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Season 6 (1972-73)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
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################# Mannix ###################
############# season 6 1972-73 ###############
CBS (Sundays 9:30 pm EST)
(Moves from Wednesdays to Sundays)

6.1 [123] Mannix: THE OPEN WEB
17Sep1972 CBS Sun
written by Donn Mullally
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
Rip Torn as Victor Roarke
Rod Arrants as Ken Gordon
Eddie Egan as Lt. Paul Haber
Buddy Joe Hooker as Chase
John McLiam as Fogerty
Jimmy Putman as Chuck
Bruce Watson as Anderson
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Gang leader Victor Roarke, is held in custody in the Santa Monica Mountains. When a helicopter with false sheriff markings
swoops down, rescues Roarke and takes Malcolm hostage, Mannix calls for police help and Lt. Paul Haber arrives. [RF]

6.2 [--] Mannix: CRY SILENCE
24Sep1972 CBS Sun
written by Ed Waters & Oliver Crawford
directed by Alf Kjellin
guest stars
Anthony Zerbe as Father James Conway
Stacy Keach Sr. as Father Frank Lawler
Geoffrey Lewis as Killer
Joe Maross as Ira Welch
Len Wayland as Jonathan Morrison
Fay Spain as Mrs Welch
Hersha Parady as Receptionist
Robert Wood as Lt Art Malcolm
Before relinquishing his vows, Father Jim Conway hears the confession of a man who hired a killer to murder his girlfriend.
Although the former priest insists he would never reveal what he heard in the confessional, attempts are made on his life.
When Mannix is asked to find the assailant, he becomes the target of attacks as well. [RF]

6.3 [--] Mannix: THE CRIMSON HALO
01Oct1972 CBS Sun
written by Shimon Wincelberg
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Joseph Campanella as Dr. Graham Aspinall
Burgess Meredith as Noah Otway
Robert Burr as Dr. Felix St. Ives
Fionnula Flanagan as Gloria Paget
Laraine Stephens as Charlene Tolliver
Carol Ohmart as Mrs Aspinall
John Francis as Attendant
Luanne Roberts as Nurse
Sandy Ward as Foreman
Walter Wyatt as Hitman
Dr. Graham Aspinall, whose devotion to medicine makes it a mystery when an attempt is made on his life. Attorney Noah
Otway asks Mannix to find out who wants to kill his client. [RF]

6.4 [--] Mannix: BROKEN MIRROR
08Oct1972 CBS Sun
written by Leigh Vance & Robert Pirosh
directed by David Lowell Rich
guest stars
Anjanette Comer as Gina Hunter/Mary Moore
Jon Cypher as Wallace Hunter
Ahna Capri as Billie Caprice
John Lasell
Don McGovern
Rico Alaniz as Doctor
Grace Albertson as Nun
Pepe Serna as Alphonso
Robert Wood as. Lt. Art Malcolm
A beautiful society woman disappears from her husband's yacht during their second honeymoon. Mannix is sent to the area in
search of clues. While touring the waters in a small boat, he is pulled under by two frogmen who attempt to drown him. [RF]

6.5 [--] Mannix: PORTRAIT OF A HERO
15Oct1972 CBS Sun
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
Judith McConnell
Dabney Coleman
Joseph Campanella
Grace Albertson
John Milford
Melendy Britt
Lyle Bettger
Eugene Patterson
Dallas Mitchell
Walker Edmiston
A former Air Force pilot is murdered just before showing an experimental airplane to the press. While investigating,
Mannix learns that the company that built the plane was in financial trouble--until the plane started making flights to
a mysterious location. [RF]

6.6 [--] Mannix: THE INSIDE MAN
22Oct1972 CBS Sun
written by A.A. Ross
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Nancy Kovack
Lloyd Battista
John Colicos as Lytell
Robert Mandan as Coden
Todd Mason as Waiter
Ron Nyman as Third gunman
John Duke Russo
Tom Hallick as Staff Legal Counselor
Mannix infiltrates a New Orleans gang to help police get evidence on its members, and becomes romantically involved with
a female gang member. When the mob leader is informed that there is a traitor in his midst, he takes steps to learn
his name. [RF]

6.7 [--] Mannix: TO KILL A MEMORY
29Oct1972 CBS Sun
written by Arthur Weiss
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Martin Sheen as Alex Lachlan
Pamela Susan Shoop as Jan Lachlan
John Vernon as John Thompson
Ben Piazza as Duke
Ford Rainey as Lachlan
Larry Watson as Turk
Ed Hall as Doctor
Sharyn Wynters as Lolly
Tony Young as Harry
Dick Ziker as Bus Driver
Alex Lachlan, a soldier believed killed in Vietnam who suddenly returns home with amnesia and carrying a forged passport
under a new name. Fearing Alex is in trouble, his family asks Mannix to investigate. Mannix discovers that Alex is
involved with diamond thieves and that his return means disaster for a member of his family. [RF]

