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Season 9 (1987-88)
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################ Knots Landing ###############
############## season 9 1987-88 ##############
CBS Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern
Created by David Jacobs
Executive Producers: Michael Filerman and David Jacobs
Produced by Lawrence Kasha and Mary-Catherine Harold

Primary Cast:
Michele Lee ................................... Karen Fairgate MacKenzie
Kevin Dobson .................................. M.(Mack) Patrick MacKenzie
Joan Van Ark .................................. Valene Ewing Gibson
Ted Shackelford ............................... Gary Ewing
William Devane ................................ Greg Sumner
Donna Mills ................................... Abby Cunningham Ewing
Julie Harris (episodes 1-9,11) ................ Lilimae Clements
Constance McCashin (episodes 1-9,11) .......... Laura Avery Sumner
Secondary Cast:
Nicollette Sheridan ........................... Paige Matheson
Michael York .................................. Charles Scott
Teri Austin ................................... Jill Bennett
Pat Petersen .................................. Michael Fairgate
Tonya Crowe ................................... Olivia Cunningham
Lynn Moody .................................... Patricia Williams
Larry Riley ................................... Frank Williams
Peter Reckel .................................. Johnny Rourke
John Aprea .................................... Manny Vasquez
Red Buttons ................................... Al Baker
Ray Wise ...................................... The Dealer
Paul Carafotes ................................ Harold Dyer
Kristy Swanson ................................ Jody Campbell
Eileen Burnet ................................. Judith Scott
Kent Masters King ............................. Julie Williams
Brian Greene .................................. Brian Cunningham
Marcia Solomon ................................ Marsha
Victoria Ann Lewis ............................ Peggy
Carlos Cantu .................................. Carlos
*Christian/Joseph Cousins ..................... Bobby
*Kathryn/Tiffany Lubran ....................... Betsy
Movita Castaneda .............................. Ana

*Beginning with Episode #9.7. (In Episode #9.2, Bobby was played by
Zane Stombock and Betsy was played by Shannon Robinson.)

9.1 (191) Knots Landing: MISSING PERSONS
24Sep97 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Guest Cast:
Julian Carr............. James Greene
Worker............. Steven Louis Gonzalez
Ms. Schumacher.......... Barbara Tarbuck
Engineer........... Dean Abston
Abby has just buried the young senator Peter Hollister in the foundations
of the Lotus Point Children's play park. The senator's sudden disappearance
does not go unnoticed by an indifferent Greg; a distraught Paige; and his
worried sister, Jill Bennett. The children's park is dug up after Karen
discovers a very large crack in the concrete surface of the play park. Abby
looks on nervously.
Greg has taken to fatherhood very well, which surprises a few people,
including Mack. Laura returns to work at Lotus Point soon after the birth
of Meg. Al Baker, the elderly messenger who deliver's mail to Mack's
office, makes his presence felt, to the irritation of Mack's secretary,
Peggy. He claims she makes awful coffee. Abby and Olivia are feeling the
strain of trying to hide their involvement in Peter's disappearance.
Michael's 18th birthday party is held in the Lotus Point club where Peter
died. Olivia doesn't want to return to the murder scene but her inhibitions
go away when she dances with Michael on the spot where Peter died. Her
mother observes her daughter's erratic behaviour at the party. A burst pipe
means the builders have to dig further into the foundation of the play
park. Abby is now in a panic as a workman discovers the dead body of a
unidentified young man........

9.2 (192) Knots Landing: "THE TROUBLE WITH PETER"
1Oct87 CBS
Written by : Parke Perine
Directed by : Nick Havinga
Guest Cast:
Det. Gilbert Garcia..... James Luisi
Tim Murphy......... Russell Johnson
Assistant Coroner....... John Achorn
Gardener........... Ted Horino
Busboy.................. Ennalls Berl
The unidentified body found at Lotus Point is soon discovered to be
Peter's. Gary thinks Abby killed Peter. Mack, on the other hand, states
'Abby doesn't kill; she get's even'. The children's park is awash with
police, including the head of the murder investigation, Detective Gil
Garcia. Abby makes a mad dash back to her house to break the news to Olivia
who immediately becomes hysterical, she doesn't want to be interviewed by
the police. Paige also takes the news of Peter's death particularly hard.
Greg, being Greg, asks his lawyer to look into Peter's estate; he is
determined that Abby will not inherit any part of Peter's fortune.
Detective Garcia questions all of Peter's known associates. Paige lies
about the way she and Peter parted on the day of his disappearance. Paige
insinuates that Abby was the last person to see Peter. Peter's car is found
abandoned at the local airport. Abby assures her daughter there is no
evidence to prove their involvement in Peter's murder, but Detective Garcia
finds a locket near the corpse with the initials, P.H and O.C engraved onto
it. Laura takes her sons to see their father and her ex-husband, Richard,
which puts Greg out a little. All residents gather at Greg's ranch for
Peter's memorial service; Gary witnesses a heated discussion between Abby
and Olivia, and is horrified when he realises Abby may be covering for her
daughter. He confronts Abby with his accusation; Abby reacts by slapping
him in the face. She makes a hasty retreat from Greg's ranch in her car
with Olivia at her side........

9.3 (193) Knots Landing: "UNDER PRESSURE"
8Oct87 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
Guest Cast:
Det. Gilbert Garcia..... James Luisi
Homeless Man......... Thomas Wagner
Tourist................. Ron French
Morris Schmidt....... Thomas Knickbocker
Abby rushes back to her beach home with Gary in hot pursuit. He advises
Abby to hire an attorney for Olivia, which Abby dismisses quite forcefully.
Peter's ashes are delivered to Greg at his ranch; he talks to them a
little, then sprinkles some of the senator's ashes into a potted plant.
Olivia is determined not to talk to the police to such an extent that at
one point Gary covers for her to escape them. She then hides out at Val's,
causing worry for her concerned mother who is unaware of her whereabouts.
Jill is adamant that Abby killed Peter. The murder weapon is said to be a
thin sharp instrument like an ice pick. Olivia is eventually interviewed by
Det. Garcia at home in the presence of Abby, Gary, and Ana the maid. Abby
tells the detective the locket found on the body was indeed Olivia's, and
she had returned it to Peter because she considered it an inappropriate
present for her daughter who had the hots for the senator. Mother and
daughter are confident the interview went well and Abby packs Olivia's
clothes, as she is sending her daughter to a boarding school in Switzerland.
To Peggy's dismay, Al uses Mack's office as refuge for his homeless pals.
Det. Garcia appears at Abby's home with two policemen to arrest Olivia for
the murder of Peter Hollister. Fibres from her school jumper where found on
the body - Abby interrupts the Detective as he reads Olivia her rights in
the presence of Mack, and states to a shocked audience that she killed Peter Hollister........

9.4 (194) Knots Landing: "HALF TRUTHS"
15Oct87 CBS Thur
Written by : Joel J. Feigenbaum
Directed by : Nick Havinga
Guest Cast:
Det. Gilbert Garcia..... James Luisi
Ms. Bailey......... Jan Pessano
Det. Cox................ Will MacMillian
Mr. Sobel.......... J. Patrick McNamara
Female Employee......... Bee-Be Smith
Bartender.......... Kurt Woodruff
Abby confesses to Peter's murder. She insists it was an accident. She
indeed argued with Peter about the way he played with Olivia's affections
to get his hands on his mother's letter, the heated discussion got
physical, she pushed Peter in self-defence, he lost his balance, and fell
onto the docket spike on one of the tables in the Lotus Point club. Abby is
arrested to Greg's amusement. Greg tells Mack she will get off after
batting her baby blue eyes at the jury. Abby is charged with homicide.
Paige is still having nightmares about her last meeting with Peter, she has
a heart to heart with Michael and explains to him about the argument she
had with Peter on the day of his disappearance. Jill threatens to leave
Gary because of the amount of time he is spending with Abby and her
children during the investigation.
Mack is now suspicious of Paige's involvement in the murder after Michael
confides in him about Paiges argument with Peter on the morning of his
disappearance. Gary corners Olivia after being told by Abby to stay away.
He asks her if she saw her mother kill Peter; Olivia explains that she
didn't see her mother kill Peter but she thought Abby had killed him. Gary
deduces that mother and daughter are innocent, and they both think the
other is responsible for the senator's death. Mother and daughter embrace
on the beach - the nightmare is finally over. Mack is now on the hunt for
the real killer. He calls on Paige in the Lotus Point club; he demands to
know what really happened the day she fought with Peter Hollister.........

