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Starring Ann Sothern as Katy O'Connor
Season 1 (CBS) (1958-59)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Rina Fox
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########### The Ann Sothern Show #############
############# season 1 1958-59 ###############
CBS Mondays 9:30 pm Eastern
1.01 [--] Ann Sothern Show: BRIDAL SUITE (a.k.a. TWO TOO MANY) (pilot episode)
06Oct58 CBS Monday 9:30pm (Copyright date: 10Mar58)
Guest Cast:
Connie Stevens (as a young newlywed)
Jimmy Hayes (as a young newlywed)
Elvia Allman.
Synopsis #1:
Katy O'Connor tries to help a young newlywed couple by assigning
them to the bridal suite at a very low rate. But complications arise
when Jason MaCauley, the hotel manager, assigns the same room to
another pair of newlyweds, friends of his domineering wife.
TV Guide: In this new half-hour weekly comedy series, Ann Sothern
stars as Katy O'Connor, assistant manager of the plush Bartley
House, a luxury hotel in New York City. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Complications arise when Katy gives the bridal suite to a young pair
of newlyweds and Mr. Macauley assigns the same room to his wife's newlywed friends. [JB]

1.02 [--] Ann Sothern Show: SIX WIVES PLUS TWO
13Oct58 CBS Mon (1Aug58 copyright date)   
A maharajah checks into the Bartley House and gives Mr. Macauley one
of his six wives when the manager saves his life. [JB]

1.03 [--] Ann Sothern Show: LOVE COMES TO OLIVE
20Oct58 CBS Mon (28Aug58 copyright date)        
Guest Cast:
Frank Behrens.
Katy tries to discourage Olive's crush on Paul the desk clerk. [JB]

1.04 [--] Ann Sothern Show: GOVERNESS FOR A DAY
27Oct58 CBS Mon (5Sep58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Raymond Bailey.
Synopsis #1:
Nine-year-old Donald Carpenter is a permanent guest at the hotel. After he
has terrorized the staff, Katy decides to take the youngster in hand. [TA]
Synopsis #2
Katy tries to calm nine-year old Donald Carpenter while Mr. Macauley prepares for an award. [JB]

1.05 [---] Ann Sothern Show : MASQUERADE BALL
03Nov58 CBS Monday 9:30pm (copyright date 19Sep58)
Guest Cast:
Frank Faylen, Selmer Jackson, Wally Cassell and Stanley Adams.
Synopsis #1:
The Bartley House gives a masquerade ball and during the festivities a gang
of thieves cracks the hotel's safe and steals jewels belonging to a
millionaire guest. Katy O'Connor decides to track down the thieves. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
During a masquerade ball, thieves crack the hotel safe and steal a
millionaire's jewels. Katy dons a dark wig in an effort to catch
the thieves and clear her name. [JB]

1.06 [--] Ann Sothern Show: NEW LEASE OF LIFE
10Nov58 CBS Mon    (24Jul58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Jose Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Akthleen Freeman, Frank Behrens,
Howard McNear and the Guadalajara Boys.
When Katy's friends convince her that she dominates Olive, Katy decides
to move. She enlists the help of a Latin American band in breaking her lease. [JB]

1.07 [---] Ann Sothern: COUNTESS OF BARTLEY
17Nov58 CBS Monday 9:30pm (9Oct58 copyright date)
Guest Cast: Gladys cooper and Alan Marshall.
Synopsis #1:
A playboy count and his aunt check into the Bartley House. Katy soon learns
that the aunt is determined to marry the count…of "Big Brass Band". And she
wants the solo clarinet girl for her nephew. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
A Duchess tries to play matchmaker for her playboy nephew, a Count, and Katy. [JB]

1.08 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE THANKSGIVING STORY
24Nov58 CBS    (3Oct58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Danny Richards, Jr.
Don Grady.
Synopsis #1:
Katy suspects Donald Carpenter has taken up with a gang of delinquents.
Synopsis #2:
When she learns he has formed an orchestra, Katy tries to get them a job at the hotel. [JB]
Ann Sothern and Barry Gordon perform "Thanks for Everything,"
with music by Miss Sothern, and lyrics by Mel Diamond and John Kohn. [JB]

1.09 [--] Ann Sothern Show: SAY IT WITH MUSIC
01Dec58 CBS    (26Sep58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Leo Fuchs.
Katy tries to help Mrs. Macauley impress her women's club by persuading a temperamental cellist to entertain at their meeting. [JB]

