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Season 10 (1988-89)
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################ Knots Landing ###############
############## season 10 1988-89 #############
CBS Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern
Created by David Jacobs
Executive Producer: Lawrence Kasha
Produced by Mary-Catherine Harold, Lynn Marie Latham, & Bernard Lechowick

Primary Cast:
Michele Lee ................................... Karen Mackenzie
Kevin Dobson .................................. Mack Mackenzie
Joan Van Ark .................................. Valene Ewing Gibson
Ted Shackelford ............................... Gary Ewing
William Devane ................................ Gregory Sumner
Donna Mills ................................... Abby Cunningham Ewing Sumner
Nicollette Sheridan ........................... Paige Matheson
Teri Austin ................................... Jill Bennett
Secondary Cast:
Pat Petersen .................................. Michael Fairgate
Tonya Crowe ................................... Olivia Cunningham
Lynn Moody .................................... Patricia Williams
Larry Riley ................................... Frank Williams
Peter Reckel .................................. Johnny Rourke
Robert Desiderio .............................. Ted Melcher
Paul Carafotes ................................ Harold Dyer
Betsy Palmer ................................. Virginia Bullock
Melinda Culea ................................. Paula Vertosick
Kent Masters-King ............................. Julie Williams
Brain Austin-Green ............................ Brian Cunningham
Terrence McNally .............................. Rick Hawkins
Christian/Joseph Cousins ..................... Bobby
Kathryn/Tiffany Lubran ........................ Betsy
Victoria Ann-Lewis ............................ Peggy
Marcia Soloman ................................ Marsha
Carlos Cantu .................................. Carlos
Movita Castaneda .............................. Ana
Morgan Corey/Whitney Harper White ............. Meg

10.1 (220) Knots Landing: SUICIDAL
27Oct88 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Jerome Courtland
Guest Cast:
Manny Vasquez............. John Aprea
Sheila............. Billie Bird
Chava Rivas............... Bernard White
Admissions Clerk... Patrica Huston
Arnie..................... Curtis Taylor
E.R. Nurse......... Laura Waterbury
Ruiz...................... H. Cannon-Lopez
Little Girl........ Erika Chavarria
Paramedic................. Charles Champion
Explosives Expert.. Richard Partlow
Robin..................... Alexandra Craig
The opening scene for Season Ten starts with Val lying on the floor of her
bedroom unconscious after being force-fed sleeping pills by Jill Bennett.
It is now morning and the twins Bobby and Betsy bound into their mother's
bedroom complaining about a fight that has ensued between them. When Bobby
finds he can not rouse his mother, both children leave the room unaware of
their mother's fate. Mack decides to fly to Mexico to find Michael and Paige.
Pat pulls up Frank about his expanding waistline and he decides to take up
jogging. As he limbers up in the cul-de-sac, he spots Betsy and Bobby
playing outside on Val's lawn still wearing their pajamas. Frank asks where
thier mother is - the children tell him she is asleep on the floor
upstairs. Frank is now concerned and makes a dash upstairs to find Val
still in a comatose state on the floor. An ambulance is summoned, and Val
is soon in hospital having her stomach pumped. Karen takes Meg to a
not-too-pleased Greg to keep her out of harm's way. Karen informs Gary and
Abby that they have to let Manny unload his shipment of drugs or Michael
and Paige will be killed. As the partners discuss the implications of
letting Manny have his way, news of Val's 'suicide' reaches Karen, Gary and Abby.
Gary goes to the hospital and pays for Val's treatment by credit card.
Mack's search for the whereabouts of Paige and Michael proves fruitless. He
then meets Harold Dyer, whom he doesn't know is Oliva's former boyfriend.
Gary calls Jill at her hotel in San Francisco to break the news about Val's
attempted suicide. Jill is angry because Val is still alive. She throws the
telephone across the room to express her anger. In Mexico, Mack is lead
into a trap by a young Mexican girl; he is thrown into a small shack and is
soon joined by Harold and Manny. Mack soon learns Harold was Olivia's
good-for-nothing boyfriend. At the hospital, Jill pays Val a visit. We hear
her thoughts as she holds Val's I.V drip in her hand. She knows that when
Val regains consciousness her story will not be believed; after all, Val is
now in a psychiatric ward.
Back in the shack in Mexico, Mack tells Harold that once Manny has got his
drugs delivered at Lotus Point he will kill Mack and the kids. Harold
doesn't believe his uncle would go back on his word; as Mack keeps Harold
talking, the DEA officer Chava, who was also beaten up and has also been
held captive by Manny's thugs, creates a diversion for Mack to attack
Harold. In walks Manny brandishing a gun. He points it at Mack ready to
shoot; Harold pleads with his uncle not to kill Mack, but a shot rings out
and Manny drops dead, having been shot by Harold. Mack yells at Harold
'Where are my children;' Harold replies he doesn't know.......

