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Season 7 (1985-86)
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################ Knots Landing ###############
############## season 7 1985-86 ##############
CBS Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern
Created by David Jacobs
Executive Producers: Michael Filerman & David Jacobs
Supervising Producer: David Paulsen
Coordinating Producer: Mary-Catherine Harold
Produced by Lawrence Kasha
Executive Script Consultant: Parke Perine
Story Editors: Lynn Latham & Bernard Lechowick

Primary Cast:
Michele Lee ............................... Karen Fairgate MacKenzie
Kevin Dobson .............................. M.(Mack) Patrick MacKenzie
Joan Van Ark .............................. Valene Ewing Gibson
Ted Shackelford ........................... Gary Ewing
Alec Baldwin .............................. Joshua Rush (Episodes 1 - 10)
William Devane ............................ Greg Sumner
Julie Harris .............................. Lilimae Clements
Constance McCashin ........................ Laura Avery Sumner
Donna Mills ............................... Abby Cunningham Ewing
Douglas Sheehan ........................... Ben Gibson
Lisa Hartman .............................. Cathy Geary Rush
Secondary Cast
Hunt Block ................................ Peter Hollister
Teri Austin ............................... Jill Bennett
Steve Shaw ................................ Eric Fairgate
Pat Petersen .............................. Michael Fairgate
Tonya Crowe ............................... Olivia Cunningham
Nicollette Sheridan ....................... Paige Matheson (Episodes 29 - 30)

7.1 (131) Knots Landing: THE LONGEST DAY
26Sep85 CBS Thur
Written by : David Paulsen
Directed by : Arthur Allan Seidelman
Guest Cast:
Harry Fisher ............. Joe Regalbuto
Judge Spaulding ........... Aarika Wells
Sheila Fisher ........... Robin Ginsburg
The seventh season opens with highlights from the previous season and a
recap of the emotionally charged cliffhanger: Karen wonders "What if Val's
babies didn't die?"; Dr. Ackerman's suicide in Las Vegas; Abby finds Val on
the beach and brings her to the home of Sheila and Harry Fisher; Sheila
screams "H - a - r - r - y, They wanna take the babies!"; Harry speeds off
with a baby in the station wagon; Val watches in horror as she loses her babies, again...

Abby intervenes as a hysterical Val screams "Don't you know whose babies--"
to Gary. Abby breathes a sigh of relief as she prevents Val from blurting
out the true paternity of the twins. Abby explains that she got a call for
"Mrs. Ewing" saying her babies were alive and telling her where to find
them. She said that's when she dropped the phone and went straight to find
Val. Mack and Ben go after Harry's station wagon, but have to call off the
chase, fearing they were putting the life of the baby in jeopardy by
pursuing Harry. Mack decides to follow proper legal procedures and suggests
obtaining a restraining order and having a custody hearing. Val refuses to
leave her babies, and she and Ben stay outside the Fisher's home. Mack goes
to the golf course to call in a favor from Judge Spaulding. She tells Mack
that to get the restraining order to prevent the Fisher's from leaving
town, he'll need to get copies of the twins' birth certificates. Mack also
leans hard on Nurse Carolee Wilson's brother to get her to come forward
because "decency's powerful stuff." Carolee's been packing and is nowhere
to be found. Ben has to physically remove Val from the Fisher's after Mack
informs her of the birth certificate necessary to obtain the court order.
Laura goes back to work at Knollwood Realty and is later surprised with a
lavish dinner by Greg, posing as a new client. At Pacific World Cable Abby
is informed that the mail for Joshua's show has been eneven lately. Also,
Greg stops by to congratulate Abby on being voted "Guardian Angel of the
Year" and reminds her that she pulled this one off and no one knows it. No
one but him. Ben considers the fact that everyone involved has a great
emotional investment and the possibility that they could all be wrong about
the babies does exist. Later at Val's house, Joshua says it was the "power
of prayer" that returned the babies and insists that they all give thanks
immediately, but Val reminds him that for the longest time no one believed
her. She says she'll give thanks in her own way after she gets her babies
back. In the middle of the night, Val drives by the Fisher's. The next
morning at Knots Landing Community Hospital, everyone gathers to search for
medical records. Back at Westfork, Gary walks in on Abby who tells him that
"A call came in from Dallas, it's Bobby. There's been a terrible
accident..." At the hospital everyone is devastated to learn that there's
no record of any birth or death of twins at that hospital anytime during that month!

7.2 (132) Knots Landing: "HERE IN MY ARMS"
3Oct85 CBS Thur
Written by : Parke Perine
Directed by : Nick Sgarro
Guest Cast:
Harry Fisher ............. Joe Regalbuto
Judge Spaulding ........... Aarika Wells
Sheila Fisher ........... Robin Ginsburg
Nurse Carolee Wilson ..... Saundra Sharp
Elliot .............. Jonathan Goldsmith
Sheila wants to walk the babies but Harry won't let her. Val decides to go
to the park across the street from the Fisher's and watch the house. Ben is
worried as the search for the fetal death certificates continues. Greg gets
a call from Elliot about the blasting to be done at the Empire Valley
construction site. Greg informs Elliot that Gary's brother has died. Greg
wants to change the site of the blasting without Gary's consent. When
Elliot refuses, Greg fires him. At Lotus Point, Abby is about to burn the
diary page that Ruth Galveston gave her when Karen walks in. Karen begins
quizzing Abby about her knowledge of the twins when Abby informs her that
Gary's brother Bobby has died. Karen tells Abby that she met him the day
Gary and Val moved to the cul-de-sac. After Karen leaves, Abby burns the
diary page. Abby later re-hires Elliot. Laura offers to help find a new
apartment for Cathy and Joshua. Greg stops by to see Laura at work and
tries to impress her with money. Laura says "Leave me alone for a while,
o.k.?" Val sees Sheila in the backyard with the twins and talks to Sheila
through the fence. Val learns how Sheila truly loves the twins and she
fears she may never get them back. Joshua doesn't want to talk about moving
from Val's house and he becomes upset and hurts Cathy's arm. Mack pleads
with Judge Spaulding to get the restraining order when Carolee Wilson shows
up at the last minute. Ben tries to persuade Harry to get the situation
resolved. Mack gets the restraining order and the Fisher's are not allowed
to leave the area. Also, Mack has some men watch the house in case the
Fisher's try to skip town. Ben, Val and Mack go home. Harry talks to his
lawyer and says he knew the adoption was a little "off the record" but he
had no idea they were stolen. When he asks if they belong to Val Ewing he
is told to "get a good lawyer." Val says she has been where Sheila is and
that she would hold on just as tightly. Karen drives by late that night and
sees Sheila fleeing the house with the twins. Mack's men chase Sheila's
car. Karen goes to the front door and foils the Fisher's plan to get away.
The babies are really inside with Harry. Karen tells him he may not have
known then, but he knows about the babies now, and he has a "moral choice"
to make. Back at Val's there's a knock on the door. Karen walks in holding
a baby and Harry follows with the other one. At last, Val is reunited with her babies.

7.3 (133) Knots Landing: "WHILE THE CAT'S AWAY"
10Oct85 CBS Thur
Written by : E Jeffrey Smith
Directed by : Lorraine Ferrara
Guest Cast:
Harry Fisher ............. Joe Regalbuto
John Coblentz ............ Madison Mason
Sheila Fisher ........... Robin Ginsburg
Woman Friend ............ Robyn Peterson
Elliot .............. Jonathan Goldsmith
At the Empire Valley site, Abby learns that construction on the "Broadcast
Center" poses an environmental threat to the water supply. Abby uses her
charms to convince Elliot to change the blasting site without Gary's
permission. She and Greg make a lunch date. The Fishers come to see Mack.
They tell him that lawyers got them into this situation in the first place.
Mack learns they couldn't adopt through an agency because they were "not
adequate parents." Abby wants to know more about Empire Valley as Greg
treats her to lunch from a catering truck at the site. Gary decides to
drive home from Dallas and stops to buy a drill bit that reminds him of his
childhood with Bobby. Val tells Karen she thought Bobby was the only Ewing
ever really on her side. She also tells Karen that she will never forget
what Karen did for her and she will always love her for it. Former Senator
Sumner enjoys the services of a call girl at his office and then he decides
to call Laura. Laura ignores him. Abby tries to persuade Gary to take a
vacation, but he wants to come back to work immediately. Abby tells Greg to
hurry and do the blasting because Gary's on the way. Abby stalls while
getting dressed, but they still arrive in time to stop the blast. While at
the site Gary notices a drill bit and regresses into his childhood and then
becomes very distraught and wants to leave. With the Ewing's truck safely
out of sight, Greg gives the signal to start the blasting. Gary doesn't
even notice. Joshua exploits Val's tragedy by making it the topic of a
sermon for his show. Everyone sees it, including the Fishers. Ben and Val
are alone at last only to be interrupted by Gary. Ben overhears Val telling
Gary that she's decided to name her boy Bobby. Laura finds an apartment
that Cathy likes so much, she decides to put down a deposit on it. Abby
tells Ben about Joshua's slipping ratings and then surprises him. She
promotes him to General Manager of Pacific World Cable. She gives him a
wink as she says he'll get a raise and she reminds him that he's a father
now and marriage is just around the corner. Cathy and Joshua are horizontal
on the floor of the new apartment when she lets it slip that she's already
put down the deposit without Joshua's consent. He tells her she can live
there alone. Gary's playing cards with Olivia and Abby when he starts
trembling. He finally breaks down crying with grief for his brother Bobby.

7.4 (134) Knots Landing: "THE CHRISTENING"
17Oct85 CBS Thur
Written by : David Assael
Directed by : Larry Elikann
Guest Cast:
Harry Fisher ............. Joe Regalbuto
Sheila Fisher ........... Robin Ginsburg
Val's shocked as Joshua tells her the babies were conceived in sin and
suggests having their baptism on his show. Val does decide to have a
christening for the twins. Sheila's been calling and hanging up. As Johsua
becomes more violent, Cathy tells him that she'll move out alone. Ben tells
Joshua his ratings are slipping and suggests putting Cathy on the show to
sing. Sheila follows Lilimae and Val to the Medical Center for the twins
checkup. At the State Capitol in Sacramento, Mack meets Governor's aide
Jill Bennett. She remembers him because she recommended him for a previous
government appointment. She tells him he is a flirt of the worst kind
because she knows he's a devoted husband and family man. Then she plants a
big kiss on his lips. So much for talking illegal adoption with the
Governor. Ben goes along with naming the baby boy Bobby and Val decides to
name the baby girl Elizabeth after Ben's mother. They will call her Beth or
Betsy. At Lotus Point, Val thanks Abby for bringing her to her babies.
Sheila scares Val and Lilimae at the grocery store. Greg gets rough with
Laura when he thinks she's involved with a co-worker. Mack brings flowers
to Karen and tells her he loves her a lot. Harry persuades Val to let him
and Sheila say goodbye to the twins one last time before they leave the
country. There's not a dry eye at the cul-de-sac as the Fishers say goodbye
to the babies for the last time. Val asks Karen and Mack to be the twins'
godparents. Later at the christening, Abby notes that Bobby is the
"spitting image of Ben." Joshua tells Cathy that the real reason he doesn't
want to move to a new apartment is because Lilimae is dying!

