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 Season 3 (CBS) (1952-53)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, James Beer
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############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############## season 3 1952-53 ##############
  CBS Mondays 8:00-8:30pm Eastern (30 min)

3.01 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE RETURN OF ULYSSES

01-Sep-1952 CBS Mon

written by Jack Barden and Irwin Blacker

directed by Richard Goode


Cedric Hardwicke as Robert Malcolm

Dorothy Peterson as Wife

Glenn Anders as Richard Morgan

William Redfield as Son

Addison Richards as General Spencer

Sybil Baker as Son's Secretary

Henrietta Moore as Wife's Secretary

Roy Baime as Extra


3.02 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ILE

08-Sep-1952 CBS Mon

directed by Fielder Cook


Fay Bainter as Annie Keeney

Gene Lockhart as David Keeney

James Daly as Mate

Frank Maxwell as Harpooner

Abby Lewis as Extra

John Armstrong as Extra

John Marvin as Extra

Robert McQuade as Extra


3.03 [--] Lux Video Theatre: STONE'S THROW

15-Sep-1952 CBS Mon

written by Earl Booth

directed by Richard Good


Angela Lansbury as Tina Rafferty

Jeffrey Lynn as Ralph Caswell

Joshua Shelly as Pete

Parker Fennelly as Dad Campbell


3.04 [--] Lux Video Theatre: HAPPILY, BUT NOT FOREVER

22-Sep-1952 CBS Mon

written by Jack Barden and Irwin Blacker

directed by Richard Goode


Robert Preston as Isaac Eaton

June Lockhart as Sally Eaton

Bramwell Fletcher as President Maynard

Malcolm Keen as Dean Truitt

Laura Bartlett Muehlberger as Extra

Sidney Fields as Extra

Ken Meecham as Extra

Bruce Reynolds as Extra


3.05 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A MESSAGE FOR JANICE

29-Sep-1952 CBS Mon

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Richard Goode


Jackie Cooper as Dave Carter

Grace Kelly as Janice

George Chandler as Newspaper Man

Royal Beal as Mr. Towers

Peggy Allenby as Mrs. Towers

George Hall as Desk Clerk

Evelyn Wall as Maid

Anne Roberts as Extra


3.06 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A LEGACY FOR LOVE

06-Oct-1952 CBS Mon

written by Michael Dyne

directed by Fielder Cook


Corinne Calvet as Mouche

Steven Hill as Hank

Gaby Rogers 

Louise Larabee as Opera Singer

Francis Bethencourt as Jean

Leni Stengel as Madam Hortense

Lili Valenty as Extra

William A. Lee as Extra


3.07 [--] Lux Video Theatre: COUNTRY LAWYER

20-Oct-1952 CBS Mon

written by Henry Denker

directed by Richard Goode


Thomas Mitchell as Sam Partridge

Russell Collins as Ezra

Whit Bissell as Reverand Trumbull

Harry Antrim as Judge

John McGovern as Bottomley the Lawyer

Dorothy Blackburn as Wife

Buzzy Martin as Son

Charles Thompson as Storekeeper


3.08 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THREE HOURS BETWEEN

27-Oct-1952 CBS Mon

written by Elihu Winer

directed by Fielder Cook


Lili Palmer as Nancy

Joseph Anthony as Donald

Frank Twedell as Newsman

Anita Bayless as Wilma

Marc Hamilton as Extra


3.09 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE FACE OF AUTUMN

03-Nov-1952 CBS Mon

written by Rod Serling

directed by Dick McDonagh


Pat O'Brien as George Morrell

Anne Seymour as Helen

Frank Campanella as Mr. Paletto

Anna Berger as Mrs. Paletto

William Erwin as Reporter

Tony Canzoneri as Packy

Andrew Gerado as Extra

Horace Cunningham as Extra


3.10 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE

10-Nov-1952 CBS Mon

written by John Whedon

directed by Fielder Cook


Paul Lukas as Franz Kralik

Signe Hasso as Else Kralik

Anna Appel as Frau Schmidt

Nils Asther as Baron Hauser

Paul Andor as First Bookkeeper

Alfred Hesse as Second Bookkeeper

Eva Gerson as Secretary

Walter Kohler as Waiter


3.11 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE MAN WHO STRUCK IT RICH

