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 Season 4 (CBS) (1953-54)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, James Beer
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############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############## season 4 1953-54 ##############
  CBS Thursdays 9:00-9:30pm Eastern (30 min)

4.01 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

03-Sep-1953 CBS Thur

written by Gerald Holland

directed by Richard Goode


Ronald Reagan as Merle Fisher

Maureen O'Sullivan as Agnes Fisher

George Macready as Mr. Cloud

George Pembroke as Mr. Bascom

Charles Victor as Mr. Gordon

Julie Bennett as Miss Williams

Stephen Terrell as Bellboy

Larry Carr as Mr. Randolph


4.02 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SECOND MEETING

10-Sep-1953 CBS Thur

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Buzz Kulik


Frank Lovejoy as Clark

Arleen Whelan as Laura

Craig Stevens as Scott

Harry Tyler as Joe Miller

Ralph Brooke as Soldier

Paul Power as Chaplain

Jeanne Cagney (Intermission Guest)


4.03 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION

17-Sep-1953 CBS Thur

written by Anne Howard Bailey

story by Larry Marcus

directed by Richard Goode


Edward G. Robinson as A.J. Mayherne

Andrea King as Romaine Vole/Mrs. Mogson

Tom Drake as Leonard Vole

Leo Curley as Judge

Thomas Browne Henry as Judge

Blaine Williams as Extra

Roy Darmour as Extra

Leslie Turner as Extra


4.04 [--] Lux Video Theatre: RETURN TO ALSACE

24-Sep-1953 CBS Thur

written by Robert E. Carson

directed by Buzz Kulik


Scott Brady as Mark

Suzanne Dalbert as Lisa

Eduard Franz as Emil

Leon Askin as Gustave

Greta Granstedt as Johanna

Joseph Doran as Extra

Barbara Ruick (Intermission Guest)


4.05 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ANNIVERSARY

01-Oct-1953 CBS Thur

written by Robert B. Skeley

directed by Richard Goode


Phyllis Thaxter as Fran

Warner Anderson as Jim

Elisabeth Fraser as Helen

Chick Chandler as George

Grandon Rhodes as Dr. Mason

Diana Dawson as Nurse

Myrtle Anderson as Extra

Joan Weldon (Intermission Guest)


4.06 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE MOON FOR LINDA

08-Oct-1953 CBS Thur

written by Joseph Hayes

directed by Buzz Kulik


Ruth Hussey as Irene

Barbara Lawrence as Linda

Carl Benton Reid as Jeff

Carleton Young as Carleton

Lillian Sayre as Extra

Dulce Daye as Extra

Joe Gilbert as Extra

Murray Forbes as Extra


4.07 [--] Lux Video Theatre: GUILTY KNOWLEDGE

15-Oct-1953 CBS Thur

written by Elinor Lenz

directed by Richard Goode


Stephen McNally as Harry

Frances Dee as Louise

Dan Tobin as Paul

Jacqueline DeWitt as Extra

Dorothy Patrick (Intermission Guest)


4.08 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE CRUEL TIME

22-Oct-1953 CBS Thur

written by Frank D. Gilroy

directed by Buzz Kulik


Jean Pierre Aumont as Georges

Nancy Gates as Laurette

John Wengraf as Landau

Marie Windsor as Phyllis

Pat Kaskel as Extra

Cynthia Bell (Intermission Guest)


4.09 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE RETURN OF SOCKO BERNARD