7.5 (135) Knots Landing: "A LITTLE ASSISTANCE"
24Oct85 CBS Thur
Written by : Melanie Mintz
Directed by : Roy Campanella, Jr.
Guest Cast:
Whitney ..................... Troy Beyer
Reporter ................... Tony Shultz
Richard Wayne .............. Corey Young
Joshua tells Cathy that Lilimae has at most six months to live, and he
can't leave her now. He says that no one knows about her condition, not
even Val. Mack speaks to a reporter about the illegal adoption
investigation. Ben buys a piano for the twins. Greg asks Abby how they are
going to handle Gary's questions about Empire Valley. At a cookout at the
MacKenzie's, Eric tells his girlfriend Whitney that living at the
cul-de-sac is like "living in the middle of a soap opera." Karen is
surprised to read the headline "Special Investigator MacKenzie Attacks
Medical Profession" in the Knots Landing Tribune. In response, the Governor
sends Jill Bennett to Knots Landing to get to the bottom of this adoption
problem and Jill moves her desk into Mack's office. Laura advises Cathy to
keep the keys to the apartment because she's already paid for two months
and they could come in handy. Cathy tells Laura that it's a complicated
situation. Later we hear Cathy sing "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" as she's
all alone staring at the empty apartment. Ben tells Joshua that he's no
longer a prima donna and that his show is not where it used to be. Olivia
is upset that Abby is focused on business and not on Gary during his time
of need. Abby's looking for skeletons in Elliot's closet. That night as Ben
and Val bring up the ancient subject of the two getting married, they hear
a crashing sound upstairs. The babies are fine, and Joshua opens the
bedroom door and tells them that everything is o.k. The next morning Cathy
has a large bruise on the side of her face that she claims she got by
bumping into the medicine cabinet. A young man comes into Greg's office and
dismisses everyone waiting to be interviewed for a position as Greg's new
assistant. This man introduces himself as Peter Hollister and makes quite
an argument as to why Greg should hire him. He even tries to dismiss Abby.
Greg initially says he's not interested, but later gives the job to Peter.
Abby was impressed with Peter all along, in more ways than one. Karen drops
by Mack's office for lunch and is surprised to discover that Jill Bennett
does not look like "Dracula's sister" as he had described her. Gary tells
Abby that thanks to her, he's coming out of his depression and will be
returning to work at Empire Valley tomorrow.

7.6 (136) Knots Landing: "A QUESTION OF TRUST"
31Oct85 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Linda Day
Guest Cast:
Frank Elliot ........ Jonathan Goldsmith
Attorney ............. John Howard Swain
Mrs. Hilliard ............. Patrie Allen
Margaret McIntyre ......... Duchess Dale
Rick Elliot ............... Anthony Alda
As the investigation continues, Mack and Jill speak to Mrs. Hilliard about
Cavanaugh, the prime suspect. Abby's not having much luck getting dirt on
Elliot, she learns that "he's a saint." Ben tells Abby he's not the General
Manager type, but she persuades him to keep his job by offering to invest
all the station's profits in the news department. Joshua throws Cathy's
mail in the trash when he discovers that she got more mail than he did.
Karen compliments Jill on her Mayan necklace and discovers that they have a
lot in common. Peter eavesdrops on Greg's phone conversations. Abby invites
Elliot to dinner. Elliot thinks it's just a coincidence when he spots his
son Rick sitting at the bar. While talking to his son, he learns that his
son got a call to be there at the restaurant. At the table Abby tells
Elliot that he has a very nice son, but she thinks that back in Michigan
it's called "posession with intent to deliver" and she would hate for
anyone to find out about it. She would hate to delay his son's entrance to
the bar and ruin his chances at applying to a law firm, so she suggests
that Elliot tell Gary "whatever you think you need to tell Gary about
Empire Valley." Joshua tells Cathy that she doesn't have to sing if she
doesn't want to. Mack is shocked when he learns Karen invited Jill Bennett
over for dinner. Gary doesn't have much luck in the sauna trying to get
answers from Abby about Empire Valley. He wants to fire Elliot for moving
the Broadcast Center building. Late that night, Karen tells Mack she thinks
he "doth protest too much" about Jill. Peter sneaks into Greg's computer.
The next day, Joshua tells Ben that Cathy won't be singing on his show
anymore. Elliot takes the fall for moving the building site, but Gary
decides to keep him on. Ben shows Cathy a financial spreadsheet from the
station and convinces her to sing for a little while longer. With help from
Nurse McIntyre, Mack and Jill get the information they need to nail
Cavanaugh. They take the rest of the day off to celebrate by getting
hamburgers and playing pool. Karen confides to Val that Jill reminds her of
a younger version of Karen. She says that with Mack it's really only a
question of trust. "Do I trust Mack, or don't I?" With the investigation
winding down, Jill wants to leave and she asks Mack if he really has to ask
why she wants to go. Mack persuades her to stay and says that he'll see her tomorrow.

7.7 (137) Knots Landing: "AWAKENINGS"
7Nov85 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Latham
Directed by : Lorraine Ferrara
Guest Cast:
Linda ...................... Leslie Hope
Floor Manager ............. Tina Lifford
Ken ...................... Alex McArthur
On Jill's last day in town, she tells Mack that she's mad at herself for
falling in love with him. Cathy sings "Never Surrender" on Joshua's show.
Abby notices Mack and Jill getting close from behind the tinted glass of
her limousine as she waits outside the courthouse for an update on
Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh gets a one day continuance, but Jill decides to leave
town anyway, but not before giving Mack one last kiss. Joshua stops into a
diner after the show and meets a pretty young waitress who's a fan of the
show. She needs a ride home after Joshua has a scene with her jealous
boyfriend in the diner. Joshua discovers that he has a great deal of
control over the vulnerable girl and he gives her a kiss on the beach
before taking her home. When he finally arrives home late that night, Cathy
seduces Joshua and prepares him for some fun in the shower. However, Joshua
gets nothing but a cold shower alone and Cathy tells him "next time have
the decency to wash off that cheap perfume before coming home." Peter asks
Laura to come by Greg's office to answer a few questions. Greg isn't happy
about this but he does notice Laura's great pair of legs. Later, Karen
offers Laura a job at Lotus Point, but Laura declines because she doesn't
think it's a good idea to do business with friends. Joshua slips further
over the edge as he watches "A Better Tomorrow" through a store window
downtown. He calls Cathy and convinces her to come down and talk with him.
When Cathy arrives, Joshua becomes very violent and tries to hit her in the
face. Then he throws her onto a pile of garbage cans in an alley. Cathy
barely gets away by hitting Joshua with a trash can. Cathy takes refuge at
Ben's beach house. Karen asks Mack if he found Jill attractive. He tells
her that he did and the thought of infidelity did cross his mind. However,
he tells Karen to come with him upstairs because something else is crossing
his mind. Greg wants to see Laura, but she won't let him. Laura later
decides to accept Karen's job offer at Lotus Point. Peter makes sure that
Gary finds out that the Empire Valley surveys were switched. On the beach,
Ben and Val decide that it's time to get married. Ben tells Val that he
wants to be the twins' only father. At the same time, Gary stops by Val's
to bring cowboy hats for the twins. Lilimae notes their blond hair and says
they don't look like Ben at all. She says you wouldn't even think they were
related by the way he treats them. Gary begins to wonder if he's their father.

7.8 (138) Knots Landing: "PICTURES AT A WEDDING"
14Nov85 CBS Thur
Written by : David Paulsen & Michael Filerman
Directed by : Nick Sgarro
Guest Cast:
Frank Elliot ........ Jonathan Goldsmith
Amanda Hackney ....... Holly Susan Dorff
Doctor ................... Donald Bishop
Steven Kirby ................ Wolf Muser
Ben and Val come over to Karen's to tell her about their marriage. Karen
has been re-decorating her home and offers to plan their marriage ceremony
as well. Val asks Karen and Mack to please tell everyone that Ben is the
father of her children. Joshua drops by Cathy's apartment to tell her he's
been upset about Lilimae and he still loves her. She tells him that she's
afraid of him and won't let him inside. He scratches her name off her
mailbox as he leaves. Laura starts her job at Lotus Point. Val sees Gary
there and thanks him for the hats and tells him of her marriage to Ben. Val
also invites Olivia to the wedding. Gary later goes into Karen's office and
asks her point blank if Val's babies are his. Karen says that Ben is their
father. She tells Gary to drop it because Val is finally happy for the
first time in a very long while. Joshua comes crashing into Val's house
slamming the door and knocks over a table with pictures on it and blames
Ben for causing him to lose his show. Val calls Joshua a lunatic and tells
him to get out. She goes upstairs and packs his bags, fearing he could harm
her or the children. Greg tells Peter to stop snooping when he learns that
Peter knows about the equipment convoy at Empire Valley. Joshua disrupts
Cathy's performance while taping the show by pulling all the electrical
plugs in the studio. After Joshua runs away, Cathy tells Ben that Lilimae
is dying. While Ben goes to get his bloodtest for the marriage license, he
learns from Lilimae's doctor that she is not dying at all. Greg tells Abby
that Empire Valley will be one of six special communications centers in the
world. He also reminds her that he knows of her involvement with Val's
babies. Gary is sure that he's the father of Val's babies when he looks at
a photo of them. Abby can't get Gary away from Val's wedding fast enough
because of a delay with the equipment convoy. Gary decides to drop off
Olivia at the wedding at Lotus Point. Ben tells Cathy that Lilimae was
never sick or dying. Gary gets out of the car at Val's wedding. Mack warns
him not to do anything foolish. Gary spots Val moments before she's to
march down the aisle. He asks her, "Can I talk to you a minute? In private?"

7.9 (139) Knots Landing: "UNTIL PARTED BY DEATH"
21Nov85 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Larry Elikann
Guest Cast:
Linda ...................... Leslie Hope
Frank Elliot ........ Jonathan Goldsmith
Ken ...................... Alex McArthur
At the wedding, Gary tells Val that she looks beautiful. He asks her if
she's happy and asks if she has any doubts. He kisses her hand tells her
that he hopes she's happier with Ben than she has ever been in her life.
Karen tells Val she's doing the right thing. Gary wishes Ben all the best
as he leaves. Benjamin and Valene say their solemn vows. Joshua shows up at
Lotus Point after the ceremony. Cathy says she knows he lied about Lilimae
and slaps him. Cathy decides to move back in with Laura after she goes to
her apartment and finds it filled with flowers from her "loving husband."
Joshua calls Cathy from Linda's apartment. Abby wants to take Gary far away
from Val and everyone else to a resort. Frank Elliot sneaks into the Empire
Valley site late that night and is frightened as he discovers that there is
much more going on there than anyone ever imagined. He accidentally
triggers some type of high-tech security system. Joshua tells Linda's
boyfriend Ken that she doesn't want him around anymore and he should be man
enough to face it. Jason lets Joshua into Laura's house. Cathy is terrified
to see him there but stalls him long enough for Laura to return and throw
him out. Joshua had cried to Cathy and told her that he came to Knots
Landing with nothing. He says he's now lost everything. Mack, Eric, and
Michael are playing basketball when they notice the scene out in front of
Laura's house. Joshua "accidentally" causes Laura to fall to the ground.
Mack tells Joshua to stay out of the neighborhood. Joshua admits that he
did hit Cathy but only because she was addicted to drugs! With Ben and Val
away on their honeymoon, Joshua comes back to Val's. He lays a very heavy
guilt trip on Lilimae and she offers to get him some professional help.
Gary and Abby get a call in the middle of the night. Frank Elliot is dead.
He was electrocuted at the Broadcast Center at Empire Valley. The next day
Gary asks Mack to investigate Elliot's death. Joshua scares Cathy by her
car outside the studio, but she gets away because some fans ask for
autographs. On the terrace outside Greg's office Abby and Greg accuse each
other for being responsible for Elliot's death. They think that Greg's
office is probably bugged. Joshua and Linda watch Cathy sing on television.
Joshua tells Linda that he thinks Cathy has chosen a life that leads to a
kind of spiritual death. He says the next time she tries to commit this
"suicide" he won't be able to stop her.