17-Nov-1952 CBS Mon

written by Dick McDonagh and Dick Goode

directed by Richard Goode


Barry Fitzgerald as Barry Flynn

Arthur Shields as Michael

Una O'Connor asReverand Mother

Naomi Riordan as Sister Mary Margaret

Floyd Buckley as One-Eye

Rex O'Malley as Bank Teller

Ann Sullivan as Caroline

Barry Macollum as Otto


3.12 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE HILL

24-Nov-1952 CBS Mon

written by Rod Serling

directed by Fielder Cook


Mercedes McCambridge as Chris

John Shellie as Pop

Herbert Rudley as Gage

Harry Townes as Kidwell

Gage Clarke as Walters

Victor Thorley as Colonel

Biff McGuire as Second Soldier

Jack Weston as Third Soldier


3.13 [--] Lux Video Theatre: AMO, AMAS, AMAT

01-Dec-1952 CBS Mon

written by Carol Warner Gluck

directed by Richard Goode


Lizabeth Scott as Margaret Bailey

Ralph Meeker as Nicky Hanks

Oliver Thorndike as Walter

Harold Shadwell as First Intern

John Weaver as Second Intern

Byron Russell as Extra

Constance Hoffman as Extra

Lilija Austrin as Extra


3.14 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FEAR

08-Dec-1952 CBS Mon

written by Roland Winters

directed by Fielder Cook


Boris Karloff as Larkin

Gene Lockhart as Sir George

Bramwell Fletcher as Doctor

Dan Morgan as Attendant

Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. Wheaton

Noel Coleman as First Chauffeur

Winston Ross as Second Chauffeur


3.15 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SONG FOR A BANJO

15-Dec-1952 CBS Mon

written by John Whedon

directed by Richard Goode


Dick Haymes as Dan Shepherd

Nancy Guild as Julia Bartlett

Nat King Cole as Horace Hambleton

Olin Howlin as Sheriff

Harry Antrim as Lem Grant

Gage Clarke as Henry Totter

Harry Davis as Shop Owner

Tom McElhaney as Man Shopper


3.16 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A CHILD IS BORN

22-Dec-1952 CBS Mon

directed by Fielder Cook


Fay Bainter as Innkeeper's Wife

Gene Lockhart as Innkeeper

Dan Morgan as Dismas

Elizabeth Ross as Sarah

Barbara Bolton as Leah

Alan Shayne as Joseph

Noel Coleman as Soldier

Frank Overton as Prefect


3.17 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE KEY

29-Dec-1952 CBS Mon

written by Roger Gavis

directed by Richard Goode


Nina Foch as Jane Conway

Donald Cook as Bruce Wallace

Donald Buka as Tommy

Allen Nourse as Dr. Walker

Lloyd Knight as Patient

Kenneth Clifford as Extra

Aileen Poe as Extra

Virginia Leigh as Extra


3.18 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TWO FOR TEA

05-Jan-1953 CBS Mon

written by James Truex

directed by Fielder Cook


Brian Aherne as Reggie

Margaret Phillips as Penelope

Cyril Ritchard as Arnold

Viola Roache as Mrs. Brooke

Nancy Marchand as Phyllis

Philippa Bevans as Waitress

Rex O'Malley as First Policeman

Robert Fletcher as Second Policeman


3.19 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THANKS FOR A LOVELY EVENING

12-Jan-1953 CBS Mon

written by Leonard T. Holton

directed by Richard Goode


Veronica Lake as Beverly

Jeffrey Lynn as Tom

Art Carney as Curley

Pat Hosley as Gladie

Jack Diamond as Counterman

Marcel Hillaire as Headwaiter


3.20 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TI BABETTE

19-Jan-1953 CBS Mon

written by Carey Wilber

directed by Fielder Cook


Corinne Calvet as Ti Babette

Scott Forbes as Duncan

Cameron Prud'homme as Father

Sybil Baker as Miss Peters

Leni Stengel as Dress Fitter

George Forest as Extra

Frank Baxter as Extra

Robert Gardette as Extra


3.21 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE INN OF EAGLES

26-Jan-1953 CBS Mon

written by Rod Serling

directed by Dick McDonagh


MacDonald Carey as Major Slocum

Brian Keith as Happy (as Robert Keith Jr.)