6.8 [--] Mannix: THE UPSIDE DOWN PENNY
05Nov1972 CBS Sun
written by Robert W. Lenski
guest stars
Ike Eisenmann as Kenny Brooks
Richard Bakalyan as Eberle
Stanley Kamel as John 'Gemini' Boling
Patricia McAneny as Jackie Miller
Frank Marth as Henry Crawford
Bartlett Robinson as Riley
Joseph Perry as Spieler
Judith Doty as Girl
Art Lewis as Clerk
Johnny Silver as Operator
Tom Stewart as Cavanaugh
Vaughn Taylor as Dealer
When Mannix agrees to help 12-year-old Kenny Brooks find his lost stamp collection, he stumbles onto a half million
dollar swindle. Kenny says he lost his stamps near the Long Beach Pier and offers Mannix $1.85 to find them. The trail
leads to an alcoholic artist who disappears after telling his friends he inherited money. [RF]

6.9 [--] Mannix: ONE STEP TO MIDNIGHT
12Nov1972 CBS Sun
written by Warren Duff
directed by Don McDougall
guest stars
Harold Gould as Bruno Raphael
Belinda Montgomery as Susan Graham
Christopher Connelly
Paul Lambert
Alan Caillou
Mady Maguire as Sheila
Dennis McCarthy as Doctor
Del Monroe as Tate
Arch Whiting as Paul
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Enemies of deported gang lord Bruno Raphael believe he has returned to the country and are trying to track him down.
When murder attempts are made on some of Raphael's family, they ask Mannix for protection. Mannix tries to find the
assailants, but they seem to know his moves almost before Mannix does. [RF]

6.10 [--] Mannix: HARVEST OF DEATH
19Nov1972 CBS Sun
written by Harold Medford & Jerry Thomas
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Sean Garrison as Clint Carpenter
Joe De Santis as Sam Maturian
Linda Marsh as Nora Carpenter
Paul Mantee as Dave Winters
Jeanette Nolan as Maria Carpenter
Henry Beckman as Sheriff Simkins
Ed Call as Link
Nate Esformes as Steve
Richard Hale as Jesse
Ron Nyman as Worker
Brett Pearson as Tiny
Bard Stevens as Pilot
Mannix is asked to investigate the disappearance of two crop-dusting pilots whose employer, Clint Carpenter, believes
a rival is trying to sabotage his orange crop. Hoping to find clues, Mannix poses as a crop duster. Later, when a
murder is committed, Mannix is arrested as a suspect. [RF]

6.11 [--] Mannix: A PUZZLE OF ONE
26Nov1972 CBS Sun
written by David P. Harmon
directed by Jeffrey Hayden
guest stars
Adam West as Jonathan Forsythe
Nehemiah Persoff as Wojeska
Nadyne Turney as Helen Henderson
Jason Wingreen as Harry Fredericks
Carol Wayne as Bobbi
Lisa Jak as Susan
Elizabeth MacRae
Susan Bay
Annabelle Garth
David Mauro
Mary Carver as Mrs Fredericks
Jack Ging as Lt. Dan Ives
Suave businessman Jonathan Forsythe. The slaying of a private-detective friend sends Mannix on a dangerous search for
the killer. While checking the cases under investigation by the slain man, Mannix foils a murder attempt on Forsythe
and meets the vengeful Wojeska, father of a drug victim. Mannix provides a hideout for Forsythe and sets himself up
as target for the would-be killer. [RF]

6.12 [--] Mannix: LOST SUNDAY
03Dec1972 CBS Sun
written by Ellis Marcus
directed by Reza Badiyi
guest stars
Luana Anders as Angie McCall
Peter Hooten as Don Wilkerson
Robert Miller Driscoll as Digby
Stack Pierce as Billy
Harry Townes as Wilkerson
Michele Marsh as Miss Henshaw
Kevin Hagen as Sheriff
Paul Jenkins
William Jordan
Tom Reese
Carlos Rivas as Rodez
Bob Bralver as Houseboy
Bob Golden as Guard
A plant foreman is shot, but official records are changed to make it appear as an accident; the victim's sister doesn't
believe it was an accident and asks Mannix to investigate. Mannix finds that the killer was the sister's fiancee;
while gathering clues, Mannix is arrested on a phony charge. [RF]

