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 Season 5 (NBC) (1954-55)
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############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############## season 5 1954-55 ##############
   Changes Network from CBS to NBC and expands from 30 min to 60 min
NBC Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (60 min)


5.01 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TO EACH HIS OWN

26-Aug-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Dorothy McGuire  ....... Jody
Gene Barry ............ Cosgrove/Griggsy
Edward Ashley ......... Lord Desham
Mary Anderson ......... Corrine
Herb Butterfield ...... Mr. Norris
Joan Elan ............. Ida Lorimer
Brooks West ........... Alec
Ronald Brogan ......... Mac


5.02 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WELCOME, STRANGER

02-Sep-1954 NBC Thur

Written by S.H. Barnett

Directed by Richard Goode

Hosted by William Holden


Bill Goodwin  .......... Dr. Fiston
Martha Hyer ........... Trudy
J.M. Kerrigan ......... Dr. Makery
Elizabeth Patterson ... Dr. Gilley
Alexander Campbell .... Mr. Cheeley
Maury Hill ............ Ray Cheeley
Archie Mitchell ....... Dr. Jenks


5.03 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CHRISTMAS IN JULY

09-Sep-1954 NBC Thur

Written by S.H. Barnett and Richard McDonagh

Directed by Earl Eby

Hosted by James Mason
Raymond Walburn ....... Dr. Maxford
Nancy Gates ........... Betty Casey
Alex Nicol ............ Jimmy MacDonald

Harry Hayden

Florenz Ames

Sally Corner

Robert Nichols

Peter Leeds

The comedy concerns the complications which arise when a practical joke backfires.

A young man takes his co-workers seriously when they jokingly

inform him that he has won a slogan contest. [RF]


5.04 [--] Lux Video Theatre: HOLD BACK THE DAWN

16-Sep-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett and Richard McDonagh

directed by Buzz Kulik

Hosted by Rosemary Clooney


Fernando Lamas

Toni Gerry

Maria Palmer

Robert Emmett Keane

Leonid Kinsky

George Eldridge


5.05 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE HEIRESS

23-Sep-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Richard Goode

Hosted by Joan Vohs


Vincent Price as Dr. Sloper

Marilyn Erskine as Catherine Sloper

Donald Murphy as Morris Townsend

Ellen Corby as Aunt Lavina


5.06 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MEET JO CATHART

30-Sep-1954 NBC Thur

written by John McGreevey

directed by Earl Eby

Hosted by Van Heflin


Virginia Bruce as Jo Cathart Archer

Bruce Bennett as Ben Archer

Craig Hill as Chris Jameson

Beverly Garland as Mary Lou Matthews

June Evans as Mollie Ryan

Joan Freeman as Judy Archer

Duncan Richardson as Junior Archer


5.07 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE MANSION

07-Oct-1954 NBC Thur

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Buzz Kulik

Hosted by Mark Stevens


Zachary Scott  ....... Morgan Lacey
Carole Mathews ...... Thelma
Mary Young .......... Mrs. Lacy
Murvyn Vye .......... Stallings
Ralph Moody ......... Percy Hunter
Jean Howell ......... Mary Fay
Olin Howlin ......... Bartender
Mark Stevens (Lux Video Theatre Guest)
Young Master Lacy on the veranda of his columned home must make up

 his mind between a daughter of the Old South and a Northern hussy. [RF]

5.08 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A VISIT FROM EVELYN

14-Oct-1954 NBC Thur

written by Turner Bullock and Ruth Woodman

directed by Richard Goode

Hosted by Margaret Lindsay


Ann Harding as Nora Walling

Lynn Bari as Evelyn

Raymond Greenleaf as John Case

John Sheppodd as Glen

Lillian Culver as Vinnie

Eugenia Paul as Lucille


5.09 [--] Lux Video Theatre: AN ANGEL WENT AWOL

21-Oct-1954 NBC Thur

written by Jack Gordon and Winifred Wolfe

directed by Earl Eby


Joanne Dru as Polly

George Nader as Jeremy

Charlotte Knight as Lucy Gilind

Robert Jordan as Boy at Piano

Angela Stevens as Christy

Jayne Mansfield as Girl at Piano

Margaret Lindsay (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.10 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SEPTEMBER TIDE