10.2 (221) Knots Landing: BORDERLINE
3Nov88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Kate Swofford Tilley
(No Guest Cast Details)
On a rainy night, Karen is working late at Lotus Point. Two guests report
suspicious activities going on at the Marina. Karen tries to dispel their
concerns. Abby informs Karen that the men have stopped unloading the drugs.
Karen is now in a panic. If they stop, Michael and Paige would be killed.
Back in Mexico, Mack and a distraught Harold dispose of Manny's body after
Mack takes all the money from the money belt found on Manny's body. Mack
uses this money to aid his search for his children. They later find out
from a bent Mexican official that Paige and Michael are making their way to
the Mexican border to to get home. Paige and Michael are now being held by
two more thugs in a shack deep in the country. Johnny Rourke soon turns up
to relieve the men of their custodians by stating that Manny told him to
take them to another location. Olivia goes to visit Val in hospital. She
confides in Jill that she thinks Val may have tried to take her own life
because Olivia had tried when she lost Harold. Jill comfort's Olivia by
dispelling her fears, "No Olivia don't be ridiculous sweetheart, it's not
your fault I mean - you can not make someone commit suicide!"
Val wakes from her coma, and the first person she see's is Gary
straightening her pillow. In walks Olivia closely followed by Jill. Val
goes hysterical screaming for Jill to get out of her room. In a quiet
moment she tells Gary the whole story about Jill breaking into her to house
to kill her. Gary thinks her story is so far-fetched that he decides the
drugs she has taken must be making her imagine Jill tried to kill her. Val
is adamant. Everyone believes Val tried to take her own life. Jill is
pleased that Val's rantings are falling on deaf ears. Mack calls Karen to
tell her Manny is dead and that he is on his way to meet Paige and Michael
at the Mexican border. Val decides to file an assault charge against Jill
but the detective also cannot find credibility in her story. Paige,
Michael, and Johnny join other Mexican citizens fleeing Mexico for America.
They have to be smuggled across the border in a windowless blue van.
Val is told by a case worker that she isn't mentally fit enough to look
after her kids and so she sends them to stay with her mother out of harms
way. Greg is considering running for the Senate again; he has a meeting
with his new PR guy, Ted Melcher. Mack and Harold reach the meeting point
but Paige and Michael have not arrived. Instead, the three youngsters with
companions are rubbed by two country hicks who welcome them to the Mexican
border by locking them in the battered, windowless, old van with no way out......

10.3 (222) Knots Landing: DESERTED
10Nov88 CBS Thur
Written by : M.J. Cody & Chuck Balot
Directed by : Lorraine S. Ferrara
(No Guest Cast Details)
It becomes obvious to Mack and Harold that Michael and Paige have not made
it to the Mexican border - so Mack jumps into Harold's hired jeep and races
off into the sunset to find his children. Meanwhile - stuck inside the
dark, stuffy, windowless van, Paige, Michael, Johnny and their Mexican
companions talk about their hopes for the future should they survive their
ordeal. Inside the van, it is very hot and stuffy. During their time stuck
in the van, an elderly Mexican dies, Paige argues with Michael about dying
and Johnny loses his Irish accent. Jill tells Gary that she is now afraid
of Val. She can not understand why Val is telling everyone she tried to
kill her. Val confides in Karen, who thinks her story doesn't sound
logical. Val grows impatient and frustrated with the people around her. She
is desperate to prove Jill is a murderess and plans to go to San Francisco
to find out if Jills alibi can be broken. Mack's search for Paige and
Michael leads him to a room full of card-playing Mexican men. He has now
acquired a Mexican speaking guide, who shows the picture of Paige and
Michael to one of the men. Later that day, the door of the tattered old van
is opened and Mack embraces his children.
Karen is over the moon when she finds out Paige and Michael are safe, and
she prepares a welcome home party for them. While patrolling the Marina, a
Lotus Point security guard finds a stash of cocaine hidden in the water.
The police call round to the Mackenzies' as the welcome home party is in
full swing. Mack gets rid of the police, who are still investigating the
criminal activities of Manny Vasquez. Val hides out in the Mackenzies'
kitchen as she feels she can not face anyone after her 'suicide' attempt.
Harold turns up, which upsets Olivia. Mack tells everyone Harold saved his
life; and even Abby thanks Harold for 'what ever' he did in Mexico. Olivia
and Harold sort out their differences to the disappointment of Abby. Meg is
brought back to the Mackenzies' by Greg. After emerging from the kitchen,
Val has an emotional outburst in front of her friends; she tells them all
that she did not try to kill herself and leaves the stunned guests by the
front door. Later that night, a strange car pulls up in the cul-de-sac; the
driver is unidentified. The car stays parked in the same spot all night.
Val hears a noise as she prepares to go to bed; she think's it is Jill
trying to break into her house again. She spend's all night awake on her
couch in the living room, with the light on, holding a kitchen knife in her hand........