6.13 [--] Mannix: SEE NO EVIL
10Dec1972 CBS Sun
written by Shimon Wincelberg
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
Sandy Champion as Glenn Girard
Norman Alden as Lou Griswold
Conlan Carter as Ben Kohler
Wallace Earl as Mrs. Griswold
Vince Howard as Gil Whitney
Doreen Lang as Mrs. Kohler Sr
Felton Perry as Perdue
Almeria Quinn as Elaine Massey
Arnold F. Turner as. Young man
Gwen Van Dam as Mrs. Kohler
Royce Wallace as Mrs. Girard
Investigating a murder, Mannix finds evidence pointing to Peggy's friend Glenn Girard. Peggy insists that one-time
juvenile delinquent Girard has reformed, but when Mannix tries to question him, he flees. Later, when Gerard's
girlfriend offers to take Mannix to another suspect, she leads him into an ambush. [RF]

6.14 [--] Mannix: LIGHT AND SHADOW
17Dec1972 CBS Sun
written by Harold Medford & Richard Murphy
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Christine Belford as Alison Bramante
Cesare Danova as Mr. Bramante
Edward Bell as Bill Moseley
John Hillerman as Larry Lawton
Murray Matheson as Snowy Bartlett
Christina Sinatra as Louise
Michael Ebert as Nikky Lorenzo
Frank Christi
Ed Hall as Roger
Todd Mason as Purser
Ron Nyman as Policeman
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Alison Bramante, wife of one of the richest men in the world, is accused of murdering one of her stepdaughter's admirers.
Mannix is hired to prove her innocence. While pursuing leads, Mannix is roughed up by two thugs and concludes he is
on the right track. [RF]

6.15 [--] Mannix: A GAME OF SHADOWS
24Dec1972 CBS Sun
written by Leigh Vance
directed by Gerald Mayer
guest stars
William Gray Espy
Meg Foster as Sheila
Marta Kristen as Aileen
Kenneth Tobey
Natalie Schafer
Adam Williams
Paul Stevens
Alan Bergmann
Jack Ging as Lt. Dan Ives
A wealthy businessman arrives home to find his wife dead, his best friend running from the scene and a fortune in jewels
missing. Convinced that the man is innocent, his girlfriend persuades Mannix to find him. Digging into the case, Mannix
is surprised to learn that all government and private records of the man have disappeared. [RF]

6.16 [--] Mannix: THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE
07Jan1973 CBS Sun
written by Robert W. Lenski
directed by Sutton Roley
guest stars
Robert Middleton as Jake Coryell
Arthur Batanides as Emmett Trask
Clu Gulager as Lyle Foster
Tom Hallick as Detective Lou Gifford
Bart La Rue as Lt. Dean
Ken Lynch as Sloan the Trainer
Dennis McCarthy as Doctor
Stuart Nisbet as Motel Manager
Mannix is marked for death by an enemy who chooses to taunt him before carrying out his threat. When Mannix finally learns
the identity of his tormentor and prepares to apprehend him, the man kidnaps Peggy and threatens to kill her unless Mannix
walks into his trap. [RF]

6.17 [--] Mannix: A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE
14Jan1973 CBS Sun
written by Howard Browne
directed by Alf Kjellin
guest stars
Dana Elcar as Skip Seldon
Mel Novak as Elmo Bagley
Abe Vigoda as Anton Valine
Elsa Lanchester as Portia Penhaven
Ruth McDevitt as Penelope Penhaven
Dorothy Neumann as Gertrude
Gary Waynesmith as Otis
Shirley O'Hara as Mrs. Zeigler
Alex Gerry as Mr. Zeigler
Jack Knight as Driver
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
When Elmo Bagley planned a perfect murder, he didn't count on the righteous indignation of two elderly sisters.
As Bagley drove away from the scene of his crime, he backed into an ancient limo belonging to Portia and Penelope
Penhaven. The sisters hire Mannix to bring the driver to justice, at any cost. [RF]

6.18 [--] Mannix: OUT OF THE NIGHT
21Jan1973 CBS Sun
written by William H. Wright
directed by Paul Krasny
guest stars
Joyce Van Patten as Dodie Green
James A. Watson Jr. as Frank Renell/Jimmy
Stanley Adams as Henry Watson
Paul Carr as Tavel
Oscar Beregi Jr. as Dr. Goerlich
Leonard Stone as Charley Hager
Cay Forester as Laura Hager
Lilyan Chauvin as Mrs Goerlich
Virginia Capers as Pearl
Gloria Manon as Georgia
Paul Picerni
Lisabeth Field as Police Matron
Jan Peters as Patron
Peggy Fair agrees to be arrested on false charges of prostitution to help police break a narcotics ring. Dodie Green is
arrested for selling dope to school children; Peggy goes to jail and plays her part so well that Green invites her to
join the ring. Just as Peggy begins to gather evidence, the gang decides to check up on her. [RF]