28-Oct-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Maureen O'Sullivan (Stella

John Sutton as Evan

Lisa Daniels as Cherry

Philip Tonge as Robert

Ivan Hayes as Jimmy

Margaret Lindsay (Lux Video Theatre Guest)

Mark Stevens (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.11 [--] Lux Video Theatre: IMPERFECT LADY

04-Nov-1954 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh

directed by Richard Goode


Patricia Medina as Millicent

Henry Daniel as Lord Belmont

Robin Hughes as Clive

Phyllis Stanley as Rose

Susan Manning as Lucy

Richard Perl as Inspector Gerston

Thayer Roberts as Henderson

Arthur Gould-Porter as Montalyn


5.12 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FIVE STAR FINAL

11-Nov-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Earl Eby


Edmond O'Brien as Randall

Joanne Woodward as Jen Townsend

Mae Clarke as Nancy Townsend

Dayton Lummis as Michael Townsend

Pierre Watkin as Hinchecliffe

Frances Mercer asNora Fletcher

Ernestine Barrier as Mrs. Weeks

George Eldridge as Mr. Weeks


5.13 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CAPTIVE CITY

18-Nov-1954 NBC Thur

written by Harry Muheim

directed by Richard Goode


Gig Young

Betsy Palmer

Murray Hamilton

Onslow Stevens

Dwayne Hickman

Louis Jean Heydt

Margaret Lindsay (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.14 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A MEDAL FOR BENNY

25-Nov-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


J. Carrol Naish as Charlie

Anne Bancroft as Lolita

Rick Jason as Joe

Ralph Dumke as Kibbe

Jay Novello as Rafael

Allegra Varron as Mrs. Catalina

Byron Foulger as Sam

George Chandler as Edgar


5.15 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CRAIG'S WIFE

02-Dec-1954 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Earl Eby


Ruth Hussey as Harriet Craig (nominated for an Emmy)

Philip Ober as Walter Craig

Kathryn Givney as Miss Justin

Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Harold

Eleanor Tanin as Ethel

Ray Walker as Birkaire

Emilie Poule as Mrs. Frazer

Paul Bryer as Gateile


5.16 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LADIES IN RETIREMENT

09-Dec-1954 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh

directed by Richard Goode


Claire Trevor as Ellen Creed (nominated for an Emmy)

Elsa Lanchester as Emily

Sean McClory as Albert

Edith Barrett as Louisa

Isobel Elsom as Leonora Fiske

Lisa Daniels as Lucy

Dianne Foster (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.17 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DOUBLE INDEMNITY

16-Dec-1954 NBC Thur

written by Frederic Manley and S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Laraine Day as Phyllis Dietrichson

Frank Lovejoy as Walter Neff (nominated for an Emmy)

Ray Collins as Barton Keyes

Donna Percy as Lola

Hugh Sanders as Mr. Dietrichson

Herbert Heyes as Mr. Norton

Hal K. Dawson as Jackson

Shepard Menken as Sam Gorlopin


5.18 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SEPTEMBER AFFAIR

23-Dec-1954 NBC Thur

directed by Earl Eby


Arlene Dahl

John Howard

Irene Hervey

Ernestine Barrier

Robert Arthur

Renata Yanni

Charles Evans

Tony Barrett


5.19 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE CHASE

30-Dec-1954 NBC Thur

written by Sumner Locke Elliott

directed by Richard Goode


Pat O'Brien as Eddie Gorman

Ruth Roman as Lorna Gorman

James Arness as Chuck Scott

Frances Bavier as Martha

Patrick Miller as Gene Morton

Charles Watts as Charley Gill

Margaret Lindsay (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.20 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SUNSET BOULEVARD

06-Jan-1955 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh

directed by Buzz Kulik


Miriam Hopkins as Norma Desmond

James Daly as Joe Gillis

Nancy Gates as Betty Schaeffer

John Wenegraf as Max von Mayerling

Lee Millar as Artie Green

Margaret Lindsay (Lux Video Theatre Guest)