29-Oct-1953 CBS Thur

written by Rod Serling

directed by Dick McDonagh


Broderick Crawford as Socko Bernard

Irene Hervey as Patricia

James Flavin as Steve

Lyle Talbot as Paul

Selmer Jackson as Doctor Allen

Nick Dennis as Tony

Benny Rubin as Headwaiter

Charles Watts as Wilson


4.10 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WILL POWER

05-Nov-1953 CBS Thur

written by George Lowther

directed by Buzz Kulik


Charles Coburn as Pa Harrington

James Lydon as D. Crockett Weeks

Margaret Field as Emily

Douglas Spencer as Jonas

Don Beddoe as Paul

Nan Boardman as Livia

Arthur Space as Max

Anne O'Neal as Amelia Jennings


4.11 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LADY OF SUSPICION

12-Nov-1953 CBS Thur

written by Will La Jolla

directed by Richard Goode


Edmond O'Brien as Mike Dixon

Faith Domergue as Sue Dawson

Ray Bennett as Sheriff

Sukhy Kang as Laundress


4.12 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE MOMENT OF THE ROSE

19-Nov-1953 CBS Thur

written by James F. Cook

directed by Buzz Kulik


Claude Dauphin as Paul

Patricia Morison as Mrs. Carrington

Beverly Washburn as Jeanne

Stephen DeKassy as Headwaiter

James Craven as Mr. Carrington

Mickey Simpson as Doorman

George E. Stone as Carl

Charlotte Austin (Intermission Guest)


4.13 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SOME CALL IT LOVE

26-Nov-1953 CBS Thur

written by Erna Lazarus

directed by Peter Godfrey


Gene Raymond

Carole Mathews

Charles McGraw

Kristine Miller

Barbara Knudson


4.14 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THREE JUST MEN

10-Dec-1953 CBS Thur

written by Elliott Street

directed by Richard Goode


Steve Cochran as Luke Martens

Jack Lambert as Simmons

John Dierkes as Jeb Bricker

James Best as Clem Wallace

Jeane Wood as Maw

Joyce Lake as Effie

Ann Miller (Intermission Guest)


4.15 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A BOUQUET FOR MILLIE

17-Dec-1953 CBS Thur

written by Joseph Cochran

directed by Richard Goode


Marge Champion as Millie

Gower Champion as Tim

Nana Bryant as Mother-in-law

Don Beddoe as Judge

Francis Pierlot as Florist

John Doucette as Bartender

Marilyn Erskine (Intermission Guest)


4.16 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CALL OFF THE WEDDING

07-Jan-1954 CBS Thur

written by Lois Landauer

directed by Richard Goode


Joanne Dru as Nancy

Alex Nicol as Hank

Pauline Drake as Winnie

Carol Brewster as Lilly

Rita Moreno (Intermission Guest)


Comedy of a country girl in the city, who uses her rooftop vegetable garden

to win her man from the clutches of a movie siren. [RF]


4.17 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ALL DRESSED IN WHITE

14-Jan-1954 CBS Thur

written by Ronnie Alexander

directed by Buzz Kulik


Richard Carlson as John

Phyllis Kirk as Mary

Steve Brodie as Mac

Vera Miles (Intermission Guest)


The macabre gift of a revolver with a single bullet in its chamber traps

 a sadistic killer at a wedding. [RF]


4.18 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BACHELOR OF GRANDBY OAKS

21-Jan-1954 CBS Thur

written by Kal Phillips

directed by Richard Goode


MacDonald Carey as Colby

Nancy Kelly as Sheila

Benson Fong as Alexander

Bob Anderson as Greg

Sheila Bromley as Lucy


4.19 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A PLACE IN THE SUN

28-Jan-1954 CBS Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik

Ronald Reagan, Guest Host


Ann Blyth

Marilyn Erskine

John Derek ...... George

Raymond Burr

Regis Toomey

Paul Frees

Pat Crowley (Intermission Guest)

*Note: Based on the movie of Theodore Dreiser's novel "An American Tragedy".

George Stevens who won the academy award for his direction of the movie,

 has been acting as an adviser to the producers of this show. [RF]


4.20 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE SMALL GLASS BOTTLE

04-Feb-1954 CBS Thur

written by David Hill

directed by Richard Goode


Miriam Hopkins as Margaret

George Chandler as Fred

Ann Doran as Rose

Selmer Jackson as Doctor Curlin

Joan Weldon (Intermission Guest)