7.10 (140) Knots Landing: "RISE AND FALL"
5Dec85 CBS Thur
Written by : Parke Perine
Directed by : Robert Becker
Guest Cast:
Linda ...................... Leslie Hope
Phyllis Elliot ............ Leigh French
Ken ...................... Alex McArthur
Rick Elliot ............... Anthony Alda
John Coblentz ............ Madison Mason
Cathy sings "Dancing in the Streets" as we see Joshua roaming around
downtown preaching on street corners. While looking at honeymoon photos,
Val learns that Joshua is getting much worse. Mack says that he's a
timebomb waiting to go off. Coblentz tells Mack that what happened with
Elliot was "unfortunate." Greg scares Coblentz by almost pushing him over
the ledge of the office terrace. He tells Coblentz to make sure that
nothing like this ever happens again. Linda accidentally drops a ceramic
figure of a wedding couple from Joshua and Cathy's wedding. Joshua tells
Linda to get out. Then he picks up the broken pieces and drops them off the
dresser. He says he's found a way to be together with Cathy forever. Gary
and Abby talk to Elliot's widow. Elliot's son Rick thanks Abby for putting
in a good word with the law firm he was recently hired at. Phyllis Elliot
will do very well with the $750,000 insurance settlement that she'll
receive. Val and Lilimae spot Joshua preaching in the supermarket parking
lot. Val tells Joshua that if he really wants to make peace with the family
then she'll set up an appointment for him with her therapist, Dr. Michaels.
Mack tells Gary not to let anyone know that he's working on the case,
especially Abby. Lilimae calls Linda and finds out that Joshua's preaching
downtown in the dangerous Mission District. Ken threatens Lilimae and
Joshua on a street corner. Joshua looks up and sees a Cathy on a billboard
on top of an abandoned building. He tells Lilimae that he's solved his
problems with Cathy and runs away. Mack, Karen, and Val think that Joshua
should be committed to an institution. Lilimae reminds everyone that she
was sent there once and didn't like it. Cathy sings "That was Yesterday" on
the show. Ben tells her that her ratings are up. Cathy is escorted to her
car and drives off. After she's away from the station, Joshua pulls a knife
on her from the back seat of her car. Lilimae goes back to the Mission
District to search for Cathy after she doesn't come home on time. Lilimae
spots Cathy's car and then has an accident when she runs her car off the
road and hits a pile of garbage cans. Joshua has taken Cathy into an
abandoned building that he investigated earlier. Cathy pushes him down the
stairs of the tall building, but she doesn't get away. He tells her that
he's possessed by a devil. Lilimae's car won't start, so she runs to the
abandoned building. Joshua tells Cathy he's planned a "noble death" for
her. He has a plan for the two to be together for all time. Cathy notices
her picture on the billboard as Joshua picks her up and walks over to the
ledge of the tall building. Lilimae arrives on the rooftop and tells Joshua
that he's nothing but a "willful little boy." Joshua says, "I am what you
made me!" Lilimae says she doesn't care that she was a bad mother or that
Jonathan beat him. Joshua puts Cathy down and is stunned by Lilimae's
remarks. Lilimae says she only cares that Joshua has become a monster.
Joshua steps back as Lilimae tells him "I'm not your Mother. How could I
have given birth to anyone as cold, as cruel, as--" Joshua, stunned by
Lilimae's words, loses his balance and falls from the rooftop to his death.

7.11 (141) Knots Landing: "TO SING HIS PRAISE"
12Dec85 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Latham
Directed by : David Paulsen
Guest Cast:
Jonathan J. Rush .......... Albert Salmi
Officer Harbert .......... Mark Costello
John Coblentz ............ Madison Mason
Newscaster ................ James Newell
Hitman ................... Buck McDancer
Lilimae tells the police officer that Joshua would have been 25 in April.
He was born on Easter Sunday. Joshua's death is determined to be a suicide.
Lilimae comes home in a police car. Gary finds out that Greg paid to have
the surveys switched and Abby knew about it all along. Lilimae tells Cathy
to let her son die with dignity and not tell anyone they were there. She
speaks to the reporter outside Val's house. A group of Joshua's fans won't
go away. Val snaps at Karen. She says she should feel sorry that her
brother is dead, but she feels relieved instead. Val tells Gary that now
they've both lost brothers and they hug just in time for Ben to walk
through the door. Everyone watches the news reporter say that "suicide was
the cause" of Joshua's death. Lilimae says it wasn't and goes upstairs.
Greg offers to buy Gary's share of Empire Valley at twice its value. Gary
doesn't buy Greg's story about wanting it for the land that should
rightfully go to him, being Paul Galveston's heir. Coblentz gives a hitman
pictures of Gary and Abby and tells him to "do it quietly." Greg realizes
that he no longer has any control over the situation with Empire Valley,
either. Jonathan Rush arrives by cab at Val's house. He wants answers about
his son's death. Val tells him it was suicide. Jonathan gets very upset and
tries to put his hands on Lilimae. He tells her there will be no rest for
Joshua's soul because he committed the one unforgivable sin. A big truck
runs Gary off the road. Abby begs Gary to please sell. He tells her he
knows about her involvement with switching the surveys. She says she's
afraid now and the people that killed Elliot will kill them, also. Gary
says he knows something is terribly wrong at Empire Valley and he wants his
conscience clear, even though he hasn't done anything wrong. Jonathan
breaks down while giving the eulogy at Joshua's funeral. Lilimae finishes
for Jonathan and starts singing "Amazing Grace." The hitman bumps into Abby
after the funeral. Gary goes to Empire Valley and sneaks in after spotting
a security code on a television screen. He sees a mammoth hidden
underground facility filled with computers and all sorts of electronic
equipment. There's a map of the world with lights on the wall and many
technicians wearing lab coats. Gary looks in disbelief and says, "Incredible."

7.12 (142) Knots Landing: "ALL'S WELL"
19Dec85 CBS Thur
Written by : Alan Goldfein
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Guest Cast:
Linda ...................... Leslie Hope
Maria ....................... Jenny Gago
Ken ...................... Alex McArthur
Computer Operator ....... Harry Stephens
John Coblentz ............ Madison Mason
Technician ................. Annie Gagen
Hitman ................... Buck McDancer
While investigating Empire Valley, Gary learns that it has the capability
to monitor all sorts of communication. The "Broadcast Center" is capable of
"optimal satellite reception" and will be in operation in less that 48
hours. Val, Lilimae, and Cathy arrive home to find a group of curious fans
waiting. Lilimae asks Cathy to keep the details of Joshua's death a secret.
Gary leaves Empire Valley undetected and returns later with Mack. Mack says
it looks like something from a science fiction movie. While Gary's away,
the hitman comes to the cul-de-sac posing as a cable TV repairman and
tampers with Gary's truck. Gary tells Greg that he's changed his will and
left Empire Valley to Mack. If anything happens to Gary, the Governor's
Special Investigator MacKenzie will be the new landlord at Empire Valley.
Lilimae tells Karen that she's not family and to stay out of it when Cathy
talks about moving out. Cathy decides to stay at Ben's beach house for a
while. Greg tells Coblentz that Gary has finally decided to sell and to
call off the dogs. Coblentz agrees, but tells the hitman that nothing has
changed and he doesn't care whether it looks like an accident anymore. Gary
sends Brian and Olivia away with Maria to an unknown location to get them
out of danger. Gary tells Abby that he prefers to be a moving target and
makes her come with him. Mack tells Karen that she was right all along. She
had always thought there was something creepy about the "model community."
Lilimae comes to the beach house to make up with Cathy. At Linda's
apartment, Ken tells her that he was there the night Joshua died. The
hitman waits alone in the empty Ewing house. Gary and Abby are on the run
and switch cars. They get into a truck that Gary had waiting. Mack warns
Greg not to let Gary die. Abby wants to get out of town, but Gary tells her
that she got into this and she's going to have to deal with it. Gary forces
Abby to change into black clothing and rubs greasepaint all over her face.
He tells her that they're spending the night at Empire Valley! Gary makes
sure that Empire Valley is deserted and lets the security guard go. He
tells the guard to tell Greg to meet him by the transmitter tower. Then he
forces Abby to fire a gun at the equipment. It's the next morning by now
and Peter gives the message for Greg to go to the tower. Mack and Karen
realize where they must be and head there also. The hitman also arrives
there and has Gary in view on his rifle scope. Mack and Karen arrive and
see the hitman. Greg doesn't get much of a chance to bargain when Gary
decides to solve this problem "Ewing style." He presses a button that sets
off a series of explosions that destroy Empire Valley.

7.13 (143) Knots Landing: "AFTERSHOCKS"
26Dec85 CBS Thur
Written by : Roberto Loiederman
Directed by : Alexander Singer
Guest Cast:
Linda ...................... Leslie Hope
Hitman ................... Buck McDancer
John Coblentz ............ Madison Mason
Jeff Donner .............. Michael Gates
Sergeant ............... Guy Christopher
The hitman puts down his rifle and leaves after the explosion. Greg tells
Gary and Abby that they can safely say it's over. Gary leaves with Mack and
Karen. Abby has to hitch a ride with Greg. Ben sends a reporter to the
scene. Peter puts Greg's papers on Empire Valley in the vault. He says he
knew anything "that sensitive" should be locked away. Laura calls Greg, but
Peter won't put her call through. Greg warns Abby to keep the press away.
He wants to know Gary's next move and threatens Abby. He says, "I find out
about Gary or he finds out about Val's babies." Lilimae speaks to a
reporter from Inner Force Magazine. Cathy has been shopping for a new
Corvette. Karen and Abby have a big fight about Abby's sudden interest in
Lotus Point. Karen calls Abby a "dabbler." Cathy sings "You Keep Me Hanging
On." Lilimae tells Ben that it's still Joshua's show. Abby tries to take
Ben off the Empire Valley case. At home, Gary has nothing to do with Abby.
Coblentz tells Greg that the Empire Valley project will be rebuilt
somewhere else due to the "unwelcome publicity." Greg threatens to tell the
media exactly what happened. Lilimae's had enough of Ben's beach house and
comes back to live with Val. Val says it's Ben's house, too, and she'll
have to respect that. Olivia wants to know if Gary and Abby are breaking up
again. Greg whitewashes the Empire Valley fiasco by saying that Gary
discovered major structural faults and the board gave full approval of the
blast. He makes Gary out to be a hero for solving this problem with a "bold
solution." Ben jokes with Val about hitting Lilimae the next time she opens
her trap. He tells Val she's stuck with the both of them. Linda speaks to
Lilimae at Val's. Lilimae tells Linda that Joshua didn't take his own life.
Greg wants his land back from Gary. He tells Gary, "You owe me." Gary
doesn't buy it and refuses to sell. Mack tells Ben and Val that someone was
out to kill Gary and Abby. Linda goes to the police station and tells the
officer that Joshua was murdered. Gary comes by very late to see the twins.
Ben tries unsuccessfully to get answers from him about Empire Valley. A
defeated Greg speaks all alone to the portrait of his father, Paul
Galveston. He vows that his father has created a new barbarian. He blames
his father for taking his Senate seat, getting him involved with Coblentz,
and giving away his land. He says he's being manipulated from the grave.
Greg swears to the portrait to "never have a son that I might treat as
brutally as you treated your son."

