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Starring Ann Sothern as Katy O'Connor
Season 3 (CBS) (1960-61)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Rina Fox
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########### The Ann Sothern Show #############
############# season 3 1960-61 ###############
############## (final season) ################
CBS Mondays 9:30 pm Eastern
October 6, 1960-September 25, 1961

3.01 [68] Ann Sothern Show: A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH
06Oct60 CBS (18Aug60 copyright date)
(some sources have airdate 03Nov60)
Guest cast:
Louis Nye (as Dr. Delbert Gray) (entry) (recurring)
Gladys Hurlbut (as Mrs. Gray, Delbert's mother) (entry) (recurring)
Winnie Coffin (as Miss Bentley)
Bert Pelgram (as Bellhop)
Synopsis 1:
Olive has to go the the dentist again, but it seems to be more a case of heart trouble than toothache - she's got a crush on Dr. Delbert Gray. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Olive would rather suffer with a toothache than see a dentist until Katy introduces her to Dr. Delbert Gray. [JB]

3.02 [69] Ann Sothern Show: LOVING ARMS
13Oct60 CBS, Thursday 9:30pm (25Aug60 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Van Johnson (as Terry Tyler)
Jack Chefe (as Marcel)
Patricia Ann Sterling (Ann Sothern's daughter, makes her acting debut as a teenage guest)
Synopsis 1:
Van Johnson appears as Terry Tyler, the author of a TV series which Mr. Devery thinks is insulting to hotel operators.
Katy tries to smooth things over by asking Tyler to work on his research at the Bartley House. She doesn't bother to tell
Devery about the invite. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Katy permits a TV writer to do his research for a series about a hotel at the Bartley House, despite contrary orders from Mr. Devery. [JB]

3.03 [70] Ann Sothern Show: THE GIRLS
20Oct60 CBS, Thursday 9:30pm (16Sep60 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Janis Paige (Edith)
Jeff Donnell (as Helen)
Synopsis 1:
Katy gets word that a couple of her sorority sisters are coming to town. She recalls that neither one was the most
attractive or popular in school, so to prevent embarrassment se plans to cover up her own success. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Katy hides her success from two former sorority sisters, not realizing that one is now an actress and the other is a millionaire's wife. [JB]

3.04 [71] Ann Sothern Show: THE PITCH-HITTER
27Oct60 CBS (12Aug60 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Fredd Wayne (as Chuck Dunphy)
Jimmy Field (as Richy Gordon)
Darryl Richad (as Turk)
Tommy Andre (as Tony)
Little Richy Gordon wants to get on the neighborhood baseball team: but the other kids "don't want no piano-playin' sissies." [TA/JB]

3.05 [72] Ann Sothern Show: OLIVE IN LOVE
03Nov60 CBS (2Sep60 copyright date)
Olive asks Katy's help in getting Dr. Gray to notice more than her teeth. [JB]

3.06 [73] Ann Sothern Show: GO-GO GORDON
10Nov60 CBS (29Sep60 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Jimmy Field (as Richy Gordon)
Chick Chandler (as Doc Crenshaw)
Arch Whiting (as Freddie)
Dorothy Correll (as teenager)
Synopsis 1:
Oscar Pudney's back in action. This time he lures child prodigy Richy Gordon away from Katy, who's supposed to be guiding
the little fellow's career. Oscar thinks it would be nice for Richy to drop the classics in favor of rock 'n' roll. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Oscar Pudney tries to convince Richy Gordon to give up the classics for a career in rock and roll. [JB]

3.07 [74] Ann Sothern Show: HASTA LUEGO
17Nov60 CBS (6Oct60 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Cesar Romero (as Bernardo Diaz)
Stacey Keach, Sr.
Genaro Gomez (as Pepe)
Pepita Funez (as Rita)
Synopsis 1:
Katy and Olive have just fallen blissfully asleep, when they're shocked out of bed by a crashing racket from upstairs. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
When awakened by a loud racket from the apartment upstairs, Katy discovers a talented troupe of flamenco dancers and their handsome manager. [JB]

3.08 [75] Ann Sothern Show: THE PROPOSAL
24Nov60 CBS (13Oct60 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Ken Berry (as Woody)(recurring)
Louis Nye (as Delbert)(recurring)
Paul Dubov.
Synopsis 1:
Olive's tried every trick her romantic mind can think of, but she just can't get Delbert to propose. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Frustrated by Dr. Gray's reluctance to propose, Olive and Katy try reversing Mr. Devery's theory on how to avoid marriage. [JB]

