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U.K. Drama Films

Journey back to the Golden Age of  British Cinema - have a pleasant trip!

Video - UK Theatrical Trailers

Agatha Christie Movies & TV

London Films Alexander Korda

That Hamilton Woman (CRITERION TRAILER  (1941) (UK)(London Films/Alexander Korda)  O'Livier & Leigh


The Archers  (William Powell & Emeric Pressburger)

 Colonel Blimp - "This is not a Gentleman's War" (Powell/Pressburger)(1943)

Life of Colonel Blimp - Anton Walbrook on England (Powell/Pressburger)(1943)

A Canterbury Tale - 1944 - Extract 1  (Powell/Pressburger) (1944)

A Canterbury Tale - 1944 - Extract 2    (Powell/Pressburger) (1944)

A Matter of Life and Death (1946) - David Niven on the beach  (Powell/Pressburger) (1946)

A Matter of Life and Death (1946) Heaven scene  (Powell/Pressburger) (1946)


Ealing Studios  (for Ealing Comedies see -  UK Cinema Comedy  )

"Went The Day Well" (UK film) (Ealing Studios)(1942) 

 "Dead of Night" (1945 UK film) (Ealing Studios)
 Room for One More/ The Christmas Party/ The Haunted Mirror / The Golfer's Story / The Dummy

"Passport to Pimilico" (1949 UK Film)  (Ealing Studios)

The Cruel Sea .. Jack Hawkins .. UK Theatrical Trailer  (1953) (Ealing Studios)


Gainsborough Pictures

 James Mason, Margaret Lockwood -   Video-  Wicked Lady 1945 (Gainsborough)

The Seventh Veil (1945) James Mason.

The Reckless Moment. (1949) James Mason.



"Oliver Twist" (1948 )(UK Film) (GFD/ Cineguild) starring Alec Guinness   Directed by David Lean


Hammer Films

Hammer Horror Films & TV Series


British Lion

"The Smallest Show on Earth" (1957 UK film) (British Lion/ Launder & Gilliat)
Starring Bill Travers & Virginia McKenna / Directed by  Basil Dearden


Associated-British Picture Corporation (A.B.P.C)

Richard Attenborough   Video -  Brighton Rock (Associated-British) (1947)

 John Mills, Anthony Quayle , Sylvia Sims  Video -   Ice Cold in Alex (Associated-British)(1958)



Alastair Sim - Video - Green for Danger (Rank) (1946)

 "A Night to Remember" (1958 UK film)(Rank)
Starring Kenneth More / Directed by  Roy Ward Baker

 Video -  A Night to Remember (1958) (UK Film) (13pt)   


 "Whistle Down The Wind" (1960)(UK Film) starring Alan Bate, Hayley MiIls

 A Man for All Seasons - Trailer [1966] [39th Oscar Best Picture ...

The Sound of Music - Trailer [1965] [38th Oscar Best Picture]

Oliver! - Trailer [1968] [41st Oscar Best Picture]

A Clockwork Orange - Official Trailer [1971]


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James Bond Films

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