1.10 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE BIG GAMBLE
08Dec58 CBS Mon (16Oct58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Ross Martin,
George O"Hanlon
Sylvia Field (as the gambler) real-life wife of Ernest Truex (Mr. Macauley)
While the Macauleys are on vacation, Katy is left in charge. She
unknowingly lends their room to a lady gambler who starts a poker game. [JB]

1.11 [--] Ann Sothern Show: IT'S A DOG'S LIFE
15Dec58 CBS Mon (11Sep58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Alice White and Sid Tomack.
The Bartley House staff are surprised by Donald Carpenter's good behavior.
They do not know he is breaking hotel rules by keeping a dog. [JB]

1.12 [--]Ann Sothern Story: THE BOSS'S SON
22Dec58 CBS Mon (no copyright details)   
Guest Cast:
Frederick Ford.
The playboy son of the Bartley House founder chases Katy while in town to inspect the hotel. [JB]

1.13 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE EAST SIDE STORY
29Dec58 CBS Mon (copyright date 14Nov58)   
Guest Cast:
Mark Damon.
Ernest Sarracino* (as the father)
*had a recurring role on "Private Secretary" as the night watchman.
Katy allows a longtime employee to persuade her into hiring his near-
delinquent son as a bellhop. When things begin disappearing, the boy seems to be the guilty party. [JB]

1.14 [---] Ann Sothern: JOHNNY MOVES UP
05Jan59 CBS Monday 9:30pm (copyright date 20Nov58)
Regular Cast:
Ernest Truex; Ann Tyrrell; Reta Shaw; Jack Mullaney; Jacques Scott
Guest Cast:
Frances Bavier, John Abbott, Sid Melton and Charles Lane.
Synopsis #1:
Johnny Wallace, the Bartley House bellhop, comes to Katy for help when he
learns that his mother is coming for a visit. She thinks her son is an
executive, and Johnny prevails on Katy to help him carry out the deception. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
When Johnny's mother visits, he convinces the hotel staff to pretend
he is the assistant manager so she will not be disappointed at his position. [JB]

1.15 [---] Ann Sothern: GIVE IT BACK TO THE INDIANS
12Jan59 CBS Monday 9:30pm (copyright date 26Nov58)
Regular Cast:
Ernest Trues, Ann Tyrrell; Ann Tyrrell; Jack Mullaney; Jacques Scott
Eleanor Audley is introduced as the wealthy Mrs. Thompson
Synopsis #1
On a Man-in-the-street interview Katy deplores the plight of the American
Indian. As a result, an influential stockholder in the Bartley House hotel
chain demands that Katy be fired. [TA]
Synopsis #2
After Katy champions the cause of the American Indian on a radio
program, an influential board member demands she be fired. [JB]

1.16 [---] Ann Sothern: THREE LOVES HAS KATY
19Jan59 CBS, Monday 9:30pm (copyright date: 23Oct58)
Guest Cast:
John Beal, Philip Reed and Gordon Jones.
Synopsis #1:
Katy O'Connor is delighted when three of her old boy friends come to
Bartley House for a college reunion. But the three men give her reason
to wonder whether she was right in choosing a career instead of marriage. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Katy fantasizes about marriage when her three college boy friends come to the hotel for a reunion. [JB]

1.17 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE FIVE YEAR ITCH
26Jan59 CBS Mon 9:30pm (4Dec58 copyright date)   
Guest cast:
Christine White (as Margaret Finchley)
Fay Baker (as Mildred Holliday)
Julie Van Zandt (as Ellen Finchley)
Scott Elliott (as Kent Emerson)
Jack Straw (as Mr. Leach)
Synopsis #1:
Katy realizes that she has become short-tempered and concludes that
she is bored with her job. Her friends suggest that she take a long vacation and Katy prepares to do so. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Katy searches for a replacement so she can go on an extended vacation.
She ends up playing matchmaker for her over-efficient replacement. [JB]

1.18 [--] Ann Sothern Show: HURRAH FOR THE IRISH
02Feb59 CBS (11Dec58 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Cecil Kellaway.
After winning the sweepstakes, Katy's Irish uncle Sean visits and buys her a fur coat. [JB]

1.19 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE O'CONNORS STICK TOGETHER
09Feb59 CBS (15Jan59 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
Cecil Kellaway and Terrence De Marnay.
When Katy learns that uncle Sean and his brother are feuding, she
schemes to reunite them in a common cause: preventing her from marrying an Englishman. [JB]