7.14 (144) Knots Landing: "UNBROKEN BONDS"
2Jan86 CBS Thur
Written by : Diana Kopald Marcus
Directed by : Roy Campanella, Jr.
Guest Cast:
Linda ...................... Leslie Hope
Detective McHugh ....... Guy Christopher
Detective ............... Allen Williams
Linda gives her statement to the police. She tells them she thinks her
boyfriend Ken murdered Joshua because he said that he was there and Joshua
got what he deserved. Peter tells Laura that Greg needs him. The police
question Lilimae and she doesn't tell them anything. Val comes to Gary's
ranch to tell him to stay away from the babies. Gary tells her that he
knows he's their father and that's all that matters. A shocked Val doesn't
deny it. She asks Gary to respect the fact that she has a new family and
life with Ben now. Laura asks Greg out to dinner. The police offer Linda
protection. Cathy's star is rising and she is called a "Hot New Teen Star"
on the cover of Pop View magazine. Ken is arrested for the murder of Joshua
Rush. Jill Bennett comes back to town and wants to do lunch with Karen. Val
plans a party for Ben's birthday. Cathy wants to tell the truth, but
Lilimae tells her to wait because the police can't prove anything. She also
says she'll deny everything and tells Cathy not to do anything foolish to
jeopardize her career. Val is very upset and tells Karen that somehow Gary
knows he's the father of her babies. Val wipes away those tears and serves
the birthday cake to Ben. Gary has no interest in Abby and spends the night
with a "lady friend." Mack needs a shot of Pepto Bismol after Karen tells
him Jill's back in town. They also think it's strange that Lilimae's not
more concerned about this murder suspect. Laura tells Cathy that she's
seeing Greg again because he needs her. Jill has lunch with Karen at Lotus
Point. Jill asks Karen to fill a vacant seat on the State Planning
Commission because of her great concern for the environment. Karen is very
interested. Lilimae tips Gary off and he surprises Val and the twins at the
park. Ben finds out and tells Val that Gary has got to stop. At Lotus
Point, Gary takes Karen's side over Abby's. Ben arrives and tells Gary to
for once start acting like an "ex-husband." Later at the station, Ben
comforts Cathy when she can't finish her song. Greg really wants to know
Gary's next move and threatens Abby again about Val's babies. Mack and Gary
are outside Mack's office when Jill Bennett comes along. She's having car
trouble and Gary offers to help. Cathy sings "How Am I Supposed to Live
Without You?" On the station monitor, she and Ben hear the news reporter
announce, "Kenneth Forest has been formally indicted for the murder of
popular television evangelist Joshua Rush."

7.15 (145) Knots Landing: "WEB OF LIES"
9Jan86 CBS Thur
Written by : Diana Kopald Marcus
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
Guest Cast:
Ken ...................... Alex McArthur
Detective Howard ........... Jim Edgcomb
Detective Behar ......... Allen Williams
Mack, Val, and Lilimae go down to the police station. Lilimae obviously
recognizes Ken from the lineup, but she does not identify him. Karen and
Abby have a fight about Karen hiring Laura at Lotus Point. Karen really
wants the seat on the State Planning Commission. Lilimae tells Cathy they
can't change their stories now. Val tells Lilimae she's glad they caught
Joshua's killer. Abby wants a favor from Greg, but he says no way. On the
way down in the elevator, Peter's very interested in Abby. She encourages
him not to be shy and says the worst thing that could happen is that she
would say "no." He asks her to join him for a drink and she says "no." Greg
and Laura go out to dinner. Gary shows up at Jill's hotel and asks her to
have a drink with him. (Gary has a soda.) Ben tells Cathy that her ratings
are up. While out on the town, Mack and Karen run into Gary and Jill at the
Bryant Hotel. Olivia argues with Abby. Ben performs a truly terrible
rendition of "Feelings" for Cathy to cheer her up. Lilimae looks at a photo
of Joshua and breaks down crying. Gary doesn't want to say goodnight to
Jill. Ben tells Val that he knows Gary knows he's the father of the twins.
Val is hurt that Ben would think she told him. When Mack and Karen finally
make it home, Cathy is waiting for them. She comes clean and tells the
truth about what happened that night. She says Joshua tried to kill her,
then "he just fell." The next day, after talking to Karen, Val tells
Lilimae that she should go to the police. Gary and Abby argue and he tells
her that there "is no us." Mack tells Laura it would take six months for
her divorce from Richard to come through. Ben comes home with his leg in a
cast. He has a sprained ankle and torn ligaments from falling off his
chair. Ben has a hot lead that the seat on the State Planning Commission is
about to be filled by-- Abby Ewing. Lilimae goes down to the police
station. Ken can see her through the glass walls. She prepares to give a statement...

7.16 (146) Knots Landing: "THE CONFESSION"
16Jan86 CBS Thur
Written by : David Paulsen
Directed by : Nick Havinga
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Sonny ................ William Ostrander
Detective Fiore ........... Nancy Hinman
Detective Behar ......... Allen Williams
Detective Christopher ....... Jon Greene
Detective McHugh ....... Guy Christopher
Commissioner ................ Sid Conrad
Mack storms into Jill's office. He accuses her of making sure Abby will get
the seat on the Planning Commission because he wouldn't have an affair with
her. At Lotus Point Karen tells Abby that she's going to fight for the
appointment on the Planning Commission. Peter notices that Greg has bought
another bank. Peter tells Greg that he went to Harvard Law School and there
is much that Greg doesn't know about him. Jill tells Karen that she will
fight for her more than ever to make sure she gets the seat. Cathy's new
sax player, a handsome man named Sonny, rescues her from a mob of reporters
after Ken Forest is released from jail. The police come to Valene's to
clarify the events on the night of Joshua's death and they advise Lilimae
to get a lawyer. Lilimae insists that Cathy wasn't on the roof that night.
Greg uses his political influence to get Abby the seat on the Planning
Commission. Gary says that Abby stole the nomination from Karen and tells
her that he's going out. Lilimae wonders why Joshua had changed and regrets
telling him that he wasn't her son. She wishes that she could have one more
chance to be his mother. Gary and Jill dance. Gary asks her if she has a
thing for married men. She tells him that there are married men like Mack
MacKenzie and then there are married men like Gary. Gary says, "I think I'm
going to like you, Jill Bennett." Sonny is more than willing to lend an ear
to Cathy and listen to her troubles. While in bed with Greg, Laura asks him
to do her a favor and call the Governor to get Karen on the Planning
Commission. Mack persuades Lilimae to admit that she wasn't alone on the
roof that night. She tells him that Cathy was there. Mack convinces her to
go back to the station and tell the whole story this time. Abby tells Karen
she hopes the "best man" wins the appointment. However, she's not so sure
the best man is one with a former drug problem. Laura takes Lilimae and
Cathy home from the police station. Mack has to stay because it's not over.
Jill arranges a lunch with the Commissioner. Karen decides to be upfront
and tells all about her former addiction to prescription drugs. The
Commissioner admires her honesty, but tells her the Governor has already
appointed Abby Ewing. The detectives tell Mack that they haven't decided
whether to file charges yet against Lilimae or Cathy. He tells Mack they
have a wife who's done time for murder and a mother who's attempted murder.
Peter goes to a modest apartment where a middle-aged woman has a meal
waiting for him. He brings her a check and tells her that soon he'll make
his move. Soon they'll have much more money. He says, "I'll take care of
you, Mom." Sonny is getting ready to talk to Cathy again. He opens his
jacket pocket and turns on a small tape recorder.

7.17 (147) Knots Landing: "ALTERATIONS"
23Jan86 CBS Thur
Written by : Parke Perine
Directed by : Linda Day
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Sonny ................ William Ostrander
Jennifer .................. Judith Jones
Detective Behar ......... Allen Williams
Store Manager ............... Frank Arno
Editor ............... Jeremiah Sullivan
Detective Behar tells Mack that someone has leaked the story about
Lilimae's and Cathy's possible involvement with Joshua's death. He decides
not to prosecute. Ben shows the tabloid paper to Cathy. Jill comes to Lotus
Point to meet with Abby and discuss her appointment to the Planning
Commission. Abby tells Jill to knock that chip off her shoulder before
their next meeting. Jill later tells Mack that the Governor is sending her
to Knots Landing permanently and she'll be setting up an office next to
his. Sonny is really a reporter for the tabloid paper World Secrets. Sonny
tells his sleazy editor that he has Cathy pegged as an "opportunist" and he
thinks she killed Joshua. The editor says that stories like these have a
short shelf life and to bring him back something he can use fast. Greg
babysits Jason and Daniel for Laura while she goes to Philadelphia on Lotus
Point business. Sonny comes to dinner at Val's and is "all ears" while they
discuss the investigation at the dinner table. He later startles Cathy when
he says he's beginning to feel like part of the family. Greg phones Abby at
home. He says it's time to return the favor for getting her the seat on the
Planning Commission. He wants to tell her how to vote on the water
reclaimation issue. Abby argues with Greg on this and at that moment Olivia
picks up the phone on another extension. (She has a friend Jennifer over,
and they're calling a boy.) Olivia picks up just in time to hear Greg use
his old threat again: He says that Gary is the father of Val's babies, Abby
knew they were alive and kidnapped and did nothing! Olivia is so devastated
that she tells her friend to go home. Abby doesn't know Olivia picked up.
Abby asks how long Greg's going to use that old threat. He says "as long as
it's effective." Peter takes Sylvia on an after-hours tour of Sumner's
office. Sylvia sees the portrait of Paul Galveston and starts reminiscing.
Peter reveals that he is also Paul Galveston's son and Greg's half-brother.
He wants his fair share of the Galveston estate. While babysitting, Greg
serves beans and hotdogs for breakfast. Mack is jealous when he finds out
Jill has a date with Gary. She says that he has no say about her personal
life. She says, "If you want to change that--" then hands him a key to her
room at the Bryant Hotel. Lilimae goes to the headquarters of World Secrets
magazine and has a fight with Sonny's sleazy editor. He sees this as a
great photo-op and provokes her. Lilimae hits him with her purse. Abby is
worried because she gets a call that Olivia wasn't on the bus and hasn't
come home from school yet. Olivia hitchhikes and is almost picked up by a
dangerous man. Gary and Abby go to see Olivia's friend Jennifer. She says
Olivia said she couldn't stay at her home anymore and left. Mack drives by
the Bryant Hotel and holds the key to Jill's room. Olivia goes to Karen's
house and tells Eric and Michael that she wants to live with them. Karen
tells Olivia that whatever problems Gary and Abby have, they still love
her. Karen calls Abby and Gary and they agree to let her spend the night.
The next morning, Lilimae goes to the supermarket and sees everyone in line
reading World Secrets. She's on the cover swinging her purse! The headline
reads "Preacher's Mother Tries to Cover Up Details of Son's Death!" Lilimae
gathers every copy of the rag sheet and throws them at the store manager.
Abby has a private conversation with Olivia upstairs at Karen's. Olivia
shows that she's learned a thing or two from Abby over the years. Abby says
"I can't make you talk, but I'm your mother and I can make you come home."
Olivia tells her she knows Gary is the twins' father, and that Abby knew
they were alive and kidnapped and did nothing. She wants to know who would
find her a fit mother if they knew that? She threatens to tell everyone
starting with Gary. She says he would never stay with her if he knew that.
She says she hates Abby and doesn't want to live with her anymore. Abby,
defeated by her own daughter, goes downstairs and says, "I think Olivia
ought to spend some time with her Aunt Karen." Abby and Gary drive away as
Olivia watches from a window upstairs.

