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UK Documentary series Guide

  BBC Documentary series

David Attenborough -  BBC Natural History Unit documentary series

The Great War (BBC) (1964 ) WW1 documentary series
Sir Kenneth Clark's Civilisation (BBC) (1969 ) arts documentary series
Alistair Cooke's America  (BBC/Time-Life) (1973 )  documentary series
Jacob Bronowski's The Ascent of Man (BBC/Time-Life) (1973-74 )  documentary series

Carl Sagan's Cosmos (BBC/PBS) (1980 ) astronomy documentary series

Six English Towns (BBC) (1978 ) documentary series presented by Alec Clifton Taylor

Great Railways Journeys (BBC) (1980)(1994-99) travel documentary series

Fred Dibnah Documentary series (UK)(BBC) (1982-2005)

Michael Palin Documentary series (UK)(BBC) (1988-present)

Michael Wood Documentary series (UK)(BBC) (1979-present)

 Peoples'Century  (UK)(BBC) (1999)  documentary series
Walk On By: The Story of the Popular Song (UK)(BBC) (2001)

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (UK)(BBC/Five)

The Century Of The Self (UK)(BBC)(2002 - 4 pt documentary on the rise of Consumerism

ITV Documentary series

Time to Remember (UK)(Associated-Pathé ABC-uk/ITV) (circa 1957) documentary series
Journey of a Lifetime  (UK)(ABC-uk/ITV) (1961-62) Religious Documentary series
The World at War  (UK)(Thames/ITV)(1973-75) WWII Documentary series


Engineering, Construction, Science, Arts Documentaries

Playlist - 21st Century Jet - Making the Boeing 777 (30pt)   (Channel Four)(1995)

Playlist - Super Structures - Eurotunnel (5pt)   (Discovery/Learning)

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