10.4 (223) Knots Landing: THE PICK UP GAME
24Nov88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
(No Guest Cast Details)
Mack reads the morning paper about the Lotus Point drug connection. An aid
from the government department advises him not to pursue his investigation
into Manny Vasquez's drug connections. As Val collects her own morning
paper, she encounters Frank at her front gate. He tells her that Jill would
be foolish to try and take her life now that Val has told everyone she
tried to kill her. Val is moved by Frank's encouraging words; at last
someone doesn't think she is losing her mind. While Frank and Val continue
to converse, a strange balding figure watches the couple from the car still
parked in the cul-de-sac. From jail, the crooked doctor, who was
incarcerated after Pat testified against him in court, demands to know her
whereabouts. Frank calls on Pat at work in the local bank; he ask's her to
pull up Jills bank account details on her computer. He finds out that Jill
withdrew $800 in cash on the day Val tried to take her own life. Paige is
introduced to Greg's PR man Ted Melcher, who has taken a shine to Paige.
She flirts with Ted, but lets him know she isn't free for any kind of
relationship. Greg is to host a party at his ranch that night.
Gary returns to Lotus Points and learns from Karen that guests are leaving
and others have cancelled their reservations since the 'Drugs found at
Lotus Point' story hit the morning papers. Karen, Gary and Abby try to sort
out a plan of action to stem the rumours about the resort. Their meeting
becomes heated; Abby wants to make a statement to the press to stop the
rumours, and Gary pipes in, "Oh you've got a great reputation with the
press - aren't you the one who buried a body under the playground?" Karen
then counteracts by having a go at Gary for neglecting the business. Julie
Williams takes part in her schools spelling bee, but she has to fail before
winning through to the national finals, as her success will draw attention
to her family's whereabouts. Julie is distraught. Her parents are
videotaped by the same balding stranger who was parked in the cul-de-sac
the night before. Mack is growing more disillusioned with his job at the governors office.
The balding stranger introduces himself as Vincent Donnelly when he asks
Patricia to open a new bank account for him. Val is afraid to leave her
house. She now has her groceries delivered and this concerns Gary greatly.
Val believes if Gary stays away from her and the house Jill will leave her
alone. But Jill calls while Gary is still at Val's, and Gary is pushed out
of the house. Later on, Jill denies she called Val's looking for Gary. Tel
Melcher wants to sell Greg to the electorate as a successful businessman
who cares for the environment. Abby is trying to convince everyone that she
has changed her ways since Olivia's suicide attempt. No one is convinced!
Paige fancies Greg. She wants to know how to attract the older man, and
asks Mack for some advice about Greg. He cannot help her. Val is now on the
lookout for a detective in her quest to prove Jill tried to kill her. Back
at Greg's party, Paige is now skinny dipping in Greg's pool. She asks him
to join her; when he refuses, she climbs out of the swimming pool claiming
she can not find a towel, wearing nothing more than her birthday suit.......

10.5 (224) Knots Landing: SEX AND VIOLENCE
1Dec88 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Jerome Courtland
(No Guest Cast Details)
It transpires that Paige did not end up in bed with Greg. She turns up at
his ranch in the morning wearing a new outfit - he tells her not to skinny
dip in his pool again. Jill continues to drive Val crazy by calling her at
home to find out if Gary is there. After a morning jog, Frank returns home
to find a package on his doorstep. It turns out to be a video tape of
himself and Pat watching Julie compete in her spelling contest. Frank is
sent into immediate panic. What if the mob has found the family? He decides
to get the family out of Knots Landing as quickly as possible but he
receives a phone call from Donnelly telling Frank that Donnelly is watching
their activities from a short distance away. He instructs Pat to go to her
bank and await further instructions. Paige and Greg eventually wind up in
bed together. At the bank, Pat is told she has to pay Donnelly $100.000 to
keep his silence about their real identities. She has to steal the money
from dormant bank accounts, but at the first opportunity she calls Mack and
informs him of her family's plight. Abby wants to hire a publicist to
handle the drug scandal at Lotus Point.
Mack turns up at the bank and is soon on Donnelly's tail. Mack trails him
to his apartment; when Donnelly leaves, Mack breaks into his apartment. He
finds the video camera, and it turns out that Donnelly isn't Donnelly, but
a small bit actor called Tyler Watson. Donnelly is not a mobster with
accomplices; he is working alone, and Mack and Frank set out to find out
what is this guy all about. Val tries to hire a private detective to
investigate Jill but he doesn't take the case. Abby eventually talks Ted
Melcher into becoming the new publicist for Lotus Point. Mack and Frank act
out a charade with the aid of Peggy to get Donnelly on the defensive. He
falls for their ploy and when he returns to his apartment later that
evening, Mack and Frank are waiting for him. They find out he does know
Pat's really identity as he used to work as a hospital porter at the same
clinic where she was a doctor. When he found out she had testified against
her crocked colleague and learned of her new place of residence and new
identity, he couldn't pass up the chance of blackmailing her for a large
sum of money. He knew the mob was after her. Mack and Frank scare Donnelly
into leaving town very swiftly by shooting the corpse of a pal of his with blank bullets.
Paige and Greg spend the day making love. She decides to move in with him.
She knows he is worried about the large age gap between them and the fact
that she is Mack's daughter; Greg cannot hide his embarrassment due to the
age difference, but Paige tells him the age gap doesn't bother her. Paige
tells him she wants to conduct their relationship in a discreet manner. As
she prepares to place her clothes in his wardrobe, Greg wonders what he has
let himself in for.......