Nicholas Joy as Frobisher

Maureen Hurley as Mary

Victor Wood as Cavendish

Marcel Hillaire as Frenchman

Robert Oswald Marshall as Extra

Marjorie Eaton as Extra


3.22 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE WHITE GOWN

02-Feb-1953 CBS Mon

written by Philip Cyrus Cunion

directed by Fielder Cook


Margaret O'Brien as Laura

Walter Abel as Father

John Kerr as Tony

Valerie Cossart as Mother

Georgianne Johnson as Maggie

Marcel Hillaire as Headwaiter

William Penn as Bob

Geoffrey Lumb as Professor


3.23 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A BOUQUET FOR CAROLINE

09-Feb-1953 CBS Mon

written by John Gay

directed by Richard Goode


Luise Rainer as Caroline

Lilia Skala as the Housekeeper

Dean Harens as the Young Man

Charles Amure as Extra

Anita Dangler as Extra


3.24 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MISS MARLOW AT PLAY

16-Feb-1953 CBS Mon

written by A.A. Milne

directed by Fielder Cook


Binnie Barnes as Miss Marlow

Basil Rathbone as Ambrose Wallington

Robert Coote as Joe Worton

Isobel Elsom as Ethel


3.25 [--] Lux Video Theatre: AUTUMN NOCTURNE

23-Feb-1953 CBS Mon

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Richard Goode


Viveca Lindfors as Julie

Robert Sterling as David

Robert Armstrong as Dr. Hoffman

Dulcie Jordan as Ellie

Doreen Lang as Nurse

Doris Belage as Extra

Carrie Caldwell as Extra

Katherine Gregg as Extra


3.26 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A TIME FOR HEROES

02-Mar-1953 CBS Mon

written by Rod Serling

directed by Fielder Cook


Dennis O'Keefe as Mack

Paul Tripp as Paul

Marian Seldes as May

Kenneth Walken as Martin

Gene Steiner as Student

Jean Stapleton as Teacher

Dimitry Natvierro as Extra

Virginia Shield as Extra


3.27 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONE OF THESE THINGS

09-Mar-1953 CBS Mon

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Richard Goode


Nancy Guild as Angela Gray

Donald Cook as Tad Bryson

Louise Allbritton as Mavis Bryson

Will Hare as Mike Walters

Louise Buckley as Ellen Dorson

Janet Fox as Miss Marbury


3.28 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE WEDNESDAY WISH

16-Mar-1953 CBS Mon

written by Frank D. Gilroy

directed by Fielder Cook


Josephine Hull as Mom Baker

Charles Dingle as Mr. Brown

Gage Clarke as Mayor Patrick

James Gregory as Mac

Mike Kellin as George

Dorg Merande as Miss Sandow

Amy Douglass as Miss Winters


3.29 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONE FOR THE ROAD

23-Mar-1953 CBS Mon

written by Seymour Stern

directed by Richard Goode


Pat O'Brien as Charley Hackett

Robert P. Lieb as Berger

Paul Lipson as Mike McKenzie

Dick Moore as Carter Lockwood

Dan Healy as Mickey Dunn

Alonzo Rosan as Andy

Val Avery as Hank

Mary James as Rose Dunn


3.30 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BROOCH

02-Apr-1953 CBS Thur

written by William Faulkner

directed by Fielder Cook


Dan Duryea as Howard Boyd

Sally Forrest as Amy Boyd

Mildred Natwick as Mrs. Boyd

Margaret Wycherly as Mrs. Murchison

Alan Shayne as Narrator

Tillie Born as Clara


A young man and his wife confront the meddling mother, take control

of the unhappy situation, and live, presumably, happily ever after.