1.20 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING
16Feb59 CBS Monday 9:30pm (Copyright date 18Dec58)
Guest Cast:
Helen Wallace, Mary Treen and Natalie Masters.
Synopsis #1:
Discouraged by high living costs, Katy and Olive become budget
conscious. Acting on the advice of a thrifty neighbor, they sign up with a budget-planning firm. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Katy and Olive lose their friends when they try to beat the high cost
of living by hiring a financial consultant. [JB]

1.21 [--] Ann Sothern Show: TWO ON THE AISLE
23Feb59 CBS (copyright date 22Jan59)
Guest Cast:
Joseph Kearns and Edward Hemmer.
When a press agent sends Katy two tickets to a hit musical, she must decide which of her friends should accompany her. [JB]

1.22 [--] Ann Sothern Show: STAND-IN HEIRESS
02Mar59 CBS (copyright date 29Jan59)
Guest Cast:
Marguerite Chapman and Sid Melton.
Synopsis #1:
Katy is delighted to learn that her old friend Stella Gordon, a wealthy
widow is engaged to be married. But when Katy meets Stella's fiancé she is certain he is really a con man. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Katy pretends to have a large inheritance to prove to her friend, a
wealthy widow, that her fiance is only after her money. [JB]

1.23 [--] Ann Sothern Show: KATY'S BIG SURPRISE
09Mar59 CBS Monday 9:30pm (copyright date 5Feb59)
Guest cast:
Arthur Fleming (as Emcee)
Kort Falkenberg (as Salesman)
Russ Bender (as Doctor)
Max Slaten (as Passport Clerk)
Benjie Bancroft (as Fireman)
New Regular Cast:
Don Porter is introduced as James Devery.
Synopsis #1:
Jason Macauley is being transferred to the Calcutta branch of the hotel
chain and hte Bartley House staff is certain Katy will succeed him as
manager. She is immediately besieged with requests for promotions.
Note: On this episode Don Porter, a regular on "Private Secretary,"
joined the series as James Devery. [TA]
Synopsis #2
When Mr. Macauley is transferred to the Calcutta Bartley House, he
persuades Katy to take over as manager. They do not know what Tom
Bartley has already chosen a replacement. [JB]
[Note: This is the last episode with Ernest Truex and Reta Shaw]

[--] 16Mar59    Pre-empted

1.24 [--] Ann Sothern Show: KATY'S NEW BOSS
23Mar59    CBS (copyright date 12Feb59)
Guest Cast:
Paul Dubov is introduced as Michel.
Katy tries to take matters into her own hands when she thinks Mr. Devery is too hard on the staff. [JB]
[Postponed, originally scheduled for 16Mar59]

1.25 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE ROAD TO HEALTH
30Mar59 CBS airdate, Monday 9:30pm (copyright date 26Feb59)
Synopsis #1
Katy O'Connor is surprised to learn that her new boss, James Devery, has fallen in love with a woman several years his junior. [TA]
Synopsis #2
Mr. Devery embarks on an extensive diet and exercise program to impress a younger woman.[JB]

1.26 [---] Ann Sothern: THE ENGAGEMENT RING
(copyright title "The Ring")
06Apr59 CBS (copyright date 19Feb59)
Guest Cast:
Lester Matthews (as Mr. Bartley)
Regular Cast:
Don Porter; Ann Tyrrell; Jacques Scott; Jack Mullaney
Synopsis #1:
Katy's boss asks her to have the setting of his mother's diamond ring changed.
The staff members get the wrong idea when they see Katy with the ring. [TA]
Synopsis #2
When Mr. Devery gives Katy his mother's ring so that she can have its
setting changed, the hotel staff think Katy and the bass are engaged. [JB]

1.27 [--] Ann Sothern Show: KATY'S INVESTMENT CLUB
13Apr59 CBS airdate, (copyright date: 12Mar59)
Guest cast:
Lawrence Dobkin (as Mr. Gates)
Lyle Talbot (as Mr. Finletter)
James Nolan (as Eddie)
Synopsis #1:
Michael, the Bartley House chef, makes spectacular profits from his
membership in a stock-market club. The rest of the staff form a club of
their own and ask Katy to invest their money in a solid stock. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Katy buys speculative stock when she is entrusted with finds from the staff's investment club. [JB]