7.18 (148) Knots Landing: "FRIENDLY ENEMIES"
30Jan86 CBS Thur
Written by : Diana Kopald Marcus
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Sonny ................ William Ostrander
John ..................... John Lawrence
Tina ...................... Tina Lifford
Abby waits at Eastbrook Academy for Karen to drop Olivia off at school.
Abby and Olivia have an emotional argument. Abby tells Olivia that she
tried, but it's very complicated. Olivia says she's sure it is, but Abby
still knew and did nothing. Cathy can't sing because she has laryngitis.
Ben warns everyone at PWC to be aware of reporters snooping around. Former
newspaper journalist Ben thinks it's odd when Sonny uses the term
"sidebar." Ben asked Tina if she knew what a sidebar was and she didn't.
Sonny drops a rehearsal tape he was going to bring to Cathy and Ben picks
it up. Peter tells Greg that he graduated from Harvard in the top 5% of his
class. Then he tells Greg, "I'm your brother." He says that Paul Galveston
was his father, too, and he was born in 1960 in Baltimore. He says his
mother used to be a dancer and was later Paul's secretary. Peter asks if
Greg believes him and he replies, "Why not?" Laura is skeptical of Peter's
claim and warns Greg. While gathering clothes for the laundry, Karen finds
the key in Mack's jacket. She knows it belongs to Jill because she had
recently run into her at the Bryant Hotel. Greg is very nice to Sylvia when
Peter brings her by the office. Val tells Karen to ignore the key and put
it back. When Karen asks Val if she could do it, Val says "no." Jill goes
into Mack's office and snoops around in his Westphall case file. Val plays
the tape that Ben left if the car and hears Sonny's voice making notes for
the magazine. Karen and Abby have a big fight about Olivia. Laura comes in
and Abby leaves. She eavesdrops on the way out and hears Laura tell Karen
that Peter is now claiming to be Greg's brother. Val tells Ben about the
tape. He wants to warn Cathy, but it's too late because she's gone out to
dinner with Sonny. Karen gives the key to Mack. He explains that he didn't
use it. She asks him what he was doing with it. He says that it wasn't
about using it, it was about having it. It made him feel just a little bit
more alive to have it. Karen doesn't understand. Gary and Jill shop around
for a race car. At dinner, Cathy tells Sonny everything. Abby gives Peter a
call and tells him she thinks it's time for that drink.

7.19 (149) Knots Landing: "THE KEY TO A WOMAN'S HEART"
6Feb86 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Latham
Directed by : Robert Becker
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Sonny ................ William Ostrander
Waitress ................. Sarah Zinsser
Tina ...................... Tina Lifford
Vendor ................ Charles Hutchins
Mack and Karen have a fight over his "lost youth." Gary tries to get Olivia
to come home. Ben tells Cathy the truth about Sonny. She gets very upset
and smashes things in her dressing room. Laura calls Greg a patsy and warns
him that Peter's after Greg's money. On their "date" Peter asks Abby if
she's only interested in him because she knows he's a Galveston. Jill
snoops in Mack's office and finds a newspaper in his file that says
"Westphall Water Tainted, Galveston Industries Purchases Empire Valley."
Mack comes in and gives Jill back her key. He says he's flattered and sorry
it didn't work out and then he leaves. Jill says, "To hell with you, Mack
MacKenzie." Karen and Abby argue because Olivia now wants to transfer to
Michael's school. Karen agrees with Abby that Olivia shouldn't transfer.
Cathy grabs a copy of World Secrets from the newsstand and sees the
headline "Evangelist Rush Tried To Murder Songbird Wife." Abby is furious
with Karen when she sees that Olivia is now wearing eyeliner. They agree
that Olivia will stay at her school and Michael with drive her there. Peter
catches Laura snooping in his desk and invites her home for dinner with
Sylvia. Cathy goes to a club where Sonny is playing the saxophone. She
clenches her fist, pulls back, and delivers a strong right hook to his jaw.
Laura takes to Sylvia right away. She agrees that Peter does deserve
something. She's just not sure they agree on exactly what it is he
deserves. Mack brings flowers home to Karen. She says he runs over her like
a steamroller and he says she's self-righteous. Mack ends up breaking a
lamp. Gary warns Abby that she will have to face her problem with Olivia
head on. Jill bumps into Karen and Laura on the street. Jill declines on
Laura's lunch offer and tells Karen that she's sorry. Laura tells Greg that
she likes Sylvia but doesn't trust her. Greg says if he catches Peter in a
lie, then it's over. If he's lying and can get away with it, then he
deserves whatever he can get. If he's not lying, then that wouldn't be so
bad either. Gary and Jill kiss while looking at race cars. Peter tells Abby
that the water reclaimation act will divert water from Empire Valley and
make Gary's land worthless. Abby returns the favor by giving Peter the name
of an excellent Estate Attorney who can help him with his "family problem."
In bed, Karen tells Mack that he wasn't literally unfaithful, but he was
with his actions. She tells him everyone is growing older and she thought
their marriage was just beginning. She can't make love with him and goes
downstairs to sleep on the sofa. The next day Karen tells Val that she
wants her pride back. Val tells Karen to let it go and get on with her
life. Greg drives Peter out to Empire Valley. They survey the vast area and
Greg tells Peter that all this can be his, too, if he helps him bring down the Ewings.

7.20 (150) Knots Landing: "A VERY SPECIAL GIFT"
13Feb86 CBS Thur
Written by : Lawrence Kasha
Directed by : Nick Havinga
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Maitre D' ............... Pierre Manasse
Punk Boyfriend ............... Ray Oriel
Gary drives very fast in his new exotic sports car. Michael drives Olivia
to school. Abby sees Olivia get out of the car. Olivia's hanging out with a
fast crowd and she talks to a punk boy on a motorcycle. Ben and Val plan
the twins' first birthday party. Lilimae doesn't come downstairs and
they're worried about her. Cathy admits that she really liked Sonny. Greg
and Abby fight about the water reclaimation issue. Abby tells him about the
threat it posed to Empire Valley, so she decided not to vote to avoid a
conflict of interest. Later Greg advises Peter to engage in a little bit of
"social intercourse" with Abby, so that he'll be in a better position to
help him reclaim Empire Valley. At Lotus Point Karen and Abby have another
big fight about Olivia. Abby says that it must be pretty cozy at Karen's
with "You, Mack, and Jill." Abby says that Karen needs to open her eyes
because Mack has been working overtime with Jill Bennett. This information
from Abby gives Karen the biggest laugh of her day and she laughs Abby
right out of the office. At that moment, Jill Bennett is with Gary. She
tells him she doesn't want to be a homewrecker. At dinner, Karen tells Mack
that they're o.k. now. She says Abby made her realize it. She knew Abby's
husband was sleeping with Jill. Karen enjoyed not telling Abby about Gary
and Jill as much as Abby enjoyed telling her about Mack and Jill. Greg
tells Laura that the burden of proof is on Peter in proving he's Greg's
brother. Sylvia warns Peter that he could get into trouble double-crossing
Abby and Greg. He says he plans to play one off the other. Karen really
wants to make love with Mack, but she can't. Greg tells Peter that if Abby
made Gary miserable enough, he might give Empire Valley to her. Peter calls
someone and says that he'll be having lunch with Mrs. Ewing at 1:00 at Les
Chateaux. While at the restaurant with Peter, Abby looks up and sees Gary
and Jill kissing at another table. Val and Olivia are shopping at the mall
for birthday presents when they see Gary in the parking lot. Gary says to
wish the twins "happy birthday" for him. Val is concerned that Gary might
get hurt in his new racing car. Ben and Mack wonder why the Governor would
want to re-open the Westphall case. Greg reveals to Abby that Peter is his
half-brother and they all conspire to get Empire Valley back. Michael
knocks Olivia's purse off the dresser and marijuana falls out. He asks
Olivia about the joint and she says she's keeping it for her friend
Jennifer. Gary takes Jill for a wild ride in his new car and they kiss.
When Gary doesn't come home, Abby calls Jill's hotel room and she hears
Gary in the background before hanging up. At the twins' birthday party,
Lilimae still won't come down. Cathy tells Ben she wants to quit the show.
Ben and Mack discuss the Westphall case. While opening presents, Val reads
a card from Sheila and Harry Fisher. They wish the twins a happy birthday
and share the good news that Sheila is expecting. The next card gives them
a bigger shock-- Gary gives the twins half of Empire Valley! Abby places a
call to the man who checked out Elliot. She wants any information he can
find on Jill Bennett, ASAP. Peter goes to the Bryant Hotel and bumps into
Jill and Gary. Gary introduces the two and then goes to get the car. Peter
asks Jill, "Does he suspect anything?" She answers, "No, I don't think so."

7.21 (151) Knots Landing: "IRREVOCABLY YOURS"
20Feb86 CBS Thur
Written by : Sara Ann Friedman
Directed by : Robert Becker
Guest Cast:
Sam Comiskey ........... Peter Iacangelo
Cop ................ Ralph Meyering, Jr.
Woman ..................... Dinah Lenney
Ben and Val agree that they cannot accept Gary's extravagant gift. Lilimae
is still very depressed. Michael suspects that Olivia is stoned while they
get ready to go to school. She says he's paranoid and he tells her that she
could get others into trouble, as well as herself. Laura tells Greg and
Peter about Gary's gift to Val's twins. Lilimae drives downtown to the
Mission District. Mack speaks with his friend Sam Comiskey from the
Governor's office. He learns that Jill hounded the Governor for months to
get transferred to Knots Landing. Val goes to see Gary at the racetrack.
She tells him that she cannot accept his gift. He wants to know about his
rights and tells her that they're "our children." Jill is watching the
whole scene from a distance and learns that Gary's the father. Val can't
answer Gary's questions and she runs away crying. Greg says that Gary's
gift is an "irrevocable trust" and it cannot be returned. Lilimae goes to
the abandoned building where Joshua died and begins to climb the stairs
reliving the painful memories of that night. Jill tells Mack that her
decision to come to Knots Landing was nothing more than a career move.
Someone on the street recognizes Jill and asks her if she's Dotty Simpkins
from Franklin High. Jill tells the woman that she's mistaken. Lilimae is at
her darkest moment alone on the rooftop in the shadow of the tattered sign
for "A Better Tomorrow." Everyone at Val's house is concerned that Lilimae
hasn't come home yet. Olivia agrees to have dinner with Abby. Abby notices
that Olivia looks tired. Olivia goes to the ladies room and smokes a joint
in the stall. While in bed, Jill is curious about Gary's gift to Val's
children. Mack and Karen wonder why Jill is taking an interest in the
Wesphall case. Ben and Val consider calling the police, but Lilimae comes
home. She says that she knows she wasn't the best mother to Joshua, but she
will be the best grandmother to "two little pumpkins." She says that they
have a guardian angel named Joshua. She tells Ben that she lost one son,
but she would dearly love to have him as another. Karen is still not ready
to make whoopie with Mack, but she does want to cuddle. Ben tells Val that
Gary's trying to publicy humiliate them by giving Empire Valley to the
twins. Gary comes home from spending the night out and has a fight with
Abby. She's not happy about the gift either, and she accuses him of
neglecting his own family. She yells that he has "no right to tell the
world that your family means less to you than Val's bastards!" At
breakfast, Mack makes the connection that Franklin High is in Wesphall.
Meanwhile, Olivia's upstairs in the bathroom toking on a roach clip.
Michael knows Olivia's stoned as he drives her to school. She says she can
handle it and tells Michael that he knows he wants to try it, too. Abby
demands Greg's help. She wants to work with him now, but he tells her that
he'll work with her at his convenience. He brings up the old threat again,
and this time Peter is listening on the intercom. Peter learns that Abby
knew about Val's babies all along and did nothing. Abby tells Greg not to
count on that threat working forever. Ben goes out to the racetrack to see
Gary. He steps onto the track in front of the car and tells Gary that
there's much more to being a father that "passing genes and a plot of
land." He gives Gary and long list of everyday things that a real father
does. Gary recognizes the truth in Ben's words and walks away. Michael is
returning home from dropping Olivia off at school. He gets pulled over
because one of his taillights is out. The police officer asks to see
Michael's drivers license and then notices two joints on the floorboard of
the passenger side of the car. The cop asks, "Are these yours, Mr. Fairgate?"