4.21 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SHALL NOT PERISH

11-Feb-1954 CBS Thur

written by William Faulkner

directed by Buzz Kulik


Fay Bainter as Mrs. Grier

Raymond Burr as Major Blakestone

Tommy Rettig as Jody

Trevor Bardette as Mr. Grier

Dayton Lummis as Captain McLandon

Tom Powers as Minister

Harry Tyler as Willie

Clarence Muse as Albert

Vera Miles (Intermission Guest)

*Note Faulkner also rewrote this episode updating its World War II setting to

the Korean War era. The story's patriotic title and theme comes from the last

 line of Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address. (To play up the Lincoln connection the

 program aired on the eve of the 145th anniversary of Lincoln's birth.) [RF]


4.22 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FINAL ROUND

18-Feb-1954 CBS Thur

written by Emmett Murphy and Leonard Heideman

directed by Richard Goode


Richard Benedict as Al

Wendell Corey as Herb

Martha Hyer as Lois

George Wallace as Whitey

Joseph Crehan as Doctor

Bill Justine as Commissioner

Larry Chance as Coyle


4.23 [--] Lux Video Theatre: BORROWED WIFE

25-Feb-1954 CBS Thur

written by Mortimer Braus

directed by Buzz Kulik


Diana Lynn ....... Ellen
Lee Bowman ....... Michael
Kay Baker ........ Amy
Larry Kerr ....... Henry
Madge Kennedy .... Ma Glover
Howard Negley .... Pa Glover
An author borrows his friend's wife in order to ward off a young girl's attentions. [RF]

4.24 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MIRACLE AT THE WALDORF

04-Mar-1954 CBS Thur

written by Stanley Paley

directed by Richard Goode


Paul Lukas as Dr. Leitner

Joan Weldon as Patricia Dean

Celia Lovsky as Mrs. Lietner

Chick Chandler as Herb

George Chandler as Mr. Hollis

Mary Alan Hokanson as Miss Foster


4.25 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CALL ME MRS.

11-Mar-1954 CBS Thur

written by Eric Hatch and Kate Phillips

directed by Buzz Kulik


Laraine Day as Lydia

Hugh Beaumont as George

Kirk Alyn as Bill Waterman

Lela Bliss as Worthy

Kay Stewart as Sally Jackson

James Griffith as Henry Jackson

Jan Kayne as Betty Thompson

Mary Ellen Kay (Intermission Guest)


4.26 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE EXPOSURE OF MICHAEL O'REILLY

18-Mar-1954 CBS Thur

written by Richard F. McDonagh

directed by Richard Goode


Victor McLaglen as Michael O'Reilly

Vera Miles as Maureen O'Reilly

Arthur Shields as Uncle Dan

Roger Face as Joseph Olesker

Helen Mayor as Mrs. O'Reilly

John Patrick as Finnegan

Karen Sharpe (Intermission Guest)


4.27 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SPENT IN SILENCE

25-Mar-1954 CBS Thur

written by Malvin Wald and Jack Jacobs

directed by Buzz Kulik


John Hudson as Larry

Nancy Olson asLisa

Wilton Graff as Mr. Grant

Marjie Millar (Intermission Guest)


4.28 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE WAY I FEEL

01-Apr-1954 CBS Thur

written by William Kendall Clarke

directed by Richard Goode


Margaret O'Brien as Elaine

Michael Chapin as George

Duane Hickman as Charlie

Michael Morrow as Pete

Mae Clarke as Mother

Sydney Mason as Father

Joseph Crehan as Doctor

Sheilah Graham (Intermission Guest (Hollywood Columnist)


4.29 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PICK OF THE LITTER

08-Apr-1954 CBS Thur

written by Sam Robins

directed by Buzz Kulik


Joan Leslie as Vanessa Cook

William Talman as Brad Ringer

Myrna Dell as Cynthia

Billy Chapin as Jeremy

Harry Harvey, Sr. as Pop

Coleen Gray (Intermission Guest)