9.5 (195) Knots Landing: "THERE ARE SMILES"
22Oct87 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
Guest Cast:
Peter Hollister......... Hunt Block
Jimmie Granz....... Rene Levant
Det. Gilbert Garcia..... James Luisi
Mr. Sobel.......... J. Patrick McNamara
Curt Buckalew........... Shane McCabe
Bartender.......... Kurt Woodruff
Grabowski............... David Ellzey
Abby's Secretary... Robin C. Loys
Mack grills Paige about the morning of Peter's disappearance. She is still
very much in denial about the seriousness of the situation. Paige explains
she confronted Peter about the way he told her to 'Take a Hike' when he
broke off their engagement. Peter tried to pacify her by stating that Abby
had a hand in the break up. Paige broke a few plates when she accused Peter
of dumping her after finding out he is her uncle, as she thought Greg
Sumner was her father. Peter's reaction to this revelation only enraged
Paige - he found it amusing. Paige explains she then pushed Peter and he
lost his balance and fell on his back; she calmed down and the couple made
up. Mack doesn't believe her story and tells her to talk to him when she
decides to tell the truth.
Val is feeling depressed and alone now that Ben has gone. Lilimae cheers
her up by reading a newspaper article which explains that smiling is the
best therapy for depression. Val takes this on board and cheers herself up
with a new haircut which impresses Gary to Jill's annoyance. Abby tries to
retract her confession at the police station but she still has to go to
trial. Laura tells Greg that she has told Richard to keep her sons for an
indefinite period. Paige comes clean about her argument with Peter after
she learns that Abby has a witness who can prove Abby was not at the murder
scene at the time Peter was killed. Mack demands that his spoiled daughter
apologise to Greg and Abby for causing them so much pain during the
investigation. Greg calls her a snot, but accepts her apology anyway.
However, upon visiting Abby in her office at Lotus Point, Paige
sarcastically says to Abby, 'I have been thinking about Peter's death and I
am so sorry...that you ever got off....' That night Laura reminisces about
her life with Greg and her children - she later explains in a roundabout
way to an apathetic Greg that she may not be around to see to see their
marriage into old age........

9.6 (196) Knots Landing: "THE GIFT OF LIFE"
29Oct87 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Kate Swofford Tilley
Guest Cast:
Priest.................. Robert Harper
Gallery Owner...... Pat Li
Lothario................ Richard Marion
Nurse.............. Marilyn Bradfield
Altar girl.............. Stacy Young
Laura has an incurable brain tumour. Greg refuses to accept the fact that
Laura's condition is terminal. He feels helpless. The couple seek many
second opinions instigated by Greg in the vain hope of finding the
appropriate treatment for Laura's inoperable condition. Michael persuades
Karen to let his band perform at the Lotus Point club to attract more
customers. Laura has already resigned from her job at Lotus Point and
prepares to leave for the final time. Laura and Greg visit an art gallery
where Laura tells Greg to buy a $400 painting produced by an aspiring
student for $35,000. Karen goes clothes shopping with Laura. In a very
touching moment Laura tells Karen to give Meg all the dresses (in varying
sizes) she has picked out for her as she won't be around to see her grow
into them. Karen realises what her best friend is trying to tell her: she
is dying and Karen is devastated.
A surprise leaving party is held for Laura at Lotus Point while Greg seeks
more medical opinions in his wife's absence. Gary confronts Val about her
admission that the twins are his. At the club Michael's band sings the very
apt song 'When I get to heaven will it still be rock-in-roll'. At home
Laura has a relapse as her condition worsens. Margaret Katherine Sumner is
baptised in a private ceremony in church; Karen and Mack are named as Meg's
godparents. Greg didn't want to attend but finally makes an appearance. He
has to resign himself to the fact that Laura is dying. Laura tells Greg she
is going away to be alone to die which angers Greg. He wants to be with her
in her hour of need but she doesn't want him to see her in pain. Laura says
goodbye to Karen over the phone, she hasn't told Val because she knows she
could not keep the secret as well as Karen. She plans Meg's day with
Carlos, then drives away from the cul-de-sac forever..........

9.7 (197) Knots Landing: "SAY UNCLE"
5Nov87 CBS Thur
Written by : Erica Byrne
Directed by : Robert Becker
Guest Cast:
Joel Benson............. Bruce Campbell
Woman at Beach..... Paula Marchese
Ms. Holloway............ Lynda Beattie

Greg finds life as a single parent very demanding. Bobby and Betsy's 3rd
birthday party is a resounding success. Al invites himself in and makes an
impression on Lilimae, who didn't take to him after their first meeting on
the cul-de-sac. Gary calls to find the party in progress and wonders why he
wasn't invited. Val has redecorated again. Gary appeals to Val to let his
children call him 'Uncle' while Ben is away. Val still refuses to believe
her husband has left her for good. Val refuses to give Gary visiting
rights. It will only confuse the children, she professes. After breaking up
with Gary over his involvement with his ex-families, Jill moves back into
the ranch. Abby tells Olivia about her broken love affair with her first
and only true love, Charles Scott.
Gary tells Lilimae the twins are his and that Val won't let him see them.
Lilimae tries to persuade her stubborn daughter to give their real father
visitation rights; Val still refuses because Gary is an unreliable
personality. Greg tries to find a new full-time nanny for Meg, but soon
sacks the one he hired for neglecting to protect his daughter from the hot
weather. Karen and Abby clash about their ideas to relaunch Lotus Point.
Gary isn't interested in the women's differences of opinion. Michael
rescues a girl from drowning at the beach and promptly takes her out for a
meal later that day. Val eventually agrees to let the twins call Gary
'Uncle' and gives him full access to Bobby and Betsy; Gary is overjoyed.
Jill is insanely jealous. A large limousine arrives at Lotus Point its
passenger is a very old friend of Abby's..........

9.8 (198) Knots Landing: "LOVE IN"
12Nov87 CBS Thur
Written by : Dianne Messina
Directed by : Kate Swofford Tilley
Guest Cast:
Young Karen Cooper...... Liane Curtis
Linda Fairgate..... Lar Park Lincoln
Young Charles Scott..... Joseph Kell
Head Waiter........ Rod Davidson
Young Abby Fairgate..... Cynthia Bain
Student............ Dana Dowell
Young Sid Fairgate...... Jack Tate
Abby's long lost love, Charles Scott, has arrived to do business at Lotus
Point. We are sent back twenty years to Abby's first meeting with the
pompous Charles when she worked in her brother's garage. She got a date
with Charles by rigging his car to fail after it had been repaired by Sid.
He is so impressed by her ability to get his car going so quickly that he
invites her out on their first date. Gary spends more time with Val and the
twins. Lilimae gets friendly with Al and Michael gets friendly with his new
girlfriend, Jody. Upon his arrival from college, Eric introduces the
Mackenzies to his new, very obnoxious wife, Linda. Karen takes an immediate
dislike to Linda and she finds Jody overbearing. She cannot believe her
loving sons would bring such awful women into her home. Mack finds the
whole affair amusing.
Twenty years ago, we learn that Abby's relationship with Charles fell apart
when a young Karen gave her a society newspaper carrying the headline about
Charles' forthcoming marriage to an heiress. Abby was devastated. Gary and
Val kiss for old times sake; they realise they still have feelings for one
another but Gary chooses not to sleep with Val. Abby and Charles talk over
old times over dinner at Lotus Point. During their night out at the senior
citizens dance at Lotus Point, Al Baker asks Lilimae to marry him.........