3.09 [76] Ann Sothern Show: SECRET ADMIRER
01Dec60 CBS, Thursday 9:30pm (9Sep60 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Rita Lynn (as Angie)
George O'Hanlon (as Doolittle)
John Bryant (as Dave Shelley)
Norma Varden (as Customer)
Synopsis 1:
Oscar Pudney has been insulting the customers at his cigar stand, so Devery and Katy decide that it's time to terminate
his lease. Oscar decides there's only one way to save himself: win Katy's support. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
When Oscar Pudney realizes that Katy and Mr. Devery want to take away his lease, Pudney schemes to change Katy's mind
by becoming her secret admirer. [JB]

3.10 [77] Ann Sothern Show: OPTION TIME
08Dec60 CBS (20Oct60 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Phillip Terry (as Mr. Shea)
Marjorie Stap (as Miss Vogel)
Synopsis 1:
It's renewal time on Devery's contract as manager of the Bartley house, and he'd like a better deal this time. So he
concocts a story about another job offer. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
When Mr. Devery uses a better offer as a bargaining tool in his contract negotiations, his plan backfires and he forced
to take another job. [JB]

3.11 [78] Ann Sothern Show: SETTING THE DATE
15Dec60 CBS (27Oct60 copyright date)
Synopsis 1:
Now that Olive has finally coaxed a proposal from her boy friend Delbert, she's anxious for him to set the wedding date.
But Delbert keeps stalling and Katy decides to find out why. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Olive is puzzled by Dr. Gray's reluctance to set a wedding date-until she learns that his mother does not know about the engagement. [JB]

3.12 [79] Ann Sothern Show: THE OTHER WOMAN
22Dec60 CBS orig. airdate (3Nov60 copyright date)
Katy is concerned about Richy Gordon's need to earn more money so he can
spend it on a ten-year-old gold digger. [JB]

3.13 [80] Ann Sothern Show: THE ELOPEMENT
29Dec60 CBS (17Nov60 copyright date)
Anxious for Olive to marry Dr. Gray, Katy and Mr. Devery make separate plans for an elopement. [JB]

3.14 [81] Ann Sothern Show: OPERATION PUDNEY
05Jan61 CBS (23Nov60 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Jesse White (as Oscar Pudney)(recurring)
Alice Pearce
Paul Dubov.
Synopsis 1:
There's a beautiful watch that Katy wants more than anything, but she can't afford it. Oscar Pudney decides to collect
money secretly from the Bartley house employees and buy Katy the watch. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Katy is suspicious that Oscar Pudney is working a racket at the hotel. She does not know that he is taking up a collection
to buy her a coveted watch. [JB]

[--] 12Jan61 CBS pre-empted for Family Classics: "Vanity Fair" Part One

3.15 [82] Ann Sothern Show: MR. BIG SHOT
19Jan61 CBS airdate (8Dec60 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Ken Berry (as Woody)(recurring)
James Millhollin (as Harold)
Stefanie Powers.
Synopsis 1:
Woody the bellhop becomes "Mr. Big Shot." Mary Ann Meacham, the girl from back home, comes to Bartley House looking for
Woody, thinking he's an executive of the hotel. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Katy convinces the staff to pretend that Woody is an executive for the duration of his hometown girl friend's visit. [JB]

3.16 [83] Ann Sothern Show: TOUJOUR L'AMOUR
26Jan61 CBS airdate, Thursday 7:30pm (1Dec60 copyright date)
Synopsis 1:
Olive wants a Paris honeymoon. Delbert has another idea - Camp Winamega, where he spent his summers as a child. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
When Dr. Gray insists on spending the honeymoon at Camp Winamega instead of Paris, Olive decides he lacks continental
charm. Katy enlists the help of Mr. Devery to teach Dr. Gray to be more suave. [JB]

3.17 [84] Ann Sothern Show: THE ROYAL VISIT
02Feb61 CBS airdate, Thursday 7:30pm
Prod. no. 3/32 (on copyright) (6Jan61 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Eva Gabor (as Elsa Kotchka)
Carol Veazie (as Princess Ilona)
Synopsis 1:
Elsa Kotchka, social secretary to Princess Ilona, can't book a hotel
room because of the Princess's little dog Fru-Fru. At the Bartley
House, Devery also insists on a "no pets" rule - until he sees Elsa. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Devery mistakes a loyal secretary for a princess and allows her to break the hotel's "no pets" rule. [JB]

