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2.02 [032]
"To Make This Place Remember"

Original NBC Broadcast - September 25, 1963

Revue Studio Productions
Executive Producer - Frank Price
Produced by Jules Schermer
Written by Harold Swanton
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller

(Shown on the ride-in)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth (appears)
Doug McClure as Trampas (does not appear)
Gary Clarke as Steve Hill (does not appear)
James Drury as The Virginian (does not appear)

Guest Stars
Joan Blondell as Rosanna Dobie
John Dehner As Frank Sturgis

Complete Ending Credits
William Mims
As York

Catherine McLeod
As Amy Sturgis

James Bell
As David T. Harvey, M.D.
William Bramley
As Charlie Tressider

Virginia Christine
As Leora Tressider

John Hoyt
As Judge Harper
Herb Vigran ... as Arthur Wyman
Jack Easton, Jr. ... as Ben Sturgis
Joanna Crawford ... as Millie DeWitt
Mark Tapscott ... as Mannion
William Fawcett ... as Jethro
Duane Grey ... as The Drunk
Sunny Jordan ... as Julie Tressider
Virginian Theme ... Percy Faith
Director of Photography ... John L. Russell, A.S.C.
Art Director ... George Patrick
Film Editor ... Robert Watts
Editorial Dept. Head ... David J. O'Connell
Musical Supervision ... Stanley Wilson
Set Decorators ... John McCarthy and Ralph Sylos
Color Consultant ... Alex Quiroga
Color by ... Pathé
Assistant Director ... Jack Doran
Sound ... Earl Crain Jr.
Costume Supervisor ... Vincent Dee
Makeup ... Leo Lotito Jr.
Hair Stylist ... Florence Bush
The title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA Ltd.

Series Regular Characters Appearing in This Episode:
Judge Henry Garth

Story: (rgm)
Eleven years ago, Henry Garth found a fourteen-year-old boy swamping out a
saloon in Medicine Bow. The boy, John Dobie, was bright and industrious and
appeared to deserve more than fate had bestowed upon him. Dobie was the
illegitimate son of a saloon girl in Rapahoe, Wyoming to the north of
Medicine Bow. He had run away to try to earn some money for his mother and
himself. Garth took the boy back to Shiloh where he paid John as a ranch
hand and made sure the boy got an education. Eventually Dobie was accepted
by a law school in Denver and after graduation, he returned to Rapahoe to
open his practice.

Rapahoe did not welcome Dobie with welcome arms. The town regarded his mother
as gutter trash and her son was viewed as worse than that. Much to the
consternation of her parents, John starts courting pretty young Sally Ann
Tressider. Then tragedy strikes. Judge Garth receives a telegram from John's
mother, Rosanna. At the end of the July 4th celebrations, Sally Ann was
found dead and a few hours later John Dobie was hung for her murder
protesting his innocence to the end.

Garth arrives in town to investigate on behalf of Rosanna. Because of his
relationship with John, the judge refuses to believe the young man guilty
even though the citizen's committee is headed by Garth's long-time friend
and fellow lawyer, Frank Sturgis. Garth cannot convince Sturgis there has
been a miscarriage of justice and Sturgis cannot convince Garth that the
guilty party was punished. In order to settle things once and for all, Garth
contacts the circuit judiciary and convinces his friend Judge Harper to come
to town for a trial. What he doesn't tell Harper is he wants to put a dead
man on trial. (rgm]

Notes: (rgm)
John Dehner was briefly a regular on the series at the end of the fourth
season (Episodes 4.21 to 4.30). Following the abrupt departure of Lee J. Cobb
at the end of his contract, Dehner was hired to play Morgan Starr, the man
appointed by both Judge Garth and John Grainger to be caretaker of Shiloh
between Garth's departure to the Wyoming governor's mansion and Grainger's
arrival from East Texas. His other "non-Morgan Starr" guest appearances were
"Echo From Another Day" (1.26) and "Halfway Back From Hell" (8.3). (rgm)

This was Joan Blondell's only appearance on the series. She came to Hollywood
in the 1930s with her Broadway co-star James Cagney when Warner Bros. decided
to turn their stage hit "Penny Arcade" into the movie "Sinners' Holiday"
(1930). Blondell and Cagney were paired together in 6 movies but Jack and
Harry Warner did not see Blondell as star material the way they did Cagney
and relegated her to secondary leads and supporting roles. She also did
several musicals with her future husband, Dick Powell. Some of her best
remembered movies include "Public Enemy" (1931), "Topper Returns" (1941),
"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1945), "The Blue Veil" (1951) and "The
Cincinnati Kid" (1965) . Blondell was a regular in two short-lived series
"Here Come the Brides" (1968-70) and "Banyon" (1972-73).

William Bramley also appeared in "Timberland" (3.25), "Vengeance Trail" (5.15),
"The Handy Man" (6.24) and "Big Tiny" (7.13). (rgm)

John Hoyt also appeared in "The Golden Door" (1.24), "Ring of Silence" (4.6),
"Ah Sing vs. Wyoming" (6.7) and "Holocaust" (8.17). Hoyt played a judge in
three of his five guest appearances and a banker in the other two. (rgm)

Mark Tapscott also appeared in "The Judgement" (1.17), "Run Quiet" (2.9),
"High Stakes" (5.10), "A Bad Place to Die (6.9), "Seth" (6.26), "Nora" (7.12),
"The Price of Love" (7.18) and "Fox, Hound and Widow McCloud" (7.25). (rgm)

William Fawcett also appeared in "The Small Parade" (1.21), "Return a
Stranger" (3.10), "High Stakes" (5.10), "The Gentle Tamers" (6.26),
"Stopover" (7.24) and "Last of the Comancheros" (9.12). (rgm)

Virginia Christine also appeared in "A Gallows for Sam Horn" (3.12),
"The Awakening" (4.5) and "A Small Taste of Justice" (6.14). Despite an
impressive list of character roles over four decades of acting, to millions
of TV viewers from the 1960s and 1970s Christine will always be Mrs. Olson
from the Folger's Coffee commercials. (rgm)

William Mims also appeared in "Legend for a Lawman" (3.24). (rgm)

Catherine McLeod also appeared in "Six Graves at Cripple Creek" (3.19). (rgm)

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