10.6 (225) Knots Landing: WEEKEND GETAWAY
8Dec88 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Andre R. Guttfreund
(No Guest Cast Details)
Gary talks to a psychiatrist about Val's mental state. He tells the female
therapist that Val is a passionate but stubborn woman and he cannot
understand why she continues to endorse her fantastic story about Jill
trying to kill her. Mack arranges for the Williams dental records to be
changed, so their old identities are erased forever. Janelle, Jerry and
Samatha Sollors "were killed" in a car accident and are now dead. From
prison, the crocked Dr. James, whom Pat testified against and put in jail,
reads the fabricated story orchestrated by Mack in the local paper. The
Williams family are now safe to live their lives in Knots Landing without
being in fear of their lives. Mack wants to know who Paige's latest
boyfriend is, but she doesn't divulge his identity. Gary, Val and Karen
decide to go down to San Francisco to try and prove Jill was not at the
hotel, but back in LA forcing a bottle of pills down Val's throat. The
three interview everyone who was at the computer conference which Jill
attended on the night of Val's 'suicide.' Everyone remembers Jill very
well, Val think's too well - but Gary dismisses her theories. Gary calls
Jill to tell her that her alibi for that night is watertight, but Jill is
angry to learn that Val is not satisfied with her findings.
Harold calls on Mack to ask for a job. He wants to prove to Olivia that he
is a changed man. Mack agrees to try and help him out. After Harold leaves
Mack's office, he calls Paige to tell her to stop treating his house like a
hotel. Abby ask's Greg to buy Lotus Point; she even offers to sell him her
TV stations as a sweetener, but he turns her offer down flat. Jill then has
a go at Mack for allowing Karen to accompany Val to San Francisco to try
and prove her guilt; Mack tells Jill that Val is on one of her crusades and
it will soon blow over, but Jill isn't so sure. Still in San Francisco,
Val, Karen and Gary find out from a gentleman who attended the computer
conference that Jill wasn't seen by anyone after 8 p.m. Val's suspicions
are roused again when she finds out there was a flight to LA at 9 p.m that
fateful night. Jill had plenty of time to come back to Knots Landing and do
the deed. Gary tells Val Jill left a message on his answering machine
before she turned in for the night. He dismisses Val's logicising.
Ted continues to flirt with Paige and she is enjoying his attention. Ted
warns Greg not to get too hooked on Paige. Their relationship could
jeopardize his political aspirations. Harold tries to convince Abby that he
is worthy of her daughter, she tells him she will think about it. Ted tells
Abby that Lotus Point is no longer a viable financial endeavor. Back from
his trip to San Francisco, Gary tells Jill that she wasn't seen after 8
p.m. by anyone at the convention. She is now on the defensive and insists
she was asleep. Gary then asks her if anyone can verify that she turned in
for the night; Jill blows Gary's world apart by telling him she spent the
night with another man to get back at him for spending so much time with
his two other families - Gary is deeply hurt..........

10.7 (226) Knots Landing: THE BRIAR PATCH
15Dec88 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Kate Swofford-Tilley
(No Guest Cast Details)
It is the morning after Jill's confession about her affair with another
man. Gary is not in the mood for talking and spits venomous, sarcastic
comments at Jill when she pleads with him to talk about her affair. Gary
goes to Val's and tells her Jill's alibi for that night is even more
watertight: she confessed to sleeping with another man. Val is still not
convinced, and she now wants the name of the man with whom Jill supposedly
spent that fateful night. Abby and Gary convince Karen that they must sell
Lotus Point. Paige is besotted with Greg. She enjoys Ted Melcher's
flirting, but she only has eyes for her older man. Ted think's she is just
window dressing for Greg. Gary asks Jill for the name of the man she slept
with. He can no longer stand the sight of Jill. Val tracks down David Lamb,
the man with whom Jill had the 'one night stand.' Olivia tells Harold that
Abby has found him a job at Lotus Point. Meanwhile, Abby is up to her old
tricks. She knows there is oil at Lotus Point, and she wants the profits
for herself. Abby has employed a lawyer by the name of Rick Hawkins to
oversee her plans to acquire Lotus Point behind her partners' backs.
Finding a suitable buyer for Lotus Point proves to be a labourious task for
Gary, Karen and Abby. Unbeknown to Gary and Karen, Abby puts off a
prospective buyer by the name of Ken Peterson and then manipulates Greg
into losing interest after he changes his mind about buying the resort.
Abby informs her partners that they have a new buyer, a Japanese company by
the name of Murakame. No one has ever heard of this company but Abby
recommends them for her own self-interests. Harold is given a staff locker
the Lotus Point. After tracking down David Lamb at work, he denies ever
spending the night with Jill. Gary gives Jill this piece of news which puts
her on the defensive again. She tells Gary that David is lying, and Gary
has to meet him so she can prove her story. Late at night Abby plants small
bags of cocaine in Harold's locker at Lotus Point; the cocaine is later
discovered by a Lotus Point employee.
Jill meets David Lamb at a bar. She talks about their night together and
David is clearly attracted to Jill. David doesn't know Gary is
eavesdropping close by. He is now convinced Jill and David did spend the
night together and walks out of the busy bar in disgust. Harold Dyer has
now been arrested and charged with drug possession. Abby tells everyone
that she thought Harold had changed his old ways and she is surprised by
this latest turn of events. Lotus Point is sold to Murakame after Greg
calls Abby to tell her she was trying to sell him damaged goods and he is
dumping his dough elsewhere. Rick Hawkins pays a late night visit to Abby's
with ownership papers to Lotus Point. She tells Rick she came up with the
name for Murakame from the telephone book. Abby is overjoyed; now she is
set to make a mint drilling for oil at Lotus Point, and Olivia's criminal
boyfriend will soon be jailed for drug's possession. She couldn't be
happier, and celebrates alone with a glass of champagne and a box of chocolates........