4.30 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T CRY 

15-Apr-1954 CBS Thur

written by Frederic Manley

directed by Richard Goode


Gigi Perreau as Phyllis

Phyllis Thaxter as Anne

Ellen Corby

Danny Hellman

Mary Bear

Bill Hudson

Dayton Lummis

Mary Ellen Simmons


4.31 [--] Lux Video Theatre: GAVIN'S DARLING

22-Apr-1954 CBS Thur

written by Richard F. McDonagh

directed by Buzz Kulik


Herbert Marshall as Enoch Gavin

Barbara Rush as Joyce Gavin

Bart Roberts as Jeff Miller

Norman Railey as Butler

Jonathan Hole as Hotel Clerk

Peggy O'Connor as Airline Clerk

Sheilah Graham (Intermission Guest (Hollywood Columnist)


4.32 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A CHAIR FOR A LADY

29-Apr-1954 CBS Thur

written by Paul Slocumb

directed by Richard Goode


Angela Lansbury as Elsa

Paul Richards as Waldo

Norma Varden as Aunt

Ellen Corby as Aunt

Pamela Benson as Linda

Rita Johnson (Intermission Guest)


4.33 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TWO DOZEN ROSES

06-May-1954 CBS Thur

written by Mortimer Braus

directed by Buzz Kulik


Janet Gaynor as Eleanor

Frank Wilcox as Stanley

Carol Brannon as Caroline

Tyler MacDuff as Mark


4.34 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH

13-May-1954 CBS Thur

written by Joseph Cochran

directed by Earl Eby


Ann Harding as Henrietta Mekker

Gene Lockhart as Evander Cobb

Erik Rhodes as Mr. Purdy

Geraldine Wall as Mildred Cobb

Ted Avery as Anthony Cobb

Pat Prest as Janice

Ken Christie as Mr. Wilbur


4.35 [--] Lux Video Theatre: BLIND FURY

20-May-1954 CBS Thur

written by Agnes Christine Johnston and Frank Daley

directed by Buzz Kulik


Dean Jagger as John Straley

Sarah Selby as Mary Straley

Paul Picerni as Dr. Murger

Moira Turner as Maureen Drake

Harry Cheshire as Mr. Briggs

Virginia Bruce (Intermission Guest)


4.36 [--] Lux Video Theatre: I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN

27-May-1954 CBS Thur

written by Will La Jolla

directed by Richard Goode


Suzan Ball as Lee

Richard Long as Nick

John Litel as Dr. Robbins

Frieda Inescort as Mrs. Robbins

Kathryn Givney as Mrs. Proctor

Ruta Lee as Marian

Sarah Shane (Intermission Guest)


4.37 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE OUTSIDE WITNESS

03-Jun-1954 CBS Thur

written by Alan Campbell and Norman Foster

directed by Earl Eby


William Bendix

Carolyn Jones

Tristram Coffin

George Chandler

Helen Parrish (Intermission Guest)


4.38 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WAITING FOR ONORIO

10-Jun-1954 CBS Thur

written by Konrad Borcovici and Kate Phillips

directed by Richard Goode


Richard Benedict as Libero

J. Carrol Naish as Onorio

Renata Yanni as Peppina

Tito Vuolo as Caccevechia

Norma Nilsson as Lugia at 16

Eleanor Fanie as Francesca at 18

Helen Parrish (Intermission Guest)

Anne Francis (Intermission Guest Interviewer)


4.39 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE PRETEXT

17-Jun-1954 CBS Thur

written by Lois Landauer

directed by Buzz Kulik


Patricia Crowley as Val

Wilton Graff as Professor Cole

John Luiton as Jeff

Lewis Martin as Dean Cunningham

Helen Parrish (Intermission Guest)


4.40 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PERISHED LEAVES

24-Jun-1954 CBS Thur

written by Leonard Heidman and Emmett Murphy

directed by Richard Goode


Anne Francis

Faith Domergue

Philip Ober

Dayton Lummis

Maury Hill

Patrick Miller

Kay Christopher (Intermission Guest)

Ann Rutherford (Intermission Guest)


NOTE: This episode closed the 1953/54 season and was the final Lux Video

Theatre at CBS. The show moves to NBC and a new one hour format.

############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############### end of season 4 ##############

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