Bing Crosby (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.21 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PENNY SERENADE

13-Jan-1955 NBC Thur

directed by Earl Eby


Phyllis Thaxter as Julie

Don Taylor as Roger

Chubby Johnson as Applejack

Olive Blakeney as Miss Oliver

Paul Birch as Doctor

Tom Powers as Judge

Lauren Chapin as Trina

Helen Kleeb as Woman


5.22 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LOVE LETTERS

20-Jan-1955 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh

directed by Richard Goode


Diana Lynn as Singleton

Dan O'Herlihy as Alan

Judith Evelyn as Dilly

Percival Vivian as Mack

Doris Lloyd as Beatrice

Lumsden Hare as Bishop

Ludwig Stossel as Dr. Snider

Colin Campbell as Postman


5.23 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SO EVIL MY LOVE

27-Jan-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Louis Hayward as Mark

Marilyn Erskine as Olivia

Isobel Elsom as Miss Shoebridge

Paula Duncan as Kitty

Rex Evans as Edgar

Richard Aherne as Courtney

Donald Lawton as Mr. Watson

Wade Nichols (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.24 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN

03-Feb-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Earl Eby


Hugh Marlowe as Reverend Spence

Ellen Drew as Mrs. Spence

Ralph Dumke as Thurston

Charles Meredith as Dr. Romer

Malcolm Attenberg as Potter

Jack Diamond as Hartzell

Diane Jergens as Eileen

Larry White as Fraser


5.25 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A BELL FOR ADANO

10-Feb-1955 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh

directed by Richard Goode


Edmond O'Brien as Major Jeppelo

Charles Bronson as Sergeant Borth

Frank Fuglia as Father Pensovecchio

Dan Tobin as Captain Purvis

Elliott Reid as Lieutenant Livingston

George Pieronne as Corporal Trapani

Tito Vuolo as Zito

Michael Vallon as Bellianca


5.26 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE COPPERHEAD

17-Feb-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


John Ireland as Milt Shanks

Betty Field as Martha Shanks/Madeline

Ian Wolfe as The Reverand Andrews

Richard Garland as Hardy as a young man

Pat Miller as Gillespie as a young man

Paul Harvey as Hardy as an old man

Ralph Moody as Gillespie as an old man

William Schallert as Sam Carter


During the Civil War a Northerner joins the organization of Southern

sympathizers called, "The Copperheads". Because of this his wife leaves him

 and his son calls him a traitor. Years later he tells the real story of his

part in the war to a grandchild. [RF]


5.27 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SO DARK THE NIGHT

24-Feb-1955 NBC Thur

written by Richard McDonagh

directed by Earl Eby


Joseph Schildkraut as Henri Cassin

Madeline Holmes as Widow Bridello

Suzanne Dalbert as Nanette Michaud

Eugene Borden as Pierre Michaud

Ann Codee as Mama Michaud

Steven Ritch as Leon Archard

Hal Gerard as Antoine

Edgar Barrier as Dr. Boucourt


5.28 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CASABLANCA

03-Mar-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Richard Goode


Paul Douglas as Rick

Arlene Dahl as Ilsa

Hoagy Carmichael as Sam

Carl Esmond as Laszlo

John Hoyt as Renault

Ivan Triesault as Major Strasser

Paul Simieon as Ugarte

Dan Seymour as Ferrari


5.29 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA

10-Mar-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Lee J. Cobb as Emile Zola