9.9 (199) Knots Landing: "FLIGHT OF THE SUNBIRDS"
19Nov87 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Roy Campanella II
Guest Cast:
Young Abby Fairgate..... Cynthia Bain
Linda Fairgate......... Lar Park Lincoln
Maitre D'............... Maarten Goslins
Karen still finds life with Eric's new bride unbearable; she cringes every
time Linda call's her 'Mother'. Linda confesses her parents still doesn't
know about her impulsive marriage to Eric. Lilimae refuses Al's marriage
proposal. She states that she doesn't want to leave Val to bring up the
twins alone and she hasn't known Al very long. He tries to convince her
otherwise. Abby, prepares to go on another date with Charles but he stands
her up; all the feelings of hurt and rejection on learning about his
marriage twenty years ago come flooding back. As young Abby her devastation
changes to a steadfast determination never to let a man hurt her again!
Greg is finding life hard without Laura. He takes Meg to Eric and Linda's
reception which, is held at Lotus Point. Val is also there with the twins,
Abby observes the bond growing between Val and Gary so much that she puts
doubts in Jill's mind about Gary's loyalty to their relationship.
To prove his love for Lilimae, who made a point of telling him that she
couldn't marry a man who lived in his car, Al sells his car and buys a
camper van. Lilimae is impressed, so much that she buys his old car back.
Val has managed to persuade her mother that she is fine with the children,
and if she wants to live with Al, then she has her blessing. Lilimae agrees
to live with Al and the couple leave the cul-de-sac. Gary and Val spend the
night together, and Greg receives a phone call in the middle of the night
notifying him of Laura's death.........

9.10 (200) Knots Landing: "NOISES EVERYWHERE--PART ONE"
3Dec87 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : David Jacobs
Guest Cast:
Richard Avery........... John Pleshette
Jason Avery........ Mathew Newmark
Barbara................. Ronne Troup
Funeral salesman... Tim Choate
Bereaved man............ Ralph Manza
Woman in funeral parlour... Kate Randolph Burns
Val, Mack, Karen and Gary give their personal condolences to Greg upon
learning about Laura's death. Abby arrives soon after. The mood is somber
as the friends gather around a very unemotional Greg to comfort him in his
time of need. Val finds out that Laura told Karen she was dying and didn't
tell her. She takes her anger out on Karen by snubbing her. Karen and Mack
are duly concerned about the welfare of Meg considering Greg's very strange
behaviour toward his daughter since Laura left him to bring her up alone.
He relies on his housekeeper to look after Meg despite having a family of
her own to cater for. When Abby learns that Laura's ex is coming for the
funeral, she gets upset. Richard deserted Laura and deserves no sympathy
from anyone, she barks. Richard arrives at Greg's ranch with Laura's eldest
son, Jason. Richard is angry that no one was with her when she died.
The friends all share fond memories of the time they spent with Laura. She
certainly changed Greg from being a confirmed cynic into a happy family
man. Gary, Richard , Greg, and a tipsy Mack gather in Greg's plush lounge.
There on Greg's coffee table are Peter Hollister's ashes in a marble urn.
Richard picks up the urn thinking it to be an ornament and ask's Greg,
'What's this, your stash of Monte Cristo's?' to which Greg replies, 'It's
my brother's ashes!' Gary is flabbergasted by Greg's flip answer; Mack,
worse for wear from drink, laughs into his bottle of beer. Richard quickly
replaces the urn and replies, 'It always stays right here on the coffee
table?' Greg comically pipes in, 'He always wanted to be the centre of
attention' Mack's laughs again, still drowning his sorrows in the bottom of
yet another bottle of beer. Val lies to Abby about Ben's disappearance.
Greg and Mack go shopping for a coffin; Mack is so far gone by now he hides
inside a casket and nearly frightens a woman to death with his antics. He
can not understand why his life-long friend and adversary is reacting so
coldly and indifferently to his wife's passing......

9.11 (201) Knots Landing: "NOISES EVERYWHERE--PART TWO"
10Dec87 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : David Jacobs
Guest Cast:
Richard Avery........... John Pleshette
After Laura's funeral, the residents gather at Greg's ranch to mourn her
passing. Peter Hollister's marble urn still sits on Greg's coffee table.
Gary desserts Jill to comfort a very tearful Val, who still finds it too
painful to let go of the memory of her dearest friend. Gary gives Val a
hug. Jill is now drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Richard introduces
himself to Jill. Upon finding out that she is 'seeing' Gary Ewing, Richard
says 'I think my ex-wife is the only one in the house who didn't see Gary
Ewing, then she's dead so I'll never know for sure'. He then tells her
Peter's urn is on the coffee table which shocks and disgusts her. Mack has
been missing since the day before, but eventually turns up at Greg's in a
taxi owing $112.00 for the fare. Karen pays the fare with Greg's money.
Mack is still angry at Greg for not mourning his wife's death in an
appropriate fashion.
Jill, still tipsy from her many glasses of wine, tells Val she doesn't mind
Gary seeing the kids; she then steals Peter's urn from the coffee table and
confronts Paige about his murder to which Paige still maintains was an
accident. This prompts Jill to hit Paige with her handbag containing the
urn; Paige yells out in pain and Jill apologises. Later that day, Jill
takes Peter's ashes to be laid to rest at the old site of Empire Valley.
Jody turns up at the funeral to be with Michael; her clinginess is making
him feel uncomfortable with the relationship.
After the mourners have left, Greg plays Laura's video message to Mack,
Gary, Val, Karen, Abby, Richard and Greg. Laura leaves messages for her
children, has no message for Abby, tells Karen and Val she will always
value the time she shared with both of them, and forgives Richard for
deserting her all those years ago. The last message is for Greg. Greg
watches this alone. Finally he breaks down, 'You left me at a bad time, Red
- I don't know what you are trying to tell me - why did you leave me all
alone - can't figure out why you left me all alone - I love you - I hope I
don't end up hating you'..........

9.12 (202) Knots Landing: "WEAK MOMENT"
17Dec87 CBS Thur
Written by : John Leasure
Directed by : Lorraine Ferrara
Guest Cast:
Barbara................. Ronne Troup
Mrs. Shino......... Pat Li
Boy..................... Zachary Bostrom
Val is sleeping with Gary again. Abby, still smarting from being stood up
by Charles, throws the roses delivered from him to her home into the fire
place. The song 'Weak Moment' is played as she thinks about what might have
been. She is determined not to fall for him again. At a quiet moment on the
beach, Gary tells Val that he wants to tell Jill about his relationship
with her. Upon returning home, Jill wants to know why Gary is spending so
much time at Val's. Gary tells her face to face that he doesn't love her.
The next morning, Jill turns up at Val's to give her a piece of her mind.
'...but I think you prefer to be helpless, you're the one who keep's this
victim routine going, everyone think's you're sooo sweet - so put upon, so
all alone in the world - so victimised, so damn pathetic'. Val asks her to
leave. 'Do you practice, Val, do you? Do you stand in front of the mirror
and pout instead of prim?' Jill tells Val she is leaving Gary and she can
have him to herself.
At Lotus Point, Abby is still giving Charles the cold shoulder. Gary meets
Charles for the first time; Charles tells Gary that twenty years ago Abby
was so sweet and understanding, which Gary find's bemusing. Could he be
talking about the same woman that plotted and schemed behind his back
during their stormy marriage?! All residents of the cul-de-sac celebrate
Christmas. Gary cannot understand why Val is snubbing him since Jill's very
vocal visit. Mack and Karen exchange Christmas presents. Karen has given
Mack two tickets to Tahiti. As the couple prepare to leave for their long
awaited break, Greg pays a visit with Meg; he is going to New York on
business and won't be back until Friday. Mack, who has taken a shine to
Meg, agrees to cancel his holiday to babysit. After shopping for a ring to
match a blue silk tie Abby commented on, Charles presents his gift to a
defiant Abby, who in the end gives in to her feelings and falls into bed
with her long lost love........