28Jan1973 CBS Sun
written by Blake Ritchie & Harold Medford
directed by Leslie H. Martinson
guest stars
Jason Evers as Dana Royal
Jane Merrow as Leona Kellaway
Dick Dinman as Harry Long
Joanna Miles as Linda Loman
Geneviève Gilles as Genevieve
Curt Lowens as Wyman
Victoria Racimo as Mina McIver
Eddie Ryder as Driver
Peter Forster as Manager
Mark Tapscott as Grady
Tom Vize as Andy
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
The body of Carol Lockwood is washed up on the beach, and Mannix learns that she was aboard business tycoon Dana Royal's
yacht when it blew up. Royal was rescued three days later when Leona Kellaway, an expert pilot posing as a student pilot,
spotted him clinging to a piece of wreckage. [RF]

6.20 [--] Mannix: THE FACES OF MURDER
04Feb1973 CBS Sun
written by Robert W. Lenski & Stanley Roberts
directed by Jeffrey Hayden
guest stars
John Considine as Gil Ryan
Tina Louise as Linda Cole
Woodrow Parfrey as Mel Faber
Susan Strasberg as Christina Hume
Fred Sadoff as Lucas Hume
Walter Brooke
Robert Ito as Dr. Sato
Frank Maxwell
Fred Sadoff
Norman Shelly
William Traylor
Fred Krone as Hood
Gabriel Walsh as Delivery boy
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Lucas Hume freely admits to police that he has just shot a man he believes framed him on a bribery charge. His sister
Christina tries to convince police that she was the murderer. When they refuse to believe her, she asks Mannix to find
the evidence that will convict her. [RF]

6.21 [--] Mannix: SEARCH FOR A WHISPER
18Feb1973 CBS Sun
written by John Meredyth Lucas
directed by Arnold Laven
guest stars
William Shatner as Adam Langer
Yvonne Craig as Ada Lee
Karen Carlson as Jennifer Holt
Noam Pitlik as Eddie Hayes
Pat Renella as Owen Thompson
Susan Flannery as Martha
Phillip Pine as Mobster
Alice Backes as Mrs Oliver
Reddick Hayes as Bartender
Eddie Firestone as Pool Player
Milton Selzer as Albie
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
Mannix gets his strangest assignment when a business tycoon wants himself investigated, even if it ruins his reputation.
Adam Langer wants to run for governor and has Mannix find anything that political enemies may use against him. Mannix
accepts, but when he finds too much, someone tries to silence him. [RF]

6.22 [--] Mannix: TO QUOTE A DEAD MAN
25Feb1973 CBS Sun
written by Robert W. Lenski
directed by Michael O'Herlihy
guest stars
David Wayne as Boston
Lloyd Bochner as Sands
Barbara Babcock as Ellen West
Brendan Dillon as Gully
Jonathan Lippe as Don
Byron Mabe as Biddie
Maurice Marsac as Marcel
Peggy Rea as Ruby
Keith Walker as Barney
Eddie Quillan as Informant Hobo
Sam Edwards as Hobo
Seamon Glass as Big Hobo
Peter Forster as Pedestrian
Robert Wood as Lt. Art Malcolm
A harmless hobo mysteriously becomes a target for assassination whenever he wears his colorful patchwork coat. Mannix
is skeptical when the hobo tells him that bullets are being fired at him for no reason. Mannix changes his mind when
a rifle shot just misses the hobo while Mannix is talking to him. [RF]

6.23 [--] Mannix: A PROBLEM OF INNOCENCE
04Mar1973 CBS Sun
written by Dan Ullman
directed by Don McDougall
guest stars
Anne Archer as Anne Avery
Fritz Weaver as William Avery
John Randolph as Lawrence Corwin
Marion Ross .... Muriel Enright
Bing Russell .... George Enright
Laurence Haddon as Sgt Carl Simmons
Frederic Downs as Judge
John S. Ragin as Prosecutor
Joe E. Tata .... Eby
William Avery served 10 years on charges of stealing a $1 million payroll which still has not been recovered at the
time of his parole. The day he is released, Avery's car crashes over a cliff and his daughter Anne's apartment is
ransacked. Anne asks Mannix to investigate, but after three more deaths, police point the finger at her. [RF]

6.24 [146] Mannix: THE DANFORD FILE
11Mar1973 CBS Sun
written by Rubin Mann
directed by Harry Harvey Jr.
guest stars
Jessica Walter as Laura Danford
John Gavin as Arthur Danford
Richard Bradford as Barney Edmonds
Elisabeth Fraser as Belle Hogan
Milt Kamen as Roy Benson
Arlene Martel as Brooke
Maxwell Cornell as Steve
A politician's career is endangered when a blackmailer threatens to expose his wife's unsavory past. Mannix agrees
to make the payoff but is slugged and robbed. His problem increases when police tell him that the supposed blackmailer
has been dead for five years. [RF]

################# Mannix ###################
############## end of Season 6 ###############

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