3.18 [85] Ann Sothern Show: JUST FRIENDS
Desilu-Anso prod. (15Dec60 copyright date)
09Feb61 CBS (rebroadcast 14Aug61)
Guest cast:
Paul Dubov (as Michel) (recurring)
William Kendis (as Bill Grant)
Renee Godfrey (as Martha Newton)
Synopsis 1 (original broadcast):
Devery prepares to take it easy from his nightly social routine. But then he gets the impression that Katy is lonely,
so he magnanimously decides to keep her company. [TA]
Synopsis 2 (syndicated repeat):
Weary from his busy schedule and nightly social routine, Devery makes plans to take things easy for a while. But Katy
gets the mistaken notion he's lonely, and hints that she'd like to keep him company. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
When Katy and Mr. Devery mistakenly think the other is lonely, both set out to entertain the other. [JB]

3.19 [86] Ann Sothern Show: THE WIDOW
16Feb61 CBS (12Jan61 copyright date)
Prod. no. 3/33 (on copyright)
Guest cast:
Lurene Tuttle (as Bertha)
Synopsis 1:
Oscar Pudney is flabbergasted when Bertha Schuyler purchases an expensive box of chocolates for her pet poodle. Oscar
would like a little cash to flow his way, and decides the quickest way to Bertha's pocketbook is through her heart. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Katy and Mr. Devery try to halt a romance between gold digging Oscar Pudney and a wealthy widow. [JB]

3.20 [87] Ann Sothern Show: ALWAYS APRIL (unsold pilot)
23Feb61 CBS orig. airdate
Prod. no. 3/36 (on copyright) (2Feb61 copyright date)
Produced by Arthur Hoffe
Guest cast:
Susan Silo (as April Fleming)
Constance Bennett (as Guinevere Fleming)
John Emery (as David Fleming)
Marty Ingels (as Erskine Wild)
Elmira Sessions (as Nettie)
Leonid Kinsley
Minta Durfee.
Synopsis 1:
Katy discovers that April Fleming, an aspiring actress staying at the Bartley House, has run away from home. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Constance Bennett and John Emery play the overly-theatrical parents of an aspiring actress who runs away to the Bartley House. [JB]
This episode was an unsold pilot for a series about a young actress.

3.21 [88] Ann Sothern Show: TWO'S COMPANY
02Mar61 CBS orig. airdate (26Jan61 copyright date)
Prod. no. 3/35 (on copyright)
Olive asks Katy and Mr. Devery's help in convincing Dr. Gray that their apartment is not big enough for his mother. [JB]

3.22 [89] Ann Sothern Show: VAMP 'TIL READY
09Mar61 CBS orig. airdate (19Jan61 copyright date)
Prod. no. 3/34 (on copyright)
Katy gets involved in a love triangle when she promises to entertain Dr. Gray while Olive is out of town. [JB]

3.23 [90] Ann Sothern Show: PANDORA: THE PAT CARROLL SHOW (unsold pilot)
16Mar61 CBS
Prod. no. 3/38 (on copyright) (24Feb61 copyright date)
Guest cast:
Pat Carroll
Guy Mitchell
Luke Anthony (as Anthony Bardot)
Jeane Wood (as Mrs. Dudley)
Synopsis 1:
Katy goes to Hollywood, and visits Anthony Bardot, an actor friend. When she arrives at his mansion, Bardot asks her to help him find an
efficient secretary. [TA]
Synopsis 1:
Katy goes to Hollywood to help an actor find a secretary. She hires an unsophisticated girl from the midwest. [JB]
This episode was a pilot for unsold series.

3.24 [91] Ann Sothern Show: THE WEDDING
Prod. no. 3/39 (on copyright)
possible air date 23Mar61 CBS (3Mar61 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
James Millhollin.
As Olive and Dr. Gray prepare for their wedding in the hotel ballroom, they have trouble convincing Dr. Gray's mother to attend. [JB]

3.25 [92] Ann Sothern Show: THE BEGINNING
30Mar61 CBS orig. airdate (10Mar61 copyright date)
Prod. no. 3/40 (on copyright)
Guest Cast:
Alice Pearce
Synopsis 1:
Olive is so happily married to Delbert that she tries to persuade Katy to get married - to Mr. Devery [TA].
Synopsis 2:
Olive is so happily married that she tries to convince Katy to marry
Mr. Devery. Dr. Gray ovrhears and warns Mr. Devery of the plan to snare him. [JB]
End of the third season (25 episodes), reruns begin

[--] 14Aug61 rerun of #3.18 "Just Friends" (first aired 09Feb61)

The following additional episode made "26" for the third and final season.

3.26 [93] Ann Sothern Show: THE INVITATION (final episode)
Prod no. 3/37 (on copyright)
4Sep61 CBS airdate (16Feb61 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
George O'Hanlon.
Oscar Pudney makes an elaborate preparations for Olive's wedding, then discovers he has not been invited. [JB]
This episode was not aired during the regular season, but ran for the first time during the summer reruns. [JB]

########### The Ann Sothern Show #############
################## the end ###################

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