9.13 (203) Knots Landing: "ONLY TIL FRIDAY"
7Jan88 CBS Thur
Written by : James Stanley
Directed by : Lawrence Kasha
Guest Cast:
Mrs. Johnson............ Natalie Core
Ticket Agent....... Brenda Bolte
The Mackenzies settle down to a life of chaos and sleepless nights with
their new resident, Meg Sumner. Charles and Abby play the courting couple.
Charles negotiates his plans for expanding the Marina at Lotus Point at a
board meeting with Gary, Karen and Abby in attendance. Greg calls the
Mackenzies from 'New York' to let them know his trip home has been delayed,
but we all know he is really hiding out at the ranch. He gives Mack a
hospital release form in case Meg gets sick and permission is needed for
her treatment. High in the skies over Los Angeles, a new dodgy character
makes his way to the cul-de-sac. Paige finds out Greg is hiding out at the
ranch and agrees not the tell her father about his deception. Val brings
the twins over to see Gary; she lets it slip about her heated exchange with
Jill which explains why she has been snubbing him. Gary demands to know why
Jill interfered in his relationship with Val and the kids. The twins want
Gary to be their new dad.
Charles leaves a very put out Abby again for business commitments in New
York. The Williams family, comprising of Patricia and her shy daughter
Julie, move into Laura's house. It seems the Williams family has something
to hide! Greg has now delayed his return until Monday; the Mackenzies are
exhausted, but love having Meg around. Mack feels very paternal because he
never had a chance to bring up Paige and Michael is his step-son. The new
shady character with the Irish accent carries out a dodgy deal with another
shady character at the Lotus Point club. Charles returns from New York to
declare his undying love for an overjoyed Abby......

9.14 (204) Knots Landing: "TIES THAT BIND"
14Jan88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lou Messina
Directed by : Joesph Coppoletta
Guest Cast:
Doctor.................. Abraham Alvavaez
Bartender.......... Kurt Woodruff
Servant................. Lyla Graham
Nurse #1........... Marilyn Bradfield
Nurse #2................ Tish Smiley
Guitar-playing Johnny Rourke turns up on the front lawn of the Mackenzies
to see his ex-girlfrieind Paige, who isn't pleased to see him. He asks for
a loan; she gives a penniless Johnny $20 to get lost! She also tells Johnny
that he cannot blackmail her because the whole family knows about her fake
suicide. Greg and Paige have differences of opinion about what they
perceive as art. Paige is working for Greg from the art gallery on a
freelance basis. Olivia romanticises about her mother's involvement with
Charles. Charles declares that he would like to be with Abby on a more
permanent basis, but his wife Judith makes an unexpected appearance - to
Abby's embarrassment and annoyance. In the ladies room, the two women lock
horns. Judith knows Abby is sleeping with Charles and she looks down on her adversary.
Karen is out of town helping Linda and her mother move house. Mack is left
alone to mind Meg, whose temperature rises to 104 degrees. While visiting
the Mackenzies', Pat Williams notices Meg is having convulsions and is
quickly onto the hospital to get an ambulance to the cul-de-sac. Julie
warns her mother not to show her medical skills in public. Meg is tested
for meningitis; Greg cannot be located. Charles attends a dinner with his
wife instead of Abby, so Abby pairs up with Greg. Johnny now suspects Paige
has the hots for Greg, whom he calls an 'Old Man'. Paige goes to Greg's
ranch to tell him about Meg; he races to St. Agnes' hospital to be with his
daughter. Meg has no more than an ear infection. Mack has grown attached to
Meg. Judith and Abby fight for Charles' attention. He leaves Abby yet again
to go back to New York with his wife, but later returns to ask Abby to marry him........

9.15 (205) Knots Landing: "ANOTHER MODEST PROPOSAL"
21Jan88 CBS Thur
Written by : Robert Porter
Directed by : Lorraine Ferrara
Guest Cast:
Barbara................. Ronne Troup
Mrs. Shinno........ Pat Li
Holly................... Grace Simmons
Cleaning Man....... Antonio Trevino
Señor Benovides......... Gilbert Garcia
Bartender.......... Kurt Woodruff
Jack.................... Sheldon Saltman
Waiter............. Don Brunner
Greg takes a well Meg back to the arms of his housekeeper, Barbara, at the
ranch. Mack is not happy with the way Greg has been neglecting his
daughter! Abby tells Charles to ask her to marry him again when he is no
longer married to Judith. Johnny wants to rekindle his relationship with
Paige, but she isn't really interested. The only thing they have in common
is good sex, she says. Charles asks Abby to marry him again; she informs
him quite coldly of the fact that they were having an affair and now it's
goodbye. Gary celebrates his birthday at Lotus Point, leaving Val to put
the kids to bed after he is late for the surprise birthday party they had
planned. She is angry when he eventually turns up full of apologies. Val
doesn't want Gary confusing the twins as they have grown attached to him,
and Gary argues that he is fed up with Val always dictating where and when
he is allowed to see his children.
Johnny, as he strums his guitar outside his chalet at Lotus Point, observes
shady activities going on at the resort. He steals $27,000--which he gives
back to a man called The Dealer, yet another shady character now staying at
the resort--in return for regular 'work'. Val tells Gary their little
reunion is over. Jill is fed up with Val and the kids still being Gary's
life; she is now drinking on a regular basis. Charles asks Abby to marry
him in the presence of his wife, Judith, who makes a quick exit after
humiliating herself at a dinner party held at Lotus Point by Charles in
Abby's honour. Abby accepts his proposal of marriage. He isn't sure if she
said yes to spite Judith, but he doesn't care. Mack declares that he
doesn't want to look after Meg again as he can't bear being separated from
her when Greg decides to take her home. But Greg brings Meg to the
Mackenzies again, and Mack is well and truly smitten. The rest of the
family is concerned that Mack is definitely getting too attached to his god daughter.........

9.16 (206) Knots Landing: "IF NOT NOW, WHEN?"
28Jan88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Kate Swofford-Tilley
(No Guest Cast)
Charles and Abby make love in celebration of her acceptance of his marriage
proposal. Olivia is delighted her mother is getting married. The presence
of the Williams family in Knots Landing interests Karen and Mack: what are
they hiding; why is their daughter Julie so timid of the neighbours? Frank
Williams makes a surprise appearance; Karen presumed Pat was a single
parent. Charles informs Judith of his intensions to divorce her. She
agrees, but the announcement has to be delayed until their company's audit
results are reported, as the couple are planning the takeover of a
profitable mining company. We soon learn that Frank Williams has a fiery
temper. The Williams attend a very strained dinner party at the
Mackenzies'. Mack has a hunch that Frank is a former cop by his actions and
the questions he asked the Mackenzies about security in the cul-de-sac.
Gary asks Val to sign a declaration that he is indeed the twins biological
father. Val refuses. Jill prepares Gary's case to get visitation rights to
see the children. Val is very defensive. Karen thinks Pat and Frank are on
the run from the police; Frank is in a panic when he finds out Mack is a
special investigator for the Governor. There are more dodgy goings-on at
Lotus Point between Johnny and The Dealer. Charles tells Abby his divorce
cannot be filed until after the Eastern Mining Group's quarterly report is
published. Abby gives this information to Greg, who illegally buys up a
large amount of stock in EMG on Abby's behalf. Judith knows Abby has
something to do with her and Charles losing out on the deal. She bugs
Abby's office and follows her in a surveillance van to successfully record
a conversation between Greg and Abby, where she admits to insider trading.
Judith takes the tape to Charles, but doesn't count on his reaction. He
gives Abby the tape, tells Judith to go home, and tells Abby they are now
even. Abby is well and truly hooked on Charles. After Abby leaves his
office Charles receives a phone call from an unknown source; he proudly
proclaims to the caller that his plan is right on course: to get rid of
Judith and marry Abby........