Joy Paige as Madame Dreyfus

Gloria Holden as Alexandrine

Robert Warwick as Chief Of Staff

Paul Richards as Esterbassy

Dayton Lummis as Picquart

Lawrence Ryle as Henry

William Bakewell as Dert


5.30 [--] Lux Video Theatre: IT GROWS ON TREES

17-Mar-1955 NBC Thur

Adapted by John Whedon
Directed by Earl Eby
Hosted by James Mason
Ruth Hussey ........ Polly Baxter
Robert Preston ..... Phil Baxter
Leigh Snowden ...... Diane Baxter
David Janssen ...... Ralph
Charlotte Knight ... Mrs. Pryor
Henry Hunter ....... Murchison
Alexander Campbell.. Carrollman
Richard Cutting .... Leatherbee
Pierre Watkin ...... Sleamish
Dabbs Greer ........ MacGuire
Forrest Lewis ...... Dr. Burrows
Butch Bernard ...... Flip Baxter
Lauren Chapin ...... Midge Baxter
Ralph Sanford ...... Police Sgt.
Yvonne Peattie ..... Secretary
Robert Bruce ....... Policeman
A family trying to live on little money winds up with a mysterious tree. [RF]
*Note: Based on the 1952 film.

5.31 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SHADOW OF A DOUBT

24-Mar-1955 NBC Thur

written by Benjamin Simcoe

directed by Richard Goode


Frank Lovejoy as Uncle Charlie

Barbara Rush as Charlotte

Sarah Selby as Emmy

George Chandler as Joe

Helena Nash as Mrs. Potter

Myron Folger as Herby Haskins

Charles Meredith as Reverend

Grant Williams as Jack Graham


5.32 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS

31-Mar-1955 NBC Thur


Beverly Garland as Julia Ross

Fay Bainter as Mrs. Hughes

Paul Richards as Ralph

Phyllis Stanley as Alice

Beryl Machin as Mrs. Sparkes

Lumsden Hare as Vicar

Terrence de Marney as Peters

Justice Watson as Dr. Keller


5.33 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BROWNING VERSION

07-Apr-1955 NBC Thur

written by Charles Bennett

adaptation of a play by Terence Rattigan

directed by Earl Eby


Herbert Marshall as Andrew Crocker-Harris

Judith Evelyn as Mrs. Crocker-Harris

Robert Douglas as Frank Hunter

Christopher Cook as Taplow

Paul Cavanagh as Frobisher

Rod Taylor as Mr. Gilbert

Betty Harford as Mrs. Gilbert


English schoolteacher Andrew Crocker-Harris, who is confronting the disappointments

 of his marriage and career. Forced to retire early because of bad health, Crocker-Harris

 departs unloved by his students as well as by Mrs. Crocker-Harris, who is having an

affair with Frank Hunter. Mr. Gilbert is to be Crocker-Harris' replacement. [RF]


5.34 [--] Lux Video Theatre: NO SAD SONGS FOR ME

14-Apr-1955 NBC Thur

written by DeWitt Bodeen

directed by Richard Goode


Claire Trevor as Mary Scott

William Hopper as Brad Scott

Katharine Bard as Chris Mathison

Linda Bend as Polly Scott

Tom Powers as Dr. Franco

Maidie Norman as Flora

Selmer Jackson as Mr. Coswell

Jeane Wood as Louise Spears


A young mother happily married and expecting her second child, is told that she has but 10 months to live.

*The motion picture of 1950 starred Margaret Sullivan, Wendell Corey & Viveca Lindfors.


5.35 [--] Lux Video Theatre: AN ACT OF MURDER

21-Apr-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Thomas Mitchell as Calvin Cook

Ann Harding as Cathy Cook

Lewis Martin as Charles Dayton

Howard St. John as Judge Ogden

Ray Danton as David Douglas

Sallie Brophy as Ellie

Dayton Loomis as Dr. Morrison

Ruth Warren as Mrs. Russell


A judge, known for his strict adherence to the law, learns that his wife is

 soon to die. Without telling her, he arranges a vacation to make her last days happy.

 But a situation arises which he must make a fateful decision. [RF]

Fredric March and Florence Eldridge starred in the 1948 motion picture.


5.36 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GREAT MCGINTY

28-Apr-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Earl Eby


Brian Donlevy as Daniel J. McGinty

Nancy Gates as Catharine

Thomas Gomez as The Boss

Jesse White as Sigmund

William Schallert as Thompson

Lillian Molieri as Girl at Bar

Paul Harvey as Maxwell

Hal Taggart as Mayor Tillinghest


A bartender tells a would-be suicide the story of his spectacular and thoroughly

crooked political career. [RF]

Brian Donlevy who starred in the original 1940 motion picture recreates his original role.