7.22 (152) Knots Landing: "HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL"
6Mar86 CBS Thur
Written by : Sally Susman
Directed by : David Paulsen
Guest Cast:
Doctor ....................... Paul Comi
Dr. Ladore ................... Jodi Long
Rowe Waller .................. Bud Davis
Officer ............ Ralph Meyering, Jr.
Olivia is having lunch with Gary while Michael is being booked in jail.
Olivia wants to know why Gary had babies with Val while he was living with
Abby. She almost tells him the real reason she's mad at Abby. Michael is
released from jail and will not name Olivia when Mack asks where the joints
came from. Jill has a racing jacket made for Gary and they make out in the
backseat of the car. While playing tennis, Abby warns Peter not to put his
ear to the door anymore. Jill tells Mack that Wesphall was intentionally
poisoned by Galveston Industries. She says she didn't know if she could
trust Mack after he closed the case eight months ago. Mack agrees to help
with her investigation. Abby doesn't want to listen when Karen hints that
Olivia may have had the drugs in Michael's car. Greg tells Laura that Gary
Ewing is just a business obstacle. He wants to know whose side she's on. At
the Wesphall Clinic Mack and Jill learn that since Empire Valley was
developed there have been no more illnesses or arsenic poisonings. Gary
races his car faster and faster. Laura tells Cathy she wishes she respected
Greg as much as she loves him. Eric tells Laura that a guest had a slight
case of arsenic poisoning, and the doctor said the guest had it when he
arrived. While racing, Gary swerves to miss a couple of joggers and his car
flips and rolls over! Abby goes to the hospital and thanks Jill for coming
and asks her to leave. Gary has only a few bruises and no broken bones. The
doctors decide to keep him overnight because he briefly lost consciousness.
Karen wants to know why Michael's covering up for someone else. Michael
says he's guilty by circumstances unless the other person decides to come
forward. Abby tells Gary she still cares for him, but he doesn't even look
up from his crossword puzzle. Jill hides and waits for Abby to leave.
Gary's feeling well enough to make whoopie with Jill in the hospital room
after she props a chair against the door. Abby asks Peter to distract Jill
from Gary and then she kisses Peter by the pool. Michael won't wait for
Olivia and he leaves without her. Karen asks and Olivia denies using drugs.
Karen says she won't let Michael suffer for something he didn't do. Greg
tells Laura he has a plan to test Peter. He'll offer to settle for half of
what his inheritance is worth. If Peter's willing to accept less than half,
then he's not Greg's brother. Karen tells Val that she still has a problem
and can't respond to Mack. Mack gets an old Wesphall High School Yearbook
and discovers that Jill Bennett really is Dorothy Simpkins. Peter goes to
see Jill and says it's getting very complicated. He tells Jill that Abby
wants him to distract her from Gary. He tells her Gary's the father of
Val's twins. He also tells her Abby knew they were kidnapped. Someone
knocks at the door, but it's only flowers arriving from Gary. Peter gives
Jill a kiss on the cheek and leaves.

7.23 (153) Knots Landing: "DISTANT RUMBLINGS"
13Mar86 CBS Thur
Written by : Joel Okmin & Tom Citrano
Directed by : Michael Preece
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Maria ....................... Jenny Gago
Hostess .................. Taylor Donlan
Nurse ..................... Rona Edwards
Nurse .................... Lynda Belcher
Cathy stops by to see Gary in the hospital and Val arrives. Cathy leaves
and Val tells Gary she's concerned that he's now a "dry drunk" and this new
hobby is just another kind of addiction. He gets upset with her, but
realizes that she only cares for him and wants him to be careful. Greg and
Laura pay a visit to Sylvia and offer her $5 million to settle Peter's
claim. Sylvia's obviously interested, but tells them to settle with Peter.
Dorothy Simpkins graduated with Wesphall's class of '75. Mack confronts her
about it and she says that she had a short, bad marriage and her name was
Dorothy Jill Simpkins. She asks Mack if he had a past before he met Karen.
Cathy tells Ben that she needs to get away from Knots Landing. Peter tells
Sylvia that Greg is only offering bait and they should hold out for more.
Eric hasn't been feeling well and thinks he's caught the bug going around
at Lotus Point. Ben respects and resents Val for going to see Gary in the
hospital. Laura sees Val taking out the trash and comes to talk. Laura
tells Val her divorce from Richard is final. Val is very upset about her
marriage. Val cries to Laura, "Why doesn't anything work out the way you
planned?" Peter tells Greg that he's not looking for a payoff. He wants
whats belongs to him. Gary won't leave the hospital with Abby. Jill tells
Mack her family owned Empire Valley and Paul Galveston swindled her father,
then he shot himself when she was 10 years old. Now she says her motives
have gone from revenge to social consciousness. Olivia and Abby have
dinner. Olivia mentions that Michael only had two joints and he would have
needed at least a lid or a couple of ounces to go to jail. Abby's impressed
with Olivia's drug knowledge and searches her purse. She finds a bag of
pot. Abby takes Olivia to Karen's and makes her confess. (Olivia had
threatened to tell about Val's babies, but Abby didn't care this time. She
said that Michael is Sid's son.) Olivia apologizes to Michael and Karen.
Jill tells Gary she can't get past the fact that he's a married man. Ben
tells Cathy that her singing is better than ever. She asks for some time
away and Ben gives her a hug, then a lingering kiss. Mack tells Gary that
he needs to be more aware of the affect he has on people's lives. Olivia
says she's learned her lesson, and then goes upstairs to smoke pot again.
Peter and Jill agree to be seen more often in public together. Karen has
lunch with Mack at the Markham Hotel. She tells him that Charlie Lee is the
sixth employee to go home sick from Lotus Point. Karen goes to pay the
check. She sends a waitress over to the table with a note and the key to
the Ambassador Suite. The note reads: "Dear Mack, Get your buns up to Room
503. Love, Karen." Karen is waiting in her nightgown and tells Mack that
she's not sure, but wants to try. Gary tells Abby that Olivia has needed
her attention during her drug problem. He also says that she "failed our
business, Olivia, me, and our marriage. I'm divorcing you, Abby."

7.24 (154) Knots Landing: "PHOENIX RISES"
27Mar86 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Nicholas Sgarro
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Attorney .................... Jane Mandy
Hotel Manager .............. Don Mueller
Tailor ...................... Dan Peters
Abby is unable to pay attention to her divorce lawyer as the terms of the
divorce are suggested to her. Gary decides to give Karen 32 acres of Empire
Valley for her Lotus Point expansion plan. Gary moves into a new highrise
apartment. Jill tells Mack that Galveston Industries poisoned the entire
town of Wesphall and caused her parents to lose everything. She's had this
vendetta for over 20 years. Abby talks her way into Gary's new apartment
and tells him that she doesn't want a divorce. He offers to give her
exactly half of everything. She tells him that if he really wants a
divorce, she'll make a long list and at the top of it will be Empire
Valley. She plans to make it a very nasty divorce and threatens to drag
everyone into court, including Val and her babies. Ben and Val get ready to
go to a big environmental formal fundraiser. Abby comes to pick up Olivia
at Karen's to take her to the fundraiser. Olivia doesn't want to go and
threatens to tell Gary everything again. At the fundraiser, Abby spots Gary
and Jill sitting at the Lotus Point table and she is not very happy about
that. Abby tells Peter that if he doesn't do a better job at keeping Jill
away from Gary, then she'll no longer pay the legal fees for his
high-priced estate attorney. Peter tells her that he also knows about
Gary's babies and she'd better cooperate. Ben cynically asks Val if Gary's
divorce is good news or bad news. Ben tells Cathy that someone has offered
her a six-week eight city tour. (Cathy has by far the most provocative
[dress?] of the evening. It's a little zig-zag number that doesn't leave
much to the imagination.) About this same time Gary has the nerve to ask
Val for a dance. Greg wants to tell Abby how to vote on the Planning
Commission again. She refuses and Greg threatens to tell Gary again. Abby's
had enough of this and throws down her salad plate and yells for Greg to go
ahead and tell him. She says, "Allright then, I'll tell him." Everyone
gathers around and Abby tells Gary that she knew all along about the
kidnapping. Gary says, "Why am I not surprised?" Abby says that she had no
absolute proof and that she was worried about Val's delicate emotional
state at the time. Greg says she's starting to sound like Mother Teresa.
Then Greg brings up the paternity of the twins. Ben says to Greg, "My kids
are none of your damned business." Abby throws the ball back into Greg's
court and says, "Everyone knows who the father is..." After a very long
pause she takes Ben's arm and says, "I don't understand the accusation
you're making." Ben wants to know what Greg's suggesting. Gary comes
forward and says Greg's not suggesting anything. After the disastrous
fundraiser, Val tells Ben that Abby couldn't know for sure about Gary. Ben
noticed how when push came to shove, Gary refused to embarrass Val in
public. That same night Abby goes by Sylvia's apartment to find Peter.
(Abby knew Peter wouldn't be home.) Abby tells Sylvia that she's the one
paying for Peter's lawyer and it's time to discuss "strategy." Sylvia's
been dying to meet her and invites her in. She tells Sylvia that Peter has
told her everything and they need to go over the facts one more time. Abby
has a folder and wants to go over documentation for their case. (Abby's
really flipping through blank pieces of paper.) She names off elementary
school, transcripts, vaccination records, birth certificate, medical
history... Sylvia gets agitated and says that Peter's medical history
doesn't match that of her son's. She says he doesn't have the same scars or
birthmarks or anything. Sylvia asks if Abby can help fix the problem. Abby
smiles and says she can fix anything and tells Sylvia to "Please, call me
Abby." The next day at Lotus Point, Laura and Karen learn that the Planning
Commission (Abby) has stopped the expansion project. Gary has a talk with
Olivia and tells her how he had to hit rock bottom before he would admit he
had a problem with alcohol. Val comes to see Abby and thanks her for
reuniting her with the babies. Gary barges in and wants to know why Abby
held up the permits for the expansion project. Val says she just wanted to
make sure Abby knew that and leaves. Abby asks Gary what type of divorce he
wants. She says, "Val's a very nice person but she probably couldn't handle
the trial as well as Jill Bennett could." Abby tells Gary to give her
Empire Valley, in writing, and he'll get a nice, quiet divorce. Oh, and the
construction permits will be a bonus. Eric works outside at Lotus Point and
decides to take a swim. Abby goes by Karen's to get Olivia and snatches her
out of there without giving any explanation to Karen. Lilimae has a private
talk with Ben and tells him the Lord works in mysterious ways. She says to
think of Gary's gift as a very special kind of insurance for his children.
Gary goes to see Abby and throws down a big envelope and says to her,
"Empire Valley, it's yours. In writing." Val comes over as Mack and Karen
arrive home from a movie. She tells them that "Eric's at St. Matthews
Hospital. He's in intensive care..."