9.17 (207) Knots Landing: "IN TOO DEEP"
4Feb88 CBS Thur
Written by : James Stanley
Directed by : Jerome Courtland
Guest Cast:
David Atkins............ Mathew Faison
Hillary Valenti.... Lucinda Crosby
BeBe.................... Bee-Be Smith
Manager............ Hugh Maguire
Drug Cantact............ Rick Deats
Antonio............ Antonio Trevino
Young woman tourist..... Lisa McCullough
Shooting Gallery Operator.......... Thomas Murphy
The news about Abby's forthcoming marriage to Charles is now common
knowledge at Lotus Point thanks to a very excited Olivia. Judith and Abby
lock horns again as Judith leaves to return to New York.

Judith: "Charles may still see you as that 19 year old coyote he once mooned over so many years ago, but the rest
of the world, well...it's obvious that chasing married men has taken its toll on you!"

Abby: "I didn't chase after Charles; it was more like I rescued him."

Judith: "The way you rescued Gary Ewing from his wife? Who's the next married man you're going to rescue;
or after all these years will you be looking for those...um...younger escorts who sell their services?"

Abby: "Well I'll call you if I need a referral...... you know what they say: don't go away mad, just go away!"

Ouch! Olivia overhears Judith and Abby's verbal cat fight and looks angrily
at her mother. Olivia is disgusted to find out that her mother knew Charles
was married before she slept with him.
Jody gives Michael an expensive CD player as a gift. He refuses it; he
doesn't want to get serious with Jody, who storms off. Julie Williams has a
photo taken at school; Frank is worried that she will be identified and
breaks into the school office to steal the negatives; they are later
destroyed in the fireplace. Johnny invites a dejected Jody and
dissappointed Olivia out to the fair. He has to deliver a package for The
Dealer; the bad guys try to steal the money and the shipment, but Johnny
hides another package in a toy Panda he won for Olivia at the shooting
gallery. Paige is trying to impress Greg. She calls on him unexpectedly to
find him entertaining a female friend. She is insanely jealous. Johnny
delivers his cargo to The Dealer - as the transaction goes ahead, a female
tourist walks into their room by mistake. She is later found washed up on
the beach dead. Mike think's the dead lady is Jody, but she has found
another boyfriend. Paige tries to woo Greg again, but he doesn't want to
know; he sees her as Mack's daughter and too young for him. Gary is taking
Val to court to prove paternity. Karen has been called as a witness; Val
pleads with Karen not to tell to truth about the paternity of the twins...........

9.18 (208) Knots Landing: "THE BLUSHING BRIDE"
11Feb88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
Guest Cast:
Seamstress.............. Phoebe Dorin
M. Dawson Hanson... Colby Chester
Sarah Brock............. Debra Dusay
Architect.......... Kathryn Leigh Scott
Gary and Jill discuss their plan of action before the court hearing against
Val. Val is scared of losing her children to Gary. She swears blind to Gary
not being the father of the twins. Karen invites Pat to give a 'Welcome to
Knots Landing' interview with a local reporter. Frank and Pat argue about
her agreeing to the interview; their raised voices are heard by a concerned
Mack and Karen. Pat does the interview with Frank in attendance. The
reporter later tells Karen they refused to take any photos, which doesn't
dispel her fear that the Williams are on the run from the cops. Charles
insists on the Lotus Point boating Marina being expanded; he offers to lend
Abby two million dollars to pay for the expansion to go ahead. Charles
meets his business partners at the Marina. Manny Vasquez is Charles'
associate, accommpanied by his nephew and henchman, Harold Dyer. Meg is
still resident at the Mackenzies. Karen and Mack observe mysterious comings
and goings at the Williams' house in the middle of the night.
Abby is measured for a wedding gown. Gary is happy for her. Abby finds out
that Charles' plans to expand the boating Marina were drafted some five
months ago. Abby later learns that Charles has come back in her life to get
his hands on Lotus Point, and she wants to know why. Karen admits Gary is
the twins' father at the court hearing. Val snubs Karen for telling the
truth. Now Mack has been called to give evidence. He tries to get Gary to
stop the proceedings, and Karen tries to get Val to see reason: a child
needs a mother and a father. Mack tells Val he cannot lie in court; he
urges Val to change her statement about Gary not being the twins father to
avoid been cited for perjury. She changes her statement. Abby suggests to
Charles that they leave Knots Landing after the wedding. He is now on the
defensive and doesn't want to leave; he has even relocated his company to
be near her. It dawns on Abby that Charles is after her property. She
agonizes over whether or not to go ahead with the wedding. She is deeply
hurt. She then asks her lawyer to find out what Charles Scott is worth
financially. Charles tells Abby his divorce is final; she agrees to marry
him as soon as possible with an evil glint in her eye.........

9.19 (209) Knots Landing: "LAWFULLY WEDDED"
18Feb88 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Lawrence Kasha
Guest Cast:
Abby's Attorney......... Jordon Charney
Christine.......... Christine Stable
Jackie Miller........... Maureen Malone
Rev. Avoir Dupois.. Thomas Bellin
Meter Reader............ Dinah Lenny
Frank is upset that Mack has been spying on his family. Abby finds out
Charles is wealthy in his own right. She wants to know why he wants Lotus
Point so badly. Manny tells Charles he wants the expansion for the Marina
to be completed in three months. Frank Williams' behaviour borders on
paranoia as he looks out for his family. Charles insists on giving the two
million dollars to Abby to build the expansion to the Marina as an
engagement present. Abby finds out if she marries Charles she will not have
to pay any gift tax on the money. Abby and Charles elope in the dead of
night, getting married in a Day & Night Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas by the
Reverend Avoir Dupois. Greg is happy for Meg to stay at the Mackenzies',
and Mack questions his ability to parent Meg at all. The newlyweds take an
overnight flight back to Knots Landing and spend a passionate wedding night
together. Abby's two million dollar cheque is presented to her in a candy
jar. In the morning Abby is packed and ready to walk out on Charles. She
introduces him to her attorney to sort out the arrangements for an annulment.
Charles tries to tell Abby he loves her; she tests his resolve by
suggesting they sell Lotus Point and move away, but he refuses. Abby walks
out on her husband of just 24 hours. Pat and Frank are under the Federal
Witness Protection Programme. Pat has to testify against a former colleague
who was dealing illegal drugs when she practiced as a physician. During his
negotiations with Abby's attorney about the conditions of the annulment,
Charles is told that he has to honour the two million promised to Abby, as
she has banked the cheque, and also pay the $700,000 gift tax, which he
flatly refuses to do. Manny persuades him otherwise; he needs to keep Mrs.
Ewing in good favour until the expansion work is completed. Charles tells
Abby's attorney to tell her to go to hell, and goes back to New York. A
date is set for the hearing between Gary and Val. Abby tries to tell an
excited Olivia that her marriage to Charles is off. Olivia presents her
mother with a framed certificate proclaiming a star has been named after Abby and Charles........