10.8 (227) Knots Landing: A FINE ROMANCE
29Dec88 CBS Thur
Written by : James Stanley
Directed by : Lawrence Kasha
(No Guest Cast Details)
Greg and Paige continue their secret affair under the watchful eye of Ted
Melcher. Paige want's to tell Mack about her and Greg, but Greg advises her
against it. Harold is out of jail after Abby stands his bail. Olivia
believes her boyfriend is innocent. Ted Melcher has decided that Greg would
make an excellent Mayor, but Greg isn't so keen on the idea. To improve
Gregs fitness, Paige decides a game of strip croquet is the order of the
day. Greg loses. Gary and Jill's relationship becomes more strained after
her one night stand confession. Val wakes up from a nightmare in which she
dreamt of Jill adorned in the wig, glasses and pink washing-up gloves
trying to make her take her life again; but Jill is joined by Gary who
holds Val down while Jill pours a bottle of sleeping pills down Val's
throat. Abby has hired a first rate lawyer to defend Harold, Mack isn't
sure of Abby's motives; he believes Harold is innocent of the drug charge
and decides to hire another lawyer for Harold, as Abby's solicitor, Alex
Sherman, is advising Harold to plead guilty to the possession charge.
Val, still concerned about her welfare, calls into Mack's office and has a
verbal show down with Jill - Val tells Jill that she has a new home
security system which Jill will not be able to bypass. Jill counteracts by
telling Val she will sue Val for slander if she continues to tell everyone
she tried to kill her; both women indicate that Mack and Peggy are
witnesses to their verbal statements. Gary tells Jill he doesn't want to
give their relationship another try. Jill is devastated; she asks Gary for
a little time to find a flat before she can move out of the ranch. Gary
agrees to let her stay on, but they won't be sharing the same bed. Paige
has bought Greg a new painting; she wants to replace the one Laura made him
buy before her death. Paige cannot understand why Greg doesn't want that
particular painting replaced. Later, after some soul searching, Greg places
Laura's photo in a dresser draw, and he also replaces Laura's painting with
Paige's gift. Greg mee's Abby at the jeweler's. Abby has treated herself to
a new purchase, and after she leaves Greg buy's a $97,000 engagement ring for himself.
Greg stands up Paige for lunch; as she dines alone Ted Melcher happens by
and paints a very black picture of her relationship with Greg. Ted tells
Paige Greg will always see her as his mistress and she will be dumped when
Greg is elected to office. Ted leaves her table to dine with Abby. Paige
calls on Johnny to collect a green blouse; Johnny repeats the same
sentiments as Ted about her relationship with Greg, but Johnny is hurt
because he loved Paige, and she used him until she could get together with
Greg. The pair part after more hurtful words are exchanged. Karen is sad to
leave Lotus Point for the last time. Greg calls at the Mackenzies' to
deliver an appointment book for Paige; Mack asks Greg if he has any idea as
to the identity of her latest boyfriend. Greg flatly denies he knows who it
is.....Paige decides she needs to find an apartment of her own to keep away
from Macks over-protectiveness. Jill views an unfurnished flat and decides
to take it; the landlady tells her it is ready for immediate occupancy, but
Jill tells Gary she has to stay on at the ranch as the flat won't be ready
for another week. Jill reads out a wedding invitation she has prepared
announcing her marriage to Gary...
Ted Melcher advises Greg that if he wants to be elected to office, he must
give the voters a wholesome family image, and Paige should not be part of
the picture. However, Greg wants his relationship with Paige to become
public knowledge. Paige learns of her grandfather's death and has to leave
for New York for his funeral. As she leaves for the airport, Greg proclaims
his love for her. He still has the expensive engagement ring in his pocket.
Later on, he pays Abby a visit and places the jewel box with the engagement
ring on her coffee table. Abby is duly impressed by the size of the
diamond. Greg asks Abby to marry him - Abbys sits with her mouth ajar, lost
for words and wearing a very puzzled expression.......

10.9 (228) Knots Landing: A MANY SPLENDORED THING
5Jan89 CBS Thur
Written by : John Leasure
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
(No Guest Cast Details)
Greg has trouble trying to convince Abby that his marriage proposal is
genuine. At her grandfather¹s funeral, Paige's reunion with her mother is
very frosty. Paige calls Greg at home to tell him that she misses him. Mack
is still disillusioned with work at the governor's office and decides to
spend the morning at home making whoopie with Karen. As Greg continues to
woo Abby into accepting his marriage proposal, Paige continues to call, but
Greg is not returning her calls. While Abby is dining with Greg, Olivia
makes dinner for Harold at Abby's. The couple agree to marry, but Harold
warns Olivia he cannot offer her the same affluent lifestyle to which she
is accustomed. Olivia doesn't care; she loves Harold and she tells him she
is sure her mother could help them out financially. Greg decides he wants
to get to know Abby's son Brian a little better and takes him out to play
pinball in an arcade. Over lunch, Olivia breaks the news to her mother that
she plans to marry Harold. Abby is dead against that idea. She reminds
Olivia that Harold still has a drug possession charge pending and that he
may not be the right man for her daughter.
Karen has ordered a pair of armchairs which do not match the decor of her
lounge, so she decides to redecorate the lounge to match the chairs. Mack
goes out for a drink to avoid the paint fumes; he meets Greg at the same
wine bar and the pair converse, just as Val and Karen converse over a
pizza. Karen is worried about Mack's semi-retirement, she doesn't relish
the thought of having him around the house 24 hours a day. In New York,
Paige and Anne are still sniping at each other. Anne asks why Paige is
still in New York now that the funeral is over; Paige tells her mother she
is staying on for the reading of the will. Anne scornfully informs her
daughter that her grandfather left Paige nothing in his will, so she can go
back to LA to her nice little office job. As the women part, Paige yells at
her mother that she doesn't need her or her grandfather's money. She also
tells her mother that Greg loves her, to which Anne replies as she enters
her limousine, "...of course dear, and I'm the queen of England"...
Harold show's a very cynical Johnny the $32 engagement ring he has just
bought for Olivia. Johnny is still bitter because Paige dumped him for
'Grandpa Greg'... Paige calls Carlos to warn him that she is on her way
home from New York, while Greg continues to try and persuade Abby to marry
him. He points out to Abby that he knows she wants: power, and if he
becomes mayor, she can have all the power and prestige she wants. After
much deliberation, Abby tells Greg she wants to keep her own name, and
accepts his proposal of marriage. Greg is ecstatic, but he has left the
engagement ring at home. After returning to the ranch from Abby's, Greg
looks in on Paige, who is soundly asleep in his bed. Greg doesn't join her;
instead he closes his bedroom door and leaves Paige to sleep alone......