* Note Faulkner rewrote the original which tells of a Mama's boy whose marriage

 to a high-spirited woman is destroyed by his controlling mother which ends tragically

with Howard's suicide. Due to severe censorship Faulkner rewrote this episode. [RF]


3.31 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WITH GLORY AND HONOR

09-Apr-1953 CBS Thur

written by S. Lee Pogostin

directed by Richard Goode


Wendell Corey as Dante

Nancy Kelly as Clare

Alan Carney as Max

Louise Buckley as Mary

Casey Walters as Harold

Red Barber as Baseball Narration

Arnold Moss as Extra

Jack Jason as Extra


3.32 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MEASURE FOR GREATNESS

16-Apr-1953 CBS Thur

written by Harry W. Junkin

directed by Fielder Cook


Millard Mitchell as Larry

Arlene Francis as Anne

Skip Homeier as Gig

Bruce Bennett as Dr. Grant

Marlene Cameron as Julie

Barbara Karen as Betsy

Dorothy Elder as Mrs. Crandall

Andrew Duggan as Karl


3.33 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LONG DISTANCE

23-Apr-1953 CBS Thur

written by Harry W. Junkin

directed by Richard Goode


Miriam Hopkins as Bertha Jacks


3.34 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE ASCENT OF ALFRED FISHKETTLE