9.20 (210) Knots Landing: "BOUNCING BABIES"
25Feb88 CBS Thur
Written by : William Devane
Directed by : Nicholas Scarro
Guest Cast:
Barbara................. Ronne Troup
David Atkins....... Mathew Faison
Arthur Baskin........... David Selburg
George Hunt........ Vernon Weddle
Bartender............... Kurt Woodruff
Clerk.............. Mary Wickliffe
Mack is now taking Meg to work with him, as Karen works full-time at Lotus
Point. Karen doesn't feel they need to expand the marina, but Abby is
willing to lend the company two million dollars, at a competitive rate of
interest, to get things started. Karen tells Gary that he has a right to
see his children. He feels everyone is against him. Abby tells Karen and a
disappointed Olivia that the wedding is off. Mack and Karen update their
life insurance polices in view of Meg becoming a regular fixture around the
house. Greg's housekeeper tries to resign her job with him; she brings home
the point that now Meg is at the Mackenzies'; she hasn't enough duties to
keep her busy at the ranch. She tells Greg that Meg needs a steady home
base, so he takes her back to the ranch. Mack is heartbroken; he fears for
Meg's welfare now she is back with her father. Johnny is now on Manny's pay
roll. The Ewing vs. Gibson case is heard. Val hopes the judge will dismiss
Gary's case, but he doesn't, which sends Val into hysterics in court.
Johnny teases Paige about her crush on Greg. Greg builds a giant playhouse
for Meg on his front lawn. Mack discusses his lack of status in Meg's life
with Val. He can't see her again, and he feels he has been more of a father
to Meg than Greg. Val realises the twins need to see their father, so she
tells Gary she will not fight him over access again. Gary is overjoyed and
relieved. The twins keep referring to him as Daddy; Gary explains that Ben
is their dad, but he will be around as much as they want. Olivia's reaction
to Abby's cancelled wedding is to stay out late and snub her mother. Greg
gives Meg back to Mack and Karen; he tells them she is better off living
with them. Karen and Mack will be her legal guardians to bring up as their
own. Greg burns the playhouse he built for his daughter........

9.21 (211) Knots Landing: "A FAIR RACE"
3Mar88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Lawrence Kasha
Guest Cast:
Barbara................. Ronne Troup
Howard............. David K. Johnston
Freddie................. Robert Donavan
Mrs Bailey......... Dorothy Patterson
Lotus Point Employee.... Jeff Skier
Paul Evans......... Richard Garrison
Paige takes care over her appearance as she prepares to go out. Greg turns
up unexpectedly at the Mackenzies' to take Paige out to see art more
treasures. Harold and Manny's ominous presence is being felt by some of the
employees at Lotus Point. Val makes up with Karen after the fight they had
in connection with Gary's paternity hearing. Gary decides to become a very
silent partner at Lotus Point. Olivia is depressed; she feels alone and
unloved. Michael tries to cheer her up with a suggestion of going out.
Olivia protests to his pampering; an argument ensues, and Harold intervenes
when he thinks Michael is giving Olivia a hard time. Olivia is duly
impressed by his intervention. Paige cannot understand why Greg doesn't see
her as a woman. She uses Johnny to make him jealous. Harold and Olivia have
their first date at a pizza Parlor. The young couple get on well.
Greg and Johnny race against each other on horseback to impress Paige, but
Johnny just ends up in a hedge after been thrown by one of Greg's mares.
Now that Gary has given up his job at Lotus Point, he is spending more time
with Val and the twins, which only upsets Jill all the more. Abby will not
let Olivia see Harold again until she has met her new boyfriend, so a
meeting is arranged at Abby's. Harold is accompanied by his uncle, who
wants to get on side with Olivia's mother. Greg hires Paige to work
exclusively for him at the ranch; Paige promptly drops Johnny now that she
knows Greg is interested in her. Abby is impressed with Harold; Manny tells
her his business is renting out yachts. Karen is introduced to Manny at
Lotus Point; Manny is instantly attracted to Karen........

9.22 (212) Knots Landing: "FULL DISCLOSURE"
10Mar88 CBS Thur
Written by : Alan Goldfein
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Guest Cast:
Mr. Fisher.............. Reid Shelton
Mr. Harris........ F. William Parker
Christen................ Christen Stabile
Judge Hollander... Walker Edmiston
Expert.................. Colin Hamilton
Officer Jim....... Gregory Mortensen
George.................. Julian Deyer
Workman Phil...... Tony Montero
TV interviewer.......... Mary Hale
All the residents are out in the cul-de-sac generally hanging out and
exchanging small talk. A ladder crashes through the Williams' window; Frank
appears with a gun which he uses to frighten the workman who was called by
Pat to clear some guttering from the roof. Mack reports Frank to the
police, and Pat is embarrassed by his overzealousness. Harold and Johnny
carry out some debt collection at Lotus Point. Harold roughs up a client
who owes Manny $25,000. Abby now has reservations about Harold as a
suitable escort for her daughter. She thinks he is too old for Olivia.
Olivia thinks Harold has a respectable job with his uncle.
The twins spend a night at Gary's. Gary tells Jill that it is better that
the twins do not see them sharing a bed together; a bitter Jill agrees to
his request. Pat completes her testimony in court. As she leaves the court
to enter a lift, she is stabbed in the arm by an unknown assailant. Karen
and Mack learn of Pat's attack on the television, not realising its their
neighbour. When Pat returns home with her arm in a sling, Mack deduces it's
Pat who is the Federal Witness and not Frank. Abby tells Olivia that she
didn't marry Charles because she found out he didn't love her the way she
thought he did. Val gets a letter from Ben with no forwarding address; it
tells her he will be coming home very soon.......

9.23 (223) Knots Landing: "HER LETTER"
24Mar88 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Robert Becker
Guest Cast:
Barbara................. Ronne Troup
Mrs. Bailey........ Dorothy Patterson
Howard.................. David K Johnson
Bellhop............ Jason Ma
A very elated Val rushes over to the Mackenzies'; she eventually finds them
at Pat and Frank's to spread the news about Ben's letter. The friends are
happy for her, but start to question why Ben would write after being
missing for the better part of a year. Val had resigned herself to the fact
that Ben was dead. Her friends are concerned that she may be getting her
hopes up unduly. Harold and Olivia kiss for the first time. He is now
taking her to and from school. Abby isn't pleased that her daughter is so
smitten with this older man. Jill is still drinking to console her
depression as Gary continues to play the doting father with the twins. Her
bitterness becomes more obvious. Abby is not pleased with the influence
Harold is having over her daughter. Olivia has announced that she will not
be going to college; in fact, she would like to leave school and keep house
for Harold. Abby tries to make her see reason.
Val takes Ben's belongings out of storage in preparation for his arrival.
She still doesn't know when he will be coming home. To take her mind off
waiting for a further reply from her husband, Val, Karen, and Pat go
shopping. Karen buys a tight black leather skirt which she wears to work.
Abby finds her new dress code amusing, whereas Manny is flirting with
Karen. Manny wants to rent most of the Marina for the next three years.
Karen tells Mack that Manny was flirting with her. Mack assumes Manny is a
ladies man. Johnny asks Paige to go to Mexico with him. At first she
refuses, but when her play for Greg is rejected again, she agrees. Olivia
wants to consummate her relationship with Harold, but he wants to wait
until they are married. Olivia readily agrees to his proposal, which
horrifies Abby. Olivia cannot see Harold again! Abby tells Manny he will
only get the contract to the Marina if Harold is kept away from Olivia.
Jill dictates another 'Ben' letter to Val with the aid of handwriting
fraudster Mrs. Bailey. Paige and Johnny, with Harold and Olivia, leave for
Mexico. Harold and Olivia are eloping to be wed.......