10.10 (229) Knots Landing: CABIN FEVER
12Jan89 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
(No Guest Cast Details)
Greg wakes up to a phone call from Abby after spending the night sleeping
on a chair in his very plush, but sparse, living room. Abby informs Greg
that Ted Melcher will be hosting a presentation for the media to announce
their forthcoming marriage. Greg tells Carlos to give Paige the day off
work. Carlos cannot believe the callous way his boss is treating the very
young and naive Miss Matheson. Ted, Abby and Greg make plans for the
wedding. Ted isn't sure Greg would feel comfortable inviting Paige to the
wedding - Greg isn't uncomfortable with the idea.... Karen plays the
over-protective mother when Michael informs her that he wishes to major in
business studies at college; she'd rather he majored in English. The
reaction to Abby's forthcoming marriage is met by surprise and amusement by
the people she informs. Karen tells Mack to take a trip to the mountains to
get from under her feet.
Paige finds the jewel box containing the expensive engagement ring on a
silver tray in Greg's living room, and tries it on for size. Later on, she
returns to the Mackenzies' carrying a handful of bride magazines, which
attract Karen's attention:

Karen: So you are helping Greg to plan the wedding?
Paige: He told you?
Karen (laughing): No, Abby did.
Paige: Abby?
Karen: Yeah, I just couldn't believe it when she called - did you
know they were serious? Didn't even know they were dating
Paige: What are you talking about?
Karen: Abby and Greg are getting married!

Paige is speechless and dumbfounded; her expression doesn't hide her pain...
During his trip to the mountains, Mack becomes friendly with a mountain
ranger called Paula Vertosick. They have a drink together, and the audience
can see there is a mutual attraction between them. At dinner later that
night, Paula asks Mack to go to bed with her; he tells her he cannot
because he is a happily married man, but he thinks about her offer anyway!
Mack prepares to leave his cabin; he enters a bedroom in the middle of the
night and bends down to kiss a woman's face.... it's Karen's. He has
returned home early to his wife who has missed him during his break away.
Paige storms back to the ranch to confront Greg about his plans to marry
Abby. She cannot believe he doesn't love her and she refuses to believe his
marriage to Abby will work, as she is just too nasty. Jill packs to leave
Gary's ranch; Gary is glad to see the back of her; Jill's landlady calls
and informs Jill that her flat is ready for occupation, but Jill returns to
Gary's ranch telling him she needs to stay for a few more days until her
flat is ready. Greg makes the announcement of his candidacy for mayor and
his engagement to Abby on national television, watched by a very angry and
hurt Paige Matheson.....

