on
manager James Devery for Top Executive magazine. Katy finds that Liza's
aggressive charm calls for special action. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Katy is suspicious of an aggressive journalist who claims to be writing an article on Mr. Devery while sponging off the hotel. [JB]

2.12 [47] The Ann Sothern Show: KATY MISMANAGES
28Dec59 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 29Oct59)
Guest Cast:
Jack Wagner, Olan Soule, Herb Vigran.
Synopsis 1:
Hotel manager James Devery decides to go on vacation. He leaves his assistant Katy O'Connor in complete charge. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
While Mr. Devery is on vacation, Katy is left in charge of the hotel where her friends take advantage of her. [JB]
 [--] Unknown title (possibly "Katy Mismanages")
(rebroadcast 06Jun60)
Guest cast:
William Kendis .... Jerry Van
Herb Vigran ..... Pete Wilson
Devery decides to go on vacation and leaves Katy O'Connor in complete charge. [RF]

2.13 [48] Ann Sothern Show: WOMAN BEHIND THE THRONE
04Jan60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 05Nov59)
Guest Cast:
John Emery, Harriet MacGibbon, Herb Vigran.
As Katy tries to persuade the female members of the Executive Club to
vote for Mr. Devey for president, she gets herself nominated as his opponent. [JB]

2.14 [49] Ann Sothern Show: SLIGHTLY MARRIED
11Jan60 orig. airdate (copyright date 13Nov59)
Guest Cast:
Charles Herbert, Frank Behrens.
In order to provide a temporary home for a runaway orphan boy, Katy pretends she is married. [JB]

2.15 [50] Ann Sothern Show: DEVERY'S WHITE ELEPHANT
18Jan60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 19Nov59)
Guest Cast:
Verna Felton.
Katy tries to impress a wealthy Alaskan widow in hopes that she will rent an expensive suite at the hotel. [JB]

2.16 [51] Ann Sothern Show: KATY'S NEW CAREER
25Jan60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 25Nov59)
Guest Cast:
Jesse White (Cagey Calhoun on "Private Secretary") appears as
Katy's new boss, he later will become a regular as another character.
Disgusted with long hours and short pay, Katy quits her job and goes to work for a loan company. [JB]

2.17 [52] Ann Sothern Show: THE WITNESS
01Feb60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 04Dec59)
Guest Cast:
Jack Albertson, Lurene Tuttle.
Katy and Olive try to convince a couple to drop their lawsuit against
Mr. Devery after he hits their car. The girl's fear increases when they
realize they forgot to renew Mr. Devery's insurance. [JB]

2.18 [53] Ann Sothern Show: THE DOG WHO CAME TO DINNER
8Feb60 CBS, Monday 9:30pm Eastern (Copyright date 11Dec59)
Guest Cast:
Howard McNear is introduced as their neighbor.
Synopsis 1:
A stray puppy appears at Katy and Olive's apartment, and Olive insists that they give the little stranger a home. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A stray puppy disrupts Katy and olive's friendship. Olive wants to keep it, but she makes Katy do all the work. [JB]

2.19 [54] Ann Sothern Show: OLIVE'S DREAM MAN
15Feb60 CBS orig. airdate (14Jan60 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Joe E. Brown (as Mitchell Carson)
Doris Singleton (as Mavis)
Hollis Irving (as Louise)
Bobby Sargeant (as Fred Danton)
John Archer (as Charlie)
Bill Tennant (as bellboy).
Synopsis 1:
Olive tells all her friends that she has a suave and handsome new boy friend, and they can't wait to meet this prince charming. [UCLA]
Synopsis 2:
Olive's friends think she is telling stories when she raves about her new boy friend. [JB]

2.20 [55] Ann Sothern Show: A TOUCH OF LARCENY
22Feb60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 21Jan60)
Guest Cast
Howard McNear (recurring)
Jesse White is introduced as Oscar.
Katy wants her neighbor to run the hotel's new cigar stand, but
Mr. Devery is taken by the charming unscrupulous Oscar Pudney. [JB]

2.21 [56] Ann Sothern Show: COMMON CENTS
29Feb60 CBS orig. airdate (28Jan60 copyright date)
Olive's anxiety over a date with a handsome stranger causes her to
have a mental block over a financial matter with Katy. [JB]