9.24 (214) Knots Landing: "MOTHER KNOWS BEST"
31Mar88 CBS Thur
Written by : Julie Sayres
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Guest Cast:
Arnie................... Curtis Taylor
Traveller.......... Andy Aybar
Lopez-Mexican Official .... H. Cannon
Dress Stall Holder. ..... Carmen Mareno
Abby walks in on a meeting between Manny and Karen demanding to know where
Harold and Olivia are. Abby knows Olivia has eloped and enlists Manny to
locate Harold immediately, or the contract for the boating marina will be
off. Manny calls Johnny in Mexico to locate Harold and tell him to give him
a call. Manny sends one of his henchmen to Mexico to make sure Harold does
as he is told. Harold and Olivia make plans for their simple wedding. Jill
dupes an unsuspecting male passenger at the airport into posting the second
'Ben' letter from his destination in South America. She pays him twenty
dollars for his trouble. Gary worries that if Ben returns he won't be able
to see the kids again; Val reassures him that he will always play a part in
their lives. Harold leaves Olivia to sign their marriage licenses in order
to call Manny, who tells him to dump Olivia or else. Harold, fearing for
his life, does as he is told. Olivia returns home, dejected, into the
waiting arms of her mother.
Jill hopes Ben's reappearance will mean Gary spending less time with the
twins. Karen meets Manny for breakfast; Mack is understandably jealous.
Karen and Manny make small talk and the meeting ends with Manny kissing a
shocked Karen. During her stay with Johnny in Mexico, Paige becomes
interested in a archeological dig going on nearby. She is interested in the
Pre-Columbian art treasure given to her by Johnny. The dig could be
canceled if the plans for a highway go ahead. Paige flies back to Greg to
ask for finances to get the highway stopped. She is successful with her
plea. Olivia knows Harold loves her; she knows he wouldn't drop her without
a proper reason. She goes to see him at Lotus Point and he tells her it's
his uncle who doesn't want their relationship to continue. She then appeals
to her mother to talk to Manny, but Abby just tells Manny to get rid of
Harold once and for all. Jill offers Val a truce. Val accepts, which suits
Jill's plans. Olivia goes to see Harold again; she thinks her mother
persuaded Manny to let Harold see her again. She wants to sleep with him,
but they are interrupted by a visit from Manny. Olivia overhears Manny
telling Harold that he has to go to Miami, and he doesn't care if he
marries Olivia. It's Abby who wants Harold out of Olivia's life........

9.25 (215) Knots Landing: "WITH A HEAVY HEART"
7Apr88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lawrence Kasha
Directed by : Micheal Preece
Guest Cast:
Maitre'D................ Marten Goslins
Tina............... Tina Lifford
Waiter #2............... Don Brunner
Waiter #1.......... Richard Hoyt-Miller
Harold leaves for Miami, to Abby's relief. Olivia is calm upon returning
home after Harold's departure. Abby is concerned about her daughter's state
of mind. Val receives the second 'Ben' letter, which is longer; she is
overjoyed, but there is no indication of when Ben will be coming home. Gary
agrees to give his relationship with Jill another try. Olivia hates her
mother. She is too overprotective; she tells Brian that Abby will never
leave her alone to live her life the way she wants to. After a meal
together, Gary and Jill walk through the Lotus Point Marina; Gary observes
Manny supervising some mysterious activities going on in the middle of the
night. Jill edits a video of Ben's voice, preparing to make a phone call to
Val that she will believe is from her husband. The message is left on Val's
answering machine when she is out. Everyone is concerned about Olivia's
mood since Harold left for Miami; her mother buys her a puppy to compensate
for her loss. She hopes she will get over her lost love.
Frank doesn't want to find new employment; he is a trained cop and lacks
the skills to find new employment. Mack thinks Manny is a criminal. Olivia
tells Karen she knows Abby was behind Harold's move to Miami. Karen tells
Abby what she knows. Abby now knows Olivia is really mad at her. Olivia
gives Brian her puppy to take care of. Olivia has done another disappearing
act. Mack hires Frank to investigate Manny. Olivia gives Manny a letter to
pass onto Harold. Manny is concerned about Olivia's visit to his quarters;
he makes a personal visit to Abby's home and gives her the letter meant for
Harold. Abby is horrified to learn that Olivia's letter was a goodbye note
to Harold; it now dawns on her that her daughter is planning to take her own life.......

9.26 (216) Knots Landing: "JUST DESSERTS"
14Apr88 CBS Thur
Written by : Don Mueller & William Devane
Directed by : Kevin Dobson
Guest Cast:
Dr. Robert Hayland...... Thom McFadden
Chava Rivas........ Bernie White
Lopez-Mexican Offiicial. H. Cannon
Supervisor......... Carlos Cervantes
Rebecca Soames.......... Kawena Charlot
Doctor............. Will Jeffries
Counselor............... Joan Foley
Police Officer #1.. Wren Brown
Debbie Stevens.......... Dale Kristien
Joel............... Tom Mikkelsen
Police Officer #2....... Gary Hollis
Antonio............ Antonio Trevino
The police have been called in to find Olivia. Abby is going out of her
mind with worry. Gary tries to console her, but she knows it is her fault
that Olivia has decided to commit suicide. Val informs Karen about the tape
of Ben's voice left on her answering machine. Everyone blames themselves
for not helping Olivia in her hour of need. Johnny is colluding with Manny
about the progress of the highway, which is being held up by the protests
to keep the archaeological site in operation. Manny needs the highway open
to ship his drugs. The police find Olivia's car abandoned at Lotus Point.
She is later found in a coma in Harold's chalet by a Lotus Point employee.
Olivia recovers slowly from her overdose of pills with a distraught Abby at
her bedside.
Paige appeals to Greg to donate more cash to keep the dig going, but he
refuses. After making a copy of one of Val's door keys, Jill visits Val's
when she is out and steals the tape of Ben's voice. To keep the dig in
operation, Paige steals one of Greg's Pre-Columbian artifacts and smuggles
it into Mexico. The Mexican police have been instructed to look out for
Johnny and Paige after Manny bribes them. The highway must go ahead,
whatever the cost. Through Mack's investigations, with Frank's help, Mack
finds out Manny is a drug dealer. Olivia isn't allowed to leave hospital
until the doctor is sure she will not try to take her life again. She still
wants nothing to do with Abby. Paige tries to bury the stolen artifact to
be found in the morning by site members. Johnny creates a diversion by
starting a fire in one of the site tents. As the couple complete their
handywork, they are observed by one of the Mexican diggers.........

9.27 (217) Knots Landing: "DISCOVERY"
28Apr88 CBS Thur
Written by : James Stanley
Directed by : Lawrence Kasha
Guest Cast:
Raymond Donner.......... Gary Bayer
Chava Rivas........ Bernie White
Dr. Robert Hyland....... Thom McFadden
Counselor.......... Joan Foley
Lopez Ruiz.............. H. Cannon
Arnie.............. Curtis Taylor
Rebecca Soames.......... Kawena Charlot
William Friedman... James Christensen
Debbie Stevens.......... Dale Kristien
Pharmacist......... Harry Stephens
Officer Huerta.......... Josh Gallegos
Joel............... Tom Mikkelesen
The site members try to stave off the fire started by Johnny to no avail.
Johnny doesn't want Paige to bury the artifact, but she does anyway as the
site member who saw her bury the artifact walks away. Paige tries to bribe
Chave later without success; he states their methods to stop the highway
may be different, but they want to achieve the same objective in the end.
On the way home from a very uncomfortable dinner with Manny, Karen and Mack
argue about his behaviour towards Manny. Mack tells Karen Manny is running
drugs through Lotus Point, which leaves her dumbfounded. Val plays the
blank 'Ben' tape to Gary at the house, not knowing Jill had broken in to
take the tape back to cooly destroy in the fireplace back at Gary's ranch.
Karen spreads the news about Manny's activities to Gary. Mack, Gary, Abby
and Karen discuss quite vocally how are they going to get rid of Mr.
Vasquez from their resort. Jill calls Val from a phone box and taunts her
with another recording of Ben's voice. Val frantically calls the operator
pleading with them to trace the call.
Mack and Co. get the FBI involved in removing Manny from Lotus Point, but
they are instructed to sit tight and wait for their investigations to be
completed. This proves very frustrating for all concerned. At the
archeological dig in Mexico, Paige's planted treasure is found. A national
treasure means the site is protected and cannot be destroyed. Manny wants
the highway to be built as soon as possible; he has buyers waiting for his
cargo. Paige returns to Greg to inform him of the find, but he knows she
stole one his statues and tried to pass it off a national treasure. Michael
badgers Karen into allowing him to join Paige on her return to Mexico to
stay out of danger. Johnny is instructed by Manny to get rid of Paige as
she is getting in the way of his plans to get the highway completed. Mack
and Co. also find out that Charles Scott and Manny Vasquez are partners in
several holding companies. Olivia is still being counselled in hospital.
Jill visits Val again to find out if her handywork is taking effect. Pat is
visiting Val when Jill calls; Val tells Pat that she still has trouble
sleeping at night, frustrated by the lack of news of her husband's imminent
return. Val has been prescribed sleeping pills but decides not to fill out
the prescription at the present time. Later that day, Jill collects Val's
prescription in Val's name. Karen, Mack, Abby and Gary are told the
government has instructed the FBI to hold off its investigation of Manny
Vasquez because he is working for the Federal police. Manny flies to Mexico
and orders his henchman to destroy the archeological site..........