10.11 (230) Knots Landing: MERGER MADE IN HEAVEN
19Jan89 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Joe Coppoletta
(No Guest Cast Details)
Breakfast at the Mackenzies' is very jovial. Michael reads out the
invitation for the whole family to attend Greg and Abby's wedding. Karen
wants to know if Abby will keep her own name. The Mackenzies' jestfully
reel off all of Abby's marriage surnames; Michael reckons her collective
names sound like a law firm, Karen pipes in that her names sound like a
medical group - Mack suggests a brokerage firm. This playful banter washes
completely over Paige, who is not in high spirits. As Paige gets ready to
leave for work, she overhears Karen and Mack exchange another observation
about Greg and Abby being made for each other - they are both as
manipulative and conniving as the other... Mack reckons Greg and Abby are
not marrying for love, that their union is strictly business - A Merger Made in Heaven...
Jill's presence at the ranch is irritating Gary. Harold gives Olivia her
own engagement ring during a romantic interlude in the park. Mack
reluctantly returns to work at the governors office and finds that Peggy
has hidden his 'boredom' dart board. Mack wants to take on a new case
representing the plight of the homeless, but he is disappointed to learn he
is representing the government. Olivia has bunked school to be with Harold
in the park; she returns home to give her mother the good news about her
engagement, but again Abby is not pleased for her daughter. Olivia angrily
announces that she will not be attending her mother's farcical marriage to
Greg. Back at Greg's ranch, Paige congratulates Abby on her forthcoming
marriage. Greg gives Paige some press releases to deliver, and Abby gives
her a letter to post. Paige, still hurt and angry, throws the marriage
press releases and Abby's letter into a dustbin. Paige goes on a date with
Ted Melcher at the same restaurant Greg and Abby are attending. Greg tries
not to notice Paige dancing closely with Ted. Ted knows Paige is using him
to make Greg jealous and doesn't appreciate being used!
Harold tries hard to find a job. Olivia has agreed to hold off their
engagement until his court hearing is over. Mack tries to convince Abby
that Harold has changed, but she clearly doesn't want a "bum" as a member
of her family. Greg is angry at Paige for trying an eighth grade stunt at a
restaurant: trying to use Ted to make him jealous. His outburst tells Paige
that her plan worked. Michael and Olivia deliberate over Harold's drug
charge. Who could have hated him enough to try and frame him? Michael lets
it slip that Mack could have stopped Harold's case going to court if his
former criminal records hadn't shown up on the morning of the hearing -
Olivia deduces that her mother knew about Harold's criminal past a whole
week before Mack did. Olivia calmly confronts her mother who is having a
luxurious bubble bath. Olivia tells her mother she knows it was Abby who
planted the drugs in Harold's locker, and Olivia will only attend Abby's
wedding if Harold's drug charges are dropped. Abby asks her daughter to
leave her alone - she is furious that her plan didn't work.
Jill continues to call on Gary at the ranch unexpectedly to collect items
of clothing she conveniently forgot to pack when she left. He clearly isn't
happy with this game she is playing to stay in his life. In the evening.
Gary is relaxing by the fire listening to classical music, and Jill comes
in to collect another item of clothing. She says good night, then a few
minutes later she disturbs Gary again to tell him her car won't start. It
is clear Gary has had enough, he calls a recovery service to collect Jill's
car, and calls a cab to take her to a local hotel which he has booked for
her. He wants her not to come back to the ranch for anything ever again.
It is now the day of the wedding. Olivia turns up at Greg's ranch with
Harold and tells the Mackenzies' that Harold's drug charges have been
dropped. Everyone is pleased except Abby. Paige goes to see Greg as he
prepares to marry Abby; she pleads with him to reconsider his decision to
marry nasty Abby. Paige tells him that she can be as nasty as Abby, but
Greg tells her "No one can out-Abby Abby." He then tells her to get out of
his face and marry some nice young man who won't hurt her as much as he
will. Paige is humiliated and deflated. As the wedding march plays, Abby
walks down the aisle with Olivia as maid of honour and Brian as her page
boy. Paige also walks down the aisle to take her seat with the other
guests, and Abby and Greg get ready to take their marriage vows........

26Jan89 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Marie Latham & James Stanley
Directed by : John Pleshette
(No Guest Cast Details)
Gary falls asleep in a chair at the ranch, watched by Jill who is spying on
her former lover. Abby and Greg share their first night of marriage in an
exotic hideaway. Greg is nervous about making love to Abby again after
their brief affair some years ago. Abby soon puts her new husband at ease.
Paige slobs around at the Mackenzie's eating popcorn and watching late
night movies. Jill has no choice but to move into her unfurnished
apartment; she prefers to live out of boxes and doesn't unpack her
belongings. Jill has parked up on Gary's property without his knowledge to
be close to him, and spends all night in her car. In the morning, she makes
a mad dash home to change clothes and goes to work looking a little
dishevelled. Mack decides to resign his post with the governor's office. He
wants to practice private law again and goes with Karen to look around for
new premises to rent. Peggy thinks Mack is making a mistake, but Karen
backs her husband's decision. As Mack prepares to move to his new premises,
David Lamb pays an unexpected visit to Jill's office to inform her of the
fact that she has given him V.D.
Jill drives out to Gary's ranch to give him her news; that he will have to
be tested for V.D. in case she passed it onto him. Gary's reaction to this
latest revelation is to laugh outloud and ride away without further
comment. Mack sets up his new practice in a former karate studio in
downtown LA. Against her better judgment, Peggy decides to work for Mack.
Jill is sneaking around Gary's ranch, using her own door key to get in. She
looks at his appointment book, and manages to get her blood test moved to a
few minutes before Gary's. As Gary waits to have have his blood test in the
clinic reception area, he over hears the clinic receptionist asking Jill if
she wanted to renew her pill prescription. She refuses. While his own blood
is been taken, Gary is congratulated by Dr. McGee on his forthcoming
wedding to Jill. Gary is clearly puzzled. He calls Jill to find out why she
has told everyone they are getting married, but she spins him another yarn.
He also asks her why she needs prescribed drugs: she fobs him off by
proclaiming she needs the pills for an allergy problem. Gary's suspicions grow.
Gary decides to collect Jill's prescription in her absence, but he is told
by the pharmacist that Jill has to collect the pills herself as they are
very powerful barbiturates. Val is reunited with the twins, who are
accompanied by her Aunt Virginia. Gary learns he has not caught V.D. from
Jill. He calls the clinic receptionist to ask for a printout of Jill's
health insurance records, as he is still curious about her pill allergy
story. Meanwhile, Jill has an angry phone conversation with the printers,
who have delivered imperfect wedding invitations. She demands they be
printed again. Gary calls into Mack's new office to inform Mack of his
theory that Val's story about Jill may be true. Mack dismisses his
allegations immediately. Gary points out to Mack that he found out Jill
filled her sleeping pill prescription the same week she went to San
Francisco and she didn't catch V.D. from David Lamb. Both men now think
that Val's story may have some credibility. Gary then produces Val's
suicide note; Mack points out that Jill got a plea bargain for an old lady
called Mrs. Bailey who could have forged Val's handwriting.
Jill then receives a phone call from her pharmacist asking her to collect
her prescription; it now dawns on Jill that someone is getting close to the
truth about her crime. As the full implications of this hit her, she holds
a Stanley knife so tightly in her hand that she draws blood.......