[--] 07Mar60 CBS   
Pre-empted for Playhouse 90, William Faulkner's "Tomorrow"

2.22 [57] Ann Sothern Show: THE FREELOADER
14Mar60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 2Feb60)        
Guest Cast:
Robert Strauss.
Oscar Pudney tries to pass off his parasitic cousin as a wealthy South American cattleman in order to sponge off the hotel. [JB]

2.23 [58] Ann Sothern Show: BILLY
21Mar60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 18Feb60)
Guest Cast:
Joel Grey, Jack Albertson.
Katy helps a talented bellhop audition for a producer who is staying at the hotel.
Joel sings "This Is My Lucky Day" and duets with Ann Sothern on
"Everybody Loves A Lover." [JB]

2.24 [59] Ann Sothern Show: I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE
28Mar60 CBS orig. airdate ( copyright date 11Feb60)
Guest Cast:
Edward Brophy.
When Katy and olive decide to buy a piano, Oscar Pudney offers to get it for them wholesale. [JB]

2.25 [60] Ann Sothern Show: KATY MEETS DANGER
04Apr60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 25Feb60)
Guest Cast:
James Daly
When the hotel is hit by a series of mysterious robberies, Katy hires a detective named Johnny Danger. [JB]

2.26 [61] Ann Sothern Show: THE ROMAN HATTER
11Apr60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 03Mar60)
Guest Cast:
Fay Baker, Grady Sutton, Nico Minardos, Florence MacMichael.
When a young Italian hat designer cannot pay his hotel bill, Katy helps him sell one of his creations. [JB]

2.27 [62] Ann Sothern Show: SUPRISE, SUPRISE
18Apr60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 10Mar60)
Guest Cast:
Gage Clark,
Jackie Coogan is introduced as Barney, the house electrician.
Katy feigns illness so she can prepare a surprise birthday party for
Mr. Devery. He spoils the surprise by calling the house physician. [JB]

2.28 [63] Ann Sothern Show: ONE FOR THE BOOKS
25Apr60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 18Mar60)
Guest Cast:
Estelle Winwood, Jesalyn Fax, Mary Treen.
The hotel's two oldest residents think the Bartley House is haunted so Katy tries to rid the hotel of its poltergeist. [JB]

2.29 [64] Ann Sothern Show: DOUBTING DEVERY
02May60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 24Mar60)
A fast-talking salesman convinces Mr. Devery that several employees are getting pay offs from a rival hotel. [JB]

2.30 [65] Ann Sothern Show: BOY GENIUS
09May60    CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 31Mar60)
Guest Cast:
Audrey Totter, Raymond Bailey.
Jimmy Fields is introduced as Richy Gordon.
Katy and Olive help their newspaper boy when they learn the musical prodigy gave up his lessons to support his widowed mother and sisters. [JB]

2.31 [66] Ann Sothern Show: WEDDING MARCH
16May60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 07Apr60)
Guest Cast:
Jackie Coogan, Rebecca Richman, Grady Sutton, Paul Dubov.
Olive accepts a proposal from Barney, the house electrician, not
knowing he asked her on the rebound. [JB]

2.32 [67] Ann Sothern Show: ANGELS
23May60 CBS orig. airdate (copyright date 22Apr60)
Guest Cast:
Guy Mitchell, who sings "I Fell in Love Today."
Katy convinces the hotel employees to invest in a Broadway show. [JB]

End of the second season (32 episodes), reruns begin:

Summer Reruns on CBS 30May60 - 25Jul60)
30May60    Katy and the New Girl (original air date 07Dec59)
06Jun60    No information available
13Jun60    Top Executive (original air date 21Dec59)
20Jun60    Katy and Olive's Nervous Breakdown (original air date 19Oct59)
27Jun60    Devery's White Elephant (original air date 18Jan60)
04Jul60        Billy (original air date 21Mar60)
11Jul60        Pre-empted for the Democratic Convention
18Jul60        Olive's Dream Man (original air date 15Feb60)
25Jul60        Pre-empted for the Republican Convention
Summer replacement "Spike Jones Show" beginning 01Aug60

"The Ann Sothern Show" returned for third season Thursday 06Oct60

########### The Ann Sothern Show #############
############# end of season 2 ################

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