CTVA - The Virginian: Men from Shiloh  9.01 [226] "The West vs. Colonel Mackenzie"  16-Sept-1970 NBC

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9.01 [226]
 "the west vs colonel mackenzie"
Original NBC Broadcast - 16 September 1970

(Opening Credits - verified -bg)
executive producer ( no producer) herbert hirschman
written by jean holloway
directed by murray golden and jerry hopper
stewart granger as col. alan mackenzie
doug mcclure as trampas
lee majors as Roy Tate (NOT in this episode)
james drury as the virginian
Guest Stars
elizabeth ashley
martha hyer
special guest stars:
don de fore
(Mayor Evans)
john larch
(End Credits -verified -bg)
bobby eilbacher as petey
john mcliam as parker (recurring)
dennis mccarthy ... lamb
james gavin .... hoag
calvin bartlett...john
don wilbanks.... meyers
hal baylor ..... jethro
music score leo shuken and jack hayes
theme ennio morricone
director of photography william margulies, a.s.c.
art director john t. mccormack
set decorations robert c. bradfield
unit manager henry kline
assistant director richard learman
film editor s. martin weiss
sound theron o. kellum
Main Title Design Jack Cole
title and optical effects universal title
editorial supervision richard belding
Costume Supervision vincent dee
hair stylist larry germain

Series Regular Characters in this Episode
All regulars except Roy Tate

Investigating the bizarre hanging of a neighbor accused of cattle
rustling, Col. MacKenzie becomes ebroiled in a battle with the
Cattlemen's Association (tvc)

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