7.25 (155) Knots Landing: "THE LEGACY"
3Apr86 CBS Thur
Written by : Lynn Latham
Directed by : Timna Ranon
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Dr. Faulkner .............. Fran Bennett
Nurse Mays ................... Linda Hoy
Rowe Waller .................. Bud Davis
Chair ................... Colin Hamilton
Harry Nold ............. Richard Sanders
Nurse Cody .............. Deborah Benson
At the hospital, Karen learns that Eric has severe abdominal pains. Peter
and Jill go out to dinner at a very high profile restaurant. Peter tells
her he blew it with Abby at the benefit. Jill says she knows-- everyone
knows. Jill says she's using Gary to get Empire Valley and she cannot
afford to offend him. Eric is having convulsions, pains, and he's
disoriented. The doctors don't know what's wrong. Abby learns that Gary
decided to give Karen 3200 acres of Empire Valley instead of 32. He says it
was already done and tells her to get him the building permits he needs.
Eric is sent to radiology for examination. Laura tries to motivate Greg. He
says if Peter had settled, the game would be over. Laura tells Greg to get
passionate about his business, life, something. He says, "What do you say
we get married?" She replies, "I appreciate the offer and I'll seriously
consider it." Greg offers to settle with Peter again for $5 million. Peter
says the amount is "not adequate." Greg fires him. Gary tells Jill his
divorce was civilized, but Abby got Empire Valley. Abby is happy to see
Peter and Jill out on the town. She tells Olivia that she's doing
everything she can to keep her family together. Gary drops off a gift for
Jill at the Bryant Hotel and sees her with Peter. Jill tells Peter she
wants to break up with Gary diplomatically. Abby goes to Sacramento for a
meeting with the State Planning Commission. She finds out that years ago
Galveston Industries legally dumped several hundred metric tons of acid and
arsenic in a hole in the ground at Empire Valley! Abby goes to see Greg and
he congratulates the "old baby saver" for pulling that one out of the hat.
She says they may not be "friends," but they do have a healthy business
respect for each other. She offers to sell him the 50,000 acres of Empire
Valley she got in the divorce. Cathy cleans out her dressing room and
prepares to leave town. Jill will not return Gary's calls. Cathy can't find
anyone to go to the movies with her. Peter tells Abby that he quit his job
because his lawyer didn't think it was a good idea to work for the man he's
going to sue. He also mentions paying back Abby's loan. Abby tells him it
was an investment, not a loan. She demands 51% of everything he gets from
Greg Sumner. Peter says she must be crazy, but Abby tells him she knows his
secret. She says it will be her word against Sylvia's, but it should be
enough proof for Greg. She also adds that this time Greg wouldn't fire him,
but eat him alive. Gary knocks on Jill's door and demands to know what has
happened since yesterday. She says that Peter's a friend and she doesn't
want to see Gary anymore. Greg's lawyer tells him that Peter's case looks
very convincing and the lawsuit could be very expensive. Paul Galveston
made support payments to Sylvia and Peter would have the court's sympathy.
Peter yells at Sylvia for giving away their secret to Abby. Peter says that
he concocted this scheme while he was working for Galveston Industries.
Peter found the file and dummied up the documents. He tells Sylvia his life
would be much simpler if she had a heart attack or fell down some stairs.
He wouldn't have to worry about her slip-ups and would inherit all the
money. Karen tells Val that she couldn't live without Eric. Cathy tells Ben
she no longer has a reason to stay in Knots Landing and will be leaving on
the tour next week. Greg accepts Abby's offer and agrees to purchase Empire
Valley for two television stations, several million dollars, and a choice
seat on the board of Galveston Industries. The doctor tells Karen that Eric
has arsenic poisoning. Peter warns Jill to stay away from Gary because Abby
will expose them. Jill says that she's really in love with Gary. Peter says
that Jill's his sister and he loves her. She's the only family he has.
Galveston Industries destroyed their family and Wesphall and he wants to
make them pay. He says, "We're closing in on this, we can't quit now."

7.26 (156) Knots Landing: "ARSENIC AND OLD WASTE"
10Apr86 CBS Thur
Written by : David Paulsen
Directed by : David Paulsen
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Danny ...................... B. J. Jones
Jack ................... Dominic Messina
Maid ....................... Oceana Marr
Technician .................. Dana Kelly
Abby sees Mack arrive at Lotus Point with the County Hazardous Materials
Response Unit. Mack tells her Eric has arsenic poisoning. Greg is
preoccupied with Empire Valley and stands Laura up for a dinner date. Abby
wishes this arsenic investigation could have waited until her sale of
Empire Valley was finalized. She tells Mack and Gary that they should be
positive about the arsenic before they ruin the reputation of Lotus Point.
Val tells Ben she thinks it will do Cathy good to get away for a while.
Mack asks Gary if Jill has ever mentioned anything about arsenic poisioning
or Wesphall. Laura goes to see Greg while he plays polo. He tells her that
he's curious as to why Abby's so anxious to sell Empire Valley. Laura says
she can't think that deviously. Eric tells Karen that he's been swimming in
the reservoir near the irrigation pump for several months. Jill checks her
messages, hoping to get one from Gary. Val gets dressed up at home for Ben,
but he stays late at work. Cathy drops by the studio to pick up a few
things. She sneaks up on Ben while he plays the piano. She says she never
got to dance with him at the benefit ball. She's leaving the day after
tomorrow, so they slow dance. Lilimae tells Val that sometimes a man needs
a little space. Cathy asks Ben why Greg almost said that Val's babies
weren't his. Ben admits that he's not their father. Abby and Olivia come to
see Eric in the hospital. Abby says Eric reminds her of Sid. Abby cries
about Eric and her brother and admits she misses him. Karen says she still
misses Sid, too. Mack says the results are in and Lotus Point is full of
arsenic. Mack and Karen go to the office and Jill arrives. Mack wants to
know what Jill has to do with this. He says she's been full of surprises
and wants to know what else she's covering up. Jill leaves. She goes over
to Gary's, but doesn't knock on the door. Gary sees Jill as he gets off the
elevator. She says that she fell in love with him, but didn't want to, and
she just needs some time to think. Abby tells Mack and Karen that the
arsenic may be leaking into Lotus Point from the adjacent land at Empire
Valley. Karen accuses her of sitting on this information. Abby reminds them
that now everyone has something at stake when it comes to Empire Valley.
Gary tries to place the blame of the arsenic poisoning on Greg and
Galveston Industries. He tells Mack and Karen that Greg has the
responsibility to protect the environment. Abby says that what Galveston
did was legal years ago. They put it in plastic barrels and buried it on
their property. She says Gary is to blame because he did the damage when he
blew up Empire Valley several months ago. Ben helps bathe the twins and
says, "Bob Ewing Gibson, I love you." Peter meets Sylvia as she's leaving
church. Sylvia says she's not stupid and knew Peter was threatening her.
Peter says he got carried away. Sylvia says she's getting scared. Peter
says he's sorry and they'll continue with their plan. Greg tells Laura that
maybe Paul Galveston knew about the arsenic and gave Empire Valley to Gary
as a big joke. Greg says he's tired of losing and still plans to buy Empire
Valley. Val tells Mack that she can feel Ben slipping away. Ben goes by the
beach house to give Cathy a gift before she leaves town. Ben tells her that
he's an old-fashioned kind of guy and he loves his wife and those babies.
He says his family is very important to him and he has a good life. Cathy
says, "You shouldn't be here." They kiss, passionately...

7.27 (157) Knots Landing: "A CHANGE OF HEART"
17Apr86 CBS Thur
Written by : Parke Perine
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Randall Warrington ......... Howard Witt
Vincent Ostrenga ........... John McCann
Dominick Carrazo ............ Dean Hallo
Jason Avery ............ Matthew Newmark
Karen tells Mack that her Lotus Point employee, Charlie Lee, is sick and
won't be returning to work for a while. Ben spent the night in bed with
Cathy! They both don't say anything to each other and look very guilty as
they get dressed. Greg tells Laura he's taking her away on a surprise trip.
Ben comes home very late and Val's waiting up for him. She assumes he was
working late and tells him she missed him. Abby tells Gary she would like
to postpone the divorce because she's scared and Lotus Point is all she
has. Peter's lawyer tells Sylvia to relax on the stand and answer every
question with "yes" or "no." Abby thinks Lotus Point should sue Sumner.
Everyone wonders where Laura is. Greg takes Laura to Las Vegas. He tells
her he loves her and needs her. They are married in the "Wedding Chapel of
Joy." Jill tells Peter that she wants out. She tells him not to threaten
her because she knows too much. Gary runs into Jill, but she refuses to
talk to him. Abby's looking into "air-stripping" to solve the problem, but
Karen thinks it's just another form of pollution. Laura comes back to the
office and Karen and Abby ask her if Greg would be willing to help. Laura
tells them that a wife should have some influence on her husband. Abby
gives Laura a very insincere smile and says, "Congratulations." Greg tells
his lawyer that Laura is to be a full partner in the corporation. Cathy is
very nervous when she comes over to Val's for a farewell dinner. She tells
Ben upstairs that she doesn't want to leave anymore. Laura asks Greg to
clean up the pollution as a wedding present for her. Greg agrees and even
offers to truck in fresh water for Lotus Point. Cathy doesn't agree with
her manager, Dominick Carrazo. He now wants her to open up for a heavy
metal band. Olivia has a violent dream. She dreams someone ripped up her
favorite teddy bear while Gary sat and watched. Peter tells Abby that Jill
and Gary broke up. She reminds him that she still has 51% of nothing. Laura
breaks the news to Jason and Daniel that she married "that man who served
hotdogs for breakfast." Jason asks about their father. Laura says it's been
over three years since she's heard from Richard. Jason says she should have
told them about the wedding. Karen works day and night to find someone to
clean up Lotus Point. Eric finally is released from the hospital. Karen
goes to Lotus Point and walks near the poisoned reservoir. She screams,
"Damn you, Paul Galveston!" Karen tells Mack that it may sound corny, but
Lotus Point was "her dream." Laura tells Greg to follow through on his
promise. She makes him sign a piece of paper promising to clean up the
mess. Greg signs it "Bozo the Clown." Val suggests that Ben could help
Cathy with her tour. Gary tells Abby to accept the fact that he's divorcing
Abby. Dominick puts the pressure on Cathy and tells Ben to stay out of it.
Ben tells Cathy he feels guilty. Cathy tells him she's glad they spent the
night together. She asks, "When is Ben Gibson going to be happy?" Greg asks
Karen to meet with him at his office. She's desperate at this point and is
willing to listen to anyone. He tells her that the litigation for the
clean-up could go on for many years and drain her financially. He has a
plan to use his resources and political influence to get it cleaned up in
four months. He calls it "Karen's Plan." The catch is she has to persuade
everyone to sell him Empire Valley for 50 cents on the dollar. Karen asks
why he thinks she would want to help him. He replies, "Get me Empire Valley
or you can kiss Lotus Point goodbye."