5.37 [--] Lux Video Theatre: REMEMBER THE NIGHT

05-May-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Richard Goode


Douglas Wilson as Tom

Jan Sterling as Lee

Don DeFore as Jack Sargent

Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Sargent

Edith Evanson as Aunt Emma

Lyle Talbot as O'Leary

Robert Wehling as Willie

Helen Maxon as Mrs. Leander


5.38 [--] Lux Video Theatre: EIGHT IRON MEN

12-May-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Alex Nicol as Macney

Paul Gilbert as Coliussi

Gene Reynolds as Coke

Russell Johnson as Carter

Alvin Greenmar as Shapiro

William Schallert as Ferguson

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer as Mailer

Alan Dexter as Captain Treiswaney


The story of eight soldiers who seek shelter in a shell-torn house in Italy in 1944.

One of the squad members is trapped in a shell hole outside the house. [RF]

*Note: Based on the 1952 picture starring Arthur Franz & Lee Marvin.


5.39 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW

19-May-1955 NBC Thur

directed by Earl Eby


Ernest Truex as Father

Sylvia Field as Mother

Michael Whalen as George

William Bakewell as Robert

Sheila Bromley as Nellie

Betty Hanna as Cora

Lynn Bari as Anita

Olive Sturges as Rhoda


An elderly couple loses their home and turn to their grown-up children for help.

 But the children are not very anxious to share their homes with their parents. [RF]

The 1937 motion picture starred Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi.


5.40 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THUNDER ON THE HILL

26-May-1955 NBC Thur


Donald Crisp (Guest Host for this episode)

Phyllis Thaxter as Sister Mary

Rex Reason as Dr. Jeffries

Beverly Garland as Valerie

Rhys Williams as Melling

Nana Bryant as Reverend Mother

John Alderson as Willie

Phyllis Stanley as Nurse Phillips


A murder mystery set in an English convent during a flood in Norfolk County. [RF]

*Note: Based on the 1951 picture starring Claudette Colbert & Ann Blyth.


5.41 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE SUSPECT

02-Jun-1955 NBC Thur

written by Charles Bennett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Barry Sullivan (Guest Host of this episode)

Robert Newton as Philip Marshall

Toni Gerry as Mary Grey

John Hoyt as Musley

Erin O'Brien Moore as Cora Marshall

John Dehner as Gilbert Simmone

Peter Votrian as Marridew

Richard Lupino as John Marshall


A mild-mannered, middle-aged man resorts to murder when his new-found happiness

 is threatened. He believes he has committed the perfect crime. [RF]

*Note: Based on the 1944 motion picture starring Charles Laughton.


5.42 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE

09-Jun-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Earl Eby


Tab Hunter (Guest Host for this episode)

Janet Blair as Shelly Carnes

Dan O'Herlihy as Trevelyan

Lorna Thayer as Liza

Kathryn Givney as Myra

Leonard Penn as Father Paul

Fay Roope as J.D. Nolan

Robert Clarke as Harvey


5.43 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE INSIDE STORY

16-Jun-1955 NBC Thur

written by John Whedon

directed by Richard Goode


Thomas Mitchell (Guest Host for this episode)

James Barton as Uncle Ed

Vera Miles as Audrey O'Connor

Carroll McComas as Mrs. Atherton

George Chandler as Eustace Peabody

Taylor Holmes as Jay-Jay Johnson

Byron Foulger as Horace

Irene Anders as Francine


5.44 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FOREVER FEMALE

23-Jun-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Buzz Kulik


Otto Kruger (Guest Host for this episode)

Bob Hope (Lux Video Theatre Guest)

Anita Louise as Beatrice Page

Fred Clark as Harry Phillips

Anne Bancroft as Sally

Richard Shannon as Stanley Crown

Jeanette Miller as Patty

Maidie Norman as Maid


5.45 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LAST YEAR'S SNOW

30-Jun-1955 NBC Thur

directed by Earl Eby


Steve Brodie as Joe

Constance Ford as Marty

Paul Langton as Carl

Alex Nicol (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.46 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE CREAKING GATE