1.28 [---] Ann Sothern: THE SQUARE PEG
20Apr59 CBS Monday 9:30pm (5Mar59 copyright date)
Guest Cast:
David Opatashu
Regular Cast:
Don Porter, Ann Tyrrell, Jack Mullaney
Synopsis #1
Bartley House manager James Devery decides to make the hotel staff more efficient. [TA]
Synopsis #2
The hotel staff worry when Mr. Devery orders psychological tests to increase efficiency. [JB]

1.29 [--] Ann Sothern Show: GEISHA GIRL
27Apr59 CBS (copyright date 19Mar59)
Tired of doing menial chores for Mr. Devery, Katy decides to hire
a houseboy. She is not prepared for the beautiful, efficient geisha girl she gets instead. [JB]

1.30 [--] Ann Sothern Show: THE UGLY BONNET
04May59    CBS (copyright date 9Apr59)
Guest Cast:
Irene Hervey and Peter Leeds.
To show his gratitude for her hard work, Mr. Devery buys Katy a hat.
She returns the ugly headgear, only to learn he wants her to wear it to lunch with him. [JB]

1.31 [---] Ann Sothern Show: THE RAISE
11May59 CBS airdate, Monday 9:30pm (Copyright date 16Apr59)
Guest Cast:
Eleanor Audley
Carleton Carpenter (as Mark)
Synopsis #1:
At the Bartley House frantic preparations are made for the visit of Mrs.
Thompson, a board member. She brings along her nephew and tells
Mr. Devery, who intends to ask her for a raise, to train him in the hotel business. [TA]
Synopsis #2:
Mr. Devery promises to train Mrs. Thompson's nephew in exchange for
a seat on the board of directors. He does not know the nephew
dislikes the hotel business and wants a career in aviation. [JB]

1.32 [---] Ann Sothern Show: SPRINGTIME FOR KATY
18May59 CBS airdate, Monday 9:30pm (Copyright date: 24Apr59)
Guest cast:
Patrick O'Neal (as Randy Rand)
Jack Wagner (as Alfred)
Jim Nolan (as Eddie)
Synopsis #1:
Katy feels that her boss, hotel manager James Devery, is taking her
for granted. She plans a campaign to remind Mr. Devery that she is a woman. [TA]
Synopsis #2
When Mr. Devery treats Katy like one of the boys, she plots to make
him aware of her femininity by dating a handsome, playboy actor. [JB]

[--] 25May59 - pre-empted for a "Du Pont Show of the Month" special:
"Billy Budd" with Don Murray and Jason Robards Jr.

1.33 [--] Ann Sothern Show: KATY GOES THROUGH CHANNELS
01Jun59    CBS (copyright date 30Apr59)
Guest Cast:
Olan Soulé and Joe deReda.
Mr. Devery applies military techniques to operating the hotel in order to win the Bartley Trophy for efficient operations. [JB]

1.34 [--] Ann Sothern Show: A PROMOTION FOR JOHNNY
08Jun59    CBS (copyright date 7May59)
Guest Cast:
Helen Kleeb.
Richard Reeves* (as the bartender)
[* has a recurring role as the doorman in later episodes]
Johnny overhears a conversation about his promotion and mistakenly thinks he is going to be fired. [JB]

1.35 [---] Ann Sothern Show : BABY AT THE BARTLEY HOUSE
15Jun59 CBS Monday 9:30pm (copyright date 14May59)
Guest cast:
Paul Dubov
Nora O'Mahoney (as Mrs. Riley)
Synopsis #1
Katy and Olive promise to watch a neighbor's baby for the day. But the
baby's mother doesn't return in time so Kathy and Olive take the baby to work with them. [TA]
Synopsis #2
When their neighbor is late returning from a trip, Katy and Olive must take her baby to work with them. [JB]

Summer Re-Runs on CBS
22Jun59    Geisha Girl (original air date 27Apr59)
29Jun59    The Square Peg (original air date 20Apr59)

Summer Replacement Series (Summer 1959)
The Joseph Cotten Show - anthology series. ( 06Jul59-21Sep59)(CBS Mondays 9:30-10:00pm)
12Jul59 Joseph Cotten Show: ELEANOR with Charles Laughton
27Jul59 Joseph Cotten Show: THE LONELY WIZARD with Rod Steiger

[--] 28Sep59 Pre-empted for Du Pont Show of the Month "Body and Soul"
"The Ann Sothern Show" returned for second season 05Oct59

########### The Ann Sothern Show #############
############# end of season 1 ################

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