7.28 (158) Knots Landing: "HIS BROTHER'S KEEPER"
1May86 CBS Thur
Written by : Bernard Lechowick
Directed by : Larry Elikann
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Senator Billie Henderson ... Paul Napier
Bureaucrat .................. Ben Cooper
Dominick Carrazo ............ Dean Hallo
Meg Troffton ................ Patti Karr
Rowe Waller .................. Bud Davis
Abby encourages the other Lotus Point partners to sell Empire Valley to
Greg. Karen doesn't trust Greg, but Abby says they have to sell to save
Lotus Point. Val wants Ben to attend a meeting with her at Lotus Point. Ben
continues to help Cathy with her problems with her manager, Dominick.
Greg's lawyer advises him that Peter has probably already won his case by
getting this far. He says that on a scale of 1 to 10, Peter's case is about
a 9 1/2. Cathy tells Ben that he's the father of "Gary's kids." She thinks
they should both do something selfish for once. Karen and Gary learn that
the arsenic testing could last for years. They decide to take their
problems to State Senator Billie Henderson, but Greg gets to him first.
Greg wants Sen. Henderson to resign his Senate seat and join Galveston
Industries as a consultant. After he declines Greg's offer, Greg hands him
an envelope and says, "about your daughter... " Lilimae tells Val that
she'll be able to work out her problems with Ben. Cathy does a publicity
photo shoot for her tour. Dominick wants her to wear a tacky heavy-metal
leather outfit that she's not comfortable with. Ben comes to her defense
and Dominick asks if he's her boyfriend. Cathy decides to fire Dominick and
she tells Ben that things would not work out for them as long as they
stayed in Knots Landing. Ben forgets to go meet Val at the Lotus Point
meeting. Before the emergency meeting at Lotus Point, Abby overhears Eric
telling Michael all about Jill's past in Wesphall. Jill gives Peter a check
because he's low on cash. She also tells him that she wants to make up with
Gary and tell him she doesn't care anymore about Empire Valley. Mack and
Karen go to see Sen. Henderson, but he tells them he can't help because
he's retiring. The Governor calls Mack and tells him he's looking for
someone to fill the recently vacated Senate seat. Val tells Gary that she's
willing to sell Empire Valley so that he could clean it up. Gary sees the
irony in Val giving back Empire Valley to him. He thinks he causes nothing
but trouble for everyone. Val tells him he's helped many people in his own
special "Gary Ewing way." Ben arrives at Lotus Point just in time to see
Val hugging Gary. He turns around and leaves. Cathy tells Ben that Val
doesn't mean to, but she hurts him. She says that Val is not completely
over Gary. Cathy wants Ben to come with her on the tour. Abby tells Gary
that Jill's family once owned Empire Valley. She then recounts to Gary
Jill's exact actions for the past few weeks. She tells him Jill probably
came on to him, dumped him, and will soon want to see him again. Ben finds
out that Gary drove Val home from Lotus Point. Abby was exactly right and
she passes Jill on the way out of Gary's hotel. Jill tells Gary she
initially went out with him only because of Empire Valley, but now she's
not interested in it. She tells him she loves him. Gary doesn't say
anything and then asks her, "Is that it?" Karen learns that the insurance
on the excavation alone for the cleanup will be $2.5 million and Lotus
Point cannot be used as collateral. Greg holds a press conference to
announce that former Senator Billie Henderson has joined Galveston
Industries as a full-time consultant. Henderson says that Galveston has no
criminal liability for the pollution. He mentions that Empire Valley
supplies the water for the township of Wesphall and the resort community
Lotus Point. Karen and Abby learn there have been 34 check-outs after
Henderson's announcement. Also, long-time groundskeeper Charlie Lee had to
go to the hospital. Karen tells Abby that Greg Sumner is the problem, not a
solution and he's not trustworthy. Abby tells Karen to not let her idealism
get mixed up with her pride. Gary gets on a plane and heads for Dallas. Val
asks Ben if their problems are her fault. Lilimae tells Cathy that
somewhere "Mr. Right is waiting for you." Laura comes by to tell Karen that
she's sorry Greg leaked the news about Lotus Point. Karen forgives her and
says Laura is the best thing that ever happened to Greg. Greg challenges
Peter to a game of squash. Greg beats Peter, even though he played wearing
business clothes. He tells Peter that he'll now be very rich and for
starters he would like to make him State Senator! Eric comes home and tells
Karen that Charlie Lee is dead. Karen says, "I cannot be responsible for
anymore sickness or death. I'm closing Lotus Point."

7.29 (159) Knots Landing: "THICKER THAN WATER"
8May86 CBS Thur
Written by : Lawrence Kasha
Directed by : Kate Swofford Tilley
Special Guest Appearance by Ruth Roman as Sylvia Lean
Guest Cast:
Rowe Waller .................. Bud Davis
Male Newscaster ........ Gene D. Jackson
Vincent Ostrenga ........... John McCann
Gloria Ashton ........... Mary Ingersoll
Peggy ............... Victoria-Ann Lewis
Mr. Ferrano ................ Mike Robelo
Abby holds a news conference and tells the public that there's nothing
wrong with the water at Lotus Point. She even proposes an on-camera toast
"to your health" and drinks the water. Meanwhile, Karen is letting all the
employees of Lotus Point go. One reporter asks if the rumour is true that
half of Empire Valley belongs to the children of Ben Gibson. Peter just
wants the money, but Greg tells him that he'll have to accept the
settlement on his terms or face a ten-year legal battle. Abby wants to know
why Karen is closing Lotus Point. Gary returns and says he went to Dallas
to ask his family for money to help finance the cleanup. Since there was no
oil involved, the Ewing's were not interested. Karen says she'll never
agree to sell to Greg Sumner. Peter tells Sylvia about Greg's proposal and
they celebrate the victory. Greg tells Laura he wants to get back into
politics as "a hobby." Abby thinks they should wait Greg's offer out. Karen
doesn't really believe Lotus Point will ever re-open and she snaps at her
family. Val and Lilimae see Abby on the news and they even hear the
reporter asking questions about the twins. Ben goes to see Cathy and he
offers to be her manager and accompany her on the tour. Gary goes to see
Val and he asks if he can take Empire Valley back. Abby sees Peter and
advises him to accept Greg's offer. A beautiful young woman shows up at
Mack's office and tells Peggy, "I'd like to see Mr. MacKenzie." Peggy tells
her that Mack is out and asks her name. She says her name is "Paige
Matheson, but it wouldn't mean anything to him. I'll try later." Ben tells
Val that he's taking a six-week leave of absence. He says he needs space
and time away. Mack and Paige pass on the street outside his office. Peter
accepts Greg's settlement and signs the contract. Greg tells Sylvia and
Laura, "Congratulations to one big, happy family." Karen finally changes
her mind about Empire Valley and tells Gary to go ahead and "sell it to the
son of a bitch." Lilimae goes to the beach house to give Cathy a going away
gift. She knows Ben is planning on going with her. She asks Cathy is she
cares about Val or those babies. Cathy says Ben knows what he wants and she
doesn't want to talk about it. Lilimae slaps Cathy's face! Lilimae says,
"Those are two good people. They've been good to you, and me. When you
think this through, you'll know what to do. I wish you all kinds of luck
with your tour!" Gary goes to see Greg and tells him "Empire Valley is
yours, lock, stock, and toxic barrel." Mack waits for Karen to show up for
a lunch date, but she never arrives at the restaurant. Michael answers a
knock at the door. Paige asks, "Is this Mack MacKenzies's house?" Michael
tells her it sure is and invites her inside to wait. She tells Michael
she's never met Mack, but she just needs to see him. Abby and Peter
celebrate his victory in bed. Peter pouts because he didn't get half, but
Abby says soon she'll have his money making money. She also looks forward
to helping him with his new political career. Ben tells Val there's nothing
to say and he has to get away. Val tells him "I don't want you to go," but
he walks out the door. Paige is telling a very attentive Michael about her
summers in Paris when Mack arrives home. He's very concerned about Karen
and immediately calls Peggy. No one has seen Karen. Michael calls Mack over
and introduces him to Paige. He tells her she's been waiting. She says,
"I've wanted to meet you for some time. I'm your daughter..."

7.30 (160) Knots Landing: THE LONGEST NIGHT
15May86 CBS Thur
Written by : David Paulsen
Directed by : Joseph L. Scanlan
Guest Cast:
Detective Behar ......... Allen Williams
Hank ...................... John DiSanti
Jules Posner ............ Patrick Cronin
Detective Fiore ........... Nancy Hinman
Michael and Eric have a hard time believing Paige's revelation, but they
realize she's not joking. Mack says, "Sit down. You're Anne's daughter."
Mack tells her she looks just like her mother, Anne Matheson, did at that
age when he dated her. Paige explains that she is 19 years old and she knew
that Mack did not know she existed. After Anne became pregnant with her,
she was sent away to Europe by her grandparents. Mack never got to say
goodbye to Anne and didn't know she was pregnant with his child. Paige
tells Mack that Anne died a year ago. Val calls Mack looking for Karen. He
tells her that she missed several appointments today. Gary, Abby, and
Olivia have dinner. Olivia tells Gary that Abby "hates me because she hates
herself, and I'm just like her." Abby doesn't enjoy Olivia's company, so
she sends her home with Gary. Val tells Lilimae she's should have seen the
problems coming with Ben. Ben calls Cathy from his office. She tells him
the bus is leaving at 7:30am and she would like to spend some time with
him. Mack even calls Abby looking for Karen. Mack doesn't want Paige to
stay in a hotel, so he offers her Michael's room. Greg hires an image
consultant for Peter. They want him to get glasses, change his hair,
clothes, and diction. Eric and Mack go searching that night at Lotus Point.
He discovers Karen's car in the garage. The mechanic tells him that she was
having problems with her brakes so she left in a company car. He says she
never got back to him. Mack decides to call the police. Peter goes to the
ranch to meet Abby. She warns him that they should be discreet, but she
invites him in for some fun. Gary decides that Olivia should work out her
problems with her mother, so he turns the car around and heads for the
ranch. Paige tells Michael that her mother and Mack were a pair of
"star-crossed lovers." She said that her grandparents didn't approve of
Mack because he was working class. She says that Mack even used to send a
friend over to get Anne. Paige decides to stay in a hotel and asks Michael
to call a taxi. Gary arrives at the ranch and sees Peter's convertible. He
goes to the car and opens the glovebox and finds out the car is registered
to Peter Hollister. Abby quickly gets dressed and notices Gary outside.
Gary tells Olivia that her mother has a "business associate" over. He
decides to take her back with him. Abby sends Peter home. At the police
station, Det. Behar asks Mack if he's been having problems with Karen. He
also asks if she's been taking prescription drugs again. He does a favor
for Mack and puts out an APB right away, even though Karen hasn't been
missing for 3 days. Gary and Olivia arrive at Gary's and find Jill waiting.
Olivia says, "Oh, this must be your business associate. It's a big night
for business. I'm just a kid, I'll let you guys get down to business." Jill
asks Gary why he left Valene. He told her he was addicted to excitement.
Jill asks if he's sorry he left Valene and Gary doesn't answer. Jill says
she can be the best of both Val and Abby. It's now 4:20am and Eric calls
the hospitals. Det. Behar has to cover all the bases and asks Mack if Karen
could be "running around." Val can't sleep and sits on the balcony outside
her bedroom. Lilimae comes to check on her. Lilimae tells Val to take a
trip and get away for a while. Val says that she just needs some air. It's
now dawn and the longest night is over. Val drives down to the beach. She
starts running as fast as she can. Ben decided not to spend the night with
Cathy, but he meets her at the beach house half an hour before she's to
leave. Cathy knew Ben wouldn't be coming with her. She tells him she had
changed her mind, too, and she never wanted to hurt Val. Ben tells her that
he was called an "SOB" is high school, but the name meant "Solid Old Ben."
Ben tells her that she'll never know what the last couple of weeks have
meant to him. She says, "Me, too." Val is looking up at this scene from the
beach. She sees Ben and Cathy hugging and sharing a final embrace. She
watches Ben take Cathy's bags to the car. Mack yells at Michael for letting
Paige leave and go to a hotel. A broken stand of pearls are lying on the
floor of a dark room. Karen is lying unconscious on an old sofa. She has a
scrapes on her chin and elbow. Karen slowly regains consciousness and is
very disoriented. She looks around and gasps! Val goes up to Ben's empty
beach house. She sees Ben's shirt and smells Cathy's perfume on it. Val
rips apart a poster of Cathy. Val smashes lamps, knock tables and plants
over and even destroys the television! Karen discovers she's trapped in a
basement in a rural area. The windows have been wired shut. Eric sees Greg
and Laura and he accuses Greg of having some involvement in his mother's
disappearance because of Empire Valley. Greg says he's sorry, but he
doesn't know anything about it. Karen discovers a sink and she washes her
face and drinks water. Lilimae tells Gary she's concerned about Val because
she's lost two husbands now. She doesn't think Val would run off to
Tennessee again. Gary tells her he knows where to find Val. Gary goes down
to the beach and finds Val. She tells him that she saw Ben and Cathy leave
together. She says that now they (Gary and Val) have come full circle. The
beach was the first place they went when they arrived in California. Val
says, "What a mess we've made of our lives." Gary and Val laugh
uncontrollably and hug. Val says, "What a pair-- we deserve each other."
Karen finds a crow bar in the basement. She shrieks "Oh, my God" as someone
passes by the basement window. Mack calls the police station again. He
apologizes for yelling earlier at Michael, then he rips the phone out and
throws it against the wall. A man comes down the basement stairs. Karen
throws the crow bar at him and tries to escape. She runs up the stairs, but
the door is locked. The man follows her up the stairs and asks, "You want
out, Mrs. MacKenzie?"

################ Knots Landing ###############
############### end of season 7 #############

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