07-Jul-1955 NBC Thur

written by Charles Bennett

directed by George Roy Hill


Beverly Garland as Joyce Williams

Philip Abbott as Dr. Glennon

Robert Cornthwaite as Egan

Chubby Johnson as Fogarty

Russell Gaige as Mr. Williams

Patrick Miller as Dr. Bob Monroe

Paul Bryer as Plainclothesman

Elizabeth Cope as Sadie


5.47 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DARK TRIBUTE

14-Jul-1955 NBC Thur

directed by Buzz Kulik


Gage Clarke

Robert Coote

Rod Taylor

Maureen O'Sullivan (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


Murder mystery when a woman who has won the sweepstakes is found murdered. [RF]


5.48 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DESPERATE GLORY

21-Jul-1955 NBC Thur

written by Joseph Cochran

directed by Earl Eby


Joe De Santis as Anton Maxuranic

Reba Waters as Ella Maxuranic

Grace Field as Manya Maxuranic

Michael Vallon as Paul Stephani

Paul Sorenson as Ilya

Peter Mamkos as Dmitri

Ruth Swanson as Tamara Zabutov

Daria Lee Ridgeway as Sophia


5.49 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BRIDE CAME C.O.D.

28-Jul-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Richard Dunlap


Ron Randell as Steve Collins

Joyce Holden as Joan Winfield

Florenz Ames as Pop

Patrick Waltz as Allen Brice

Alexander Campbell as Mr. Winfield

Eddie Marr as Peewee

Ralph Sanford as McGee

Tom Jordon as Pilot


5.50 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE NINE-PENNY DREAM

04-Aug-1955 NBC Thur

written by S.H. Barnett

directed by Richard Goode


Lloyd Corrigan as Horace

Betty Sinclair as Agnes

Lisa Daniels as Pam

Liam Sullivan as Tod

Lyle Talbot as Abner

Dulcy Jordan as Cynthia

Charles Davis as Bestman

Aldo Ray (Lux Video Theatre Guest)


5.51 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PERILOUS DECEPTION

11-Aug-1955 NBC Thur

Directed by Earl Ebi
Hosted by William Hopper
David Janssen ..... Joe Davies
April Kent ........ Agnes
Karen Kalder ...... Vera Collins
Stuart Nedd ....... Chris Collins
James Flavin ...... Heineman
Ruth Warren ....... Mrs. Beacham
Forrest Lewis ..... Mr. Beacham
Davis Alpert ...... Policeman
Jean Lewis ........ Waitress
A man murders his wife, then pursues her best friend. [RF]

5.52 [--] Lux Video Theatre: NOR ALL YOUR TEARS

18-Aug-1955 NBC Thur


Richard Shannon

Arleen Whelan


5.53 [--] Lux Video Theatre: JUNE BRIDE

25-Aug-1955 NBC Thur


Marguerite Chapman

Jerome Thor


5.54 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LAST CONFESSION

01-Sep-1955 NBC Thur


Eduard Franz


5.55 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE HAPPY MAN

08-Sep-1955 NBC Thur


Judith Evelyn

Kurt Kasznar

Marilyn Erskine

Robert Emhardt


5.56 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LUCKY FINGER

15-Sep-1955 NBC Thur


Alan Napier

J. Pat O'Malley

Edith Barrett


5.57 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE EYES OF FATHER TOMASINO

22-Sep-1955 NBC Thur


Joe De Santis

Gloria Talbott

Keefe Brasselle


When a kindly old priest is stabbed to death, a young police officer resigns from the force.

 The policeman wants to use all of his waking hours to find the killer.[RF]


[--] Lux Video Theatre: NOTHING SO MONSTROUS

original airdate not known

Lew Ayres

Tommy Rettig (Lassie)

A father tries to provide his motherless son with a sense

of aesthetic appreciation and moral conviction rather than

material conformity to community standards. [JB]
Syndicated rerun on Curtain Call, Sat. 23Jul 55, KEYD-9 Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN 8 p.m.

############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############### end of season 5 ##############

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