2Feb89 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Lorraine S. Ferrara
(No Guest Cast Details)
Mack and Gary contemplate the consequences of Jill's actions - could she
really have tried to make Val commit suicide? Mack, with Peggy's help,
decides to break into Jill's office to find the file on Mrs. Bailey; he
needs to ask Mrs. Bailey if she did write Val's suicide note. Jill
confronts Gary over the phone after she finds out that he was the person
who tried to collect her sleeping pill prescription. Gary tells Val that he
has made arrangements for her and the twin's to take a short break away
from the cul-de-sac. Aunt Virginia wants Val and Gary to get back together,
but they have other ideas. Jill pays another visit to Gary's bedroom
without his knowledge; she turns down the bed, places a vase of daisies on
a table, combs her hair using Gary's comb, then smells a bottle of his
cologne and takes a photo of Bobby and Betsy. Mack and Frank try to locate
Mrs. Bailey. Jill calls Gary later that day to find out why he tried to
fill her prescription. Gary bluffs his way out of being discovered. During
their phone conversation, Gary notices the vase of daisies on the table and
that his bed has been turned down. Jill finds out that Mack has taken a
file from her office. She calls to see Mack at his new office; Mrs.
Bailey's file is hidden away by Frank as Jill enters. Mack does a bad job
of trying to convince Jill that he took an old file left behind when he moved.
Michael makes a new friend called Ellen at college. He likes her, but she
just sees him as a friend. Jill receives a phone call from her landlady
reporting an intruder in her apartment. As she makes her way through a line
of police officers in her apartment, she finds out her intruder is in fact
Gary. He leaves her apartment after she accuses him of being crazy for
believing Val's story over hers. Johnny has found a legitimate job as a
bartender. Michael calls into the bar with Ellen, who, to his disdain, is
instantly attracted to Johnny. Mack proclaims that he needs concrete proof
to get Jill charged with attempted murder; Karen and the Williams now
believe Val has been telling the truth. Back at her apartment, Jill
receives delivery of her wedding dress. She parades around the apartment
fantasising about her marriage to Gary. The Williams and the Mackenzies
continue to deliberate about the possibilities of Jill's attempt on Val's
life being actual fact. Pat points out that the pills prescribed to Jill
would have been strong enough to put a person into a deep sleep and not
recall the events of the previous day upon waking. This evidence proves
correct when Gary and Mack call on David Lamb again - who confirms that he
couldn't recall ever having sex with Jill.
Frank manages to locate the allusive Mrs. Bailey. She is in the hospital
after suffering a stroke. Frank, Mack, and Karen go to the hospital to talk
to Mrs. Bailey, but she cannot communicate with them. They are later told
by a nurse that Mrs. Bailey's condition is terminal. Jill overhears the
nurse telling Frank and the Mackenzies' that Mrs. Bailey may never recover
her speech, and leaves the hospital wearing a satisfying, evil grin.......

10.14 [233] Knots Landing: Without a Clue
9 February 1989
w: James Stanley d: Lawrence Kasha

10.15 [234] Knots Landing: The Spin Doctor
16 February 1989
w: Lynn Marie Latham d: Andre R. Guttfreund

10.16:[235] Knots Landing: Poor Jill
23 February 1989
w: Bernard Lechowick d: Jerome Courtland

10.17 [236] Knots Landing: Double Jeopardy
2 March 1989
w: Lynn Marie Latham d: Kevin Dobson

10.18 [237] Knots Landing: A Grave Misunderstanding
9 March 1989
w: Chuck Bulot & M.J. Cody d: Timma Ramon

10.19 [238] Knots Landing: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
16 March 1989
w: James Stanley d: Lawrence Kasha

10.20: [239] Knots Landing: Birds Do It, Bees Do It
23 March 1989
w: Bernard Lechowick & Lynn Marie Latham d: John Pleshette

10.21 [240] Knots Landing: Giganticus II: The Revenge
30 March 1989
w: Lynn Marie Latham & James Stanley d: Joe Coppoletta

10.22 [241] Knots Landing: Dial M for Modem
6 April 1989
w: Lawrence Kasha d: Joseph Scanlan

10.23 [242] Knots Landing: That's What Friends Are For
13 April 1989
w: Stephen Tolkin d: Lawrence Kasha

10.24 [243] Knots Landing: The Perfect Opportunity
27 April 1989
w: James Stanley d: Michele Lee

10.25 [244] Knots Landing: Straight Down the Line
4 May 1989
w: Lynn Marie Latham d: William Devane

10.26 [245] Knots Landing: The Heat of Passion
11 May 1989
w: Joel Okmin d: Nicholas Sgarro

10.27 [246] Knots Landing: Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out: Part 1
18 May 1989
w: M.J. Cody & Chuck Bulot d: Jerome Courtland
(exit - Donna Mills)

10.28 [247] Knots Landing: Down Came the Rain and Washed the Spider Out: Part 2
18 May 1989
w: Bernard Lechowick d: Joseph Scanlan

################ Knots Landing ###############
############### end of season 10 #############

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