9.28 (218) Knots Landing: THE PERFECT ALIBI
5May88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Kate Swofford Tilley
Guest Cast:
Raymond Donner.......... Gary Bayer
David.............. David Hayward
Dr. Robert Hyland....... Thom McFadden
Carl............... William Joyce
Harry Palmer............ Fredric Cook
Stewardess......... Deborah Benson
Rebecca Soames.......... Kawena Charlot
Arnie.............. Curtis Taylor
Leslie.................. Eliza Garrett
William Friedman... James Christensen
Jerome.................. Michael Vodde
Bob................ Deam Coleman
Ticket Taker............ Charles Champion
Woman at Airport... Cheryl McWilliams
Manny is working for the US government. His involvement is a case of
national security, which annoys Abby, Gary, Mack and Karen. The group is
told to back off. Manny's henchmen set about sabotaging the archeological
site. A snake is placed in Paige's sleeping bag but she decides to share
Johnny's before any harm is done. Jill plays 'playhouse' with Val's son
Bobby; her insane jealousy of Val, the twins, and Gary shows quite
intensely. Jill starts to look through Gary's clothes for telltale signs of
his 'infidelity' with Val. She finds traces of lipstick on one of his
shirts and violently accuses him of sleeping with Val, which he denys.
Manny's henchmen have poisoned the water tank at the archeological dig
site; people are going home ill. The dog belonging to the site leader, Dr.
Hyland, is killed by Manny's men; he leaves for home to protect his family
from further harm. Mack asks Greg to use his contacts to find out how to
get rid of Manny, but he is met by a brick wall too. Jill announces she is
leaving for a computer conference in San Francisco for 3 days. A handgun
forms part of her luggage.
During Jill's plane flight to San Francisco, she deliberately strikes up a
conversation with a passenger sitting next to her, making sure he knows her
real name and occupation. At the computer conference again she mingles with
the guests to make sure she is known by most in attendance. She picks up a
man called David, whose drink is spiked by Jill when he goes to buy her
some unwanted cigarettes. Jill starts to make out with David in her hotel
room, but he soon falls asleep from the sleeping pill placed in his drink
in the conference room. She undresses David, puts on a curly black wig and
glasses, and returns to Knots Landing. Olivia still snubs her mother after
getting rid of Harold. Johnny informs Manny that his next consignment of
drugs will be delivered that night. Manny instructs his henchman to keep a
close eye on Paige and Johnny because he doesn't trust them. Karen, Mack,
Gary and Abby are frustrated by their efforts to stop Manny from shipping
more drugs through the Marina. Val invites Julie Williams over to babysit
the twins so she can join Pat and Frank to watch a movie at their place.
Jill returns to Knots Landing with her handgun. Paige speaks to an
investigative reporter about the sabotage of the archeological dig. She is
unaware that she is being watched by the Mexican police. Paige prepares to
take a lift from the reporter but Johnny stops her from getting into the
car. Johnny is frightened for his girlfriend; the reporter waves goodbye,
turns on the ignition of his car, and is blown up. Meanwhile, Jill lets
herself into Val's house with the duplicate key while Val is upstairs drying her hair........

9.29 (219) Knots Landing: THE PERFECT CRIME
12May88 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Joseph Scanlan
Guest Cast:
Tom Daugherty........... Dick O' Neill
David.............. David Hayward
Chava Rivas............. Bernie White
Federal #2......... Roman Cisneros
Jill locks the doors and windows at Val's as Val is unaware of her presence
downstairs. Jill takes a pair of pink washing-up gloves from the kitchen
and makes her way upstairs. Val has now dried her hair and has bent down
into a closet looking for something; she hears the door of her bedroom
shut, and turns around to be faced by a strange woman wearing pink
washing-up gloves, a funny curly black wig, and thick framed glasses,
pointing a gun at her. Val realises it's Jill when she tells her to sit on
her bed. Val is terrified. First of all Val thinks its a huge practical
joke but soon realises Jill is deadly serious. Jill to Val: 'I would love
to kill you, I would dearly love to kill you - but you are going to kill
yourself' . Val refuses to do as she is ordered; she wants to protect her
kids, who are now sleeping soundly in the other bedroom. Jill didn't bank
on the kids being home, but her plan has to be carried out.
Jill tells Val that she was behind the 'Ben' letters and the phone calls -
Val cannot take in what is happening to her.... she is forced at gunpoint
to swallow a handful of sleeping pills. Jill checks inside her mouth to
make sure she has taken them all. Jill has already written out a suicide
note from Val to Gary - she hurries Val up as she has a plane to catch back
to San Francisco. Suddenly the doorbell rings. Frank and Julie Williams
have called about the babysitting and the film she agreed to watch with
them at their house. Val has to lie to get rid of them while Jill stands
behind the front door, pointing the gun at her. Then the phone rings; it's
Gary returning a call. Val slides slowly to the floor as the pills start to
take effect. Jill escorts a dozey Val back upstairs. Frank Williams tells
Pat he thinks Val is finally lost it; he describes her facial expression
when he called to her house 'as if she had a gun pointed at her head'...
Jill places a second suicide note in the Mackenzies' front door but it's
blown away by a gust of wind.
Paige, Johnny, Chava and Michael make their way on foot to the bus stop in
a desperate hurry to leave Mexico. During their journey, Paige discovers
that Chava is an undercover cop working for the Drug Enforcement Agency.
Chava tells her that Johnny is on Manny's payroll, and he is bound and left
at the side of the road. Paige, Michael and Chava catch a bus to the
airport, which has to stop at the Mexican border. The bus is boarded by
police and Paige; Chava and Michael are taken away. Jill lays Val's
unconscious body back onto the bed with the suicide note at her side. She
replaces the pink gloves and leaves the house for San Francisco. Due to bad
weather her flight is delayed, so she makes a hasty dash by car back to the
hotel to complete her alibi. In the morning Manny waits impatiently for his
cargo to arrive at the Lotus Point Marina, but his yachts can't get in
because Gary and Abby have moored their boats at the Marina. Manny calls
Karen and tells her if she doesn't arrange for his boats to dock at the
Marina, he cannot guarantee the safety of Paige and Michael in Mexico.
Karen's smiles turn to horror. Back in San Francisco, David awakes from his
deep sleep to be greeted by Jill coming out of the bathroom wearing a towel
and telling him they spent a great night together. Val's comatose body is
now outstretched on the floor of her bedroom with the phone off the hook
and disconnected from the wall........

################ Knots Landing ###############
############### end of season 9 ##############

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