30-Apr-1953 CBS Thur

written by Francis Bethencourt

directed by Fielder Cook


Robert Newton as Mr. Fishkettle

Jack Lemmon as Alfred Fishkettle

Isobel Elsom as Mrs. Fishkettle

Viola Roche as Mrs. Bracegirdle

Jean Cook as Effie Bracegirdle

Francis Bethencourt as Godolphin Cfoliot

Carl Harbord as Announcer


3.35 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LISTEN, HE'S PROPOSING

07-May-1953 CBS Thur

written by Patricia Jourday

directed byRichard Goode


Phyllis Kirk as Lucy Hammond

Tom Drake as Gary Morgan

Nydia Westman as Mrs. Hammond

Harry Sheppard as Granddad

Ann Shoemaker as Mrs. Morgan

Milton Parsons as Mr. Morgan

Sherry Jackson as Ruthie Hammond

David Winters as Stu Morgan


3.36 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BETRAYERS

14-May-1953 CBS Thur

written by Charles L. Emmons

directed by Fielder Cook


Robert Preston as Tom

Grace Kelly as Meg

Bruce Gordon as Labrutte

Doris Rich as Mrs. Curtis

Richard Carlyle as Detective

Louis Lytton as Mac


3.37 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TUNNEL JOB

21-May-1953 CBS Thur

written by Carey Wilber

directed by Richard Goode


Brian Donlevy as Dan Carmody

Ruth Warrick as Anna Carmody

George Matthews as Mike

Olin Howlin as Pete Walters

Joseph Foley as Folger

Griff Evans as Powder Monkey

Andrew Sabsilia as Extra

Willard Sage as Extra


3.38 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LOST SUNDAY

28-May-1953 CBS Thur

written by George Lowther

directed by Fielder Cook


Celeste Holm as Miss Prynne

Patric Knowles as Mr. Morley

James Gregory as Mr. Randolph

Frank Albertson as Mr. Edgar

Ethel Remey as Customer


3.39 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TEN DAYS TO FOREVER

04-Jun-1953 CBS Thur

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Richard Goode


Barry Sullivan as Jeff Foster

Joan Vohs as Lou Willis

Ann Shoemaker as Mrs. Foster

Richard Bishop as Major Foster

Lloyd Knight as Sid

Bart Burns as Buddy

Tom McElhany as Sheriff

Leonard Yorr as Prison Guard


3.40 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MAKE BELIEVE BRIDE

11-Jun-1953 CBS Thur

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Howard Loeb


Lizabeth Scott as Betsy

Don DeFore as Stan

Glenn Anders as Mr. Stone

Mary Finney as Mrs. Kelly

Chandler Cowles as Judson Smith

Ann Dere as Mrs. Harrison

Fred Kareman as Bellhop

Joe Verdi as Extra


3.41 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WIND OF THE WAY

18-Jun-1953 CBS Thur

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Richard Goode


Phyllis Thaxter as Diana Forbes

Ralph Nelson as Dick McKettrick

Isobel Elsom as Mrs. Forbes

Margaret Hamilton as Charity Ames

Gage Clarke as Colonel Burt Stander


3.42 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THIS IS JIMMY MERRILL

25-Jun-1953 CBS Thur

written by Bernard Drew

directed by Earl Eby


Millard Mitchell as Jimmy Merrill

Madge Evans as Sylvia

Don Briggs as Scott Henderson

Henry Bernard as Larry

Louise King as Julia

Sanford Bickart as Extra

Victor Harrison as Extra


3.43 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FORCE OF CIRCUMSTANCE

02-Jul-1953 CBS Thur

written by Harry W. Junkin

directed by Harold Loeb


Robert Alda as Paul Oxford

Lisa Ferraday as Jean

Anthony Ross as Detective Grant

Cameron Prud'homme as Mr. Brakeland

William Kemp as Martin

Maurice Manson as Detective Captain

Wyrley Birch as Judge

Andy Sabsilia as Extra


3.44 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TANGO

09-Jul-1953 CBS Thur

written by Erik James Martin

directed by Richard Goode


Joan Blondell as May

James Dunn as Joey

Allen Nourse as Treasury Man

Anita Bayless as Mrs. Conners


A frustrated dancer has been sitting next to the telephone for many years,

 waiting for a theatrical agent to keep his promise.[RF]


3.45 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE CORPORAL AND THE LADY

16-Jul-1953 CBS Thur

written by Michael Morris

directed by Harold Loeb


Eddie Bracken as Larry

Gloria Marlowe as Sable

Harold Stone as Sam

Jack Warden as Miller

Philip Coolidge as Major

Lloyd Knight as Henderson

Lee Bayard as Garrity

Corey Gill as Extra


A G.I. camp in Korea is plagued by a mysterious pin-up picture thief.


3.46 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A MAN IN THE KITCHEN

23-Jul-1953 CBS Thur

written by Leslie Waller

directed by Earl Eby


William Lundigan as Jim

Nancy Guild as Nora

Maurice Manson as Mr. Coggins

Doris Rich as Mrs. Coggins

Charlotte Austin as Marie


3.47 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE ODYSSEY OF JEFFREY SEWELL

30-Jun-1953 CBS Thur

written by Jerome Brondfield

directed by Harold Loeb


Dennis O'Keefe as Jeff Sewell

Patrice Wymore as Gretchen Oliver

Lawrence Fletcher as B.G. Peters

Janet Fox as Miss Carroll

Dorothy Greener as Salesgirl

Lulu B. King as Maid

Joan Vohs


3.48 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR

06-Aug-1953 CBS Thur


Virginia Bruce

Otto Kruger

Karen Sharpe

Amanda Blake

Lewis Martin

Bruce Payne


3.49 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WOMEN WHO WAIT

13-Aug-1953 CBS Thur

written by  Al C. Ward

directed by Peter Godfrey


Laraine Day

Randy Stuart

William Ching

Steve Dunn

Charles Cane

Kenneth Tobey


3.50 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LOVELY DAYS

20-Aug-1953 CBS Thur

written by Lawrence Kimble

directed by Peter Godfrey

produced by Jack J. Gross & Phillip N. Krasne


Ann Sheridan

Robert Paige

Sandy Descher

Tom Powers

Scatman Crothers


An efficiency expert puts his wife and family on a tight schedule. [RF]


3.51 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SOME CALL IT LOVE

27-Aug-1953 CBS Thur

written by Roy Chanslor and Al C. Ward

directed by Charles Haas


Gene Raymond

Peter Godfrey

############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############### end of season 3 ##############

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